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by Tim 2nd Oct 2008 | 84 comments

Sorry, this one very quick but informative.

1. I can be seen making an idiot of myself tonight on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. (This is a British panel show, for those elsewhere.)

2. On Sunday night, Channel 4 is screening the Secret Policeman’s Ball, during which I will perform… assuming they don’t cut me out. (This is a British Amnesty fundraiser, for those elsewhere.)

3. My new DVD, “So Fucking Rock” is available to pre-order from HMV ahead of its November release date. I’ll also being doing a gig at HMV in Oxford St closer to its release. Stay tuned.

tim xx

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kym on 22nd of August 2009

you are so f**king rock lol the show you did that was aired on e4 i loved it. some of the words you were saying were long and i didnt understand them but thats you lol any way i hope you have a great career no doubt about that keep wearing ya make up and rock on xxxx kym

Anna Cardona on 29th of July 2009

hi Tim
i maybe young to be watching yous shows but i got to say i love all your songs and i loved angry (feet) that was cool I’m going to beg my mum if i can watch one of ur shows live.
p.s i love your hair and eyes

Mary Ward on 19th of June 2009

Hi Tim,
Just want to say a big thanks to you for putting endless smiles on my face.
My husband and I are big fans and your dvd is often put on after a few too many dry white wines while we run round the lounge playing air guitar trying to be “so f**k*n rock” of a friday evening.
Have admired your work since you did the radio thing with the lovely Mark Watson.
Congrats on the success you’ve had so far – keep up the good work…
We’ve got our tour tickets – see you in Birmingham!

Fh'reya on 18th of June 2009

Hii (: x,
Is there any chance of downloading the ‘Taboo’ song?? Me and my best friend have been obsessed with it since we heard it on The Secret Policemens Ball last year when coming back from France!! Well we’re off to France againn this year and we want the Taboo song on our ipods to listen too whilst on holidayy. Can you put it on the downloads age pleaseee preferably before sunday because thats when we fly away :D x. Thanks!!

cherie on 1st of June 2009

the spb was sooo cool i whatch it on youtube. soo funny with taboo!!!

Herni white on 12th of May 2009

hi TIM,
ever since i first saw you i have always wanted to meet you and now thats going to come tru hopefully when i come to see you on the second of october in tunbridge wells. for mine and my friends birthdays. more to the point i am a key piano player and have been playing for 10 years i am 15 you do the math but i just want to touch your piano after the show is that possible ?? let me know please its a life long ambition

Angharad Hanbury on 15th of April 2009

Hia! I think that you are an amazing singer, song writer, musician and I really admire your work. I have played piano for around 10 years now and I hope that one day you will publish your music score so that I can attempt to play it (and maybe sing along)Your DVD was excellent and I hope to see you on tour in Wales this year in Swansea :) Exams and life have been getting me down recently but listening to you always puts a smile on my face, thank you for writing and singing about how life really is because it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels thinks that way! Please write back when you have a chance, thank you xxx

Brynnah McFarland on 14th of March 2009

You are my favorite performer!!!!! I found your songs about three years ago and i love them. You are my modern Gilbert and Sullivan. I love the quick witty lyrics and your piano skills are impressive. But what really kills me is the fact that I cannot get your songs on my ipod. Is there any way you could get on itunes?

Well anyways I really love your music and i hope you come to the US soon! And being clever does appeal to ‘part of’ the teenage market!

Phil on 26th of February 2009

So when you’re back in oz for your tour any chance you’ll be making another appearance on Spicks & Specks? Any other TV appearances planned?

jayeon on 4th of January 2009

yeah Tim.
come around to vancouver.
would love to see and hear you here.

Sir John on 16th of December 2008

Saw you perform at the Secret coppers Ball.
Just missed out on seeing you in Hereford :0(
Looking forward to your next visit to the UK.
Let me know when you next visit and i’ll drop you a pair of shoes off.

Michelle... hello again >=) on 12th of November 2008

Okay, I know I’m already a massive/nuts/crazy fan already, but since it was the Secret Policeman’s Ball that alerted me to your existence on this, the most lively of planets, I feel I should say… um…

KUDOS for doing the Amnesty gig. As a member of an Amnesty fundraising group, I would like to thank you on behalf of all the little people dotted around who do random stuff for the charity. Like me. So thanks. You were really good. Well, duh, or I wouldn’t have youtube stalked you and mentioned you in my report of how the show went.

