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Australian Tour 2009

by Tim 3rd Nov 2008 | 275 comments

I will be conveying my medium-sized arse to Australiatown in March next year to perform my show, “Ready For This?” in various cities. I suspect it’s going to be pretty fun.

Here’s the plan:

Adelaide Her Majesty’s Theatre, Friday 13th – Saturday 14th March, 8.00pm
Tickets here!

Gold Coast Gold Coast Arts Centre, Sunday 15th March, 5.00pm.
Details here, or phone the Box Office on (07) 5588 4000

Brisbane The Powerhouse, Wednesday 18th – Sunday 22nd March, 9.30pm
Tickets here!

Wollongong Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, Friday 3rd April, 8.00pm
Tickets here!

Sydney The Enmore Theatre, Saturday 4th April, 8.00pm
Tickets here!

Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Thursday 9th April, 8.00pm
Tickets here!

Melbourne International Comedy Festival The Forum Theatre, 14th – 26th of April, 7.15pm. (No Monday show)
Tickets here!

Perth Concert Hall,Thursday 30th April, Saturday 2nd May, 8.00pm
Tickets here!

If you live in the top half of the world and feel subsequently left-out of the above plan, you can compensatorially furnish your home with my “So F**king Rock” DVD, which you can get here.

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TrevaQ on 8th of January 2010

Hey Tim,
We need you in Alice Springs! No joke, this place will wither and die if you do not visit soon (no pressure, just laying a guilt trip).
Cheers :)

Lach on 18th of December 2009

Tim! You need to come back to Canberra! Your shows were great, even with technical difficulties. After the success of the first two shows, you should have no trouble selling out.

Robert Adair on 31st of October 2009

Just saw you on Jonathon Ross show on BBC America in Miineapolis…..Wow what a talent….amazing…brace yourself for massive fame!

Tahlia Davey on 5th of July 2009

I think your answer to debate with Jamal was awesome, but i also see where he’s coming from. When i first saw you online I thought that you looked like Johhny Depp… But GINGER. (don’t worry, i’ve got natural streaks of ginger in my hair aswell). I cant wait for your Perth concert.

By the way, i will be thirteen, have an adult, but want to bring my neighbour, who is a big fan of you however he is only 11. Can he come too?

Chick on 13th of May 2009

Hi Tim, I’ve become a convert through watching your story on Rock n Roll Nerd on the ABC. And so, I’ve spent the past week watching as many of your clips on YouTube as I can find – and will shortly be actually forking out money for your DVDs. :) I absolutely love your gonk doll/carnival of souls/panda eyed look, and your music which is a joy to listen to. Every other song I hear right now seems so bland and dull in comparison to your compositions. Even if you just played your music for us at the piano and didn’t open your mouth you’d still be a mesmerising artist. But then you do open your mouth and out come these lyrics that are incredibly enchanting, sad, wicked, provocative, honest and just so so funny! And your performance of it all is just perfection! Even just watching on YouTube you can feel the audience falling under your spell within seconds.

I saw the wonderful Judith Lucy at the Forum in Melbourne on 16 April and wondered what show was playing immediately after. Was it you? I’m kicking myself to think I missed you by that much and might have to wait at least a year to have the chance to see you so live. Please don’t stay away too long!

Robyn G on 8th of May 2009

Dear Tim, I sent a you tube to my friends in the US (6) and my brother in Switz. Well it was the first you tube I have ever sent. I love your lyrics – they are modern Monty Python – not that Monty ever Dates!

Existence is amazing even if you believe in God. Stephen Jay Gould – Wonderful Life – read it!

Stefania on 5th of May 2009

Minchin, it’s your good friend…Stef…who is clearly a friend of a friend of a friend. lol!
I want you to do some more gigs in Aus cause it’s not fair that you leave your Melbourne fans in the lurch for such a long time.
Missing you…lol heaps xx

Richard on 1st of May 2009

Dear Tim,

Saw the documentary on the ABC, it was a really inspiring and thoughtful look at performing and how difficult and cut throat the industry can be. You handled the pressure like a true pro whilst balancing that with the pressures of family life and tragedy. It was really touching and sincere and demonstrated your fighting character.

I appreciate that too that the doco was somewhat of a marketing exercise but I didn’t care because you could tell the private moments were not an act and that you, inspite of being an exceptional performer are also a very normal and fagile human being just like the rest of us. I congratulate you on your success which is well deserved, intelligent, ironical, and extremely hilarious. Well done mate and all the best.

Anna on 1st of May 2009

Enjoyed the ABC doco last night too. I haven’t yet had the chance to see you perform live – but I live in hope that you may one day come to Darwin.

I wish you an abundance of success.

Nathan Finkelstein on 1st of May 2009

Hi Tim

Hope you’re doing the reading as well.

I don’t care what anyone else says – I just admire and respect your talent – may your ego remain intact – just watched the doco aired in Melbourne last night – aaarrgh – what a wondrous thing to be human.

Enjoy the challenges – I’ll be in your audience at the next opportunity. Go well.

