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Inflatable You Lyrics

by Tim 11th Oct 2005 | 239 comments


Loads of people who saw Inflatable You on ITV’s Tickled Pink in the UK have requested that I post the lyrics on my website. So I’m doing it. See what a pliable young man I am?

(nb. While we’re at it, I’d like to point out that the inflatable person in this song is not called Felicity. The Felicity referred to in the 7th stanza is the improper noun, felicity, meaning happiness.)

(Thank fuck we sorted that out.)

Inflatable You

Your love for me is not debatable
Your sexual appetite’s insatiable
You never ever make me waitable
Delectable, inflatable you.

You don’t have problems with your weight at all
You never steal food off my plate at all
I never have to masturbate at all
Unstoppable, inflatable you.

You never seem to menstruate at all
So you’re not angry when I’m late at all
I feel permanently felatable
Unpoppable, inflatable you.

With you in my arms I feel we could just fly away
With the right kind of gas I might even try it some day
In this ocean of life I’m never afraid we might drown
We could just float forever whatever the weather
Whenever my inflatable lover’s around.

Your thighs and buttocks are so holdable
You always do what you are toldable
And if we argue you just foldable
Controllable consolable you.

My mates all reckon you are suitable
I took you ‘round to watch the footable
And Steve and Gary said you’re rootable
Commutable, refutable you.

You’re never sensitive or tickley
When I rub you my skin goes prickerly
It’s know an static electricity
Felicity when I’m kissing you.

Your skin is so smooth – I couldn’t afford you with hair
You have all the holes real girls have got plus one for the air
Your problems are simple, I don’t need my Masters in Psych
To know if you get down I just perk you right up
With a couple of squirts from the pump off my bike.

You never wake up when I snore at all
A trait which I find quite adorable
You have a box and you are storable
Ignorable, back-doorable you.

Any sexual position’s feasible
Although you don’t bend at the knees at all
Your hooters are so firm and squeezable
Increasable, un-creasable you.

You don’t complain about my hairy back
Or ‘bout the inches that downstairs I lack
You’re not disgusted by my furry crack
Burt Bacharach, Jack Kerouac ooo.

Now birth control is not an issue
I clean it all up with a tissue
I bet my jealous friend all wish you
Were insatiably inflatably theirs.

Don’t let me down.
Don’t let me down.
Don’t let me down.
And I won’t let you down.

Tim Minchin 2003.

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Anirudh parashar on 16th of February 2021

Man! Boobism is the real philosophy, and you are a fucking genius.

LastJuliana on 26th of January 2018

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Jill Kitten on 1st of January 2017

P.S.S. I also love the Beatles like bit at the end.

Jill Kitten on 1st of January 2017

Love all your stuff, this was the first one I had heard. I especially like the mentioning of Burt Bacharach. In a way you are like a modern Victor Borge, only I think much more amusing, and even better, more political, I especially appreciate the anti-theism.

However when I first heard this song I could have sworn I heard an extremely similar [albeit not amusing] song many decades ago, and I was wondering if this was modeled after or a parody of another song from the past.

Post Script: I just noticed someone else asking: “Is this song Inflatable You a parody of another song? As in did you take the tune from another song?” Which is similar but I did not notice any indication of an answer. I would suggest it might be worth mentioning the answer here.

James from Holland on 6th of October 2016

Fucking awesome :)
Thx Tim

catalin on 17th of June 2014

just found you.
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Griffith on 14th of October 2013

Absolutely fuckin’ amazing, rock on Tim!!!

George H on 6th of February 2013

Watching some atheist comedy on you-tube I found a short video of Tim performing stand up comedy. Searched for more of the like but found this song which then led me to “canvas bags” where he unbuttons his shirt and uses a fan for dramatic effects (black out! Fuck yea!). After that, I was specifically searching for his music and got to “rock and roll nerd” which closed the deal and made me officially a fan of his. Each new song I found became an instant favorite: “prejudice”, “not perfect” and “white wine in the sun” along with the aforementioned have been a five star in my media player rating for a while now. I recently listened for the first time to “You Grew On Me” which not surprisingly got it’s fair share of “repeats”. I greatly enjoy his music, love him personality and relate to his perspective on things. Is great to have him in this ride.

Keira on 11th of February 2012

Best ever! You ish. I nod. I take my hat off in your general direction.

Justine on 6th of February 2012

Is this song Inflatable You a parody of another song? As in did you take the tune from another song?

Bill on 4th of October 2011

Hey Timmy, I plan on singing this at my cousins wedding.
wish me luck

Hey, I think I have an old pair of shoes that might fit you

Best of luck
ps when you coming to Dublin?

Aimeeee on 26th of September 2011

Oh cheesus christ. You’re absofuckinglutely FANBLOODYTASTIC! But my mates are all like ‘who’s Tim Minchin?’ and I’m just there for ages trying to explain who you are. And then we’re late for lessons. Oh well. I metaphorically take my hat off to you (I’m not actually wearing a hat) hee hee.. Heh… Hrrrum. I think I love you. But I bet you get that a lot. Yeah.

paul on 5th of September 2011

tim, you are amazing! loved your trick of using minor 2nd`s in crazy jazz solos …it`s a thing i `ve used for years to amuse pupils excellent word-play bizarre and uninhibited you`ve outdone ogden nash by light years! dave frisbourg seems tame in comparison. as a fellow musician and word-smith i take my hat off to you. i was in pain and in tears the first time saw inflatable on tv you cruel beast! you must be a sadist to torture your fans so remorselessly. you are a great inspiration to any type of songwriter. amazed by all the fan comments stay crazy always you are a genius.

manu on 2nd of September 2011

just found you.
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan on 30th of March 2011

I have a feeling that Sarah would really enjoy an inflatable Tim.

archie on 8th of December 2010

omg i love this song you inspired me to play you are a god amongst men much love

Newington on 7th of September 2010

Taped your Live show and watched it last night. Had to replay this song over and over again. Didn’t get to bed till wee hours.

One of the funniest things I’ve heard in years.

Absolutely hilarious!

JJ on 4th of September 2010

oh my days! you are acc amazing!! xx

Chris on 16th of July 2010

Hey guys, I can play a few of Tim’s songs, including Ten Foot Cock And A Few Hundred Virgins (head inflates as I’m the only person to do it!!), and Inflatable You. Currently in the middle of transcribing sheet music (ACTUAL manuscript, not chords), it will be available in the next few weeks on the Angry-Feet forum.
You can check my renditions of Tim’s songs here:


If anyone here has a youtube account, feedback in the form of comments would be very much appreciated.