Mish x

PS: I, being a part time stalker and all that, know that you once performed in ‘Hamlet’. Just thought I’d mention that our school is doing that play this year. Not that I am an exciting part- the main parts go to the sixth formers- I am merely the seven-line guard, Francisco (And now Lucianus too because the director felt sorry for me :))

Nick on 12th of November 2008

I am not ginger but looking forward to seeing you on the 19th in Brum! My hair is dark brown btw!

Cameron on 11th of November 2008

Hey Tim – I saw you at the Edinburgh Fringe – you were amazing – I’m a ginger and laughed my head off at “Taboo”

You’re an amazing pianist and vocalist.

conor on 7th of November 2008

do u have any sheet music for taboo or chords or something cuz id really like to know how to play it being a ginger myself

Reg on 4th of November 2008

Saw you on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton last night – outstanding. What was the name of the song you wrote to celebrate the birth of your daughter (I loved this one in particular)

Sian Humphrey on 2nd of November 2008

Hi. My boyfriend and I have just got home from seeing you perform in Southampton and we both thought your performance was fantastic, very clever and unique. As you told the story about negative feedback we thought we’d leave you some positive feedback! Absolutely amazing show, really enjoyed it all (including Dave the Dancing Bear!)
Thanks for a great show.

DavidVeniar on 2nd of November 2008

i saw you at Maidenhead, you were awesome. Thanks for taking a picture with me.

Molly on 1st of November 2008

I LOVE YOU and YOUR HAIR,,, your amazing and you make me larff…..

molly XX

Tali on 1st of November 2008

Hey Tim!
Come to canada. We are mostly secular humanists, and atheists (well, at least I am). Come hang out!
We love you here( well, at least I do…)


Michaela on 30th of October 2008

Hey Tim! You are amazing! I love all you songs. I will HAVE TO come and meet you some time! It would be great =D

Phill on 28th of October 2008

Will Defo be at HMV if its during the day.
When is it?

gregg on 28th of October 2008

please come to sheffield, the city hall would be perfect for you

BabyStrange on 27th of October 2008

hey tim
i recently got to know more of your work after watching you on the secret policemans ball and i actually love it
its so clever and witty and basically your a music and comic genious
just brilliant
oh and is there an age limit on any of your gigs just to question cause i would love to see you live

beth on 25th of October 2008

i love you

Dave on 25th of October 2008

I just learned about you via the Richard Dawkins web site. Fantastic stuff. I hope you’ll come to the USA sometime soon. We need you.


John Duncan on 23rd of October 2008

Hey Tim
Half time at your Aberdeen gig and it’s been brilliant so far. Missed you at the Edinburgh fringe so I’m really glad we caught you tonight. Looking forward to the DVD release to convert my mates! Take care

Nathan Spence on 22nd of October 2008

I saw you at the dancehouse in manchester on the 16th, i would like to say you were absolutely amazing! its been the second time ive seen you live and you get better with everytime i see you live cant wait till you tour again i might even come and see you again on this tour! when is your new album going to come out? i have your first 2 albums love them both.

Mark Timms on 21st of October 2008

Tim your the greatest!!! I’m going to see you in Swindon On Nov 7th!! Can’t Wait.

Kate Holcombe on 21st of October 2008

G’day Mr Minchin!

Any chance you will make it back ‘home’ (as in the ‘location of birth’ sense, not in the ‘where your hat’ is sense)for the Melbourne Comedy Festival next year? Last’s years’ festival was a bit of a bummer, we need you back! Pleeeeeeeaaseeeeeeee!

Also…any chance of getting some more TM Canvas Bags released for sale here in Oz? My weekly shopping trip is not as much fun without them….

Tracy on 21st of October 2008

Ok…Ive never seen you before. Except on the Buzzcocks, where you seemed just a bit on the right side of out there.
BUT.. at the show the woman next to me has seen you a zillion times and insists on announcing to everyone what you will be wearing and what you will sing …. thanks woman!…..
Despite all that- Don’t want to be a suck up but really enjoyed the way the show makes ‘you’ think and feel. It was definately one of ( cant give anyone 10/10 in Britain for god’s sake!) the best shows I’ve seen. Laughed my socks off. thankyou.

