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I’m doing two performances of my new show, “So Rock” in Perth on June 10th and 11th at 8pm.
Only 400 seats on sale all together. Cool and exclusive huh?
For details and tickets and all that, go to the Bocs Ticketing website, or phone 08 6488 2440.
The show is being recorded for a new CD. Fun.

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Neeve on 4th of January 2008

oh my god i went to his show in december and there were only two tickets left so my brother couldnt go which sucked because he loves tim minchin but now mabye we can go to this one YAY

MarĂ­a on 10th of August 2006

Dunno what’s happening here with Einstein, guys, but I know of one Tim who can do with some more asparagus right before each performance, lest he should start to suffer form the fatigue of the festival, which he isn’t, I must say. Yet again, make those fuckers clap, Tim!!!!!
Viva Tim!
Remember you are the best of the fest, and those of us who have seen you last year (5 times) and this year (twice and still counting) know it.
By the way, how’s that digital camera going?

Sarah on 9th of August 2006

Damn right I’ve got balls!! (No not really…)… However, I do have hair, skin, lips, ears and legs… That was actually quite a close recount of what happened in the accident… NOT….
Einstein and asparagus should never mix… Actually it should because really asparagus was einsten’s favourite food… you know why?? Because I hate you! (No not really… I quite like your imagination its tops…)

You know you want to be my friend… you know good!

YOU’RE into the future…

Umberto Eco on 1st of August 2006

Hello gang,
it’s great to see everybody is still out there.
waiting for DVDs and CDs and going to concerts and great stuff like that.
It is.
I like the Sarah girl as posted above. She’s got BALLS (no offence Sarah -unless you do have balls, in which case, yuk)
I am picturing what you look like Sarah and I see teeth and hair and skin and lips and ears (obviously) and leg, and another leg only this one is slightly shorter for some reason -perhaps you were in an accident? was it a skateboarding accident? was frozen asparagus involved? Like a LOT of frozen asparagus? I also see a helmet and a man wearing the helmet and the man wearing the helmet is riding a bicycle -on the way either to or from a cinema -perhaps an Eisenstein marathon was running? You have to forgive me. It’s been a while since i’ve seen a bicycle in the face of a girl i’ve never seen. Let alone a man. And a helmet.
Eisenstein almost never.
You must have a generous and expansive face. Like rubber made from Warren Buffet’s bottom.
So that’s all good.
I hope we can all be friends.
Into the future and beyond.
I’ll be in touch everyone. Ciao.

Meagan Gorham on 1st of August 2006

Sir Tim

Apparently the cashiers at the supermarkets HATE when people bring their own bags…just found that slightly humorous.

Love always and best wishes for Edinburgh

Sinead on 28th of July 2006

Once again, I’m incredibly delayed, but So Rock was fantastical! As was the Roadshow and of course, Amadeus. Can’t wait for the So Rock CD, though I agree that a DVD would be most suitable, in regards to the first song in particular. Wow, I went all formal and upper-class big-wordy there…

Anywho, can’t wait ’til you’re back here in Perth rocking our socks once more!

Love Sinead

James on 10th of July 2006

got the cd wooooooooooooot

Farmer Brown on 4th of July 2006

Go Sarah. You have great words of wisdom. You so know what you are talking about don’t you.

James on 3rd of July 2006

wish i could be in perth but yeah………….sigh, Tim when ya coming to brisbane mate.

P.s just ordered your CD Darkside like just then 2mins ago Wooooooooooooooooooot.

Sarah on 26th of June 2006

Bazza Bazzington, if that is your real name… which i highly suspect its not… I think you’re a bit rubbish… just a bit… a bit borange… It’s not your place to tell Tim to get a real job… It’s not even mine, his biggest fan… though I think it is my place to defend him… and I think the job he has now is just fine… and you don’t HAVE to see his face in the job he’s doing. I think that you choose to because deep down, like everyone, you really love him and think he’s beautiful… You can’t help but look at him and you want to stop looking because you’re ashamed of your feelings, though you shouldn’t be… it’s just natural…

Bazza Bazzington on 25th of June 2006

You’re rubbish pal!
Get a real job…one where I don’t have to see your face.

Sarah on 21st of June 2006

So I’ve been meaning to ask… when is this CD being released for our enjoyment?

Taryn on 16th of June 2006


The show was awesome. I took different people both nights and a great time was had by all – even if there were a few hiccups at the beginning of the show.

Can’t wait to see you again in the roadshow!!

Dani on 10th of June 2006

Curse you and your confounded Canvas Bags song Tim!! Now I have a cupboard full of canvas bags cos I keep forgetting to take them shopping and I feel guilty using plastic ones. I only wish I could get the song stuck in my head before I leave the house and not at the checkout!

Meg on 5th of June 2006

Awesome! I was wondering the other day when “So Rock” would come out on CD. I’ve absolutely LOVED your material ever since I saw your show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year. I also bought your “Darkside” CD while I was there.
Keep up the great work.
♥ Meg

Virgin Wolf on 28th of May 2006

Sure, you laugh.
What esle can you do with your shit?
I’ve got seven vaginas.
Isn’t THAT normal?
maybe not.
Ha ha, bloody ha ha

Kofi Ananananananan on 26th of May 2006

I once ate a small child in front of a Chinese diplomat.

I was at the laundromat

Wearing my hatat a tat tat.

What have you done in your puny lives?

buy more before you die kids.

I’m in my office should any one need a Command Decision to be made.

You know the number. Bye.

Idiot on 25th of May 2006

Hey Tim does that mean the ‘So Rock’ CD will be ready for Edinburgh!?!? You know you want it to be…get a little dosh eh?

Sarah on 23rd of May 2006

Apparently the world hasn’t blown up…

luke on 23rd of May 2006

yeah sounds alright if your into that sort of thing.

Angela on 23rd of May 2006

No DVD? Aww…twood be a shame not to be able to see the first song…great as it would be in audio.

Dani on 22nd of May 2006

Whoo hoo! New cd! That show was far too good not to be able to listen to on demand! YAY!

Jono on 22nd of May 2006

Oh Yay! New CD!!! Can’t wait Tim! I’ll tell all my Perth friends to go along and see you in all your spleniferous glory.

Sarah on 22nd of May 2006

New CD!! Thats ever so exciting!… Though, you still must, at some point bring “So Rock” to Sydney or Wollongong… To all those who are going to the show… yay for you!! and I hope you all have a most pleasantly splendid tim… which you undoubtedly will!!

Taryn on 22nd of May 2006

All kinds of yay!!

Got tickets to both nights…looking forward to it.

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