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Inflatable You Lyrics

by Tim 11th Oct 2005 | 238 comments


Loads of people who saw Inflatable You on ITV’s Tickled Pink in the UK have requested that I post the lyrics on my website. So I’m doing it. See what a pliable young man I am?

(nb. While we’re at it, I’d like to point out that the inflatable person in this song is not called Felicity. The Felicity referred to in the 7th stanza is the improper noun, felicity, meaning happiness.)

(Thank fuck we sorted that out.)

Inflatable You

Your love for me is not debatable
Your sexual appetite’s insatiable
You never ever make me waitable
Delectable, inflatable you.

You don’t have problems with your weight at all
You never steal food off my plate at all
I never have to masturbate at all
Unstoppable, inflatable you.

You never seem to menstruate at all
So you’re not angry when I’m late at all
I feel permanently felatable
Unpoppable, inflatable you.

With you in my arms I feel we could just fly away
With the right kind of gas I might even try it some day
In this ocean of life I’m never afraid we might drown
We could just float forever whatever the weather
Whenever my inflatable lover’s around.

Your thighs and buttocks are so holdable
You always do what you are toldable
And if we argue you just foldable
Controllable consolable you.

My mates all reckon you are suitable
I took you ‘round to watch the footable
And Steve and Gary said you’re rootable
Commutable, refutable you.

You’re never sensitive or tickley
When I rub you my skin goes prickerly
It’s know an static electricity
Felicity when I’m kissing you.

Your skin is so smooth – I couldn’t afford you with hair
You have all the holes real girls have got plus one for the air
Your problems are simple, I don’t need my Masters in Psych
To know if you get down I just perk you right up
With a couple of squirts from the pump off my bike.

You never wake up when I snore at all
A trait which I find quite adorable
You have a box and you are storable
Ignorable, back-doorable you.

Any sexual position’s feasible
Although you don’t bend at the knees at all
Your hooters are so firm and squeezable
Increasable, un-creasable you.

You don’t complain about my hairy back
Or ‘bout the inches that downstairs I lack
You’re not disgusted by my furry crack
Burt Bacharach, Jack Kerouac ooo.

Now birth control is not an issue
I clean it all up with a tissue
I bet my jealous friend all wish you
Were insatiably inflatably theirs.

Don’t let me down.
Don’t let me down.
Don’t let me down.
And I won’t let you down.

Tim Minchin 2003.

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LastJuliana on 26th of January 2018

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Jill Kitten on 1st of January 2017

P.S.S. I also love the Beatles like bit at the end.

Jill Kitten on 1st of January 2017

Love all your stuff, this was the first one I had heard. I especially like the mentioning of Burt Bacharach. In a way you are like a modern Victor Borge, only I think much more amusing, and even better, more political, I especially appreciate the anti-theism.

However when I first heard this song I could have sworn I heard an extremely similar [albeit not amusing] song many decades ago, and I was wondering if this was modeled after or a parody of another song from the past.

Post Script: I just noticed someone else asking: “Is this song Inflatable You a parody of another song? As in did you take the tune from another song?” Which is similar but I did not notice any indication of an answer. I would suggest it might be worth mentioning the answer here.

James from Holland on 6th of October 2016

Fucking awesome :)
Thx Tim

catalin on 17th of June 2014

just found you.
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Griffith on 14th of October 2013

Absolutely fuckin’ amazing, rock on Tim!!!

George H on 6th of February 2013

Watching some atheist comedy on you-tube I found a short video of Tim performing stand up comedy. Searched for more of the like but found this song which then led me to “canvas bags” where he unbuttons his shirt and uses a fan for dramatic effects (black out! Fuck yea!). After that, I was specifically searching for his music and got to “rock and roll nerd” which closed the deal and made me officially a fan of his. Each new song I found became an instant favorite: “prejudice”, “not perfect” and “white wine in the sun” along with the aforementioned have been a five star in my media player rating for a while now. I recently listened for the first time to “You Grew On Me” which not surprisingly got it’s fair share of “repeats”. I greatly enjoy his music, love him personality and relate to his perspective on things. Is great to have him in this ride.

Keira on 11th of February 2012

Best ever! You ish. I nod. I take my hat off in your general direction.

Justine on 6th of February 2012

Is this song Inflatable You a parody of another song? As in did you take the tune from another song?

Bill on 4th of October 2011

Hey Timmy, I plan on singing this at my cousins wedding.
wish me luck

Hey, I think I have an old pair of shoes that might fit you

Best of luck
ps when you coming to Dublin?

Aimeeee on 26th of September 2011

Oh cheesus christ. You’re absofuckinglutely FANBLOODYTASTIC! But my mates are all like ‘who’s Tim Minchin?’ and I’m just there for ages trying to explain who you are. And then we’re late for lessons. Oh well. I metaphorically take my hat off to you (I’m not actually wearing a hat) hee hee.. Heh… Hrrrum. I think I love you. But I bet you get that a lot. Yeah.

paul on 5th of September 2011

tim, you are amazing! loved your trick of using minor 2nd`s in crazy jazz solos …it`s a thing i `ve used for years to amuse pupils excellent word-play bizarre and uninhibited you`ve outdone ogden nash by light years! dave frisbourg seems tame in comparison. as a fellow musician and word-smith i take my hat off to you. i was in pain and in tears the first time saw inflatable on tv you cruel beast! you must be a sadist to torture your fans so remorselessly. you are a great inspiration to any type of songwriter. amazed by all the fan comments stay crazy always you are a genius.

manu on 2nd of September 2011

just found you.
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan on 30th of March 2011

I have a feeling that Sarah would really enjoy an inflatable Tim.

archie on 8th of December 2010

omg i love this song you inspired me to play you are a god amongst men much love

Newington on 7th of September 2010

Taped your Live show and watched it last night. Had to replay this song over and over again. Didn’t get to bed till wee hours.

