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Tour Dates

by Tim 22nd May 2008 | 60 comments

Hello hello hello.

As you may have noticed, I’ve posted all the Autumn tour dates of my new show, “Ready For This”, on my gigs page. Scary huh?

And Linzy, bless her, has made this ace mappy thing for those of you who crave cartographical augmentation of the temporal.


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Daniel on 15th of July 2018

Please come to Russia!)
Lots of people like you, and your songs.
I will be happy to buy a ticket on your concert for any price.

Please please please come to Saint – Petersburg, Russia!!!

LL on 12th of November 2017

Please come to Hong Kong !

J on 6th of September 2014

Hi Tim, cheers for not converting to any god. Living without a faith like that is living closer to reality, in realizing the pointlessness you are closer to reaching your potential because, what the hell right? = ))

Amazing work you’ve done, and congratulations on your orchestra!

All the best forever


Will on 20th of February 2014

Hey Tim massive fan U need to come back to NSW Australia please thanks :D

Drew on 22nd of February 2013

Play in Ottawa…The good God wants you here to sing your praise to the lambs. Also bring the doo-hicker finger noise maker here too..Goes good with the mascara

Richie Woodman on 5th of September 2012

Hi Tim im a soldier in the british army. My friend and I have loved your work so far and am looking forward to seeing more of you on Tv and dvds. A fellow Lance Corporal of mine has just had a run of bad luck having his wife play away while on a military exercise and we are both due to deploy to afghanistan is there any tickets avaliable for your show in bury st edmunds so that i might be able to cheer up my friend and fellow soldier.

Thanks alot Richie.

H on 9th of July 2012

Jessica was right. Hong Kong needs you!
Please do come by and bring your awesomeness to HK.

Eric Lusk Jopson on 29th of June 2012

A concert in Vancouver would delight the asses
Of the hordes of Vancouver-ites in their gargantuan masses
Come to Vancouver, British Columbia
I cant wait for a concert with some music from ya
I adore your music to an unlimitless extent
I think you’re a clever, witty gent
So get in a plane and come here all quick-like
Or I’ll be forced to ram holesIn your diplomacyDikes

Jessica Wong on 10th of May 2012

Dear Tim, Please could you come to Hong Kong?I regret not having been to your gigs when I was in the UK.. Please make an appearance in HK. It’d be great! You could drop by on your way to Australia! I can show you around! I promise. Please!!!!!

marie Churchward on 7th of May 2012

Saw your live show with the sydney symphony orchestra, blew me away!!!.
You are so obviously intelligent and well read and amazingly funny, the wittist Aussi since Barry Humphries!!! Loved it so much I opened a nice bottle of red
to toast you. When are you coming to Melbourne again? I am a recent fan of yours, the last year in fact, Bravo!!!!!

Dan on 23rd of March 2012

Toronto! Canada is wishkin for some Mishkin

Paweł on 21st of January 2012

I’think you should give a few concerts in Poland, my master :)

chrissie aka "drinkerbell" on 3rd of January 2012

TIM pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease please please tell me you are gettin that amazingly sexy ass of yours to Glasgow at some point this year!!!

much loooove <3 xxx

Caitlin Thomson on 30th of December 2011

You should tour in Glasgow Scotland, please do <3 xx

Clairey Fairy on 27th of December 2011

Hey Tim are you touring in the Uk any time soon? Hope you are!
Please, please, please say you are!!!! Love N Stuff
Cx :)

Lorien on 26th of December 2011

hey tim i reeealllllyyyy love ur work ur amazing! I love ur song canvas bags and white wine in the sun :D i reeaalllyy hope ur coming to s.a in 2012 ??? If so i will definetly be there haha hope to see you sooooonnnn. Xoxo

Garry Robers on 19th of December 2011

have you any tour dates for 2012 ???

Brittany on 28th of November 2011

Hello Tim,
When will you be coming to the United States next year?

Someone who hopes it will be all ages on 15th of November 2011

I hope you can find the time to visit San Fransisco, California! You’ve probably got things to do and stuff to see, but it would just be marvelous if you’d come. Even though the comedy scene isn’t quite as big as the music one, I’m certain you’d get loads of people to see you!

Shawn on 22nd of October 2011

Is Switzerland even a possibility?

Mike E on 3rd of October 2011

Thank you a million times Tim!!! Sorry we were a few minutes late, but the tickets were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! We ALL loved it & hope ‘we’ can turn others on to your great talent!!!
Much love & thanks again!!!!
Mike & crew

Anna Covington and Chad Rager on 18th of June 2011

Tim, you were the highlight of “Joel McHale and Friends” last night at the Chicago Theater! It’s nice to be entertained by someone intelligent and talented. (Nice touch to start talking about p-values!) We didn’t know who you were when you first walked out on stage, but after seeing your act, we’re hooked. We’ve been watching all your YouTube videos and have shared the links with our friends. We hope to have the opportunity to see you in the Chicagoland area again soon! Random comment: Your piano playing and singing reminded me of Ray Coussins (who I thought was crazy, but in a non-comedic way) and Jamie Cullum ( just as entertaining, but crazy in a different way). Hmmm…Sounds like I like crazy musicians. BTW, Chad’s a musician. :)

Trish on 5th of March 2011

hello Tim.
Are you coming to Ireland. I’m dying to see you live so when’s the next tour??
if you could let me know that’d be great!

