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Tim’s long-term evidence-free claim of being an “actor” is soon to be put to the test: he’s landed the role of “coked-up rockstar” Atticus Fetch in the sixth season of Showtime’s Californication.

The show revolves around David Duchovny’s character, writer Hank Moody, who will work with Fetch to write a musical based on one of his novels. Apart from the coke bit, it honestly shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Tim. If you’re interested in spoilers, there are a few more plot details over at Playbill.

The series is set to air early next year in the US, and will most likely make its way over to the UK and Australia too. Once air dates are confirmed, we’ll let you know so that you can tune in to see Tim doing his acting thing!

We hear that – in true Californication style – his opening scene will involve quite a lot of Tim-flesh, so if that’s your thing…

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Manuel on 25th of June 2012

So this is it… The time has finally come for me to start watching Californication from the beginning and this is how it happens.

I had postponed it for years but having Mr. Minchin appear on a TV series is something not to be missed.

Congratulations Tim !

Susan in Dallas on 1st of May 2012

I wonder how I can let Showtime know the only reason I’m sIgning up is Tim ( since we watch Bullshit on DVD.) So he gets to live out the “Rock an Roll Nerd” fantasy? How much fun must THAT be?

Owen on 22nd of April 2012

I love this show and hearing Tim is going to be on it has made me very happy!

MelissaBee on 21st of April 2012

Unbelievable! My favorite show coming together with my favorite performer! The show is awesome sans Tim–I can’t imagine how much fun this next season will be. I’m an international Tim stalker–saw him in NYC twice in last year, Washington, DC, last year and in March at the incredible Reason Rally, and in Sydney in February. Tim on Californication? Too good to be true! (Tim–please come back to the East Coast! And maybe consider adding my backwater hometown to your schedule? Funky Baltimore is right in between DC and Philadelphia. I promise they’ll love you here!)

sheila hall on 21st of April 2012

What a year Tim is having; his fantastic achievement with ‘Matilda’, and now an acting role in a very successful series. All that and comedy and music rolling off him in waves. I hope he looks in the mirror every morning and tells himself he’s a star.

Murray on 21st of April 2012

Nice work. I assumed it was a kind of cameo, one episode thing but apparently it’s a recurring role. Congrats!

Tracy Fitzgerald on 21st of April 2012

Awesome!!! I think he’d suit that show, dry, sexy and freekin hilarious!!
Can’t wait to see Tim!!

Jacob on 21st of April 2012

That’s fantastic. Looking forward to it. :)

Carol on 21st of April 2012

Should be very interesting. I hope he hooks up with Becca in the series. That’ll give Hank something to write about.

Jennifer West on 21st of April 2012


Lesley on 21st of April 2012

Never watched it, I sooo will be now. Woohoo. Love u xxx

Anne on 21st of April 2012

I agree with Vanessa that this is a whole lotta awesome! Tim flesh is definitely a good thing.

Vanessa on 20th of April 2012

This is far too much awesome in one place. My head may explode.

patricia craven on 20th of April 2012

Congrats. Double the enjoyment!! And sooo lookin forward to it. You are a bit scary though Tim ..Are you really out to conquer the artistic world?

Lorna Elliott on 20th of April 2012

Looking forward to seeing yet another facet of the talented Mr M – short and curlies or not included

pianofortekristina on 20th of April 2012

oh I’m so excited! never watched it, but can’t wait to start!

Lj-x- on 20th of April 2012


Jayne on 20th of April 2012

That’s fantastic!!! Brilliant show that will now be even better!!!
And yes it is on in the UK!!! Definitely recommend a DVD box set purchase!
Can’t wait to see Tim in it!!!

Sam on 20th of April 2012

I personally, would love to see Tim’s ginger short and curlys.

Paula on 20th of April 2012

Looking forward to Tim and David together in a scene ;)

Cecilie Sarnec on 20th of April 2012

That’s freaking wicked! Californication is an awesome show and Tim will be a perfect addition to the already amazing cast. Good job you awesome aussie! BTW loved you in “Two Fists, One Heart” – you’re a great actor :)

Celia on 20th of April 2012

That will be amazing – can’t wait to see it – previous series was brilliant so this one will be even better!

Matthew Ferguson on 20th of April 2012

I love Californication, I watch it online and I think Tim would be a great addition to a show I already love, Good on ya Tim :)

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 20th of April 2012

What is ‘Californication’ ? Is it a programme that I can get in the UK?

Mark on 20th of April 2012

As long as we don’t see any ginger short and curlys

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