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So Rock

by Tim 7th Apr 2006 | 54 comments

Hi. Like my new, snazzy website? It’s pretty new and snazzy. Probably the most significant change, other than the aesthetic features, is the development of an “MP3s and Downloads” page. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to upload shit yet, but when I do… well fuck me if you won’t be able to download the very same shit.

It appears that – with 5 days to go until Comedy Festival – I have managed to gather enough amusing material to fill an hour. Which is a nice relief. Whether anyone other than I will be amused by it is yet to be seen. Feeling pretty pumped though. And I’ve got a name for the show too. Obviously all the posters and stuff just say Tim Minchin, but between you guys and me, it’s called “So Rock”. OK. Sorted.

In other reasonably exciting news, I’m closing the Comedy Festival Gala next week. I’m sure those of you who have seen a bit of my stuff will be able to guess what song I’m closing with. Hint: there’s going to be a choir. And a trumpet player. And some pyrotechnics. So fucking rock. It’ll be on tele some time the week after next.

Some of the subject matter to be addressed in my new show includes:
– People who feed their kids crap food and make them fat.
– The possibility of the existence of genuine psychics.
– The viability of training a flock of birds to poo written messages.
– The infallible brilliance of the theory of Intelligent Design.
– Environmentally friendly shopping bags. Sorry, can’t help it.

So. I should go practice stuff. Come along to my new show if you’re in Melbourne. If you’re not in Melbourne, do something else fun. As often as possible.

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sara lynn fox on 16th of March 2012

I didn’t know there was anyone else on earth who thought the way I do, until saw ur dvd. If ur ever in n. Ireland, uu shud cum hang out….

Joshua thomas on 23rd of September 2011

Your so amazing and always leave me laughing. I can’t get enough of your DVD

Kerry Adams on 27th of June 2011

Tim.. what can i say.. i bloody love you! You really are a talented comedian and musician as well as good looking :D

Keep em coming Tim.. love your stuff! The songs never get old :D

Oh and i’m loving the DVD had me in stitches many times, gonna have to get me self to one of your gigs :)

sasha wilkins on 27th of May 2010

your soo good at writing songs. i don’t know how you do it. and your soo good at piano . wish i could be as good at composing as you some day.

Kathy Houk on 22nd of December 2008

I saw you sing about an inflatable on the Graham Norton Show. The show was a rerun from Christmas 2007. Since he always makes me laugh out loud, I’ll watch whatever they run. Your performance was great. You’re pretty clever.

Barbara on 22nd of November 2008

Have only just discovered you, and all your gigs in London area are sold out already! When are you doing some more (PLEASE!)?

Ginny on 16th of August 2008

I’m bein brutally honest here in saying i only started listening to your songs a couple of weeks ago *arghh don’t kill me*;
but bloody hell i can’t get them out of my head!
i’d come and see you in manchester but i’ve no idea where the venue is
so i’m gonna go search =D

oh and drowned is beautiful by the way

i’m trying to get me mum n stepdad to buy a piano, they said no, and then i played them that and they said they’d think about it =P
muahaha score

love it tim

dean on 11th of February 2008

damit i ment person that got first comment……dont let my message be any less important and dramatic thanks to that small hiccup in comment placment…

dean on 11th of February 2008

um yeah person below me…your such a retard.
he was not even relating to ularu

Nicci on 26th of August 2007

G’Day Tim, names Nicci. Love your so called cheaply recorded silliness..Have not yet seen all your work but found you to be the most impressive comedian (and more) i have ever heard or seen… Enjoy your wordplay greatly….keep up the splendid work and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hurry to release your next work of art I WANT IT, SO BAD…

amber on 14th of May 2007

hey im from newquay in england and just wanted to say our teacher showed us ur canvas bags song in biology today, it was very funny and we were all laughing for ages! we now all love you!

thanks for making my lesson so much less crap! xx

Montey on 30th of April 2007

hey tim, u rocked on saturday at the comedy festival. i was hoping you would play the palestine peace anthem, its my fav haha. looking forward to seeing one of your performances again. keep up the great work mate

TAG on 21st of April 2007

Yo Tim,
Great work your songs a hillarious. love the way you put social justice issues into comedy its great. Canvas bags was awsome. Would you ever come to adelaide for a show? would be awsome. have u ever been to adelaide for a show?

cheers bud

Jen on 11th of April 2007

Hi Tim! Caught you on BBC America and ended up on the floor, tears rolling down my cheeks! Thank you, thank you for your gi-fucking-gantic talent and artistry! Your timing is impeccable! Managed to save it on DVD and have sent everyone I know the YouTube links! You now have a bunch of Californians as full on Minchinites!!! How about being able to order products from the USA too? Thank it might be possible? Goddam it, man, I need a canvas bag!!! (Truth is, I actually use ’em!)