Thanks :-)

amy bacon on 25th of June 2010

i now all the lyrics to this song already :)

Joel on 11th of May 2010

Tim! I Live In Australia and you sir have inspired me to go back to learning piano, I’m only around grade 2, but i am trying my hardest to learn inflatable you, well as much as i can anyway.. keep up the good work!

Kirsi on 30th of March 2010

I saw you on Just For Laughs at like, 1 in the morning. And you sir, are utterly amazing.

Caroline on 26th of March 2010

TIM !!!!!

You’re an absolute genius !!! Bloody love you !!!

Love from France :)

ibi on 12th of February 2010

i really was sad before i listened to the song but now i’m so happy and i’m listening to it for the 21st time and it’s getting better and better

i hope you will have a concert here in germany, because i really like to see you live

you’re a great musician

Darcy x on 17th of January 2010

TIM i bloody love you and im only 16!!!!!
when you next peforming in london?

theodora margaritis on 4th of January 2010

i love this song <3
it made me cry the first time i heard it

Megan on 1st of January 2010

absolutely hilarious, Love your work Tim.
Hope to see you live soon :D Come to Scotland !!!

chris on 13th of December 2009

Amazing…. I can play a lot of your stuff, sans the crazy bits in darkside, inflatable you and that song if you don’t eat pigs….

musical version of derren brown…. love it

Nick on 9th of November 2009

Tim Minchin, absoulote legend i actually wet myself at “Inflatable you” pure genious! Keep the hilarious times coming man, me and my gf fucking love you!

Cass on 15th of October 2009

Damn, I can’t believe this thing has been going since 2005!!

Sheet music would be fantastico. There might already be some floating about, I don’t know. If there is, can someone post a link or something here please?

Tim, man, you rock. You rocked in 05 too. Can’t wait to laugh with you at some time in the (hopefully near!) future!


Christy McGoldrick on 25th of May 2009

Hey Tim, loving everything you do!

Is there anywhere I can find the sheet music to ‘Inflatable You’ as i am having a few problems working it out.

Keep up the good work.

Can’t wait to see you at the Warwick Arts Centre in November.

the anonymously famous... on 13th of May 2009

hi Tim, i just wanted to say how much i love your work:)
i know you probably get this all the time, but i felt it had to be said:)
your truly a fantastic pianist (insert stockbroker joke Mitsubishi Colt:) and i think its so brilliant how you are able to combine comedy with truly amazing musical ability:)

i cant wait to see you in October:)

good luck for your next shows, and whatever music you ever come up,but everyone knows it will be unreal:)

Krysanne Lampman on 9th of April 2009

TIM YOU MUSTTTTTTTTTT come to canada, Toronto or some where close to mee!! I love ALL your songs.. retardedly brilliant <3 keep up the amazing work, and the awesome hair do :P

x0x Krys~!

Ambigulous (Gippsland, Victoria) on 3rd of February 2009

Saw you on an Amnesty Secret Policeman’s Ball on TV; talking about some newspaper articles. Clever. Didn’t realise you was Aussie. Onya cobber!

Dale on 18th of January 2009

I’ve seen ya on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (I think!) … and as Rob said Graham Norton Show… which is where I heard this song. I think it is fucking class!! I’d love to get hold of the sheet music to learn it myself!


Girth-101 on 9th of January 2009

hey tim i agree with hard-on-dogend i was also thinking writing a song about me and you and your oversized girth and a yogurt (preferrably Muller corner, strawberry flavour) Do you have any lyrical ideas?
much love

hard-on-dogend on 9th of January 2009

hey tim i f’in love you man i can’t wait to see you live and i’d love to meet because i wrote a song about you called tim ride me tim, its about me and you on a road trip
best regardes

P.s. This is not a joke, it’s love

Rob on 2nd of January 2009

I saw you on the Graham Norton show doing this song, and God it was funny :)

Connor on 31st of December 2008

Hey, are there sheets or chords to this amazing song?

SOPHIE on 5th of December 2008

awsoooooooooooooome stuff…come to sheffield sometime!!! i have at least 30 friends intrested in coming to see you so get your ass down here!!

also, abit of a plug, if you like COMEDY and MUSIC try the lancashire hotpots there mint!! a close contender….

Kit on 5th of December 2008

Hey Tim,

I’ve heard some of your stuff before, but my friend made me watch one of your DVD’s the other day. … Twice.
Its awesome! I love this song, and your poem Angry (Feet)
Keep it up! ^^

Belle on 14th of November 2008

sheet music would be faaaabulous!
i’m incredibly fond of ‘inflatable you’, soo witty, and can probably work it out from listening a few billion times but really would prefer to take the easy way out :P
think you’re hilarious, are you doing anything at the spiegletent this year?? (sorry for spelling :S)

P.S. to sarah, calm down sweetheart, he’s married

Felicity (Yes. Really.) on 22nd of August 2008

Yes, I too am joining in the clamour for sheet music! I’d even stretch myself to paying for it…

Julz on 30th of July 2008

I swear you like, created this world…I decided it would be cool if I were to recite your poem ‘Angry (feet)’ on my school talent quest… kinda got in trouble for that, but it was SO FUCKING WORTH IT! I.FUCKING.LOVE.YOU
Julz xx

Matt on 18th of June 2008

Hey Tim, Love your stuff! Its pure awesome…I told a few of my mates about your songs and now they love it to! ahah..
PS: your hair is as awesome as your music

Dora on 11th of June 2008

Someone at work noticed I was looking a little glum (frustrating work day), so they handed me their ipod and promised that this would make me smile. It was this song.

And it did. So cheers. :D

Bryce on 6th of May 2008

awesome songs man, kickass piano playin too

Cheers, Bryce

sam on 29th of March 2008

yay i love you timmy
can you please publish the music of you songs on yr website please
“peace” bra drink tea

sarah on 27th of March 2008

ive only ever seen you on tv and i would love to see you perform live.
are you performing in melbourne any time soon???
youre the best

Lloyd on 28th of February 2008

Hey Tim i have a question, for rock and roll nerd, is it about yourself? i don’t mean it as an insult i just saw some signs and i didn’t know if they were coincedents or not. here are the ones i noticed: learnt piano instead of guitar. Grow his hair long, (which looks awesome BTW). So he writes about himself, But he doesn’t want to seem self-obsessed So he writes in third person, (which the whole song is in). i think thats it but there could be some i missed. Any one else notice any?