Nathan Finkelstein (at least that’s my alias)

Sid on 24th of April 2009

Dear Tim,

Although I only “stumbled” across you during a youtube search for Lehrer (someone who I feel you are just as creative as), I immediately liked your style of comedy. I particularly enjoy the incorporation of mathematical and sound scientific beliefs while being funny and musical all at the same time.

Thank you for being entertaining and dispelling the myths of superstition, God, homeopathy and the n-word.

One of the biggest fans in the bell-curve

Gabby Kelly on 23rd of April 2009

Heya Tim
Scrolling down you have a lot of fans. I just say your show on the 20th of March at the Powerhouse in Brisbane and it just blew me away! I play the piano and you are just incredible, hopefully I might be able to learn some of your songs, your simpler songs or just the melodies….something.

Anyways, can’t wait to see you again. And I’ve got to say I love ‘Taboo’ and ‘If I didn’t have you’ and even your stand up comedy, ‘pop’.

Catch you later.

Brandon on 10th of April 2009

Eh what the heck (I normally do not leave comments, I just read them). Tim you are one amazing comedian/musician. I just learned about your work 2 days ago and it is so awesome. I am a Christian yes but even so your lyricism and comedy are just too good to pass up. I am sad that I was not able to hear about you sooner. It would be nice if more people in America knew who you were also. I would love to go to one of your shows but seeing as how i am in America for 2009 and you are in Australia, I believe it would be difficult. If you ever stop by California sometime, I would definately come to your show. I especially like how your humor is so sophisticated and knowledgeable.
Thanks for your music Tim
Sincerly Brandon

One more thing where can I get a DVD of your show here in America?

Jess on 31st of March 2009

Hi Tim

I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love your work and I think that you are amazing and original. I saw you on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last night and it really cheered me up, took me out of my normally depressed mental state; which I thank you for. Listening to ‘Not Perfect’ also had the same response. Sorry for sounding all depressed, but it really did make me happy.

One question though, why is your Melbourne show for 18+ because I really want to come, but am 18 in November, not now. Think they’ll let me in?


Peter Gordon on 17th of March 2009

Hi Tim,

Adelaide on Friday night… we drove 1500kms to see you… (with a torn achilles tendon) and then drove back today… and it was worth every second! (and we saw Jackson Brown as well)

The new material is excellent and anyone who takes it for more than is intended (which is comic)… needs to see someone else :-) Loved the bear… loved the ginger… ten out of ten mate!

When is there going to be a CD or DVD of the new material???? (we couldn’t hang around as the foot was starting to “hurt”)

Also when are you going to get to Alice Springs? It’s your turn to travel up here…


Ange on 17th of March 2009

Can’t believe that i only have 2 weeks until we see you in Wollongong!! My husband and i have been waiting for this for so long now.

Some of our fav songs are on the Ready for this album, but we can’t wait to hear the new ones too.

Getting very excited (not going to hold my breath, but thinking about not eating!!).

See you soon.

Jenny on 26th of January 2009

Hi Tim

I first saw you when you came to Perth. I was recovering from heart surgery and my kind husband brought me tickets to your show. I have never laughed so hard. You cheered me up and I kept laughing for weeks as I recalled your concert. I think you are a true star more so then any stupid girls you see in magazines. I already have tickets to your next perth show and can’t wait.

Donna on 23rd of January 2009

For the last month or so I’ve been repeatedly kicking myself in the ass (that’s arse in Amer’can) for not finding out about you sooner. If it weren’t for BBC America and The Graham Norton Show I’d likely still be ignorant of your hugely impressive talents. All those weeks you were in NYC last March and April, here I was in Connecticut – just a short train ride away from seeing you perform live…damn. Come back to the US please? Your musical comedy genius makes my cynical heart happy.

P.S. “Drowned” is in very heavy rotation on my iPod. Best .99 cents I ever spent. When will we deprived Americans be able to acquire more Tim via iTunes?

Cat on 22nd of January 2009

Doing the Edinburgh Festival this year, Tim?

Saw you in Glasgow at the end of last year, and loved the show :)

Geeez on 18th of January 2009

Oh, I got one! Come to Shanghai on the 22/07 If you do you’ll know why!

Yep, that sounded creepy!

Can’t wait to see ya in Adelaide dude!

Jessie on 17th of January 2009

Dear Mr Minchin

I would just like to say a big thankyou for your song ‘Not Perfect’. Being a person who always manages to surround themself with people who end up making me feel totally worthless your song was the best thing I could possibly have heard on yet another bad day. God forbid I get all ’emo’ on you, but it genuinely made me happy for the whole day. Now I know what people mean when they mention ‘the power of laughter’


Tia on 17th of January 2009

Unfortunately for me, and my now Tim Minchin loving friends (after I showed them all the DVD when they came over..) we did not know about the Perth concerts until too late, and we can’t get tickets except for way up the back, behind hundreds of people.