Madison on 20th of October 2008


Any plans to tour The Netherlands? A lot of us would love to see you live.


Aimee on 20th of October 2008

I think you should have came to Middlesbrough instead of Darlington tbh.
If and when you do another UK tour.. Middlesbrough should me on the list, yes?


cam on 19th of October 2008

tim please can you put “if I didnt have you as a download” on the downloads page of your site.


Adam Booth on 19th of October 2008

Hi Tim me and my slut saw you last night in Derby.Amazing mate.By the way,sorry for dazzling you with my beautifully perfect “Shiny Head” and just to let you know they were not “New Trainers” rather Clean trainers but really appreciated you noticing and the round of applause they got made me seriously consider learning to use the washing machine.Anyway thank you for such a fantastic show and have you released “Predjudice” yet.We Purchased your two albums Darkside and So Rock at the gig so please i implore you spend our 20 quid wisely.Thanks again Tim and good luck for the future.

Peter Dubowski on 19th of October 2008

Hey Tim,

Love your work!
Any plans for coming to Brisbane, Australia for some shows?


stephanni on 19th of October 2008

saw you on secret policemans ball, very funny
cant wait to see so fucking rock :D

David Barnes on 19th of October 2008

Wow, saw your show on Friday night in Wakefield with my ex and we were blown away. i’ve seen some of your stuff before but you were new to her. She loved the solliloque (sic) and is now determined to find it (hope it’s on the video) and memorise it. After all the fabulous comedy i was touched by the Christmas song, so i hope you get all the things you want.

Aliosn Hinchliffe on 17th of October 2008

So, it’s the morning after the night of Mr Minchin does manchester and the standing ovation muchly deserved. i’m 2 months pregnant so he made me nearly wee myself, literally.
HIRARIOS tim, keep it up, BUT PLEASE go back to the Lowry. it’s ooodles better!

James on 16th of October 2008

I saw someone who looked like you on the underground in london, ws it you?

Fiona on 16th of October 2008

Went to your gig @ Sheffield last night and it was awesome!
Loved every minuite.
Thank you.

Bec on 16th of October 2008

are u coming to australia soon?

Beth on 15th of October 2008


Beth on 15th of October 2008


Lindsey Johnson on 15th of October 2008

Tim –
You were amazing at Secret Policeman’s Ball, where can i get my hands on a copy of the taboo song???

Chris Tupper on 15th of October 2008

hey!! saw the show of you at amnesty international! thought it was fantastic!! possibly the best comidan ive seen in a long time ( well apart from jimmy carr, lee evans and billy connely but you get the idea!!) hope to gwt tickets to one of your shows! defo be buying the dvd, how bout signing it for me?! :-) Chris

Pete on 14th of October 2008

Hi. Saw your show in Edinburgh this year. It was brilliant. There was a 9 minute beat poem. Can you post the lyrics please? Thanks.

Helen Eastwood on 13th of October 2008

Hi, Tim
Saw Never Mind The Buzzcocks, it was good, you didn’t make an idiot of yourself. I heard you on Mark Watson Makes The World Substantialy Better a while ago, so when some people at my school was saying that you were really good at The Secret Policeman’s Ball last week, I could say ahaha, I heard him before, he’s really good, you should listen to some of his other stuff. You should come to Gloucestershire, at the Guildhall of Cheltanham town hall, we’d all come and see you! ( I don’t know why I used an excalamation mark, they always seem too exciteable to me, but there you go, I’m just weird.)

Jasmine (Jazz) on 13th of October 2008

it’s so weird.
i saw you for the first time on Buzzcocks(an amazing show) and i had no idea who you were… then i saw you on The Secret Policeman’s Ball and you were very amusing one of the best acts of the whole evening!

i went on you tube and checked out some of your other stuff and you’re an amazing piano player and a great singer.
I am now planning to buy your CDs and your DVD from HMV
It’s just a shame that i found out about your tour too late otherwise i would have been there in Brighton at the front row !!

Sarahjane on 12th of October 2008

Okay I wish I had read this before trailing all over Glasgow looking for your dvd lol. Im totally going to buy it when it comes out.