Anyway i think you are a legend, and if you could reply i’d be stoaked.

thanks, Lloyd

Kat on 4th of February 2008

Hey omg this site is wicked
but anyway
My sister borrowed ur dvd off a friend so i’ve been watching it over and over for the past 2 or 3 weeks
the rest of the family is getting sick of it but i just love it
my fav song is So Rock
When are you coming back to Australia?

Callum on 25th of January 2008

im probably wrong… but
“Burt Bacharach, Jack Kerouac eww.” ?

kim on 16th of January 2008

My bad and I feel like a complete dork now
‘SO F@#king ROCK’
It was awesome!

kim on 16th of January 2008

I can’t even remember how I got to this page now after finally reaching the bottom of it.
After only recently discovering Tim’s existence in a Brisbane Powerhouse gig guide, I then stumbled upon a few of his appearances on ‘The Side Show’ and instantly enjoyed what I saw, thus prompting ticket purchases to ‘So live’. I feel extremeley fortunate to have had the pleasure of seeing such a brilliant artist in a live performance and went weak at the knees when he came out after the show to meet and greet. I have an inkling that these intimate shows will be a thing of the past as the hoards of Tim enthusiastic followers will be queueing to fill the worlds major venues very soon.
I did chuckle loudly at Harrison’s posts – I think he’s gorgeous.

Rita on 6th of January 2008

omg i love you tim sooooo much! i first saw you on the sideshow and loved it so i kept watcjing hoping for more and it came!! i love your angry poem and i asked mum for your dvd at christmas and i got it! i was sooo happy if you ever come to australia i am coming to see you! i have vowed! you are my hero! i’m learning piano and i hope that 1 day i’ll be as good as you…but i diont think thats very likely…i’m not good at composing or thinking of lyrics but maybe one day!

p.s i luv you hair! xxx

Jetty on 5th of January 2008

Got your DVD for christmas after seeing you on melbourne comedy festival, i loved the whole thing. You’re like the best piano player i’ve ever watched :O and so funny!

Jack on 31st of December 2007

U R AWESOME!!!! im not even gay and i love you!!! lol. can u put somg music up here so i can learn some please!! thanks

Samantha on 28th of December 2007

can you post more lyrics please?
ten foot cock and a few hundred virgins would be especially appreciated
thanks x

Millie on 4th of December 2007

Currently listening to Fat Children… mmm doughnuts.. Anyway your great, and yes the satire does actually appeal to the teenage market, sigh. I think we should all sign some sort of petition that says Tim should be played on some mainstream radio station, so sick of my friends not being able to sing the lyrics with me.

Ps. Sarah you scared me in 2005 and you still scare me now, please refrain from slobbering to hard, we all love tim, some of us just hide it a little.


Wayne on 21st of November 2007

I thought the bridge started with

Emaj7 – Amaj7

then went down a step to the D

Any idea about that solo?

sarah on 30th of October 2007

PS… this blog seems to disagree with your new website… or something.. not that it matters… since not many people will find it anyway…

sarah on 30th of October 2007

Man, I can’t believe you’re still getting comments on this blog tim… how do these crazy people find it???
Hahaha… my comments are amusing…
How are you, dear?


elise on 24th of October 2007

i love dis song! but how in the world do you come up with songs like the peice anthem for palestine or you grew on me? haha they crack me up!!

Aled on 23rd of October 2007

I found a set of chords for ‘not perfect’ if anyones interested. But i dont think that tim has autharised it. so keep it quiet till he releases some himself :)


Donna on 22nd of October 2007

You.Are.A.Genius. I love your stuff man! I mite be coming to your concert here in december YAY!

Lucifer Morgan -shahin on 21st of October 2007

hey TIM……all i can say is u ROCK DUDE……
MY GF didnt know u till i sang the song “you grew on me” for her….(IF U DIDNT MIND)….. she got freakd out, but she luvd it……i couldnt take the credit for my self, and i told her it was urs, now she cant get enough of that song….. LOL mate….


and also im crazy with ur hair style, my GF finds it freaky “thu it is”

sally a duh no shit on 21st of October 2007

luv ya shit and don’t ever change your hair style

Mark on 17th of October 2007


The verses are – Eb – – – C7 – – – Fm7 – – – Bb7
Fm7 – – – Bb – – – Eb – C B Bb

The little bridge bits are:
Sometimes i feel . . . .just float away
E – – – C#m – – – – G#m – G#m7
Right kind of gas . . . . try it some day
A – – – – E – – – -G#m – C#m – F#m – B7

Now, no doubt I’m wrong in some way…but I thought it was worth a shot.

If anyone has any more transcription etc of Tim’s songs…POST THEM!

Wawa on 30th of September 2007

oooohhh i love how the comment immediently comes up!

Wawa on 30th of September 2007

ahhhhh! i really want your new album- can’t find it anywhere!

Jimmy on 28th of September 2007

Your a fuckin LEGEND mate…you should come to Tassie some time soon. You can play the piano llke a really, really smart monkey… i respect that. Hey do you write sheet music or chords out for any of your music? if so I would love to have a go at playing it… i’ve tried to score some myself but it never comes out right.

Tim on 11th of September 2007

yes, it is i, the wonderful tim. i would like to point out that the hair on my nipple is exactly like the hair on my head.
From someone who is most certainly tim


cloe on 25th of August 2007

i love this song so much its so funny! i also love “not perfect” it has the best lyrics ive heard in a long time and its so true….would love to see you live oneday tim…..

linda on 15th of July 2007

don’t have any tickets for that (dutch) festival…still hope to see you around someday!

linda on 13th of July 2007

i would love to see you live someday. i love your voice and your sense of humor… let me know if you are coming to the netherlands someday!

Kaddi on 13th of July 2007

Come to Germany : )

Otherwise I’ll have to fly to the UK instead!

James Lipari on 10th of July 2007

you should post all your lyrics… have a section on you site or something. they are all so good. they deserve to be seen!!

A Different Lou on 9th of July 2007

I have to join in with the sheet music/chords request chorus – your songs are fab Tim – would love to be able to play them myself, im trying but it takes me ages to work it out by ear. sheet music or chords would be so awesome.

i absolutely love canvas bags, inflatable you, f* the poor and not perfect so so much.

Zoe on 3rd of July 2007

You are amazing…i love you so much:)
Keep up the great work.
Come to N.S.W soon! :)

ella on 26th of June 2007

I think I’m in love….

Ehren on 24th of June 2007

Just got ‘So Rock’.
It’s bloody amazing.
‘Fat Children’ is amazing…
You should go to the Woodford festival in December. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! I would just go for you.
You don’t eat pigs……………………

Evan M-S on 21st of June 2007

I’m putting my hand up for sheet music too, I’d love to be able to play some of your songs.
Even chords would be good, since you probably don’t write your music in sheet form.