One of the funniest things I’ve heard in years.

Absolutely hilarious!

JJ on 4th of September 2010

oh my days! you are acc amazing!! xx

Chris on 16th of July 2010

Hey guys, I can play a few of Tim’s songs, including Ten Foot Cock And A Few Hundred Virgins (head inflates as I’m the only person to do it!!), and Inflatable You. Currently in the middle of transcribing sheet music (ACTUAL manuscript, not chords), it will be available in the next few weeks on the Angry-Feet forum.
You can check my renditions of Tim’s songs here:


If anyone here has a youtube account, feedback in the form of comments would be very much appreciated.

Thanks :-)

amy bacon on 25th of June 2010

i now all the lyrics to this song already :)

Joel on 11th of May 2010

Tim! I Live In Australia and you sir have inspired me to go back to learning piano, I’m only around grade 2, but i am trying my hardest to learn inflatable you, well as much as i can anyway.. keep up the good work!

Kirsi on 30th of March 2010

I saw you on Just For Laughs at like, 1 in the morning. And you sir, are utterly amazing.

Caroline on 26th of March 2010

TIM !!!!!

You’re an absolute genius !!! Bloody love you !!!

Love from France :)

ibi on 12th of February 2010

i really was sad before i listened to the song but now i’m so happy and i’m listening to it for the 21st time and it’s getting better and better

i hope you will have a concert here in germany, because i really like to see you live

you’re a great musician

Darcy x on 17th of January 2010

TIM i bloody love you and im only 16!!!!!
when you next peforming in london?

theodora margaritis on 4th of January 2010

i love this song <3
it made me cry the first time i heard it

Megan on 1st of January 2010

absolutely hilarious, Love your work Tim.
Hope to see you live soon :D Come to Scotland !!!

chris on 13th of December 2009

Amazing…. I can play a lot of your stuff, sans the crazy bits in darkside, inflatable you and that song if you don’t eat pigs….

musical version of derren brown…. love it

Nick on 9th of November 2009

Tim Minchin, absoulote legend i actually wet myself at “Inflatable you” pure genious! Keep the hilarious times coming man, me and my gf fucking love you!

Cass on 15th of October 2009

Damn, I can’t believe this thing has been going since 2005!!

Sheet music would be fantastico. There might already be some floating about, I don’t know. If there is, can someone post a link or something here please?

Tim, man, you rock. You rocked in 05 too. Can’t wait to laugh with you at some time in the (hopefully near!) future!


Christy McGoldrick on 25th of May 2009

Hey Tim, loving everything you do!

Is there anywhere I can find the sheet music to ‘Inflatable You’ as i am having a few problems working it out.

Keep up the good work.

Can’t wait to see you at the Warwick Arts Centre in November.

the anonymously famous... on 13th of May 2009

hi Tim, i just wanted to say how much i love your work:)
i know you probably get this all the time, but i felt it had to be said:)
your truly a fantastic pianist (insert stockbroker joke Mitsubishi Colt:) and i think its so brilliant how you are able to combine comedy with truly amazing musical ability:)

i cant wait to see you in October:)

good luck for your next shows, and whatever music you ever come up,but everyone knows it will be unreal:)

Krysanne Lampman on 9th of April 2009

TIM YOU MUSTTTTTTTTTT come to canada, Toronto or some where close to mee!! I love ALL your songs.. retardedly brilliant <3 keep up the amazing work, and the awesome hair do :P

x0x Krys~!

Ambigulous (Gippsland, Victoria) on 3rd of February 2009

Saw you on an Amnesty Secret Policeman’s Ball on TV; talking about some newspaper articles. Clever. Didn’t realise you was Aussie. Onya cobber!

Dale on 18th of January 2009

I’ve seen ya on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (I think!) … and as Rob said Graham Norton Show… which is where I heard this song. I think it is fucking class!! I’d love to get hold of the sheet music to learn it myself!


Girth-101 on 9th of January 2009

hey tim i agree with hard-on-dogend i was also thinking writing a song about me and you and your oversized girth and a yogurt (preferrably Muller corner, strawberry flavour) Do you have any lyrical ideas?
much love

hard-on-dogend on 9th of January 2009

hey tim i f’in love you man i can’t wait to see you live and i’d love to meet because i wrote a song about you called tim ride me tim, its about me and you on a road trip
best regardes

P.s. This is not a joke, it’s love

Rob on 2nd of January 2009

I saw you on the Graham Norton show doing this song, and God it was funny :)

Connor on 31st of December 2008

Hey, are there sheets or chords to this amazing song?

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