So, we won’t be seeing you YET Tim, but next time you have a concert in Perth, we’re all getting front row tickets. :]

Kappa on 12th of January 2009

I want your hair.
I tried putting on black make-up…but considering I’m dark in complexion to begin with….well yes…maybe white make-up next time? But then I’d look like a f*cking clown…

Ah well…keep on bein awesome.
Signed a aspiring pianist.
Ps. I’m as sane as you are….>.< And I eat pigs. Fat ones.

simone. on 10th of January 2009

haha, the “jamal” conversation made me laugh :)
your dvd is wonderful xD
“your mouth is for sucking cock”
haha the look on my mothers face, priceless.
so urm thaanks for being well bloody fantastic tbh. :)
simonee x

Emily on 10th of January 2009

Tim i totally reckon you should come to a lil’ old town i lyk to call Rushworth, Victoria, Australia hahahahahahahahahahahaha… a small sleepy town population max 1000…. haha how much more persuasion do you need lol… we were the setting of a movie… yeah we’re cool lol… it’s called Valentines Day… haha you should check it out lol…. i heart you this much – – times a trillion billion quadrillion infinity hehehe….. hope to see you in rushworth in the near future lol…

Liv Lucas on 8th of January 2009

How much bribery is required to get people to include Tassie in their tours I wonder?

Heather R on 7th of January 2009

“If you live in the top half of the world and feel subsequently left-out of the above plan, you can compensatorially furnish your home with my “So F**king Rock” DVD,…”

unless you live in the USA and/or own a usa dvd player, in which case you can continue to feel unloved. *sigh*

(but to be clear, I’m sending out LOADS of love, even if its err, not returned)

Helena Hunter on 3rd of January 2009

OH MY GOD. Just found out about the v v gorgeous and v v talented tim after watching the secret policeman’s ball. I must have been sleeping under a rock somewhere to not have known about him sooner. I bought his dvd (so f**king rock). I haven’t laughed so much…well ever really. TIM FOR KING OF THE WORLD (can you imagine!!!)

Suw Edwards on 3rd of January 2009

Bravo Tim. Saw you this evening on the Graham Norton Show BBC2 (England)and absolutely loved your performance. I’d never heard or seen you before but I’ll definitely be on the look out for more. Cheers Suw

Steve on 3rd of January 2009

Hey Mr Minchin

I’m a Brit…. more specifically English.
A new fan of yours. Don’t pretend to know much about you but I think you rock!
Me and my friend think you should try getting together with Bill Bailey who we also admire greatly.
Took a flick through a few of the many comments on this site. Seems to be a bit of debate about the political correctness of your material. Quite frankly I have to say who cares. If you can’t laugh at yourself, your race, your religion, your family ect ect, then you have no right to laugh at all.
Anyhoo, Do more gig’s in England…… preferably London as I can get there.
But for now I’ll go get the dvd. Keep rocking dude!

Gemma on 3rd of January 2009

Hey i seen u on the Graham Noton show the other day and i thought that u were brilliant.My cozzin started screaming coz she loves u. she bought your dvd the other day too . u are GREAT

angie briggs on 2nd of January 2009

please come to england soon, i have only just discovered you and need to see you live! you are brill!

Sarah on 2nd of January 2009

”If you live in the top half of the world and feel subsequently left-out of the above plan”

i do actually.
i feel slightly miffed about that

Sarah on 2nd of January 2009


Angie on 2nd of January 2009

hi Tim, I saw you on Graeme Norton the other day and thought you were amazing – you sang the song about the blow up doll – that is priceless
Anyway, just wanted to say hi from Scotland, hope you will be at the festival in 2009 as I would love to see you live

sal on 2nd of January 2009

hehe…i just realised you have david bowies labyrith haircut :D:D:D

sal on 2nd of January 2009


Abigail R. Esman & Peter Madden on 1st of January 2009

Please come to Holland!! The nation needs you!

Stompy on 1st of January 2009


denise thornton on 1st of January 2009

hello tim
my mum is dying to know if you are the cute little boy she taught in pre-primary. it was princess road pre-school in nedlands, perth. the teacher was miss holdaway and mum is mrs Fuller.

she still thinks your great. me too

Daniel Griffiths on 31st of December 2008

whenever you come to Wales send me an email

Julia Cunningham on 31st of December 2008

Caught you on Graham Norton’s show last night. Had never heard of/seen you before but thought you were brilliant. I don’t often laugh out loud at the tv! Any chance of you visiting Brighton when you’re next in the UK?

zach on 31st of December 2008

tim is so cool he is the best comedian

Justin on 31st of December 2008

Saw you last night on Graham Norton, really funny! looked at your site this morning to see if i can book to see you, unfortunatly you are only doing one night which is booked out, gutted, will you be doing anymore in london.

Many thanks Tim, can you keep me posted.

Matt on 30th of December 2008

Tim, I love your work and can’t wait for an opportunity to see you live. Try to make it out sometime to Seattle, Washington.

Helen on 29th of December 2008

Tim, when are you coming back to England? I would do anything to see you in Sheffield, Leeds or even Newcastle! Please, Please, Pretty Please! xx

Faye Clark on 29th of December 2008

I hope you had a lovely christmas with the family :)

MeGz on 29th of December 2008

hey! I love Tim Minchin!! I am a new dj with scorpioradio.com and would love nothing more than to interview Tim!! he is inspiring and I love his work… his song canvas bag or dark side is amazing, made me fall in love with his work…. xxxxxxxxxxx

James Peach on 29th of December 2008

Just watched your DVD for a 3rd time in as many days!! What a refreshing change!! Speaking as a musician (in fact the 32 year old rock nerd about whom you sing) I am in awe of your talent (you can hear some particularly vacuous song examples at my web link! lol). Speaking as a scientifically minded atheist, you not only play piano better than Elton but you do comedy better than God!! Don’t leave it too long before you tour us northern hemisphere types again!!

