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You’re being offered the chance to be in the audience for the Season Finale shoot of Californication! Tim’s been filming in LA for the last few months for his major recurring role in the sixth season of Showtime’s hit US TV comedy drama, as we announced here.

If you can be at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles this Thursday 2nd August 2012, at 5pm then first you’ll be treated to a solo performance by Tim, lasting about 45 minutes. Then he’ll go off while things are set up, to touch up his make up, re-coif that mane of his and probably squeeze into something sexy and less comfortable, before bounding back on stage to perform as his character Atticus Fetch! Excited yet?

As the audience will be being filmed for the show, you’ll be expected to stay for the filming and if you could please avoid logos, graphics and neon colours on your clothing, that would be really helpful. Dig out your wildest, most outrageous rock gear and dress to impress Atticus and each other: leather; metal; belts; boots; denims; even glitter… just go for it!

There’ll also be comedy from Shane Mauss and special guest appearances by Steve Jones, founding member of the Sex Pistols and Marylyn Manson.

Doors open at 5pm, taping begins at 6:30pm

To attend, visit Ticketmaster to print out your FREE ticket for this event.

Hurry though as seats are very limited.

UPDATE: To answer a question in the comments below.
Age restriction: You need to be over 16.

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Mary on 4th of August 2012

Wow, that was just too much fun. I thought I had traveled the furthest for this (the east coast) but ended up sitting next to a fan from Norway. He happened to be there on vacation anyway, but saw Tim’s tweet about it and managed to get there.

And the t-shirt is a real keeper. Thanks for the opportunity!

Lou on 2nd of August 2012

To those lucky people going to this – have fun! Oh, and make sure that you cheer loudly enough to make up for the absence of the rest of us ;-)

Leigh on 1st of August 2012

Shoot, didn’t get mine in time – would love to have a ticket if anyone has a spare…. only need one. Thanks!

Cathy Penrose (traineeflorist) on 31st of July 2012

Does anyone know what nationality the character of Atticus is? Just wondered whether Tim will be playing the role with an Australian, American, English or other accent? I’m in the UK so let us know LA people when you find out!

MO5 on 31st of July 2012

I would sell one of my children to go to this!

Helena Guerrero on 31st of July 2012

I wish it was announced sooner…I would of definetely fly to LA for this…but too short notice to change work schedule….It’s going to be awesome!!

Anna on 31st of July 2012

So incredibly jealous of ANYONE who gets to see this performance! My Bro is getting married that weekend and I don’t think I could magic up the funds to even make it down there!!!!!! Damn it! And I had so been wishing he would come around to this continent soon, but alas!

Liza on 30th of July 2012

I think this is one we won’t be able to pass up. LA, here we come!

Ginger on 30th of July 2012

I got my tickets!

Marina Stern on 30th of July 2012

Triple darn! I’ve been in LA for a week on vacation, and have to go back to work tomorrow. Aaaaiiiieeeee!

courtney on 30th of July 2012

are there any age restrictions?

Mary on 30th of July 2012

This is what God made airmiles for, right? See you Thursday.

Hashi on 30th of July 2012

Oh man. So I have to choose between Kasey Chambers at the Santa Monica Pier, and Tim Minchin at the Greek. And both free performances. Unbelievable!

Justine on 30th of July 2012

SOOOO jealous of all you LA folk hope you have a fantastic time

Vicki on 30th of July 2012

Tim and Manson….and I like in the uk….grrrr!

Pam on 30th of July 2012

Lucky,Lucky LA people!

Dontletthemstealyourhorses on 30th of July 2012

I live in LA, yet I’ll be out of town on vacation – argh!!!!

Heather on 30th of July 2012

Damn. If only I could get a flight from Inverness (Scotland) to LA by tomorrow….

Annie on 30th of July 2012

Oh WHY am I in work this week? Grrrrrrr!!!

LizziePic on 30th of July 2012

Oh poop! Would be worth travelling from Brisvegas to LA, if only I could! Sounds like a blast. Have fun, LA peeps.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.