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Tonight, Tim hits the stage at the O2, for the first time as Judas in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spectacular UK arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar.

To coincide with opening night, we’re pleased to announce that there will be a DVD and Blu-ray release of the show coming out on the 19th November 2012.

Jesus Christ Superstar Live Arena Tour 2012 is available to pre-order now from the Jesus Christ Superstar website, Amazon and Play.com.

Along with Tim in the role of Judas Iscariot, the fabulous line up includes Melanie C as Mary Magdalene, Chris Moyles as King Herod and Winner of the ITV primetime show Superstar Ben Forster in the title role of Jesus. For more information about the show visit the Jesus Christ Superstar website or our previous blog here.

The show will be filmed live as part of the 2012 arena tour, so you’ll be able to relive it if you’re lucky enough to have tickets or to experience it fresh if you’re not able to make it along to any of the dates.

If that’s not exciting enough, here’s some footage from the show:

Although many dates have now sold out, you can still get tickets from www.jesuschristsuperstar.com

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Merry Krueger on 20th of October 2013

Are they ever going to release a SOUNDTRACK from the DVD? We want to be able to listen to it everywhere!

Amanda Whittington on 7th of May 2013

I live on the wrong side of the planet… and suffer for it.

Kerryn on 17th of March 2013

Wow Tim, just watched the DVD, you were truly amazing. It’s so wonderful to see you fulfilling your destiny as a performer and getting the opportunities and recognition your skills and talent deserves. Can’t wait to see you in Aus in this role! Enjoy the ride!

Naomi on 23rd of October 2012

Best show ever!!! Tim you are a genius! Loved you before, love you even more now! Was blown away with your performance. Went to Birmingham and Nottingham! Even got to meet Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber! Amazing!

Lorraine on 22nd of October 2012

Best Judas ever – showing was amazing – had to see it twice. Fantastic portrayal

Barbara on 22nd of October 2012

Tim what an amazing performance in Jesus Christ Superstar. I have seen JCS before but this a very different updated version, loved it. Got the message across.
The voices from all performers amazing. I encourage anyone to go and see this.

Lucy on 20th of October 2012

Amazing performance of JC Superstar in Nottingham last night! Tim you stole the show – brilliant!!!

Soupy on 14th of October 2012

Tim, you were awesome as Judas. Your performance blew me away and put the others actors into the shade with your vibrancy, quality and uniqueness.

pam lill on 8th of October 2012

fantastic, fantastic performance as Judas, really impressed. saw show in Manchester tonight.

Elizabeth Coulls on 6th of October 2012

I was taken to see jesus Christ Superstar at the NIA Birmingham on 5th October. Tim Minchin stole the show. He was absolutely amazing. As an older lady I had never come across any of his performances before, but was very impressed with just how talented a singer and actor he is. If you can get to see the show, do go, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Tim it was the best birthday present I have had in a long time.

tina on 6th of October 2012

I saw this with my sister…absolutely amazing…
Both Tim and Ben were unforgetable…..

Lesley on 5th of October 2012

Saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Birmingham last night. What a performance. Tim Minchin was an amazing Judas, I was so emotional by the end. Fantastic night!!!

Simon & Claire on 3rd of October 2012

We saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Cardiff last night and Tim Minchin was absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. Best Judas ever. Thank you we had a fabulous night.

Anna on 3rd of October 2012

I saw you yesterday night in Cardiff as Judas Iscariot and I enjoyed every single second of your performance.
You are stellar indeed.

Best Wishes


Rebecca on 2nd of October 2012

Yes, Region 1, please!!!

Lynn Marsh on 23rd of September 2012

I too saw it last night and was very moved, Tims performance was excellent…

Max on 23rd of September 2012

Saw you last night Tim with hubby ….I raved so much about it to my son he’s going to see it with his girlfriend tonight….you are amazing in the role of Judas….couldn’t stifle my tears when Judas hangs himself…….you are all amazing …wonderful …so clever and Christ Moyles as Herod …couldn’t think why untilll we saw him…a clever touch …congratulations …you blew the arena away :0)

Heather on 23rd of September 2012

I went to see this last night for my 18th birthday, it was absolutely incredible! Tim you were the star of the show. I adore you and was so moved by your performance!!

Karen R on 23rd of September 2012

Saw Jesus Christ Superstar yesterday. Thought the show was fab. Your portrayal of Judas was as better that then I expected.
You were brilliant.
Karen R

Vicki on 23rd of September 2012

Saw the matinee yesterday. Tim you were awesome – completely blew me away! A truly moving and inspirational performance …

Lorna on 22nd of September 2012

Will there be a CD released with the 2012 arena cast.

Sarah on 22nd of September 2012

Do you know if or when there will be a region 4 DVD?

Need to see!:)

Geek Girl on 22nd of September 2012

Another request for Region 1

Becci Andrews on 22nd of September 2012

Just got back from opening night at the O2, and Tim was … just incredible…
As was the rest of the cast, the set, the music, the atmosphere – amazing! The show really was a spectacle to behold.

Plus Tim is looking hawt ;)

Helena Guerrero on 21st of September 2012

Great news!!! I’m supposing in the US too?

Pat Schaper on 21st of September 2012

We need Region 1! You help in this matter won’t go unrewarded, we’ll pay you in silver, cash on the nail!

Andy Jewell on 21st of September 2012

My thoughts exactly. Any chance of a region 1 DVD from amazon.com?

Vanessa on 21st of September 2012

Any idea if these DVDs are region-specific?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.