Melissa. on 11th of October 2008

Hey, I have to say that your performance at the Secret Policeman’s Ball that I watched on Channel 4 got me looking up videos of you for hours and hours!! You are incredible, sooo talented on the piano and funny and gorgeous!! Love you Tim, keep it up!!


Phil on 10th of October 2008

hey i would realy like the lyrics to ur song If I Didn’t Have You that u preformed on the Secret Policeman’s Ball as it rocks

Ash on 10th of October 2008

u shud put ur song ‘if i didnt have you’ on ur downloads .. one one u did on the secret policemans ball lol .. it was so funny!! xD

btw u looked like jack sparrow in a suit .. singing .. v.cool :P lmao

Anna on 10th of October 2008

Hey Tim! I just saw an advanced screening of ROCK N ROLL NERD. It was awesome. The best way to define the documentary’s effect on me was that it made me idolise you less but respect you more. I love your work!

Mathew Freeman on 10th of October 2008

Chalk me up as another person that saw you on Secret Policeman’s Ball and decided to follow up on it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a chance to see your full show.

Mary on 9th of October 2008

Hey there. I was only introduced to you tonight when i watched a re-run of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and thought, that there chappy looks interesting…youtube! and you’re amazing!
gosh, well done.

i have since spent the rest of my evening watching you perform on youtube and will probably wake in the morning screaming “I can have a dark side too!!”

good times.

will definitely see you in london.
thank you =o)
Mary x

Natalie on 9th of October 2008

Hey, cant find a clip of the secret policeman’s ball anywhere! Where can I see one? x

Emmylou on 9th of October 2008

OH MY GOD……..I’m going to your Durham show on 24th October and I don’t think I can wait any longer. I may have to pack up my tent and camp outside the venue as of right now.
Tim, you rock……..
Big love

Laurrraaaa on 9th of October 2008

Swindon Arts Centre
im so far back
row s
but i fucking love you.
i’ll be the one screaming to much
ive amde a promise with myself to try and meet you.


lynsey on 9th of October 2008

Hey Tim, hows you doin? Im Lynsey, 24 live in scotland…… just have to say you are the dogs!! love your stuff, could never pick a fav!!! Can’t wait to see you in Aberdeen on the 23rd,, will be a mega raj night…

Would be great to hear from you if you have the time…

Take care ….

Linz xoxoxoxoxxx

Meghan on 8th of October 2008

Im going to be an annoying fan and tell you i love you and think your great!
*smug little face*
you really inspire me to write music too :)

thanks for being such an inspiration and plain great!

meghan x

Heather F on 8th of October 2008

I saw you on the secret policemans ball and you were amazing. I love the song, it was pretty funny. I think you great and cant wait to get your DVD.
I love you Tim! xxx

Max on 7th of October 2008

I loved your performance of ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ at TSPB! You rock! I am going to do my best to come to your gig at HMV – fingers crossed it’s at a weekend when I’m not teaching stroppy teens!
Your adoring, admiring fan Maxine xx

Natalie on 7th of October 2008

Hey ya saw u on buzzcocks and secret policeman’s ball, and for me u stole the show, even better than eddy izzard, and thats saying something!
no really was so clever and different, movinfg to Melbourne soon because of dads work, so hope see show there or somthing more in uk in mean time.
God please do more in uk at the moment so amazing. Cant stop singing if i didnt have u since watched it.

thanks, any stuff u done can buy for the uk?

oli on 7th of October 2008

i know of the youtube one but i can’t find any 2 go on my ipod but you can convert it but it comes as a video not a song and my ipod doesn’t allow videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFpPRcBeinI that is if i didn’t have you hope i helped bye

Cat on 7th of October 2008

Have been a fan since I saw clips of your performances at Edinburgh this year. Would have loved to seen it live – now booked to see you in BELFAST on 26th Oct – (make it a good one, I’ve really beefed you up to my friends who are going with me)
Look out for the boppin chick with the blue hair :)

much love & luck with your ever-asending popularity.
Cat x

Minchinite on 7th of October 2008

I realise you’ve probably been deluged with requests, but here’s a little more soak. What was the name of the song you performed at ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’ and are there any clips (audio or visual) online?