Roko on 29th of December 2008

“Storm” was wonderful, please make it available via your site or YouTube. It’s absolutely, mindbogglingly brilliant!

Mike on 29th of December 2008

Please re-post your skeptical poem on YouTube.

Jonn Mero on 28th of December 2008

Never thought anything good or interesting came out of Perth, WA, the most boring place on this planet, – but I was wrong!
Oh, yeah, forgot about Rolf Harris.

Neil Hartley on 28th of December 2008

Purple Shoes!

Samuel Lesser on 28th of December 2008

My Brother recently told me that he found this comedian who does what BIll Bailey does, but better; I laughed at him and said “Don’t be so silly”, and then he made me watch “So Fucking Rock”…Need I say more. Tim Minchin is absolutely brilliant and needs to come back to London.

Charles Apple on 28th of December 2008

We saw Tim on So Graham Norton on BBC America and fell instantly in love with him. He is not only a talented pianist, but also an outstanding singer. We look forward to getting his DVD and hopefully seeing him on tour in the USA someday very soon.

Amy on 27th of December 2008

When are you going to grace us canadians with your comedic presence??

Chris Sowerby on 27th of December 2008

Hey Tim,
In your next Australian tour can you plaese think of us up in Townsville, Cairns and Darwin.

ジェーン on 25th of December 2008

こんにちは!(konnichiwa!) Please come to Singapore!

jessica on 25th of December 2008

you coming to england anytime soon?

Roo on 25th of December 2008

oh and have a very merry christmas :) xox

Roo on 25th of December 2008

TIMMMMMM! you need to come to Scotland soon :( watching your videos over and over and over on youtube and ur DVDs just isnt enough anymore :P pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!
xox Roo xox

Faye Clark on 24th of December 2008

Merry Christmas for tomorrow :) I hope you have a lovely day and get your iPhone and Optimus Prime Helmet! I’ve had a look at the helmet and think perhaps it will scare Violet when a transformer starts talking to her. Anyway, if you don’t get the helmet, I’d be happy to buy it for you for christmas :P
Love Faye xxxxxxxx
ps. Be sure not to drink too much red wine :D

mauro on 24th of December 2008

Man we miss you here in Europe, do you think you’ll pay us a visit in 2009?

Faye Clark on 23rd of December 2008

I LOVE the above comment! :) And that’s exactly my thoughts. I played Tim’s DVD to my dad and I actually had a few moments of pride when I saw him laughing, and even crying at stories of Tim’s wife. :D See you on the 16th! *Excitement* Ohh and I’m apparently front table, right in the middle.. so please ^_^ (as I’m of teenage age) don’t be mean. I’ve spent money on a tshirt so as not to be picked as such :D Not that I wouldn’t love it. *goes into vague murmuring*
Love Faye xxxxxxxx

So and So....Person, What's her face? on 23rd of December 2008

What the hell do I say! Apart from you leave me flabbergasted!!! Tim Minchin, I applaud you, not only by me, but also by my current boyfriend, AGEY, who introduced me to your ways with music.

I mean, you make me feel like I’m cheating here, from watching your live performances on screen, you have me fixated with mixed messages. One moment, I’m laughing with you, the next I’m threatening to shed tears as you capture some kind of ironic “making sense of something” moment, and falling in love with the instrumentation and your voice, creativity, wit, etc, etc, and…etc.

So like, what point am I getting at? Well I’m not arguing about finding anything offensive, nor necessarily worshiping your feet. However,this 19 year old, naïve, emotional extremist came to the conclusion as to how difficult it is to have sexual intimate love making moments with Tim Minchin music leaking laughing gas in the air….well, it did kill the mood, but heck, my last year of being a teenager, bring on the experimentation anybody?

I mean, it’s the 21st century, we need to move beyond Barry White, eh?

Yep…okay….so that’s my say…. I have no point really.

But I’m hoping to see you in Brisbane.

If this relationship doesn’t work, at least I found Tim Minchin along the way. PEACE! ( >^-^)>

Mark on 23rd of December 2008

Perth Show is practically SOLD OUT!

It was only open a day or 2…
and there are still fans about…

Hope you and venue can add another show.

Claudette Sutherland on 23rd of December 2008

I found you on Graham Norton. Sheesh. I have watched any and all your youtube pieces. I’ve emailed everyone I know, even other musicians who might be intimidated, with the hope it will raise their standards.

What is wrong with America, she asked petulantly. Will I have to take up a collection to book you here? You are impossibly mischevious and not afraid of being really, really smart. Cute as the dickens too. I reckon that’s about it for now.

