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DarkSide CD

by Tim 20th Feb 2006 | 39 comments


The DarkSide Live album has been finished and packaged. Hopefully before too long we will have it available to buy online and even on itunes.

For now, however, it’s only going to be available at gigs. So if you’re in London and you’re coming to see DarkSide at the Soho Theatre, you can buy it. Which is damn good news for everyone concerned.

For those interested in a DVD… thanks for being interested. We’re going to have to wait a bit longer for that because the production of it is no longer in my hands. When it does come, however, it is going to be real fancy with a menu and nice colours and everything.

Trust you’re all robust.

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patricia roberts on 3rd of April 2011

i love your music would seriously love to have it on cd, ive seen you on tv, i relate to a lot of your songs as im sure a lot of people do…would love to see more of you on tv,im of a older generation so dont go to concerts,or travel much,, keep up the good work…

Jim Mac on 19th of December 2010

Was at your show in Notts last night, did you see me? haha

seriously, awsome show.

Sam on 3rd of September 2010

Why can’t I get 5 poofs and two pianos off iTunes!!!!!!!!!!

Richard on 28th of December 2009

Seriously, I need this CD now!! I have a rare degenerative disorder… the doctors say I only have days to live… and I can only be cured by constant exposure to satirical songs with observational humour and kick-ass lyrics! Tell the powers that be the UK NEEDS your songs… growing weak… light fading… tell Tim Minchin I love him…

Tom on 12th of November 2009

Saw you on Jonathon Ross thought you were class, then happened to see on bbc 3 Tim Minchin live I can safely say I have never been so amazed at how someone can combine all the talents you have into one show, your piano playing skills amaze me and your voice is excellent, you have given me hours of quality viewing…..so just thought i would say thanks…..and why the fuck is it so hard to get a cd of yours where is the man at s.s.s.s.sony!!!!!!

Neil - Taunton on 10th of June 2009

Got the video – going to see you at Colston Hall. Great fans – keep up the superb standard!

Josstin on 20th of February 2009

I love you.

!MR-JACK! on 4th of January 2009

dude i think your amazing honestly the best piano player i have seen in my life haha you are so talented keep playing man!!!!!!!!

Tom Sellar on 31st of December 2008

saw you on Graham Norton and was a brilliant performance with loads of funny brilliant one liners, was not just a song but a brilliant acting performance too!

Ross on 16th of July 2007

Mmmm, wife thinks yr pretty ok. Her birthday is around the corner (THAT corner!) so must decide on which CD. Suggestions?

Ta matey

TinyT on 26th of November 2006

Woo you’re coming to Cheltenham! Must try and grab hold of some tickets before they’re all gone (if they aren’t already)

H on 4th of November 2006

Bugger – bought it at a London gig earlier this year…and it’s got totally scratched up. NO WARNING THAT IT ISN’T BACKPACK PROOF (without it’s case, sitting next to a kitchen scourer while snowboarding…).

Where can I get myself a fresh shiny copy? And will you be remedying the clear QC oversight?

Cat on 13th of October 2006

YAY! I have convinced my parents to let me buy it due to the fact that it has to be bought offline… Well It’s my dad that won’t let me buy stuff online… So I bought it with my mum without telling dad… hehe… It is great nonetheless that I will finally be getting it :) Coming sometime next week.

Much Love
Love U

Josh on 2nd of April 2006

Tim I saw in edinburgh and it was awesome, Ive been trying to find some of your songs to play on Triple Z (community radio). I can’t even get them off itunes. You should send Triple Z a CD!

Sarah on 5th of March 2006

So so so so happy that i can now order it… but i’m sad cause i dont have the money for it yet… hopefully next weekend i will… anyway i think that being TIM’S NUMBER 1 FAN that i should get special treatment and not have to pay!!!… though i really dont mind that much because he’s worth all he gets plus a million more but having to wait so long gets me down…..

Sam on 5th of March 2006

PS: Where can I buy your Darkside CD?

Sam on 5th of March 2006

Tim, Saw you on March 2nd in Soho! (One with the toast making) Hadn’t heard of you before but I can safely say I will never forget! You were fantastic, the funniest thing I have seen this year! Keep it up buddy… All the best

Tim on 3rd of March 2006

Indeed it is true. You can get the CD through Middle 8, bless’m. This link’ll get you directly there: http://www.middle8.com/mem/product.asp?pID=3255

Thurlow on 3rd of March 2006

Hey you guys!
Just found Tim’s CD is available in Australia from Middle Eight Music in Melbourne

Emma on 2nd of March 2006

wow a comment……never done this before……I’ve recently converted to the Minchinism thing and so far its working out well. Becoming more cynical and sadistic, hopefully this will evoke some hidden creativity in my own writing. Keep up the good work and don’t forget ol’ Perth.

