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A few weeks ago the was a show on the ABC here in Oz called “My Favourite Movie”. I performed a one minute musical retelling of the movie “Donnie Darko”, and a few people have requested lyrics. Well… two people actually. But that’ll do.

So there’s this kid called Donnie Darko, he’s a schizophrenic teen,
And this aeroplane engine falls through his roof and lands where he’s just been,
But it’s cool cos he’s out sleepwalking – as is his habit
Engaged in apocalyptic discourse with this freaky six-foot rabbit.

You see our Donnie on reality doesn’t have a firm hold,
The rabbit teaches him about time travel and wormholes.
He burns down Patrick Swayze’s house cos the rabbit tells him to,
He shags a chick called Gretchen and the rabbit shows him what to do.
They throw a wicked Halloween party, with 80’s tunes and beer,
Then they hop on their bikes and ride through the night and that’s when things get weird.

The rabbit’s drunk behind the wheel, and Gretchen cops a car-full,
So Donnie takes out his gun and shoots the rabbit through the eyeball.
Then he carries his girlfriend’s body up the hill above his town
And watches as the parallel universe he’s been living in tumbles down.

Then using telekinesis he rips an engine off this plane
And is sucked back through the wormhole and he’s back at the beginning again,
So when the jet comes through the ceiling, he’s tucked up in his bed
And life is back to normal, except that Donnie Darko’s dead.

This film’s an examination of time and space and psychosis,
And a very good example of why they developed myxomatosis.

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Ruthasaurus on 13th of April 2014

Tim Minchin is the pinnacle of human creation!

Benjamin on 3rd of March 2009

Man, there are some really negative comments being left on the youtube links for the clip from ABC. I find it sad that so many people can’t get out of their small self-centred gloomy worlds far enough to set their sense of humour free and really enjoy the brilliant intellectuality and stunningly witty humour that is Tim Minchin.

Brilliant song, brilliant lyrics and all round brilliance as per usual.

Thank you as always, Tim.

mae on 18th of January 2009

i actually searched the internet for a while, to try & find lyrics to this song, so I’m glad I stumbled upon this!

& it’s soo true that this song helps people understand the film Donnie Darko! -i totally didn’t understand it until I heard Tim’s geniosity (that’s my new word for genius-ness) that is this song!

…does anyone else think that Tim is like a bizarre but loveable cross between Bill Bailey and Russel Brand??? or is it just me?.. :s

jake on 17th of January 2009

hey tim i want this song on my mp3 but i dont know were i could get it is there some were i should look

Isaac on 2nd of November 2008

Hey tim, i understand ur really not going to reply, i mean, im just some teenager right?
But well, im got to do some essay speach about something im interested in for english GCSE, so im gonna stand up and talk about you, coz well, your the best comedian iv ever listenned to.
Yes, i know, alot of spelling mistakes here, but oh well.
Man your sounds are great, you truely are the best out there man. Its great to see such a unique artist, i mean, the hair, absence of shoes, the piano, the constant absurd language and complex sentence are fabulous.
Well, just thought id drop by, it would be fantastic if you replied, and have you got anything weird or cool i could help to interest my class? Any hobbies or activities or things you like to do in your spare time?

Regina on 25th of October 2008

It helped me more about the film! Donnie Darko is a fantastic film! Everybody must see it at least once!

Vitus on 12th of April 2008

Hello there,the song is amazing,I love the tune,piano,beat,everything – I wish I could have a record in karaoke style,I would listen to it all the time – now I have to laugh and it distracts me a lot :-DDDDDDD Thax

Alex on 27th of December 2007

omg, Donnie Darko is one of my favourite movies, and this short musical is just simply awesome :) really amazing :)

“He shags a chick called Gretchen and the rabbit shows him what to do.”
haha, the best part :)

thanks Tim for making me laugh :)
greetings from slovakia

BAILEY on 7th of November 2007


Jelio on 2nd of September 2007

nice love the lyrics, to bad i wasnt familer with myxomatosis but thats what googles for

Bronson on 7th of July 2007

This is the best movie i have ever seen and i want 2 know where i can get the wrighting of the ABC’s 4 a tatoo i want 2 get my 2 bro’s already has goten theres and i want mine 2 be better than there’s. I have never had a tatoo B 4 so please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilko on 24th of April 2007

plz post you grew on me lyrics!

luc on 16th of January 2007

tim absolute genious! my aunty knows ur parents! they live in perth same street i think. anyway i was wondering where or if u have dvds for sale i cant find ur material anywhere.

