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September 2012

Tim has won the 2012 Helpmann Award for Best Comedy Performer for Tim Minchin vs The Orchestras Round II.

This is Tim’s third Helpmann. Last year he won the 2011 Helpmann Award for Best New Australian Work with Tim Minchin Vs Sydney Symphony and back in 2009 he won the Award for Best Comedy Performer for his show Ready For This?

The prestigious Helpmann Awards, established in 2001 by Live Performance Australia, were announced this evening, at their 12th annual awards ceremony at the Sydney Opera House. They recognise excellence in many areas of Australian live performance, including musical theatre, contemporary music, classical music, comedy, opera, theatre and dance.

You can find more information about the awards including the full list of nominees in Tim’s category and indeed all the others here. The full 2012 winners list will also appear shortly.

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Tonight, Tim hits the stage at the O2, for the first time as Judas in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spectacular UK arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar.

To coincide with opening night, we’re pleased to announce that there will be a DVD and Blu-ray release of the show coming out on the 19th November 2012.

Jesus Christ Superstar Live Arena Tour 2012 is available to pre-order now from the Jesus Christ Superstar website, Amazon and Play.com.

Along with Tim in the role of Judas Iscariot, the fabulous line up includes Melanie C as Mary Magdalene, Chris Moyles as King Herod and Winner of the ITV primetime show Superstar Ben Forster in the title role of Jesus. For more information about the show visit the Jesus Christ Superstar website or our previous blog here.

The show will be filmed live as part of the 2012 arena tour, so you’ll be able to relive it if you’re lucky enough to have tickets or to experience it fresh if you’re not able to make it along to any of the dates.


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This evening at 7.15pm on BBC Radio 4 you can tune in to Front Row to hear Tim, Mel C and Chris Moyles talking to Mark Lawson about staring in the first ever UK arena tour of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar which is opening at the O2 this Friday.
The programme will be available shortly after it airs on the BBC iPlayer.
Update: It is now up here and will be available until January 2099. Seriously! So plenty of time to listen.

Earlier today Tim and Mel C popped in to see Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, to chat about rehearsing together and inevitably hair/wigs.
Update: This is now up on the BBC iPlayer here. It is just a 10 minute interview starting at about 1:39 and will be available for 6 days.

If you somehow missed the announcement that Tim is playing Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar you can catch-up by looking back at our May announcement here or visit www.jesuschristsuperstar.com for details and tickets.

Updated 20th Sept’ 2012 to add direct iPlayer links.

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Tim as Atticus as... Jesus?

Showtime have announced the date for the premiere of the sixth season of Californication!

The first episode will go out on Sunday 13th January 2013 at 10:30pm ET/PT. It’s a long time to wait, but we’ll be sure to post a reminder for you closer to the time.

If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, that’ll be because Tim’s playing the coked-up rock star Atticus Fetch in most of the episodes, adapting Hank’s first novel, God Hates Us All, into a musical.

With other characters announced including Fetch’s wife, a professional groupie and Marilyn Manson, it’s sure to be one hell of season!

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I loaned my sexy vocal folds to Adam and Tracy and Dan for the duration of this cool animation. Here’s Tracy to tell you more about it:

Tim and Adam Rutherford at the vocal recording

DC Turner checking the storyboard at the vocal recording

Tracy King: Last year saw the release of Storm, the ten-minute animated beat poem that became somewhat of an anthem for critical thinking and enabled my partner, Dan ‘DC’ Turner, and myself to start an animation and game dev company to make more of the same.

On Monday we released the second of our ‘public engagement with science’ films, this time a four-minute short commissioned by Nature to celebrate and communicate ENCODE, a huge genome data project.

The short is called ‘The Story of You‘, and is narrated by Tim. When Nature told us Tim would do the voiceover, my first reaction was “yay!” followed by “oh wait that means listening to that voice 12 hours a day for months…again”.

The end result is something we’re very proud of. I’m not a scientist, I’m a science enthusiast, and think one of the best ways educating is to inspire people to educate themselves. This is easily done through entertainment. The science of genomics is not straightforward, but the ideas are – and if you can communicate those whilst making viewers smile or laugh, they’ll feel good about the science. Some of them will go and find out more, and that can only lead to good things. Someone on Twitter said their toddler was saying “hello Gregor!” along with Tim. Though the video isn’t aimed at kids (it’s aimed at kids, adults, or just anyone who enjoys it), I can’t think of anything better than a small voice chatting to Gregor Mendel.

Storm was an easy sell because it’s angry and ranty and sweary and has a fun villain. Encode is pure good news, and that’s always extremely difficult to get right without sounding cheesy or like propaganda. As I understand it, the Encode data really may mean unlocking knowledge and eventually cures for certain diseases, but that’s not what the results released last week are. The results are about saying “hey, here’s this huge body of data that anyone can access and help advance humanity”. If that idea isn’t best represented as a giant robot with a lab in its belly and a sexy voiceover by Tim Minchin, I don’t know what is. Hope you enjoy it!

Ooh! Almost forgot: “Both naughty and excellent” was Tim’s line. He also threw in “hi big boy” to the robot but we decided, funny though it is, it might not quite be appropriate. :D

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