[felicity] on 2nd of June 2007

it was my birthday yesterday, and my friend was trying to find your album.. but she didnt know where to buy it from…any ideas!?!?!?!?!?!


[felicity] on 2nd of June 2007

i like your hair. its awesomly awesome!
My favourite song of yours is-not perfect!

my friends and i sing is alot. SO WE KNOW ALL THE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!

just thought you might like to know.
well even i you didnt. you know now *SMILES*

VICTOR on 31st of May 2007

sheet music or chords would be greatly appreciated..


the bus of creativity and musicality mustve ran over you many a times, cuz you sure the mark of a fine musician

Mark on 15th of May 2007

saw you at the SOH studio on may 5. Best wishes in U.K. I will tell the rels to go see you.

Jonathon on 14th of May 2007


brad on 5th of May 2007

is there any way to get the sheet music for this song as i play the piano

cass on 25th of April 2007


you are hilarious. my friends and i think that you are the best. in my books, you even beat adam hills and hamish blake (for both hilariousness and sexiness), which is very hard to do, so well done.

and what is this i hear, you have a wife… i am very dissapointed. hehe.

anyway, you are awesome. i love you.

i just have to wait till the end of the year till i can come and see a show or two.

love you!!!

ashleigh on 24th of April 2007

I’m still jealous of your wife.

ps, Im getting married (lol) to a guy from a muslim family…I ‘accidentally’ let him hear “ten foot cock…” = hilarious! luckily he laughed, his mother wasn’t too impressed!!!

love it when someone has the same sense of humour as me, it’s rare trust me.

Say so if ur coming back to perth anytime soon, come to my random wedding…

thomas on 24th of April 2007

i would love it if you release your puiano music to adam hillsong and alan brough and canvas bags my favourite

Jubi on 21st of April 2007

you are the most amazing song writer in the world, i love your work, keep it up

ps-will you be playing anywhere near brisbane in the future?


Ashen on 21st of April 2007

Thank the fuck.

You’re awesome.

Keep it up.


Romony on 19th of April 2007

omg i friggin love u tim ur my idol!!!!!! u looked so cute playing the piano and looking round like a little kid in a toy store or something it was so funny!

are you coming to perth soon?? i REALLY hope so a friend told me u came a couple of weeks ago but i hope she was wrong coz then u can come backNOW!

Glumpy on 19th of April 2007

One of my favourite songs. ^_^ Yes, just another one of your many adoring fans. Anita (you met her in Adelaide in the Umbrella revolution 2007 Fringe) will be displeased when I tell her that she is not really called Felicity. :P

Pure Genious. I always thought you were just that guy that wore mascara and had really messy hair that sang songs. But noo, you play piano like a fucking pro as well! Is there anything you CAN’T do, Tim?

Marc on 16th of April 2007

Can you please explain the meaning of the word ‘Felatable’? :D

Perhaps im just silly, but I cant find it anywhere :P

What am i missing?

Troy W on 12th of April 2007

A pure genius muso, and an inspiration. Inflatable is my favourite of your songs but they are all truley great. Well dont on all your achievments, you have obviously worked hard for them all.

Do you think that a stop off in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of Oz is possible on your next tour?

Summah on 26th of March 2007

haha pure genius dude u rock!

Keely Ring on 17th of March 2007

Hey Tim
I absolutely love you and your rock and roll nerd sond! You are my favorite comedian ever! when you were at the comdy festival road show in 2005 that was the first time i saw you and i loved it. you are fucking hilarious!
i was also at you show last night at the IPAC in wollongong and i thought you were awsome and if you ever come back ill be there.
P.S You really should take your shirt off more often!

mike on 16th of March 2007

hey tim im a really big fan i went round my friends house and he showed me all about u . I think u are amazing and really good singer. Ive listened to everyone of ur songs about 20 times now . My favourite is the darkside and donnie darko. I love the way you sing and im such a big fan you could say. Come to birmingham !!!!!! so i can listen :P anyway how about putting some darkside lyrics on ur site

Bobby on 27th of January 2007

Hey tim love your song Inflatable you!
I recon ur lyrics are clever, but i also love the use of Jazz chords in ur songs, and would love to learn the chord progression myself.
Would you be able to post them up or something? Iv tried notating but theres something thats missing when i play it, other than a real nice Grand Piano

anyway, hope to see you on tv some time soon


Elliot Long on 25th of January 2007

Heard Inflatable You for the first time, love to know the chords so i could play it at home to my friends. Please could you post them up?

Edd Szakal on 15th of January 2007

i listened on radio two. i cried (of laughter of course) and i enjoyed it very much. i shall have to puur-chase the album.

gracias. Edd

Amilin on 5th of January 2007

ahhhhhhhhh love u lots n lots, i loved it when u sang canvas bags n then the choir came out, i made my sister watch it many times over with me lol
are all your shows 18+? i would b devo if they were, n when r u coming bak to aus? i heard something about coming round march to may this yr??? not sure though, if u do come, make sure u have a show in brisbane or somewhere on the gold coast that isnt 18+ lol
newho good luck with everyting else going for u now
Happy New Year!!! :D

kiz on 20th of December 2006

absolutely loved your work, Tim. AND DOES ANYBODY HAVE THE SCORE TO THIS?

Brent on 19th of December 2006

hey Tim, i love your music and think your comedy is just side splitting, and this song is a great example, but i must say im actually more into your vocals and beautiful piano pieces, for i piano aswell, and i would love it if your could release some piano sheet music for your great songs, that would be awesome, well have good one mate, and its a great song :D

beefassmonkeypockets johnny potatoe on 16th of December 2006

i think your good but i just like posting crappy retarted things on your site with weird names

beefassmonkeypockets johnny potatoe on 16th of December 2006

i tell you santa is a wanted man
he is the kids favourite fan
so i’ll tel you one story of santa in his sleigh in the night
chorus can you seee santa flying oooveerr can’t you see he isn’t really soooobbbbeeerr

beefassmonkeypockets johnny potatoe on 16th of December 2006

dance dance dance around the mexicanhat

assmonkey on 16th of December 2006

i’ll tell santa is a wanted man

assmonkey on 16th of December 2006

so i’ll tell you all the story of santa in his sleigh in the night

assmonkey on 16th of December 2006

(joker and the theif chorus)
can you see santa flying oooveer
can’t you see he isn’t really sooobeeer

assmonkey on 16th of December 2006

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i know my a b c next time won’t you sing with me

johnny potatoe beefmonkeyass on 16th of December 2006


dan on 16th of December 2006

take ur canv-assssss bags to the supermarket

dan on 16th of December 2006

i did a poo

dan on 16th of December 2006

take your canvas bags to the supermarket!