Ghostwriter on 15th of January 2007

Please Post Up An Mp3 of this song I love it!!!

Steph on 30th of December 2006

love ya tim and i alredy knew the lyrics considering ive listened to the song so many times!! and im not trying to suck up or anything, im being serious!!!!! haha after i saw it, i actually went and watched the movie 4 the first time. was quite good.

Erin on 5th of October 2006

now we need an mp3 version.

’tis awesome, i still have it in my head almost a year after i saw it =D

Rowan on 16th of May 2006

Haha JimB, that was funny. But the plural of Haggis is Haggi. With the ‘i’ pronounced ‘eye’, not ‘ee’.

Also, My Favourite Film. WIsh I taped it!

liam on 24th of April 2006

Can you post a mp3 if this maybe…

JimB on 24th of March 2006

there is no plural for Haggis – the Scots Tourist Board have realised that no-one ever tries it a second time and so the the phrase “Ooh, yes i’ll have another TWO of those tasty and nutritious Hagg–…” has never passed the lips of sane humanity…

twistie on 5th of March 2006

is their gong to be a cd or dvd relised in the uk of tim can anyone tell me and what is the plural for haggis?

Cross-Gartered on 19th of February 2006

All of that information, of course, will be in the DVD extras. “Tim and Me: A Rock Tale” in stores VERY soon

Sarah on 14th of February 2006

Tim will you be my valentine???

Tim on 12th of February 2006

Very funny that you guys should be discussing the plural of moose. I have always wanted to name an album “The Plural of Moose”. Seriously. I even considered it as a band name. Furthermore, many years ago I stole a Trivial Pursuit card (which I now have framed) which contained the question, “What is the plural of Moose?” I got answered incorrectly of course. Being a solipsist of renown, I went with, “the name of my first album”, and relinquished a piece of brown pie.

Renee on 11th of February 2006

*wipes tears from eyes*

Thank you, Cross-Gartered, that was highly entertaining. I wouldn’t recommend seppuku to the casual tourist either. :D

The plural of moose is unfortunately ‘moose’. I wish they’d followed the precedent set by ‘goose’ though. :(

It’s not really lying if it’s blatantly false…”There will never be a GST in this country…”

Sarah on 10th of February 2006

Cross-Gartered… If that is your real name, I think that you are lying….

Cross-Gartered on 3rd of February 2006

My DVD is coming out this week, entitled “Tim and Me: A Rock Tale”. It focuses on mine and Tim Minchin’s initial conquering of the city of Edinburgh, then our extensive tour of northern Japan, including backstage shots of us learning and practicing Japanese customs (you never want to try seppuku). Then follow us on a journey to Canada, where we performed an outdoor show in front of majestic mountains, gorgeous treelife, and several moose (meese? mooseses?). Finally, the camera followed us to the lovely wedding of Tim Minchin and Mariah Carey, where the divorce proceedings proceeded directly following the ceremony, and the plans commenced on their African co-headlining tour, “Doing it For the Kids”. So, you see, a Tim Minchin DVD is on its way. You’re just gonna have to wait for the Darkside DVD, sorry it was held up by “Tim and Me”‘s progress. But wait ’til you see the extras on THAT puppy!

Renee on 31st of January 2006

I’m guessing Tim’s DVD will be out at around the same time as the Laugh-apalooza one (Comfest time – cross-promotion, anyone?), if not later.

Same with Tripod’s.

Jono on 28th of January 2006

Hey! Leave the Poor Guy Alone… I want the DVD as much as the rest of you but he isn’t responsible for it being released. The Company who bought the rights to sell the show on DVD is. And if we wait longer we might get more special features… we might not to.
Anyway, most Comedians DVD’s aren’t released when orignally intened anyway. Ross Nobles DVD was released about 6 months after its original set date.
Tripod announced that they would release a DVD late last year… as far as I know I havn’t seen it yet.
Give Tim some time to make the DVD as good as possible.
Keep up the good work Tim!

