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Three of Tim’s summer gigs will see him performing with the Large Band: Trust in Comedy at Belton House, Lincolnshire; Eden Session near St Austell, Cornwall; and Somerset House, London. Exciting!

We can now confirm that this will involve a 12-piece band, including as usual Pete Clements and Brad Webb, who will be joined by guitarist Tristan Cassel-Delavois and a big horne section. One of the musicians played with Tim on the Heritage Orchestra tour and another, an old chum of Tim’s, Graeme Blevins played on the Timmy The Dog album, ‘Sit’ in 2001 and with Tim for his ‘Yuletide Half Hour’ for BBC Radio Two in 2007.

There are still tickets available for Belton House and Eden. You’ll find links to them via the Gigs page and… heads-up!… if you missed out on the now sold out Somerset House gig then look out for an update, on this site, with details of a small exclusive Somerset House ticket release next week. We hear Angry (Feet) might have more information soon about when they’re released…

At the rest of the summer gigs where Tim is listed as performing with a band, Pete and Brad will be joined by Tristan. Many of these have now sold out but you can still get tickets for Truckfest here and a few of the others via Gigs.

Have a wonderful music and comedy filled summer!

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K Chahal on 15th of July 2012

Please come to US. I missed you while you were visiting DC earlier this year. Oh please, please!

Racheal & David on 19th of June 2012

Can’t wait to see Tim at the EP on the 23rd!

heljayne on 16th of June 2012

We loved Belton House! Thank you Tim for a great evening. Well worth the travelling.

Angie Hibbitt on 12th of June 2012

Looking forward to Belton on Friday – apart from all the rain they’re predicting!!

NWnative on 11th of June 2012

Any hints about a North American tour anytime soon??

C’mon, us west coasters are going through withdrawls!

Maybe you can wrangle a part on “Grimm”…

Andy on 8th of June 2012

Excellent. We’ll be at Snozzle which should be great with the extra musos… :-)

Jenny Storey on 8th of June 2012

F**k Yeah :-D :-P

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.