You might like to know this is from a certifiably,old person just so you don’t get all uppity and think that because you are young you’ve got your audience nailed. CS

Jerry Stout on 23rd of December 2008

Saw Tim on Graham Norton this past weekend….. OMG! So funny!! What a great performer!! Hilarious!

Ellie on 22nd of December 2008

HEY what the hell is this?
Australia…NO come to England and party down there! Bristol more specifically!
Get your average but lovely ass there!

Faye Clark on 22nd of December 2008

Gah! I don’t want to have to wait til the 30th to see you on The Graham Norton Show! :)
Luckily Simone went to the filming so she gave us all a nice review!
It seems you went down well Tim :D

ps. Knowing I’m seeing you at the Roundhouse is getting me through this Christmas with a smile. So cheers! :)

Tom Schissler on 22nd of December 2008


Saw you on Graham Norton. Fantastic!

Would love to know when you’ll be back in New York City.


Rod Toler on 22nd of December 2008

I live in America. What’s worse is that I live in the “Deep South” in America. So, I have never heard of you. Until I was watching the Graham Norton Christmas show on BBC America (Yeah, it was probably last years episode). Immediately went to Google and watched all of the videos I could find. Now looking for your DVD. You are THE MOST talented Comedian/Musician/Satirist/Song writer/Philosopher I have ever seen. I only disagree with you on one subject. God. I am a Christian so I believe. Yeah, it can’t be proven either way by science but that is why we call it faith. Nothing against you. I am very opened minded. (Hope my brain doesn’t fall out). Anyway, You Rock. I hope to catch one of your shows if you make it back to America.

Keep ‘em Smilin’

niftydog on 22nd of December 2008

Canberra – Feel The Power!

Spending half my pay check on a smelly room in a noisy hotel and driving half lost around Sydney in an ACT registered car kinda takes all the fun out of going to a show. Don’t make us beg!

Thomas C. Taylor on 22nd of December 2008

G’Day, Mate! (Don’t blame me, that’s what it says in my “American to Australian” translator.)

We’re from Up Over in case you haven’t guessed by now. Wife and I heard you on “Graham Norton Show” and immediately “Googled” you (not in the biblical sense, of course). We played many of your songs on “YouTube” then laughed ’til we cried and vice versa. Of course, we found much of your material offensive and had to play it over and over since there is no closed-caption option on our computer. We normally don’t send “fan” mail of any kind but we did want to thank you for making our Xmas and New Year season ever so much brighter, truly!

Tom & Ann Taylor
P.S. Would you consider writing a tribute to our new President? The last one was a total bad joke and we are looking forward to better days with this one. I was thinking we might get a “twofer” honoring our new President and your indigenous people with a little ditty entitled: “There’s an Abo in the White House”.

Esther on 22nd of December 2008

Do you play in the US? if so, it’d be wonderful if you came to Chicago!

Rudy on 22nd of December 2008

Saw your act on Graham Norton’s Xmas show. bloody good fun.

Irene on 21st of December 2008

Saw you on Graham Norton last night. Any plans for a USA tour?

wendy on 21st of December 2008

i saw you on graham nortons show,,,,, brilliant!! it made me wonder what i would have to do to be an inspiration like your “doll”,,,, come to america!!

Deanna on 21st of December 2008

Oknuma too.

Deanna on 21st of December 2008

Dear Leanne
Check the gig guide. NZ 5-8 April 2008 at the Auckland Festival.

Cathy on 21st of December 2008

OMG, if I were straight I could love you…literally…thanks for the laughs…

oknuma on 21st of December 2008

when will you come to NZ ????????

Dressed in Black (again) on 20th of December 2008

Hi Tim. I expect lots of people look up to you. After all, you are rather tall.


Kenny Beatty on 20th of December 2008

Hey Tim,
Is there any chance you will have any gigs in Ireland or Britain soon(preferably Ireland)?

Jeremy A. Mayville on 19th of December 2008

PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!! COME TO THE US! (michigan Precisely) haha. you are soooo inspiring. ever wonder what it would be like to have some one look up to you? well Your like my EFFIN Idol. haha. Good luck.

Natalie on 18th of December 2008

Woah. Did anyone else click ‘David Wood’s’ link? That’s some pretty sneaky spamming. Unless I’m wrong, and it really is an old friend of Tim’s. In which case I’m jealous. So it must be spam.

David Wood on 17th of December 2008

dude – get in touch! I’d like to track you down somewhere in the world.
Just introduced your video to my Calgary friends and I’m really glad they loved it/you. Really special night.
Your email has been bouncing – I assume you’ve changed it now you’re a mega star.

Valerie Davies on 16th of December 2008

Too bad Newcastle was overlooked. Sydney is difficult for us. Am sure we could fill a theatre for you.

Roy Brown on 15th of December 2008

Having seen Tim a few times on UK telly and buying his DVD, I was over the moon to see he was coming to Belfast. I saw him perform with Duke Special and I can honestly say I was not disappointed, except to say that Tim should do a show of his own some time soon in Belfast. He’d be most welcome and I’ll even buy him a pint! Let me know if there are any plans for Tim to return to Belfast to perform the on his own. Thanks.