Emma on 28th of January 2006

Yeah!! We want your dvd! right here! right now!

I on 21st of January 2006

Hey tim… whens the promised dvd (Hello. It’s me. Thanks for asking about records. I’m doing a live recording in Melbourne next week, which I hope will be available to order by the new year. Keep an eye on this site, orright?
t. ) going to be available for order!! i personally can’t wait!!!

grant on 18th of January 2006


Sarah on 17th of January 2006


Renee on 9th of January 2006

w00t, Tim be playing the HiFi. Much easier to get to when drunk than the Kaleide. I think it may be a beacon for the drunkards of the city. But not far to go to Festival Club. :D

Sarah on 5th of January 2006

Hey Tim when do ye tickets for ye sydney shows go on sale?

Sarah on 3rd of January 2006


Sarah on 3rd of January 2006

Ahoy thar me harties! Avast! Tim, I’ll crush ye barnacles if ye don’t embark on a voyage to Wollongong soon…

Renee on 3rd of January 2006

I only watched one part of the show, and caught the song. My housemate still doesn’t see the freakish resemblance between himself and Tim. I think I’ll have to drag him (housemate) to a show to point out similarities. Happy Whatever, everyone.

CaitlinB on 3rd of January 2006

Cheers Tim-I feel warmed at heart because I am one of those two people who requested it. You have shown me that r e a l l y tall 15 year olds can actually get things done.

Thanks again.

xo cb

Angelee Fitzgibbons on 2nd of January 2006

Hey everyone. Sarah is obsessed with Tim. She used 2 live next door 2 me but now she doesn’t. I didn’t realise how much she was actually inlove with him OMG she really does love him. Does he know???

Cross-Gartered on 2nd of January 2006

Happy New Year, Tim and everybody!

Sarah on 1st of January 2006

I hope that this year brings much success and fun for you this year Tim… and I hope that you are brought to me at some point during this year…

Natasha on 28th of December 2005

hehe well done tim, thats an awesome song…well i know jono likes it anyways..i just saw the film today and i think it is a great film…

Josi on 27th of December 2005

Come on Tim – Why do you only play for the bloody southerners. Come up north and make us laugh!

Cross-Gartered on 26th of December 2005

Thanks, Sarah, and a Merry one to you as well.

Sarah on 25th of December 2005

…and everyone else….

P.Dante on 22nd of December 2005

She once spent 19 days in New York you know!

P.Dante on 22nd of December 2005

Congratulations on becoming a film reviewer. L Ron Hubbard once told me that film reviewers will be the first on the spaceship after Kate Ceberano and a small bowl of algae. I have no reason not to believe him.
Peas out.

Sarah on 21st of December 2005

Hey Tim… I missed the song the first time but one of my friends taped it when it was on the comedy channel… I watch it like 5-10 times a day!! You retold it well, with great style…

I’ve always loved donnie darko and always loved you so you telling the story of donnie darko was like going to heaven!! Yay tim! Yay!

….So anyways when are you coming to wollongong again???

Wheehah on 21st of December 2005

Thankyou Tim, I missed half of the song when it was on and rushed in when I heard you were on. I’ll catch it when it’s on again.

Quinny on 21st of December 2005

Sweet, the rhyme of “psychosis” and “myxomatosis”… “Maybe it was a hint of my parents’….”…um….Great minds and all that bollocks. Great bollocks and all those minds…xx

Jono on 20th of December 2005

oops, sorry guys. its was on ABC 2 last weekend. This Saturday its on normal ABC. Still 4:30 though.

Jono on 20th of December 2005

Well, how could I not post a reply to this. My fav movie and my fav comedian combined in the lyrical beauty of song. When it came on TV, in the words of Tim, “I almost shat myself”.
Excellent work Tim, keep it up. I’ve also been told by alot of people that you really helped them understand the movie.
Anyone who missed it and is in Australia, its being repeated on ABC2 digital on Saturday at 4:30!

Cross-Gartered on 20th of December 2005

Well, now I’ll have to see Donnie Darko

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