Jonathan on 2nd of March 2006

I was one half of that couple (see Lizzlie, 28 Feb), with Lu being the younger half. Excellent show and now happy owner of the CD. Good quality, misses the visual element a little but still a corker. Will remain “interested” about the DVD.

Neville & David on 1st of March 2006

This guy is lovely and funny (if slightly hairy) and one of the greatest comedic talents there is. If you miss him you are not just a bad judge of talent – you are a gerbil lost in the anotomic wilderness. See him before he climbs alongside you to the greater heights and gets attacked by the gastric juices of global popularity.
We love him – but then we are very prejudiced.
But then … we miss him.
All our love goes with you & Sar
Friends – Neville & David

John on 1st of March 2006

saw the show in london on saturday. quality. proved that your show in edinburgh last summer wasnt a fluke :) really really enjoyed it and am also now the proud owner of a canvas bag and the CD. looking forward to seeing you again in edinburgh. will you have some new material for then?

John on 1st of March 2006

saw the show in london on saturday. quality. proved that your show in edinburgh last summer wasnt a fluke :) really really enjoyed it and am also now the proud owner of a canvas bag and the CD. looking forward to seeing you again in edinburgh. will you have some new material for then?

Lizzlie on 28th of February 2006

My friends and I saw the show last night, we were on the front row and 2 of my mates got questioned about their love life, which is even funnier if you know them! Excellent show, even better than Edinburgh. I’m now the proud owner of a canvas bag, and shall be making my workmates listen to the CD (they have no choice!). Any idea of Edinburgh dates yet?

DM on 28th of February 2006


Just seen the London show. Absolute quality. Just as good as it was in Edinburgh. The CD is a belter too. Not perfect, but..

Glad you’re going back to the Fringe. Looking forward to catching you again there. In the meantime, keep up the very good work. DM.

Tris on 25th of February 2006

Honestly…. Giving them beggers in the UK a cd before us Aussies. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Hold me a copy. :)

ooooh…. will the dvd have the footage show at your final show last comedy festival? haha…. I’m on that.

Wheehah on 25th of February 2006

But that’s how ‘colours’ is spelt…

Yay for more news on the cd and dvd. Will definitely be buying at least one.

Cross-Gartered on 25th of February 2006

Tim, stop spelling “colors” with a “u”. It’s pretentious and condescending. Oh, wait, I do that too. Sh-eeucks.

Regardless, you know I’ve been begging since August, I’m thrilled to hear about the immenent arrival of Dark Side on laser vinyl. “Tim and Me: A Rock Tale” production will be postponed (I don’t want to crowd the market with Minchin Merch, we’ll wait until their appetites come back from the CD release. They’re still drooling over the canvas bags!).

Cheers to you and your British/Aussie endeavours, and now that a CD is on the way, I can full-on pester you about reaching your musical fingers over the Atlantic and tickling New York’s fancy. But seriously, thanks for the update.

More to come.

Jack on 25th of February 2006

Ohmygosh that’s super! I’m not going to be able to see the show for another two weeks but I’m tempted to pop in tomorrow to buy the CD.

Meagan Gorham on 23rd of February 2006

Sweet news Sir Tim! I’m gunna try to book it out of the US in April, will the CDs still be available at your gigs in Australia?

Sarah on 22nd of February 2006

YAY! thats the best news I’ve heard since sliced bread… Can’t wait til its available online…. still looking forward to the dvd and all its nice colours

Lou on 22nd of February 2006

Just under 2 weeks to go!! Ridiculously looking forward to it. And CDs – oooo! And Edinburgh – yay! And Timothy appearing all over the English media once more… haha, loving it. Funny how much can happen in a year, eh? :)

Hannah on 22nd of February 2006


Tim on 21st of February 2006

Of course I’m coming back for Ed Fringe. I just can’t get enough of the pain.

Hannah on 21st of February 2006

yeah! ARE you coming back!!! Oooh you best be Minchin!!

Jono on 21st of February 2006

Can’t wait for the CD, when will it hit Australia? So Excited!!!!

idc on 21st of February 2006

I’m going to London, yay!

Steve on 21st of February 2006

That’s great news. I was just discussing with a friend last night about how great it would be if there was a Darkside CD. The quicker it’s online the better. I’m not going to be in London for a good long while, and I can’t wait until you come back to Edinburgh in the summer…. you ARE coming back, aren’t you?! ;-)

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