Natalie on 15th of December 2008

Hey Tim,

I just got back from seeing Rock N Roll Nerd. It made me laugh and cry. Thank you for opening up your life in such a raw way – for sharing your gorgeous wife, and intimate/pivotal moments of your life with us. It was lovely to see you’re human, and not just the freak genius I had you down as. It’s made me love you more. I feel like I know you well. That’s weird, isn’t it? It struck me that you’re really quite hard on yourself, and listen more to the negative critics than you should. Be happy. Plenty of people you’ve never even met adore you for your wit, honesty and thoughtfulness. Yes, the incredible voice and piano-playing have me mesmerised, awed and weak at the knees, but they’re not what impress most. I hope you continue to enjoy what you do and wish you and family all the very best.

Thanks for all the laughter!!

Ellie House on 14th of December 2008

You’re probably sick of this so I’ll get through all this cliched stuff first: you have an amazing talent thats completely ageless, it will NEVER get old. Keep up the fantastic work, you musoactor you :D

Maybe a song about new years would be a good idea?
I saw you at Millfield Arts Theatre in Edmonton (London) and my mate and I desperately wanted to meet you afterwards, but we had to catch the bus- so thought I’d just congratulate you like this.

Anyways, have a merry christmas drinking white wine in the sun, and enjoy your tour. Hopefully see you on tour when you’re next in London. Best wishes to you and your family,

Ellie X

Jack on 13th of December 2008

Tim, why are you not coming to Newcastle?

Leanne on 13th of December 2008

What about New Zealand!?
Go on, please?

Marit on 13th of December 2008

Tim, I want to see you in Canberra!!!
When will you come to visit and play for/with us?

Tom on 11th of December 2008

Gig request :D Could you pop over to Denmark? Particularly Århus? I’m an Aussie living in Denmark and sadly won’t get the chance to rock up to one of your gigs back home or in England :( Come to Denmark I’m sure I can get some of these Danes into you! I have already introduced you to a whole bunch of yanks…. In other words come to Århus for a gig. I would love to see you live :D

Jenny Weissel on 11th of December 2008

Dear Tim, saw your doco two days ago and loved it as I do your work. Congratulations. You’re a breath of fresh air in the smokey cabaret. Re your oz-tour 2009, I’m disappointed I can’t attend any of the mainland performances as I’ll be in Tasmania then … so like some others have posted, is there any chance you can add a Hobart performance to your schedule? P-L-E-AAAAA-S-E???? Cheers, Jenny Weissel (from Sydney, and who took up piano at 55 and aspires to be as entertaining as you by age 80).

Hayley on 11th of December 2008

Tim! Congrats on Rock n’ Roll Nerd, saw it last week and it’s amazing! But the thing is.. you’ve left Tassie of your tour. We’re pretty sad about that. :( But oh well, Best of luck with the tour!

Karl Forster on 9th of December 2008

Hi Tim, im a massie fan from pert in aus. i saw your so fucking rock cocert (well thats what i think it was called) and i almost pissed my self. i like your passion for music, infact i love music aswell. i can play the guitar and drums and i am also in a band called KJAM. i am still figuring out most of the piano which i think is a very good instrument to play. well hopefully i can come to your tour in 09. make some more good songs and……well thats it.

Samuel Velasco on 8th of December 2008

hey there Tim! I just wrote a portuguese article at the Wikipedia regarding your career and briefly your personal life too. I hope it will help divulgate your work in the portuguese speaking countries.

There it is: http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Minchin

It still needs a revision and some more info, but while I gather the energy to correct the issues in this article I will be writing a spanish and dutch article for the spanish and dutch Wikipedia as well. I got to tell ya that you are making quite a noise in the brazilian academic music community, although you still remain unknown for the general public (the language difference is a considerable obstacle).

To divulge your songs also is contributing to secular humanism, don’t you think so? It’s nice to see art working together with science.

Shack on 8th of December 2008

I hope your planning on releasing a CD.. and if not.. I Refer you to the start of this post..

Because you so F**king do!

Kristof on 8th of December 2008

Hiya. Love your stuff.

Was curious if you have ever toured / will ever tour in Europe? While a lot of your lyrics can be quite tricky to understand after just one listen if you don’t speak English as a first language, most of the people I’ve shown your stuff to really love it, and consequently it would be cool to be able to see you play live without having to cross a body of water.

Greetings from Belgium!

khaled Tito Hamze on 8th of December 2008

Hey Tim,

let me make you a music Video for one of your songs and lets get you known in North America or Lets make a T.V. show. Just Ideas. Or lets make something

Lee Lambert on 8th of December 2008

Andrew Denton intoduced me to you. You may not have noticed: I was sitting in my lounge chair at the time and you were in little box called a tel-ee-vis-eon. I would love to see you live. I did note you mentioned (somewhere?) there may be a BYRON BAY gig. Is that panning out?(is that likely to occur?)
Lee S L

Heather on 7th of December 2008

love your vast intellect and dark sense of humour, you’ve infected me, the other day i was at Doughnut King and saw this morbidly obese child with her father and couldn’t help myself “do not feed doughnuts to your obese children” just popped into my head and i pissed myself laughing… I had to walk away. I know its cruel but oh so funny.
P.S Can’t wait to see you in Brisbane

Alex K on 6th of December 2008

I got excited when I saw on your gigs page that Sydney has been expanded to include Sunday the 4th of April night too!!! Saturday was making me sad because it was looking more and more like I wouldn’t be able to make it.

