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A wee update from sunny London.

My album, DARK SIDE LIVE, recorded at the Spiegeltent in Melbourne just before Chrissy is now available online.

Just pop along to Middle Eight Music, and they’ll kindly send it to you wherever you are on this moist planet.

How exciting.

In other news, here’s the only review I’ve got (so far) for my London season of Dark Side, which finishes next Saturday. It’s from the Metro, and is quite charming.

Back in Australia in a couple of weeks, and will be locking myself to my piano to try and get some new bits ready for Melbourne Comedy Festival. Which’ll be a fucking hoot, I’m sure.

Right ho,

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nix on 2nd of December 2010

I have tickets to see TM in Birmingham – (present for hubby) and now we cant go cos Husband (selfish beggar) now in Melbourne! – which is really gorgeous btw. We are there when you come to town … how awesome would it be to see you there – no flippin childcare – do you think we can sneak the small ones in – and leave them under the seats – with ear plugs obviously!!

Lucinda on 8th of December 2009

I think I fancy you, but I’m not sure?

limeybloke on 28th of February 2009

I’m a Limeybloke, I’m 77 and probably sailed you mum and dad’s, parents to the land downunder. anyway I’m your biggest fan in the Pacific Northwest… Go mate…..

Nin on 12th of May 2008

Hahahahahahaha, Tim, you make me laugh…… You almost got me chucked out of school, i played canvas bags in assembly and it had A SWEAR WORD in it!!!! Oh DEAR!!! Love you!!! Your songs get me rolling on the floor laughing….. Without you my life would be too boring to imagine!!!

Lisette on 7th of July 2006

Dude,you cheered me up at a time I didn’t think it was possible.I just found out the idiot I thought I was in love with went and married someone else,and I spent the day crying and generally thinking dark thoughts about what I lacked character-wise,looks etc.
I went on an evening walk to clear my head and get somef resh air and took along my radio/mp player thingy and kranked up the sound via the headphones as loud as possible.I was still crying like a certifiable until your song”Dark Side” came along and I began laughing like a psycho in the road.It helped me see the how fucking absurd all of it is,& to know I still have a SOHhelps a LOT.What Can I say??I’m buying that CDASAP!Thanks,mate.

marvilkg on 9th of May 2006

So interesting site, thanks!

peto4ok on 8th of May 2006

Best site I see. Thanks.

SARAH on 28th of April 2006

Hey, Sarah said she loved your cd and we were driving in the car and she has me liking ur music to it rocks.

Annie on 17th of April 2006

hey i just brought the cd and we can’t stop listening your a genius

Turbank on 6th of April 2006

You pansies make me wanna vomit in your goddam faces.
But seriously.
If anyone wants me, I’m in the back. Fixin my goddam horse a drink for cryin out loud.
I spit bullets.
Bullets with dicks.

Wheehah on 4th of April 2006

Did someone say new Canvas Bags?

Sarah on 4th of April 2006

Wow!… you changed the website… LOVE the new picture!!!

Jono on 2nd of April 2006

Hey people, everyone who is after a DVD, there was a show at last years comedy festival called Laugh-A-Poolooza. Tim is on it, his name is even on the cover (I don’t have the DVD (yet) so I don’t know how much of him their is, but hey, atleast you can get your fix). Either get it of


or if you live in Australia you can pick up a copy at JB HIFI.

Village Idiot on 2nd of April 2006

Ok, Tim! Bought the cd and canvas bag, saw you at the fringe. Spoke to your sister, bought Darkside, now as a favour to me….release the freakin DVD!!!!! otherwise I will lay turds in all YOUR potted indoor plants!!! Jeeeeese!

Emma's mum on 28th of March 2006

I have bought 4 cd’s already – do you think I am obsessed!!
Trying to book my brother (he fits the green eyed monster from Mitsubishi Colt perfectly) into the Sydney show but cant get hold of the ticket holders. Who is selling them?

Sarah on 27th of March 2006

I must say that the CD is so wonderfully wonderful!

Lara on 27th of March 2006

Finally the cd! Just ordered it and can’t wait for it to get here. Saw you at the edinburgh festival last year (twice) and am much looking forward to the new show :D Roll on august…(and the dvd, it will be the jewel of my collection)
Lara xXx

Cross-Gartered on 23rd of March 2006

All I’m sayin is, Tim, thanks for a CD, mine’ll be here whenever stuff gets to the US from Australia. How long did it take for us to get koalas? Probably a while, but I wait with eager anticipation. In time, it may turn to moderate indifference, and, eventually, disinterest. But when it comes into my mailbox, whoa nelly. And I don’t mean the rapper Nelly, I mean “Whoa, Nelly!” like old frontiersmen and gold-diggers did. And I ain’t sayin she a gold-digga, but she ain’t… never mind. I’m easily distracted by pop media references. That’s why I like the grocery store. All those tabloids! R Kelly pees on people! Mariah Carey… never mind, I don’t want to hit a nerve, I know you’ve recently divorced, and are moving on to the African divorce tour. Man, I keep flowin, like a river. That’s enough for now, you loopy-haired, largely-amusing, overly-talented rock-and-roll-nerd-ish man. Take care, to Tim and everyone on “the board”, have fun, tty soon.

Benjamin on 20th of March 2006

I’ll make sure to see the new show at the festival in Melbourne. Which night did you record the album? I’m wondering if I was in the audience…or did you only do one show in the Famous Spiegeltent last year?

Renee on 20th of March 2006

No-one writes new material for the Festival, Tim. Just ask Wil (pronounced ‘while’) Anderson. :D

Sarah on 9th of March 2006

YAY!!! SO EXCITED!!! and so excited to finally see you live again in Sydney!!!!

Zin on 7th of March 2006

Fantastic CD Tim. Loved the Live show so it’s great to have a copy of it. ‘Not Perfect’ is just gorgeous. ‘Ten foot cock and a few hundred virgins’ just has to be heard to be believed.

I know I’m being impatient but how long do we have to wait for the DVD?

Love from Zin and Andy

Wheehah on 6th of March 2006

Does that mean the DVD was recorded there as well? Only because I was in the front row :)

Joss on 6th of March 2006

Just heard the interview of you on triple j, you’re much hotter and (lots funnier) than Mariah Carey :o)

bring on edinburgh 2006 i’ll be there … again !

love, Joss x

Bego on 6th of March 2006

We’ll be the first to buy it! We would also like to apologize for not having finished (ok, started) the Club’s page yet, but, you know, we have children to look after. But we promise to do it soon… (contributors welcome ;-P)

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