I FORGOT MY NAME! on 8th of December 2006

ur a dumbass! HAHA, heaps funny…remember, take ur canv-ass ( ha ha) bags to the supermarket. funny hippy….p.s…if u dont come first, u dont come at all… ; )

NOT TELLING on 8th of December 2006

sooo funny! u so dumb. i want canvas bags song lyrics pls!! :) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharna on 6th of December 2006

your the funniest most sexiest man alive

i taped this and have watched it a billion times
i cant get enough of you
you make me laugh so hard
maybe we should get married

Kiandra on 6th of December 2006

Canvas Bags will be my favourite forever, but this song always gives me the warm-fuzzies! True love in all its glory ^.^ I wish you both the best of luck, and may she never pop!

Inflatably yours, Kiandra sexoxox

Jeanne on 3rd of December 2006

Lol, I love this song, I realise that it’s a song mainly for men, but its just so hilarious u cant help but laugh. ur a true comedy classic!!!!!! keep the good songs coming!!! Inflatable u and Canvas bags are pure good! Luv Ya Tim, ROCK ON!

saucepanz on 2nd of December 2006

all my friends love this song and they wanted to give u a suggestion for some reason that the words: “fill u up with helium, Let you float right up to the celium” would fit in well but i guess that should stay in theyre version of the song dont you think?.

Blake on 2nd of December 2006

Your ability to ryme and sing is incredible !

Rianne on 29th of November 2006

I have decided that I am in love with you. Which is scary considering I am a 14 year old girl.
But you are amazing, Tim darling.


duyen on 27th of November 2006

you are ridiculously talented

duyen on 27th of November 2006

Hysterical!! i love your songs

chloe on 27th of November 2006

it was just great!!!!

Alisha Grant on 23rd of November 2006

Oops. Never mind about the spicks and specks thing i just said. Its been on twice.

Alisha Grant on 23rd of November 2006

Alisha here again. Sean, I also watched Spicks and Specks the other night (The best bits of Spicks and Specks) Yes that would be good to have the lyrics on the site, I know most of them! And would there be anyway of downloading the Adam hills song and the version of the Canvas Bags you did at the 2006 Gala Comedy Festival?

Alisha Grant on 23rd of November 2006

Your songs a really funny! Loved you at the 2006 Gala Comedy Festival with Canvas Bags. And you were also awesome on Spicks and Specks with the Adam Hills song!!!

Kenny on 15th of November 2006

You’re just too good. I’ve only recently been alert to your existence by a friend.

Paddy on 30th of October 2006

That is amazing. ive heard it like 50 times and evry time im always in stitches and cant help but admire his piano playing. Has anybody either the score or even just the basic chords to that?

Sean on 19th of October 2006

Hey tim
Saw you on Spicks and specks last nite and thought u were fukin brilliant. is there any chance of posting the Adam Hills lyrics on ur website and releasing the song??
Pure genius! get bak to me

Paul Wilson on 23rd of August 2006

hi Tim

I had the good fortune to catch you on the Paramount Comedy channel recently, I believe it was a short from the Edinburgh Fringe, and you sung this song. I haven’t laughed so much at song lyrics in a long long time. I hope to catch one of your live shows the next time you’re here in Scotland , and I’m sure I’d probably have laughed myself hoarse by the end of it. Yes, it’s odd that i’d like to do something as silly as that, but if I bring my girlfriend along too then maybe she’d laugh herself hoarse and I’d get some peace and quiet for a few days, so it’d all be worth it.

Keep up the good work mate.

Harrison Ivor Hartnell on 13th of August 2006

tim its me harrison heard about your new show im getting the album i think it will so funny i’m looking forward to getting it and hearing more of your hysterical lyrics i don’t know how hysterical it will be but i’m sure i’ll have to put duck tape over my mouth to stop me from laughing you know if i had’nt have laughed under the blankets the neighbours would have complained my mum did’nt laugh as loud as me because she stopped laughing but whenever i hear your name i start to think about your songs and i burst out with laughter remembering what you said your my number one man for comedy and no one has ever made me laugh louder or longer than you you are my comedy idol and i assure you that if anything changes that won’t so see you soon in 8 years at one of your fab concerts i look forward to seeing

luke benson on 12th of August 2006

ps. i think i have irritable bowl syndrome but im not entirely sure.



luke benson on 12th of August 2006

fuck we need a video link to this song if someone posts one, i’ll cum my pants off, either that or, tim sort out your advertisement agents and get them to sort out the media section, if you get videos up publicity will spread like wildfire, since inflatable you is one of the best comic tracks around at the mo it’ll be linked all over the place… in your face… love luke.


Sarks (and yet not that sarky) on 5th of August 2006

Saw you on an Edinburgh fringe round up the other on Dara O’Briain’s fringe show and thought you were the funniest songster since Bill Bailey. Hard not to make the comparison due to the fact you are both comedian singer songwriters so apologies as I am sure you’ve heard it all before. Needless to say I am dying to see you live now having only heard/seen one song. Do please come to Newcastle, UK soon if you do a tour.

Sarah on 27th of July 2006

…or you could buy the CD and stop being such stingy bastards!

morrissey on 22nd of July 2006

need mp3 of inlflatable you BAD!!!

A.J on 20th of July 2006

wer th hell can we get these songs from? coz limewire is being gay about it all!!! i need w hear th canvas bag song and inflatable you!!!!

Tim Van on 22nd of June 2006

Tim mate, u are hillarious. Please let me download the canvas bag song. Its so funny. I saw you at the Melbourne comedy festival roadshow in Perth. Great show, keep it up!!!

aaron mason on 1st of June 2006

it made me piss my pants great song

adam fox on 1st of June 2006

yeah put up the download for canvas bags. its stuck in my head “great song”!!

Mark Watson on 26th of May 2006

Watched Frindge last night…..Inflatable you was the FUNNIEST THING IVE EVER HEARD. i just didnt want it to end!!!! been searching on net for past hour for a download of it, cant find one :(. PLEASE MAKE A CD!!!

Rhino on 25th of May 2006

Awesome, laughed my feckin ass off, paramount comedy channel, reminder set for South Park, caught ass end of the show, looking out for you Tim, will be at yer next gig

darci on 21st of May 2006

I’m 16, saw you last week at the Opera house, loved it you and bill bailey are the best ive seen. bought one of your bags so im a bit of a walking promotion. must be tedious having people sign a page saying how great you are…not. to keep it short you’re fablehoff!