David C, Waco on 4th of April 2007

Jesus loves winners tim, You Rock!

Rev Mel on 3rd of March 2007


I saw you on Paramount Comedy a little while ago and never forgot your set. I was having an msn conversation with a paedophile and we were talking about environmentally safe grocery holding apparatus and I suddenly remembered your set again …and you! I typed “take your canvas bags to the supermarket” into google and VOILA! I shall be keeping an eye on your site from now on.

-Reverend Melanie

P.S Mick The Paedo loves your mp3s and he said he’d make a one adult exception if you ever came into town.

Mike on 23rd of November 2006

I just saw you for the first time on tv at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I think you were the dogs danglers. I shall now add you to my list of fav comedians along with Eddie Izzard and The Mighty Boosh. Look forward to seeing you live if you tour in Manchester.

Jess on 18th of October 2006

Oh and i loved your little ode to Adam. I’m not entirely sure what happened at the end though. Was it a kiss?

Jess on 18th of October 2006

Ahaha i just watched spicks and specks where you takled woodley! That was funny as. I’ve seen you on the comedy channel and loved it.

Rhys on 8th of October 2006

HEY HEY i saw you in brighton tonight! i have to admit that i hadnt actually heard of you before now but… you were amazing! absoloutly loved the show and might just be me but throught the first song looked like you were looking at me lol hahaha might just be me hoping i have a new friend! :D but you have to be one of the most original, funny comedians i have seen! look foward to seeing you again in the future!



The Queen Mother on 11th of September 2006

Dude, your show in Edinburgh was the tits! (thats really good by the way, in case people get confused). Cannot get your songs out of my head, you should definately come back to Edinburgh.

Don’t forget to take your canvas bags to the supermarket folks.


Rhona on 30th of August 2006

I am so fucking rock, so motherfucking rock… I can’t get it out of my head… LOVED the show, gutted I only saw it on the last night… needless to say if you’re coming back to Edinburgh next year, I’ll be booking my tickets as soon as I can!

Johna Ash on 29th of August 2006

Hi! saw SO Rock at the Balloon in the Fringe, absoloutley brilliant, and your ghost story. Congratulations! however was a bit dissapointed when ‘do my tax return for me’ came off the CD as the audience i was in was a bums not tax audience! could you please record and release a version of ‘If you really loved me’ with the alternative ending? that would be great!

from the 1 in 64 million chance…

jazz on 28th of August 2006

your show in edinburgh was amazing :]

i was born in scotland but raised and living in california. i laughed so hard when you sang ‘goes together like the us and bombs’ or something.

funny as fuck,

Jules (Ireland) on 14th of August 2006

Great discover you in Edinburgh, you funny fucker! Your show was hysterical! Bought the cd too!

Piccie of us in the Spielgeltent:


Keep up the good work! Please come and play in Ireland!

Love Jules xxx

Oh hi im bond, james bond on 9th of August 2006

I bet you all the people who have posted and said ‘my girlfriend’ or ‘my boyfriend’ dont actually have partners, their probably sitting at home watching animals mate on the discovery channel, i know i do. AND! what about the guy who said ‘you’re almost at the top of my to-see list this festival. Good Job.’ almost at the top! What an honour for you! Almost at the top of a guy who watches animals maye list! You just keep trying and one day you’ll be at the top of that guys list!

Mel on 16th of July 2006

TIM! you are sooooo cool! i love your songs! well the one’s that i’ve heard any way. I’ve been trying to download canvas bags, but i cant find it… then i discovered this website! awesome job man!

Joe on 12th of July 2006

Well if you don’t eat pigs, and we don’t eat pigs… why not, not eat pigs together! my girlfriend thinks im in love with you… maybe she’s right… give me mp3 NOW!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!

p.s Put up a Myspace comedy page…

Dave on 8th of July 2006

Have to say i have been obsessed by the canvas bag song ever since hearing it on paramount. You are a seriously funny man. Must….have….mp3

ps it worked too – i have!

Kieran on 5th of July 2006

I went to the commedy festival road show. you where so fuckin’ rock. cant get enough of your songs. woot sir, woot

James on 3rd of July 2006

Hey man, James from Brisbane here. You rock dude , you know just putting it out there. Where can i buy your stuff in brisbane if ya know. ……..lol canvas bags

BeNjAmIn on 24th of June 2006

Hey I Loved the show… fuckin awesome, keep up the good work…..Take your Canvas bags to the superMarket ^^

jon vaughan on 20th of June 2006

saw rock’n’roll nerd on paramount comedy, waw! shoed it to about 25 of my mates, they all love it too. one thing though, what did the random guy say as you cut the piano about 3/4 way through??

sandy on 10th of May 2006

“Take your canvas bags..take your canvas bahgs…..take your canvas bags to the supermarket!”

