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Hi. Just a quick one.

Next Sunday 13th July, I’m performing alongside Jo Brand, Jo Neary, Jo Enright, Ed Byrne, Milton Jones,
Steve Merchant, Mark Steel, Mat Holness, Dan Antopolski and the great Robin Ince to raise money for the Childhood Cancer Research Fund. Pretty amazing lineup I reckon, more Jos than you can shake a stick at, and obviously a seriously worthy cause. Hope you can come.

Also, I am doing four previews of my Edinburgh show, “Ready For This” at Soho Theatre in late July. Tickets here. They (the shows, not the tickets) should be fun and a bit messy. Featuring brand new hits – that at the time of posting I still haven’t finished – such as “Feminist”, “The Good Book”, and “Racist”.


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Nina-Ilandra on 28th of January 2009

I am really looking forward to your performance in Tonbridge Wells!!! It is on 26 days before my birthday!! x x x x x x x x
luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Karen on 2nd of January 2009

Hi Tim…….we need to get you to Ireland!
Or else you were here before i knew you existed…

Either way, we need you and your brand of immensely entertaining humor here soon;)


Katie Hamilton on 7th of December 2008

Hey do you have any more uk tours planned after ‘Ready for this?’,
me and my friend love your work and only just heard about your tour and there are no more seats for us of i would definately go!
Many thanks xxxxxxxx

Andy on 7th of November 2008

Hey saw you in Southampton, it was fantastic really made me laugh, and the last song really was beautiful. Hope to hear a CD of this tour, the songs are the best yet in my humble opinion.

Milda on 5th of September 2008

Tim, you’ll hit all the kittens waiking up videos on youtube! Thanks for the show at Bloomsbury theatre. Christmas song was just beautiful, your family is lucky to have you

Jake Obrien Murphy on 2nd of September 2008

Tim you lyrical beast. Take my wife.

yael on 1st of September 2008

When are you coming to Israel?
we need your pig song badly

Hagai on 31st of August 2008

well i heard your “peace pigs” song and i want to tell u one thing mmmmmmiiiiister Tim Minchin: You realy insalt alote of pigs here in the holy land… I’ll tell u one thing: we realy love pigs (i mean eating them). Its not that i dont want peace- i realy do, but the thing is pigs are so tasty u know, and sometime u have 2 decide u know, u get to a point in your life that u have 2 decide: to eat or not 2 eat. And than again why not eating if u can eat it, know what i mean? Peace!

Simona x on 28th of August 2008

Hi Tim,

Saw you in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and loved your show!!! Thanks for making me laugh till my sides hurt – I especially loved the bits about your baby daughter. I distinctly remember prodding my baby boy (who would sleep for eight hours nonstop since the age of 4 weeks) every couple of hours cos he looked so perfectly still that I refused to believe he was still alive.

Anyway, great show, great gags, great songs – thanks for brightening up this miserable August. You were my favourite favourite Fringe artist :o)

Linzy on 25th of August 2008

I would like to point out that this entry lies. At no point during your Edinburgh show did you play “Feminist”, or “Confessions” as it’s now called. I really like that song too, you big meanie.


Jane Newall on 24th of August 2008

Hi there Tim

I caught your act at Latitude and came to see you last week at Snape – brilliant! Keep doing what you do – you’re adorable and very talented both musically and as a wordsmith.

Joe Booth on 20th of August 2008


if only i was on your contenant, instead of in my hometown

bloody rockingham

Dom on 19th of August 2008

Saw you in Edinburgh – you’re pretty damn amazing. Thanks for the most entertaining few hours all week. Oh, plus, “racist” was perfect. You big ginger you. I’m more ginger than you, does that mean I can call you a fucking ginger?

I’ve worked out some of your stuff on the piano, which is a laugh, so I’m waiting for a recording/vid of the new songs to crop up on the net. Could you at least put some lyrics up? D.

eric frazer on 18th of August 2008

pls pls pls, do a gig in dublin!!! pls pls pls

Stacey Polomka on 17th of August 2008

Hi Tim

caught your show in Edinburgh roughly a week ago and have been boring everyone stupid ever since raving about you!! Absolutely loved it – T Minchin has now bumped Stephen Fry from the #1 spot in my affections.

(Aussie living/freezing in Aberdeen)

Paul Dobie on 16th of August 2008

Thank you for the best night out I have had in years!
You are a dark deranged mozart of a genius and i mean that in the nicest possible way.
Wishing you every success
Paul Dobie

Jag on 7th of August 2008

Are there any trips to US planned in the near future?