Margaret on 13th of May 2006

I am a mother and grandmother and I think you are fabulous and very funny. I especially loved ‘Inflatable You.”

River's Hobbit on 3rd of May 2006


River's Hobbit on 3rd of May 2006

Hey Tim!!! I’m going to see your show in Brisvegas this Sunday, and I was woonddeerrriinnggg a couple of girlfriends and I just wanted you signatures! (oh so retarded, I know) but is there any chance for us to meet you after the show?

619 on 30th of April 2006


Tom on 28th of April 2006

Hey Tim, my name is Tom and i saw your show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival the night the baby was in the crowd, fucking halerious. I was wondering, are you planning to put the Mp3s of all the songs you performed (like canvas bags, best song ever and i am so fucking rock) on that night and previous nights, if not could you please do it anyway.
thanks, Tom

PS: the lyrics would be awsome as well

Poida on 26th of April 2006

i dont have an email adress but i too would love to learn the lyrics to the canvas bag song you performed at the oxfam comedy show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post them on your website.

Jenny on 26th of April 2006

Write down the lyrics for the song ‘Canvas bag’ because its wicked funny. I think Tim’s lyrics are cool.

lucy on 17th of April 2006

hi i think tim’s songs are so amasing and clever i wish i could do that

Sarah on 4th of April 2006

Though…. I reject the fact that Harrison thinks that he is Tim’s biggest fan… I win hands down…

Sarah on 4th of April 2006

Man… That is possibly the longest sentence I have ever read Harrison…

Natasha on 3rd of April 2006

wow tim u seem to have a few stalkers lol good luck with ure up coming show..jono is going and im not :( dammit…well anyways hope u enjoy it and hope you come to shepp to do a show for us:)

Charlotte Ashworth on 2nd of April 2006

You should be so lucky to have a fan such as great as Harrison. I went to see one of your shows once and although exceptional, it would be even better if their was a song about Harrison in their. I strongly suggest you write a song about the genius

Charlotte Ashworth on 2nd of April 2006

Harrison Ivor Hartnell is a 10 year old ledgend. Pure Brilliance Harry!

Harrison Ivor Hartnell on 1st of April 2006

sorry i made a spelling mistake where it says kins it should say king i am very sorry for making that mistake almighty Tim Minchin please forgive me king of the Comedians

Harrison Ivor Hartnell on 1st of April 2006

tim my mum finds you hilarios so she played dark side 2 me i am 10 and i have a great sense of humour my name is Harrison Hartnell and my mums name is Clare Hartnell i am a massive fan and i found this website by looking at my mum’s canvas bag i am not allowed to come to your shows because they are for 18 year olds and over but if you are still a comedian when i’m 18 i will definetely come to see your shows whenever i can you are a brilliant comeidian and you will soon be world famous i garantee because if you are’nt then the judges have misjudged you and i hope you are world famous and i hope you make a lot more albums so i can sit at home and laugh my head off so i think in about a years time you would have earned about 5 million but i hope you earn a lot more because i think you are the funniest man in the world because for 10 years i have never laughed so much because when i listened to darkside for the first time in my life i laughed so much i got the hiccups and threw up because the album was so funny so you are definetely going to be the big hit of our time you are so good you make Billy Connoly look shit and you most definetely are the king of comedy this is what the world will be saying Tim Minchin the kins of comedy would’nt that be great it would ani know it and they will be saying that because i think so because you inspire me and i wish i was as funny as you are but i’m not but you are so funny that i think that you have had a secret talent for being funny since you were born and i’ll tell you what i would say to everyone if i was the king i would say whenever Tim Minchin is in the same room as you you have to bow down and stay ther and till Tim goes chantind all hail Tim Minchin the great and also do whatever he says and i change being a massive fan of yours to being your biggest fan and overall i juct wanted to say Tim Minchin is the best comedian in the world.

Aragen on 22nd of March 2006

Hello my darlings…
I don’t know why tim would need to experience the wonders of a blow-up doll… He’s so gorgeous I’m sure if he tried he could’ve gotten any girl he wanted… but then again i guess he did… What sane man wouldn’t want one… Tim you make it sound so wonderful i commend you for this…

Rosa on 17th of March 2006

Peaople are Scary

khrob on 17th of March 2006

Why did I buy that thing?! ;)

Séan on 12th of March 2006

When i heard i was totally blown away…..man this is why i love comedy so much…..my two great loves are music and comedy….and well thius is the perfect combanation of the two…absolutely the best thing i’ve heard in a long time!!!!!

Jill on 9th of March 2006

Hey i heard this song from my wonderful friend Jono who is a massive massive fan(the one who has left previous comments on here) and i just wanted to read the lyrics and then leave a msg 2 tell u this song brightened up my day and made me feel so happy n lately i have been going though a lot of stuff and so i have been down lots and dont feel happy very often so thankyou for writing music that makes me feel happy again (even just for a little bit) and makes me smile. Jono is 100% right when he says you rock :)

twistie on 5th of March 2006

tim i herd u sing this first on radio 2 in the uk and was bum struck and thought it was awsom and can wait till you get back to edinbourgh

Lilith on 23rd of February 2006

Hi Tim.I’m one of the lucky londoners who saw you last night at Le Grand…
You were grand!!!

mike G on 20th of February 2006

i love this song, anywhere i can get it?

mike G on 20th of February 2006

hey i would just like to say your really funny and have an awesome voice, i found out about u from watching Edinburgh and beyond

Pam on 20th of February 2006

I just watched you on TV, i was laughing so hard i had to hold my stomach and i had tears in my eyes. You really do rock!

Sarah on 12th of February 2006

Whoa… thats the best link I’ve pressed in a while… well done in finding it!!!

ms rose on 6th of February 2006

http://sohotheatre.e-flyers.org.uk/timMinchin/# … here’s a little teaser that might offer some reprieve .. ps loved your seditious act yesterday tim .. xx

Rachael on 29th of January 2006

I am waiting and waiting and the frustration of not finding the damn song is depressing me, but I live for the day I hear it again LOL!

Renee on 9th of January 2006

Why would he do that? Why would you give away for free that which people are prepared to buy? (word to all the pre-teen sluts spreading the love. And by ‘love’, I mean ‘chlamydia’)

dave on 8th of January 2006

dear tim
could u put inflatable you on the site to down load. is one of the best songs iver.
thanks dave

me.... on 3rd of January 2006

When his CD comes out. Those of us who have friends with recording equipment, however….