However I do have a back-up plan, one that I recently discovered. I am arriving into London after touring around (I’m in Manchester now) on the 21st December and was looking at going to the Southbank Centre on the 22nd. My question is, would it be likely that I can buy a ticket (actually 2) on the night, or am I essentially out of luck with my lack of credit card?

Regardless, I’m sure I’ll see a gig at some stage…


Ev on 6th of December 2008

Fantastic gig in Belfast on December 2nd 2008 with your doppelganger Duke Special. Hurry up and get back over here before we regress!

J on 5th of December 2008

You´re a f**king genius! Oh, how I wish to see you warming up some “big names” like Metallica and U2 :). They would be absolutely devastated after your perfomanc, both lyric and music-wise! You are great.

Leigh on 5th of December 2008


Caught up with your action in “Rock n Roll Nerd”, yours is a great story. I was touched by your openness and honesty throughout the flick. It was a total roller coaster of anticipation, excitement, laughs and tears. I look forward to catching you live when you’re Down Under in the New Year.

I admire your humility and depth of character.

Continue the great work!!

Andrew on 5th of December 2008

Hey! What about Tasmania? You could charge ‘per head’ rather than ‘per seat’.

M. Anderson on 5th of December 2008

I’m in North America and can’t buy your DVD, so I downloaded it – it’s great. Any place that I can “donate” to compensate you for the download? You deserve it – the show is fucking great.

tomer on 4th of December 2008

I live in Israel, but I surely eat pigs – not a chance for piece of peace down here, is it?
thanx! GREAT song!!!

Pascale Douglas on 4th of December 2008

It really is too bad that we here in America don’t get many chances to come see you. It is also a shame that even if you came here again (here being America)you would most certainly not have any intentions of coming to the commonly forgotten, and grossly overlooked desert that is New Mexico or any of it’s 2 larger urban areas know as Santa Fe (AKA Yuppie Ville) or Albuquerque (where I come from and is only cool because of such). A crying shame… On another note, if you did ever come to said “deserted” desert, me and a large handful of die hard friends would most certainly see to it that you would have a full house. Just saying. Personally as an aspiring Photographer and very soon to be photography student would love the opportunity to do a photo shoot with you. It’s not every day that I get to shoot interesting subjects… or at least interesting subjects that don’t leave you with an irrational sadness or fear, or flat out give you the Heebie Jeebies. Just saying.

Gillian on 3rd of December 2008

Hi Tim
I was at St Georges market in Belfast.
You were amazing!!! I brought some of my friends that had never heard of you before, and now they love you!

The highlight of my night was getting to meet you! I was the small ish girl with blonde pigtails and eventually got a good picture with you with a flash lol

Hope to see you in Belfast again!

Lots of love


Gerry on 3rd of December 2008

I went to see Duke Special last night in Belfast and to my delight I was introduced to your magic beforehand.

I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life. You were brilliant!!

We all had a great night as we new we would going to see Duke Special but your act was the icing on the cake.

I’ve just bought you’re DVD as I want more. Can’t wait to see you live doing your own gig.

Your new fan! Gerryxx

Laura Shutkever on 3rd of December 2008

I LOVE YOU TIM!!!!!!!!!!
You said i look like your friend Kate… Wooooo
You are SEXY xxxxxxxxx

Kristy on 3rd of December 2008

Absolutely love your work Tim. I’ve seen your live shows in perth, Amadeus (which was fantastic – i was front row center at the Maj :o)and your dvd many times. I always enjoy watching you at the comedy festivals too :)

Your albums are on constant rotation on my ipod – always nice to have a giggle while commuting. :)

A side note, I mentioned to my dad that I am a big fan of your work and he said that he actually went to the Con at ECU with you (Warren Daley – drummer). Small world!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Concert Hall next year – front row once again :)

Jacob on 1st of December 2008

HAHA I love your songs they are awesome and yeah angry(feet) is awesomely good. Loved it

Callum on 1st of December 2008

Tim Minchin, you are the funniest man I have ever seen. Your angry (feet) poem had me rolling on the floor in laughter. All your songs are amazing and your a great piano player.

Deanna on 1st of December 2008

Keszia, he is. March 5-8 in Auckland. Check the gig guide for ticket deets

Keszia on 1st of December 2008

You should come over to New Zealand! I so want to see you live!

Lou on 30th of November 2008

Hi Tim,

This feels a bit strange I’ve never left a message on a blog before. I’ve been on before and had a look but I usually get too excited at the prospect that you might read it that I can’t concentrate on it!! I’m not as odd as that makes me sound! I just wanted to let you know im so excited about seeing you in Belfast this week! I’m not sure just what to expect as there are quite a few acts on the bill, but as long as you’re there it’ll be just great :)

I got the dvd last week and it’s brilliant I’d never heard the song not perfect before. It’s such a beautiful song it made me do a little cry.

Well I’ll see you Tuesday!