You made the show, by the way. Kudos, and all that.

Helen Hancock on 7th of October 2008

I’ve just seen Tim’s performance on Secret Policeman’s Ball – my family thought it was the best performance by far – pure genius, but I’m sure that’s been said before. The kids have shown it to their friends, and Tim is now considered to be a “cool dude” amongst the 13-18 age group on the Isle of Skye. Well done Tim. Jolly, jolly well done.

thezza d on 7th of October 2008

Where can i find lyrics to “If i didnt have you?” such a funny song. i was pissing myself

Sarah on 6th of October 2008

I saw you for the first time last night on the secret policemans ball, was mesmorised and watched you 3 times! thats all i wanted to say really lol, silly really, but thought you were amazing! Sarah

III on 6th of October 2008

tim, you are a genius. i love your work, and i was wondering if you might be embarking on a more liberal tour of the united states anytime in the near future. no matter what the promoters over here say, there are all kinds of places apart from new york, los angeles, and las vegas that a performer with your talent and sense of humor could play. the midwest needs you!

Lottie on 6th of October 2008

OMG you were really good at the policemens ball last night!!

See you have your shooesies off too! :)

Ahhh , your were AMAZING, was really looking forward to seeing you there!!

Lot x


Kate on 6th of October 2008

Hi Tim,
Really enjoyed your performance on Secret Policeman’s Ball – I saw the live cinecast, so fortunately got to see both songs and you were definitely one of the highlights of the show. I hope you’ve had a good first week on the UK tour with fun audiences, and aren’t too knackered with all the travelling; I know this is a small country, but Cardiff-London-Bristol on consecutive days can’t be a relaxing experience. Hopefully the birthday book wasn’t too much craziness for you, but we had such a good time putting it together.
I wanted to (very belatedly) say that you really made my Edinburgh Fringe a better place. I decided I was only going to see shows that would make me happy, and yours very much achieved that! The show was fabulous, Best of the Fest was a blast and it was great to meet you; it’s lovely that you take time to chat to people after gigs, when you must have important drinking, winding-down things to do. I’ve enjoyed the extended tour version even more (hearing Darkside live is fantastic and there’s just more room for silliness and extra songs….) and am really looking forward to seeing it again in Brighton.

Vicky on 5th of October 2008

hey dude i caught you on channel 4’s secret policeman’s ball and thought you rocked … do you have a recording of the song you did or will you ?



Ezzy on 5th of October 2008

Hi Tim, watched you on the policemans ball tonight (no pun intended)
Why are you not better known in the Uk, you’re fresh strange and goergous!
More Tim if you please xxx Ez

Aimee on 5th of October 2008

Umm, do you actually use your own MySpace?
and do you return comments and things?


helena, uk on 5th of October 2008

loved you on buzzcocks, your currently on my tv singing “if i didnt have you” at the policemans ball screening, love them both :D,

Amy on 5th of October 2008

Hey, i saw u on Buzzcocks, and you were ace.i wish there was a little less of simone’s new, bad, hair cut and little more of you.

looking forward to tonight! i love secret policeman’s ball, what a good thing it is.

Amy x

Alice Hoyle on 5th of October 2008

My very ginger husband and I adored your song last night at the Ball, you are so right once you go ginger you never go back! When can we download it/buy it?

Lisa on 5th of October 2008

Tim will you come to Aus again soon??? I cannot wait for you to be back here and doin gigs!

Lottie on 4th of October 2008

Ahh ,i watched never mind the buzzcocks, Awesome!

Plus I will Be Watching The Secret policemans ball too!

Cant wait!

Lottie xx

Danny on 3rd of October 2008

I’m Going To See Your New Gig Tonight In Cardiff! Cant Wait !! So Excited !! :D :D Love You Tim!!!

Graham Balmforth on 3rd of October 2008

Hi Tim,

Good to meet you out in Sitges (Advantage Conference) sorry about the second name re song composure…Balmforth.. certainly doesn’t assist the rhyming cuplet!
Checked out your tour dates, and will attempt to see your set in Leeds next month, along with my son, who is a fan.


Zoe on 2nd of October 2008

Hey Tim, how does playing in Canada next sound to you?
I can guarantee at least fifty people there, if it helps.
So how ’bout coming round?

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