Rachael on 22nd of December 2005

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can anyone tell me where i can find Inflatable you I know i have been asking for like… a year but I need to here it again LOL. When will I be able to Tim????

Cross-Gartered on 17th of December 2005

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope we all drink entirely too much and eat nearly as much and enjoy the company of our favorite people (no, Tim can’t be everywhere at once like Santa Clause, although he magically goes from Melbourne to England in 24 hours. You can listen to his CD). Take care, be safe and have fun.
Sincerely, Ryan

Tris on 10th of December 2005

Ahem. Swine. Making me choke. And then FIXING the smoke machine the next night…. *sigh* Why am I always the guniea pig?! :p
Take care minchin.

Zin on 8th of December 2005

Hi Tim
We saw your Spiegeltent show on Saturday night and nearly pissed ourselves laughing. Great show. Pity that another show was on afterwards. We would have loved to have had more than the two encores you gave us.
Any update as to when the DVD will be available at all?
Have a happy Christmas.
Love from Zin and Andy

Drew on 5th of December 2005

Tim, we caught your Spiegeltent show on Sat. night and were mightily amused – we look forward to the release of more recorded stuff so we can further assist in relieving your impecuniousness ! That your fame is not more wide spread is a national disgrace. Cheers A.D. ps any hint on which private school the rock and roll nerd attended ?

Cross-Gartered on 5th of December 2005

So it’s finally on its way… thanks, Mr. Minchin, I look forward to ordering very shortly, and it’s a shame I couldn’t find a copy of the show recorded at the Fringe, in our venue.
Best Wishes.

Jono on 4th of December 2005

Wow, while watching Australias Favourite Movie on ABC, I was suprised that the movie I voted for actually made it into the top 10. I was then even more suprised when Tim popped up singing a song about it. My favourite comedian and favourite movie joined in the art of song… amazing!!! now, where can I get a copy of the song?

Tris on 1st of December 2005

Timothy, I believe its time for you to update this. :)
I mean come on, you ain’t gonna be @ Speigel til Saturday, ya swine! Thats a whole friday to do stuff!
Or, you could, y’know, gimme birthday love! :p

Sarah on 30th of November 2005

Come back! Please come back Timmy.

Rachael on 26th of November 2005

can you PLEASE tell us where we can download or buy this song????

Lv Rachael

Meagan Gorham on 26th of November 2005

Should’ve had it out by Christmas bud! Where’s your sense of marketing tsk tsk

Renee on 25th of November 2005

Yay for the the first (official) recording. :p

Sarah on 25th of November 2005

YAY! Recording! YAY!!!! i love you tim.

Tim on 25th of November 2005

Hello. It’s me. Thanks for asking about records. I’m doing a live recording in Melbourne next week, which I hope will be available to order by the new year. Keep an eye on this site, orright?

Hayley on 25th of November 2005

Hello Tim, I’m new to your website so thought I’d leave a comment, I saw you on tickled pink aswell and would love to hear more of your songs. Where can I get a copy of your music? I noticed another bloke asked but you didnt answer him. Keep up the good work x Ps Christ your sexy x

Sarah on 22nd of November 2005

It’s been like two whole days since I’ve commented… well… I must comment once again… Tim I love you… of all the songs I’ve listened to over the years after downloading the interview off triple j i’ve listened to rock and roll nerd more than any of them… and everytime i listen to the interview you make me laugh… and love….

Cross-Gartered on 21st of November 2005

Wow, that’s crazy… so half of London is in the Western Hemisphere, but half isn’t! That pesky prime meridian. So it really kinda depends on where in London you are. Tim Minchin rocks the house in any hemisphere, and that is an irrefutable fact.

Sarah on 20th of November 2005

He’s not scared of me?? Yay… I love you Timmy… even more so cause “me…” heard that you’re not scared of me. Yay…

me.. on 20th of November 2005

Apparently, Tim is not scared of Sarah. At least that’s what I hear.

Cross-Gartered on 20th of November 2005

Mr./Mrs./Ms. arbitrator,
I’m in the western hemisphere. Perhaps London is as well, Asia’s pretty big and probably takes up a lot of the eastern. There are both east/west and north/south hemispheres, right? I thought so, anyway. Regardless, I hope everybody has a great day.

Jono on 19th of November 2005

Hehe, I had exams last week, everyday I walked to school listening to Tim on my iPod and instead of a school bag, I had my Tim Minchin Canvas bag. Go the Minchin!!! You Rock!!!

inspired fan on 19th of November 2005

is there anywhere i can get the song…..its fantastic…..i saw you on tickled pink and larfed a lot

thanks tim……:D
ps.hope to be like you one day

arbitrator on 19th of November 2005

Cross-Gartered, if you’re not in the southern hemisphere (Australia) and you’re not in the northern hemisphere (London), then which hemisphere are you in…?

Sarah on 18th of November 2005

I will stick with it… because you should never let the ones you love get away… I will devote myself to him because he is so lovely… Timmy, I don’t mean to love you so much… but you’re just so loveable… I know that I may be being scary but we all get a bit scary sometimes don’t me… I’m sorry if I’ve scared Tim… I don’t care about the rest of you because I don’t love you… unlike Tim whom I do love… So I will leave you with these parting words… Timmy I love you

germolene on 18th of November 2005

hey iv been looking for you song bout the blow up doll but i cant find it PLZP PLZ PLZ tell wear i can find it ^^

love germolene

Cross-Gartered on 18th of November 2005

It’s alright, Sarah. In Edinburgh, people also declared their undying love for Mr. Minchin. Of course, they were foolish American and British women, or maybe his wife, but in either event, it was cool. Apparently he’s a dreadfully sexy person.

I wouldn’t know, I just join the thousands and thousands of people demanding a DVD or CD of his “Dark Side” show. Which was magnificent and probably contributed a great deal to his desirability. I’ll bet it did, it was tops.

So go with it Sarah. Devote yourself to Tim. One day, people might devote themselves to you as well, and you’ll know how lovely a feeling it is. Until then, both Tim and Sarah, and Everyone Else, have a lovely evening.

My evening is different from your evening, of course, because you’re in Australia or London or wherever, and I’m in a different hemisphere. But that’s okay. Cause we’re all Tim fans and all hangin out here on the ‘site. So have fun and try to spread peace. And take your canvas bags to the supermarket. Right on.

Objective passerby on 17th of November 2005

Hi Sarah. You’re being quite scary here, did you know?

Sarah on 17th of November 2005

I’ll love you forever and ever Tim.

