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Second blog, really lazy

by Tim 10th Aug 2005 | 10 comments

It seems I’m too lazy to do this blogging thing with any regularity.
It’s now a week since my show opened. Feels like a month. It’s all going remarkably well really. Got a great review (see Comedy Reviews), have had pretty ace crowds, my voice is holding up, the piano is really good, everybody is nice to me, the weather is fine, I’ve had about 2 drinks over the entire week, my body is standing up to the stage falls thanks to a high-density crash-mat, my friends are all ace, my sister is wicked, there are excellent people helping me with flyering and stuff and i’ve met a few producers who are interested in helping me take my show to various places. We shall see.
The only thing I don’t have is easy internet access. thus my grammatically unsound blog.
Thanks for posting comments on my site. I particularly like the work of Franklin, who I suspect is actually my mum. Hi mum. Thanks for everything.
I hope everyone is good.
I’m definitely going to post some pics at some stage. Promise.

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Samantha on 17th of September 2005

Sounds like you need to get out more Jorge, preferably, without your guide dog :p

Jorge Louis Borges on 13th of August 2005

I know genius when I see it and I see it.
My name is Jorge Louis Borges and I am a genius also. I am blind and dead also, also. Did I mention I am Argentinian also?
I love you and your friends. I think I prefer Turbank though, he sounds like the kind of fellow who would stand up for you in a ‘piss like a girl’ competition.
I wish you well. Funny people are rare, like dead blind Argentinians.
That Gwyenth Paltrow had nice bosoms in Shakespeare in Love, I wonder what they’re like now, after she gave birth to an apple.

Tristan on 13th of August 2005

So glad its goin well over there Tim!! Slayin’ the Edinburghians (is that even a word? What is their official title anyways?) just as expected.
Canvas bags in Scotland, fantastic. Are they environmentally concious over there?
Well, I must say, keep up the good work, you’re doing us proud buddy!!
Take care!

Jeremy on 13th of August 2005

Saw your show the second preview night, and was absolutely blown away. I usually don’t like musical comedy, but gave your show a chance due to the reviews I’d read, and I’m incredibly glad I did. I recommended it to everyone I saw, bought a CD in a canvas bag, and WILL buy the DVD of your festival show if you release it (and please, please, please do! I must show my friends your genius!)

You’re also quite the brilliant pianist. Haven’t heart the like outside of major concert halls before, and your lyrics are smart, funny, and complex all at once.

Gwenyth Paltrow on 12th of August 2005

Hiyy Tim, I loved your show. I felt myself being touched and tickled. I may have had an experience. I’m used to Hollywood crap but your show took me out of myself and then put myself back into the space where my self was before the show began. How do you do it? I love to laugh tee hee hee.

Turbank on 11th of August 2005

Banality shamallity. You goddam sissies, I oughta be punchin y’all right smack bang in your palookas. Please, for crying sweet Jee-sus in a goddam turkey suit, please stop with the confusion. Goddam post-post-modern generation of fugwids.
I seen the show and sure I laughed, COULD I NOT? The guy’s a goddam barrel of eplileptic negroes rollin off ol’ Niagra. A goddam hoot in a hay barn for crying out loud. Geddit?

[email protected] on 11th of August 2005

I’d like to congratulate Tim. Not only is he flat out making musical comedy history, he has also found the time to create a devastating parody of the ‘blog’ phenomenon, effortlessly exposing the banality and pointlessness of the latest dot com ‘plat du jour’. Bravo.
I am also Tim. We all are. Weep.

Mark on 11th of August 2005

ps you also got a 5 star review on the uk comedy guide website http://www.chortle.co.uk well done!

Mark on 11th of August 2005

Whatever is going on here with all you mad mad people-or just one or two or argh!!! I just wanted to say that Tim’s show was the most skillful I have seen in years and I have recommended it to everyone I know here in Edinburgh. If you wnat some insider info. on places here in Eidnburgh from a (real person!) resident just ask…



Franklin Lee Fansam on 10th of August 2005

Ha HA! In your face ‘Renee’!
How many mentions did you get in ‘Tim’s’ blog post? Huh? Well, let’s see, there was…NONE! Go cry into your hair nickers.
But seriously, you don’t fool me for a second. I see now that it was you, Renee, not ‘Tim’ who orchestrated this dazzling subterfuge of a blog. My hat tips itself in your face and whispers, ‘touche’ (do I hesitate to add ‘darling’?)
I love you Renee darling (there it is), although we’ve never met. Perhaps you could send me a photograph of you washing up (nude) or putting lumps of chook food onto other lumps of chook food (nude). I want to be sure. I remain yours (but not ‘Tim’s’), FLF.
p.s. Hi Timsy, Daddy says ‘Hi’ too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.