Craig Richards on 5th of August 2008

Hi Tim,

just bought your live DVD So Live – what an incredible display of talent. The comedic & musical ideas flash by so fast I think I’ll need to watch it many many times to pick up on all the detail. How the hell do you do that piece “Mitsubishi Colt”, reel off all that hilarious dialogue and play such intricate piano? I mean, I’ve been playing piano for about 30 years (I was tempted to say “and boy am I tired” but I won’t) and would need to focus only on my playing to do half of that – amazing stuff – love it! Looking forward to seeing you perform in Melbourne sometime. Best wishes, Craig

Brian & Donna on 4th of August 2008

Thanks for the photo before the gig on Sunday! You said you hoped we wouldn’t be disappointed…….we weren’t…you were awesome!! Loved the new material.

James Callaghan on 2nd of August 2008

hey forget where u come from????? come back to Aus already!!!!

Caroline on 31st of July 2008

Really enjoyed the show last night at the Pleasance Grand. So funny, my 3rd time seeing you! Couldn’t have been better! PREVIEW! Haha…

Can not wait to see you again!

Love, Caroline

karin and darryl molloy on 31st of July 2008

hi tim: we have just seen your doco in melbourne. excellent! But my daughter,who is in love with you but only 17, was not able to join us as it was rated R would also love to be able to see it too.
Any chance that it will be available to the general public to purchase in the near future ie: dvd ?
cheers karin and darryl
p.s. do you miss vegemite?

Julz on 30th of July 2008

You. Come. To. Brisbane. Soon.
Julz xx

Donna Jean Bannister on 29th of July 2008

“If you really love me” really touched me in a special place…Love it! Keep up the good work! -Donna Jean SC, USA

Warren Thomas on 29th of July 2008

Hey Tim, just came out of the MIFF documentary on the rise and rise of you. I loved it. Fucking amazing. I’ve seen you live, first at Gert’s in Gertrude street, several times, then at the Capitol theatre a year or so ago.

I love your stuff, big fan, all of that, but the film was something else. I’ve not heard applause like that (enthusiastic and sustained) ever.

Man, all the best, is all I can say. I love a world that has a talent like you in it. Although, fuck you, I’ve had “I’m so fucking rock” in my head, stuck for days.

Cheers, Warren

Molly. on 28th of July 2008

I’m hungry.

Ricky on 25th of July 2008

Hey Tim, Coming to see you tommorow night at the Soho Theatre…CANT WAIT! Ive been going on about it to everyone for at least a month now, planning to come and see you in Canterbury later this year too, and I saw you in Maidstone last year, I think you’re absolutely fantastic and if you get a chance to read this before the show PLEASE play Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins, its mine and my friends favorite song of yours! Keep up the great work, Rick x

Annika on 23rd of July 2008

when are you planning on coming back to australia ? we miss you!!!!!!

Em on 22nd of July 2008

you rocked at latitude!

Anon. on 21st of July 2008

See the most important FAQ would be “are you single?”!!!

I was shown a youtube clip of “angry (feet)” about a week ago and you have since made me finally understand what the hell Donnie Darko is about. I keep singing “not perfect” and thinking you should be in music charts but then realize comedy is probably what makes you get up in the morning; you have a good little niche and I love your voice.

I get the feeling that if you weren’t limited to the average audience vocabulary that I would be happily looking through a thesaurus to decipher you – that was a round-about way of a complimenting your intellect.

Keep up the good work xx

DeCive on 20th of July 2008

Art thou never afraid of what people will think of your lyrics? I know I am.

The Lucy on 15th of July 2008

YAY! now all you need to do is come to Australia again, so i have proper notice to come and see you as i reckin you are truly one of the FUNNIEST people in the world. And if you cant laugh then what can you do?? something to think about… when your on the plane to Australia ofcourse

Big loves!

Leah Ellis on 6th of July 2008

hello thought id leave another message.. i havent in a while..
still loving your music and shows.. you need to come to ausralia.. do it..lol..
hope your shows go well.. my show went well.. do you send out autographs??..
anyhoo, ttyl.. x’s and o’s LeAh..

Catherine Leat on 3rd of July 2008

Hi Tim,
I have had a rotten day in work and after unsuccessfully looking for a new job on line have just checked your website and found out that you are coming back to Cardiff in October. YIPPPEEEE.Can’t wait to see you again and hear the hopefully by then tried and tested new material.
Thank you, you have definitely improved my Thursday!!!

kirsty on 3rd of July 2008

please please please tim can you released at uk buy dvd i dont own a credit card to but this one pls let me know if this is possible

another Jo (brooklyn Jo) on 2nd of July 2008

yaye more timmy!


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