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by Tim 14th Aug 2005 | 7 comments

So. The throat’s doing its hilarious thing again. Tonsils all grubby. After some hysterically unfunny interactions with the National Health Service, I managed to talk my way into some antibiotics. Who knows if they’ll do any good… but at least I get to swallow some pills. While the nurse was out of the room, I stole a pair of purple latex gloves. Which I imagine will come in handy.

I’m feeling pretty crap in general. Have cancelled all extraneous gigs. I just need to get through tonight and tomorrow night… and then I get a night off. Although I have two radio things on the monday, both of whom require songs. (In fact, the BBC Radio2 folk are trucking in a grand piano for no other reason than my 10 minute set on Monday night. Silly buggers. The show’s being recorded in front of about 650 people at the Assembly Rooms Music Hall. Should be fun.)

Got my second review today. In The Times, no less. It is extremely positive, but there’s a bit of criticism and they only gave me 3 stars. Stupid fuckers. And I swear if I get called “classically-trained” one more time, I’m going to find some sheet-music, roll it into a tube, and insert it. I think they get fooled by the length of my jacket. Probably the most obvious thing about my dubious piano skills is that I’m far from classically-fucking-trained. Why does it bother me? I’ve no idea. Anyway, click on to read: The Times Review.

If you haven’t read the first review, it’s here: The Scotsman Review. I have read a few other reviews she’s written since mine came out… and I escaped a potentially lethal pen. She’s caustic as fuck when she wants to be.

While we’re media-watching, there was an article in the SMH yesterday about the Edinburgh Fringe. Check it if you want: SMH Article.

Also, they tell me that an article on Dark Side is to be the lead story in Time Out magazine, which is a weekly entertainment guide that everyone reads in London. Aparently that’s really good.

Apart from the (stressful goddamn) health issues, all goes swimmingly. A few producers and managers still showing interest. I’m just listening and trying to be patient. We almost sold out last night, which is amazing.

Hope everyone’s having fun. Thanks for your posts. They make me feel all tepid in the trouser. Franklin, Turbank, Gwenyth, Jorge… I love yez all.


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Samantha on 17th of September 2005

The Ashes………..now that really sticks in your throat doesn’t it?

Smug of England

justin on 17th of August 2005

Hola Timbo!
Man – I feel your throatial pain – have you tried smoking more? It didn’t work for me either. Proud of you mate. 3 stars? If I could pull all the stars down from the universe and squoosh them into a ball to make an extra star I would. Then I would quit comedy and make money from the star thing.

Get famous maestro – post haste! And have fun.

Warm musical comedy regards,
The Bedroom Philosopher.

Liz on 14th of August 2005

It’s great to hear you’re doing so well in Edinburgh! (Although we did expect this anyway, but it’s nice to see that we were right.)

I hope the antibiotics do something, and you start feeling better soon. Good on you for taking the purple latex gloves, I’m sure there’ll be a need for them sometime during the festival.

Take care, have fun, etc.

Sam on 14th of August 2005

Congratulations on conquering the NHS! I’ve had my own run ins with them with them getting very shitty that I hadn’t registered with a local doctor before getting that nasty concussion and throat infection that I copped.

Take care of yourself and enjoy the ride.

lily on 14th of August 2005

Hey Timmy, yay for you and the taking-Scotland -by-storm-ness that you’re doing. Can’t wait for the Hobart shows in October – my daughter has a little crush on you ;)

Rocky and Ulrick Pup on 14th of August 2005

Heya Tim,
Bad luck about getting sick. Get better soon. Don’t let it stop you having fun.

Hmmm, interesting choice of things to steal. I’m sure you’ll find a creative use for it.

Heaps of luck for the rest of the festival, live it up! and make sure you have a drink (or 4) for those of us stuck back here in Australia.


Me and the pup

bRitt-laden on 14th of August 2005

go timmy.
you’re so fine.
you’re so fine you blow my mind.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.