Lori on 23rd of February 2011

When will Tim be coming to Canada. Anywhere in Ontario would be great. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

James Aston on 13th of November 2010

Hey, im an entertainer and December is sold out date wise for me….. so im hoping to make sometime next year when you come back to the uk. but if you need a supporting singer or indeed an mj impersonator then giz a bell or a mail heehee as if.


see you soon tim

Nicholas the Annoyed on 20th of September 2010

I think you need to come to america( VA please, or DC) to teach this intolerant ignorant some intellectual humor. I want to hear you on something other than my compy

Leslie Amador on 11th of September 2010

I see you’ve been busy for a while. I guess the odds are not good that you would be coming to New York state anytime soon. Bummers!!!!!!!!! If you are, however, please mention Minchin. I’d love to see a live show. Thanks!

Rick Davey on 19th of May 2010

Oi come do a tour in the Oz already, Don’t you think that those poms have had you long enough. One tour, major capitals sure it would be sell out. Those guys drive cross the country ( takes 3 hours ) to see you. I’m quite happy to drive 9hrs. Just a thought!

ayden skinner on 3rd of January 2010

come to scotland please

Joe S-M on 2nd of November 2009


Please try and come to Canterbury, Kent? or London, i’d happily trek to London to see you

James Gemmell on 23rd of September 2009

Hey Tim! you’re rendition of hallelujah has got 5 stars on youtube…
You better not get any crazy ideas about a career change in the X-Factor direction before your gig at Newcastle on October the 7th!!!



Kärt on 16th of February 2009

Ghh, I wish I lived in the UK not in Estonia! XD thooo… Ima moving to Ireland in the summer so I might even have the chance to see ya live! HAH! That’d be fucken awesome. Probly the first Estonian ever to see you live haha, nice.

Keep up the amazing work (:

LCARR on 22nd of January 2009

Tim Minchin! You’re cultivating a fan base in North America – we want to see you live! I’m in Kamloops BC, Canada, but we’ll meet you in Vancouver BC when you get there.

Rhiannon Louise on 19th of January 2009

=O I agree with Nicky!! Come to the south west! Im from Somerset also sw territory!

So any plans or thoughts to come back this way?? you would make some country bumpkins very happy! =D

Rhi xx

Nicky on 18th of January 2009

Bath (Southwest UK) has just opened new comedy venue, The Komedia, but so far the line up has been, well, shockingly bad! Most disappointing. Any chance you might consider adding to your next UK tour?
Saw you in Canterbury last year, maybe year before? (not a good judge of time!) and got DVD for Christmas, very cool. Please come to Bath!

kim on 6th of January 2009

you are really amazing!! keep making the great songs… but also tour the south pleeeease

Lorna McKay on 25th of November 2008

I only just found your tour dates, I dont get to use internet much and it sucks!!!!
Closest gig is in Glasgow but I can’t get down there in time.
I live in Shetland, you should come up here some time!!!!
Love Lorna.

Kimberly on 21st of November 2008

We need your humor in Houston, Texas. Eddie Izzard sold out Jones Hall and brought the house down. I found your “So Live” just as creative, fresh, and hilarious as his work (with the added bonus that I can understand your accent better.) I am passing on your movie to my friends at Houston Society of Preforming Arts [http://www.spahouston.org/] Hopefully, if you ever tour the states, Houston will be one of your first stops.

catherine squires on 18th of November 2008


Chris on 14th of November 2008

Hello Tim. I saw your show at The Millfield Theatre, Edmonton on 13th Nov. It was an excellent evening’s entertainment. Many thanks. Very funny. Your material is excellent and your delivery is spot on (in my humble opinion). And your piano playing is, quite frankly, astonishing! I hope everyone else that comes to see the tour enjoys it as much as I did. I hope you’re having a good time too. You look like you are. Best of luck. Keep up the good work.


P.S. – I bought a CD on the way out (the royalties from which go towards stuff you need) :-)

Danielle on 11th of October 2008

Just my luck – last year your “White Wine in the Sun” song at the BBC recording had me bawling my eyes out cos I was sooooo home sick and then you played our home town and my brother, (who knows someone who knows you), rubbed it in saying he had great seats to the show, (I love my bro, but he can be a heartless bugger at times).

