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When I Grow Up - UK Cover

When I Grow Up, the new magical picture book inspired by Tim’s hit song from the acclaimed and multi-award-winning Matilda the Musical, will be published on the 5th October in the UK.

The book is illustrated by Steve Antony, an internationally published, award-winning author and illustrator. It imagines life from a child’s viewpoint, with all the humour and poignancy of the song.

The book is available from the following UK booksellers and more:

Book Depository

and in digital format from iTunes.

For those in Australia and the US: Scholastic Australia will be publishing simultaneously in October 2017 and Scholastic US will be publishing in summer 2018, although with different covers. We’ll reveal those covers as soon as we have them.

UPDATE: Details about the Australian edition and where to buy here.

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Roi M. Melech on 31st of October 2017

Bumped in to your interview by chanch of a link in facebook of your 9 advice points for life. would lije to translate to book in to the Hebrew language. I feel the book could be a hit and have an impact in my little anxious country.
The mRket might not be as big as other markets but i still want to do this. Please contact me. Thank you.

Di Gordon on 15th of October 2017

1. I am so looking forward to holding a copy of this book and sharing it with 27 gorgeous 7 year olds.
2. You just HAVE to send Hannah a signed copy. Please! ;)
Love your work Tim.

Hannah on 29th of September 2017

Is there any chance I can get a signed copy of your book, When I Grow Up, please?
I’m physically disabled, I’m unable to drive, access public transport, to leave my home unescorted, and I live nowhere near the book signings. I know it’s a cheeky request for a long shot, but one of my Mother’s many adages was “don’t ask, don’t get”, or as I rephrased, “don’t ask, don’t give them a chance to tell you where to @#$! off”. I could be your understudy, if you ever need a housebound one, and some days I wouldn’t need to do anything with my hair!
Thanking you kindly and muchly in advance, with love and *Special Hannah-hugs*

Mary Lou from New Jersey on 5th of August 2017

Can’t wait to share the book with my grandkids! They know the song well and sing it especially while they are on their swing sets! What a great influence you have been on them, Tim! Hope all is well! Love, MaryLou from NJ

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.