Sarah on 14th of November 2005

Timmy be mine

idc on 10th of November 2005

More precisely, here:


Come on Tim, get a “Dark Side” CD on the go! There is a demand here! :)

George on 10th of November 2005

As an Edinburgh resident i hate the festival with a passion. Takes 10 minutes longer to walk to work in the morning and you cant get a drink as easily after work. I saw you on TV doing inflatable you laughed my arse off and just had to get a ticket. Liked it so much i had to get a ticket for the saturday night too, which was even funnier when I knew what was coming up.

There is a mp3 of rock and roll nerd on triplej. which s good – could do with more though. Get that DVD out quick. :D

Cross-gartered on 10th of November 2005

See now, everybody really wants a recording of stuff… myself included. No pressure. Just hurry up and get ‘er done. Please.

Jim on 9th of November 2005

Hi Tim, saw you on the final night in Edinburgh, and loved it to bits.

Can you post more lyrics? I’d really like to have the lyrics to Rock and Roll Nerd particularly. Is there a recording of that available?

Sarah on 3rd of November 2005

Hey Tim… just thought I’d let u know I saw your article in Rolling Stone… twas great… you’re a funny funny man… and the picture was great… you’re so beautiful… in a psychotic way

Jono on 2nd of November 2005

yup, its in the superband bit. in tehe song select its on page two, if I can remember correctly about song 16 but im not really sure. yeah the Bedroom Philosopher but he’s not as good as Tim. Tim does a stage dive.

Renee on 2nd of November 2005

Is Tim in the Superband bit?

So is far too much of The Bedroom Philosopher, so I hear. :D

Jono on 1st of November 2005

Ok, this admintedly doesn’t have anything to do with Tims latest Blog, but for anyone in Australia, with a spare $30, I would recommed going out and purchasing the Scared Weird Little Guys DVD, no not because I like the SWLD, but because Tim is on it. Yes thats right Tim is on it, he is only singing one song “A little more conversation” but it is the most rocking version of it the song that ive ever heard. BUY THE DVD!!. available at JB HIFI, Target, Sanity and many more!!!

Renee on 31st of October 2005

Oh dear.

There are some people who’ve done a whole bunch of Tim’s lyrics..you just have to know where to look.

p.s. Tim, Rin took her signed bag to the supermarket, and the checkout girl looked at her like she was an alien. And no, her bottom didn’t fall out.

Sarah on 27th of October 2005

Hey Tim…
Thanks for posting the lyrics… it gets me one step closer to hearing your gorgeous voice again…

Cressida - yes that is my real name on 25th of October 2005

You were fantasic last night – on stage I mean. Are you doing anymore gigs before you head back to Oz? I would love to take a few dozen friends to see you so I look hip and cool.

Cross-Gartered on 20th of October 2005

Okay, lyrics section is a good idea, but Tommy here with the idea for mp3’s? Genius! I’d be thrilled.

Tommy on 19th of October 2005

You were also on a program in Scotland about the fringe and thats where I saw you perform this first. Unfortunately by then I couldn’t get to see your show, any plans to return next year?

How about doing an MP3 version of this song?

David on 19th of October 2005

Hi Beth (and Tim), Interpretings very hard work, they need to be able to see the show a few times before interpreting it to be able to keep up.
In the case of Tim’s material, its probably even more of a challange, as its damn hard to sign when laughing that hard :-)
Probably the best combination would be for the lyrics to be on a screen, and interpreters to sign the spoken sections between.. this would also give the interpreters a short break.
But its always interesting to see how some phrase are interpreted…

Cross-Gartered on 19th of October 2005

Yeah, Inflatable You was one of my favorites. Of course, they kinda all were. I really liked the song about the Rock and Roll Nerd (that guy’s a LOSER) and Dark Side. Is there any chance, barring copyright concerns, that you might post a lyrics section on this website? So I can rock at home with my vague drunken memory of the melodies like I already have with the song listed above and the Secret Hidden Track on Tim the Dog. Continued success, Mr. Minchin.

Roly on 18th of October 2005

Tim, the London gig rocked and our London friends thought you were the bomb. Looking forward to the Lyric theatre show.

beth on 18th of October 2005

Maybe you could do a Hillsy, Tim, and have a sign language person on the side of the stage. Somehow sign language people make life more fun… well, sometimes.

David P on 16th of October 2005

Hi Tim,
Good to hear that we’ll see you briefly in Melbourne before you leave for the UK.
A slightly odd question: Is there any possibility of getting the song lyrics etc subtitled at the Spiegeltent?
My partner is deaf, and its great when we are able to get to enjoy these things together, and interpretors or subtitles would make a huge difference.
These events tend to publicised too via the formal and informal deaf networks, so hopefully a large number of deaf people might attend.
I’d be happy to assist in any way at all.
thanks in advance

Garry Lee on 13th of October 2005

I have just watched Tickled Pink, and had never heard of you before. What an absolutely amazing performance! Inflatable You, blew me away! Please tell me where I can obtain a DVD or MP3 of the song. Thankyou – just brilliant! Garry Lee – Radio Seagull / Apple FM http://www.theoverflow.co.uk

Omar on 13th of October 2005

Would love to be able to download it, so my friends who havent heard it can laugh as much as i did

Wendy on 13th of October 2005

I’ve been telling everyone about ‘Inflatable You’…would love to buy a downloadable copy…top stuff!

Lou on 13th of October 2005

I missed the Minchin on TV?? Well, I’m sulking. C’mon Timothy… can’t you give us some clues as to when you’ll be on? Or do you not know? Or is that it for now?

Lyd on 12th of October 2005

ps – obviously, i am not too worried about the deadlines.. but just checked an old entry and now have a question about Montreal – you heading there? did you give em a thumbs up? Jack and I is relocating to Canada in January – will there be a chance to see you?? Now that would be cool x

lily on 12th of October 2005

Yay – I won a bet concerning the meaning of “felicity” in this song – I too pay too much attention. PS Thanks for signing my bag in Hobart, Ahli says she hopes you enjoyed the cake :)

Lyd on 12th of October 2005

timmy – you back in melbourne town? when is good for chats? am surrounded by beige office furniture and deadlines.. but would love to speak to you

Tim on 12th of October 2005

indeed renee.
i have made the relevant corrections.
i feel so ashamed.

Renee on 12th of October 2005

Doesn’t it usually finish with “don’t let me down (x3 or so)…and I won’t let you down”?

Yes, Tim, I DO pay too much attention. :D

Emily on 12th of October 2005

Hysterical!… you rock

is there anywhere to download the audio of the song? or is there a CD with it on?

Jack on 11th of October 2005

ms rose on 11th of October 2005

Genius .. pure genius :)
My friends in Hobart thought you were awesome!

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