This year I’m finally going to be home – arriving in the windy city at 2am Chrissy morning just time to be drinking white wine in the Perth sun with my folks, sisters, the afore mentioned bro, nephews and new niece. This will of course be the ultimate pressie – but being a greedy sausage I was thinking – imagine if I could see your show too? Oh well, Southbank will have to do.

Thomas on 9th of October 2008

A brit leaving in the U.S. could use a bit of musical introspection – are you visiting any time soon.

zena on 6th of October 2008

are you coming to perth to do ‘ready for this’?, bloody well better be.

xx me (dont forget your home land, as dejected, rejected and lonely as it may be)

Lea on 24th of June 2008

When are you coming to Perth again?

Olivia on 20th of June 2008

Hey Tim,
I really love you music it’s great!!!!
can’t wait till your back in Oz-
xoxo keep on writting

Cameron on 20th of June 2008

Beans. They’re both wholesome and mystical

Uriel on 18th of June 2008

Hi!, perhaps with some of previous promotion and a bit of luck, you (Tim, I mean) could come to Mexico. I’m shure your show would be quite a sold-out, here we might enjoy your humor very much, not every Mexican person speaks English, but there is a lot of people who does. I really hope you could come.
Regards from Mexico.

sammy da salmon on 12th of June 2008

heyy. i recon u shood write a song about a turtle, they r my fave animal n i recn u cood make alot of funny stuff up bout them aii. n it wood b rlly neat! id probly learn it off by heart n EVRYTHING!

sam xoxo

Melanie on 10th of June 2008

Hey Tim,
I’m travelling to the Edinburgh Festival (from Newcastle, Australia) for the first time this year. I’ve noticed that your last show is on my first night there – what timing !!! Hope to get a ticket….. will try and shout you a beer after, if you are around.

sammy da salmon on 10th of June 2008

hey, i was just wonderin, but wen r u goin to perform in perth? i rlly wanna c u perform.

luv samm xoxo

Chris Robertson on 8th of June 2008

Hey Tim, Let me know if you are heading to Perth WA, I would KILL to see your show live!!!

Cheers Mate,


Ashton Roberts on 8th of June 2008

I’ve gotta thank you tim.

I was doing a human bio exam, and i didn’t realise that there would be questions on the cancer assignment in there, and one of the questions was about malignant and begnin tumors. The only thing i could think of to help me get the answer to that question was ‘You Grew On Me’ given it does have references to those two types of cancer. So hopefully i got the answer correct, and that will mean 2 marks out of the 120 marks will be yours. I think you have justed a new career as a singer/secondary education consultant, brilliant.

Thanks very much again, & hope your new show goes well.
Ashton (Perth, Australia)

Luke on 6th of June 2008

Hey Tim,
I love your music and listen to your SO LIVE dvd at least twice a day.. I have been trying to get my hands on your Rock and Roll Nerd lyrics but cant find them any where.. Would it be possiable to send them to me Thanks


Liza on 4th of June 2008

I am coming from the Midwest, USA to Cardiff for your show on Oct. 3. That either means I’m a little insane (granted) or that your talent is totally worth the effort to see live. I’m going with the latter. :)

Scott on 1st of June 2008

Allright Tim,

Wow, I’m only number 6 on the worship-totem. Good chance that you’ll read this sh*te, then.
I’ll be moving away from Aberdeen(Scotland) this or next month, so it may be tricky catching you at the Lemontree. May catch your show at Stirling.

I borrowed your DVD from a friend, and it was truly a religious experience (yeah, sorry, you’ve started the next monotheistic doctrine; shot yourself in the foot).It’s definately complimentary to uni education (can I quote you in an exam/essay?).

Good luck and all the best.

Henry on 30th of May 2008

Hey Tim!,
sounds exciting!!!!, coming to good ol’ Perth i presume! I personally cannot wait for another bout of your enthusiastic, ecclesiastic yet atheistic views on life, accompanied by that nice piano you play… Its good for my education at CCGS haha :)

lorna on 24th of May 2008

i will be at manchester (and maybe runcorn). and i shall be bringin my newly converted friend(s).

look forward to seeing you in october!
love you lots xxx

AnnaWaits on 23rd of May 2008

I like that the average number of syllables in that last line is uncommonly high. I’ll see you on the tour… and beforehand, but also then :)

pigeons on 23rd of May 2008

i will be at all events, flying my own jet, bringing tons of friends and, of course, also my in laws.

go timmy! go timmy! get really really really famous and be really really really happy. have all the carters you can juggle in the palm of your hand

K on 22nd of May 2008

Eee, that girl’s a marvel. Fablius. But srsly Timothy – Newbury, Colchester, Reading, in that order? You masochist you. Perhaps a perusal of the map beforehand would have been a plan? Ah well.
Tickets for Reading booked already, Newbury website still thinks the world ends past July, so no joy there yet. You never know, I might even have to get off me bum and visit them in person. Outrageous!
Roll on October :)

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