Renee on 3rd of May 2006

You made my boyfriend cry. With laughter, as it were, but still. Apparently the idea of Thalidomide kids trying to remove optical irritants amuses him. Love your work.

Sarah on 24th of April 2006

Saw the gala on tv last night… Your performance was freaking awesome… though i can’t help but think that something didn’t go to plan… especially in the line “do something drastic to rid the world take your canvas bag”…. and the trumpet was pretty grouse… I was impressed…

Bitty on 21st of April 2006

Incredible stuff! I must buy your CD now… I forgot to after the show the other night. Damn… I’ll just have to go again! PLEASE put some songs up for download!

Princess Poontang on 20th of April 2006

Hey Tim….you better fucking rock the hi-fi bar or i’m asking for my money back…I’m also glad to hear you are addressing the growing FAT epidemic in our schoolyards…Fat children should be made example of….somone needs to break the news to Gwyneth…she deserved to know the truth….

DVD on 19th of April 2006

Tim – saw the show last night at HiFi. Loved it mate. Listening to the CD now! I saw Darkside last year (at an RMIT theatre?) and this one is equally as sensational.

Lizzie on 19th of April 2006

Hey Tim,
I saw you at Bar Open last year and loved your stuff so I went to see you at the Com Fest last Friday and it ROCKED! Awesome work, i can’t get your opening song out of my head and neither can my housemate. Love the canvas bag as well, keep the songs coming!!

the fan blowing to the canvas bag song on 17th of April 2006

heya Tim,
saw your show last night @ the hifi bar.
what an awesome show! (as if anyone expected anything less?). I loved your intro/opening so much, it would be so F-ing Rock! to see a downloadable link of that song on your mp3 download page.
Tell sarah i said ‘hi’

Lisa on 16th of April 2006

Saw you in London at the Soho Theatre a few weeks ago, and came up to you in the street afterwards to congratulate you. The experience of that evening is still with me. When are you playing again in London? Make it soon!

Jono on 16th of April 2006

Yo T,
You are so f**ing rock, you are so mother f**ing ROCK! F**ing Awsome show last night Tim, I had an awsome time. I sat there enthralled by your visionary lyrics. Extremely Funny (although i always knew you would be), Excellent work, keep it up for the rest of the fest!

Gwyneth Paltrow on 12th of April 2006

Heyahi Tim,
can’t wait to see your new show. I am a girl and i love things you know? (you probably do, tee hee, you’re a genius).
I have just given birth to a four and a half thousand year old Jewish patriarch which hurt quite a bit (especially as he came out in a basket -ouchy!) BUT GREAT NEWS!! My Doc here in LA (he’s a genius too, maybe you know him) has arranged to stretch my bosoms thousands of miles from Venice Beach to Hi-Fi Bar in Melbs so that little MosesLetMyPeopleGo can still get my uniquely nourishing elixir of Gwyneth Gaia milk whilst I get the, tee hee, giggles.
Ciao baby.
(p.s. what are fat children?)

Sarah on 12th of April 2006

Man! you got totally jipped by rove… I’ve for a long time now, not really liked rove but now it is pure hate!!! He even had a grand piano there for freaking Jamie Callum… It made me angry.

Jono on 11th of April 2006

What happened with Rove? I was hoping for more, like maybe an actual interveiw. Oh well! Best of luck for the Fest mate!

Adrian Bennetto on 11th of April 2006

Kindly keep up your gratuitous insults towards my son: he needs to be brought down a peg or two.

Billy on 11th of April 2006

Can’t wait for Edinburgh! You were great last year, and I bet you’ll be even better this time. As Sarah said, sex is into the bargain if you make stuff downloadable.

Yes, I’m male, but who cares?

Also Beth, but not the one above on 11th of April 2006

Loving the site. And the canvas bags.

Sarah on 10th of April 2006

PPS…. you’re site is beautiful!!

Sarah on 10th of April 2006

I had no doubt in ur ability to come up with enough material for a one hour show… You’ll rock the house down!!

Absolutley cannot wait to see you on rove AND the gala!!!!!!!!

PS… I will gladly fuck you if i cannot download the very same shit…

beth on 9th of April 2006

You’re almost at the top of my to-see list this festival. Good Job.

Canvas ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Fear The Fuckers.

Looking forward to the show. Cheers.

Kit Lawson on 9th of April 2006

Do you think you could do your new show in Perth – in between Amadeus perfomances? Please?

Jeffrey Dugong, B.A. on 7th of April 2006

It’s Ayers Rock, you racist

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