Samuel Velasco on 30th of November 2008

Hey there Tim! I was blabbing about some songs of yours to a friend of mine (both me and him are fans) and we reached the common opinion that you are way funnier playing the piano. I mean, your presentations in the conventional “stand up” show is still good, but you lack originality this way and turn out sounding similar to a yankee hip-hop singer. By the piano you look alike Thelonius Monk with a marvellous sense of humour, so keep that in mind mate ;-)

Becky Hughes on 29th of November 2008

Hiya, wen are you next proforming in The Brindly, Runcorn ? I missed your last show and really wanted to come and see you !

Cath the Canberra Cook on 29th of November 2008

Damnit, you forgot Canberra. Oh well, at least Sydney is on a Sat so we can make it.

Niall Machin on 28th of November 2008

… also could u pls include more recent songs on your download page because the DVD for song of the tours arnt out yet and i dnt wont 2 use limewire..


Niall Machin on 28th of November 2008

woah tim minchin is amazing and a musical genius..
bt could you please tell me wot the recent tour in the UK is called and when the DVD is out? > is it “ready for this”


Peter Cechal on 28th of November 2008

Dear Tim,

we came over from Austria to see you in Leeds and we want to let you know, that this was absolutely worth it, your performance was fantastic! If your concert in Glasgow was not sold out, we would have gone for another show :)
With our best wishes for you and your family and a lot of success
Peter + Adele

Steve Howell on 28th of November 2008

hey tim, im from scotland, unfortunately i missed you when you played at the edinburgh festival,(among other gigs) but i got the “so fucking rock” dvd the day it came out over here…fuckin genius sir, i`ve lost count of how many tims i`ve watched it already :) and i still laugh everytime as if it were the first time i saw it :) i will be there next time you`re touring over my way, for sure.i know you`re no doubt busy and wont have time to reply, but it would be awesome to hear from you :)anyway i shall remove my lips from your arse now,:) take care sir, keep up the good work.

Phillipa Carmody on 27th of November 2008

Thanks for coming back. But PLEASE do a gig in CANBERRA! Pink had to extend in Canberra. The AIS arena sold out in hours for every performance. Dylan Moran, Bill Baily and Wil Anderson the same overwhelming response. Canberrans WILL come in droves. Guarranteed. It’s really costly to travel and stay overnight to another city to see a show. Poor people miss out BADLY. So PLEASE do Canberra.

simo on 27th of November 2008

G,day Tim,
How are you good;hows the family good;excelent .just got tickets to your adelaide gig friday 13th cant wait to see ya show and here som ov the new songs just wandering will ya be sighning autographs or selling stuff ummmm that bout it .ps have a safe christmas and happy new year ……………………………………………………………

Ryan on 27th of November 2008

Being a comedic musician myself, you are an inspiration. I love your original style and hope to come up with my own! I hope you tour in Seattle soon!

The Red Witch on 27th of November 2008

Hello Dearest……

It’s ME!


Michaela on 26th of November 2008

Hey Tim!

you are amazing!

i saw you at Norwich on the 25th, you should do LOADS more at norwich so i can come to them all!! :)

you are such a funny person, and you are so nice and friendly, i love you =D

hope to see and speak to you very soon!


Tabi on 26th of November 2008

You are so so awesome!!!

Sarah JK on 26th of November 2008

23rd Nov Leeds…. the funniest gig in YEARS! You are a genius Tim. I just loved it! Thought “Storm” was something else…… love Sarah (the homeopath)xxx

Faye Clark on 25th of November 2008

Hey Tim,
Say Happy Birthday to Violet from me! :D
I know it was yesterday – but bearing in mind she’s only two, she may not realise that :D. I hope you all had a good day!

Cameron on 25th of November 2008

saw you at the norwich playhouse on the 24th of november you were hilarious .. was gutted you didnt do inflatable you though , when are you going to release your new material? … i went home and was singing ” only a ginger can call another ginge ginger” all night

Geoff King on 25th of November 2008

Ever wonder at the average profile of those who enjoy your work? Probably best not to. Anyway, “So fucking rock live” fucking rocks!

Joseph McGolpin on 25th of November 2008

Hey tim or tim’s agent or whatever i have heard rumors about you writing a book and i was wondering if these are true? and are you going to come back to leeds any time soon?

sally on 25th of November 2008

rather like your medium sized arse. ;)

Josh on 25th of November 2008

Thank you so much for coming to AUS. I love your songs so much. Youre my idol. Im a pianist myself and i really appreciate your music. what songs are you playing in Ready For This?
Id love for you to reply, if not, i understand.
Your biggest fan.

Grace Birchall on 25th of November 2008

Hey Tim, i saw you in Norwich tonight and i just want to say it was totally awesome, i just wish it was longer. loved all of your songs they are soo whitty and clever! i will be coming to your shows in the future, thankyou for such a great evening!!!
Grace xx

LucyLou on 24th of November 2008

Needless to say this DVD has provided me with hours of entertainment and much, much laughter
But right now I would like to thank you for your awesome singing/songwriting/piano-playing/standup/general amazing-ness skills which are currently playing on my TV and stopping me from going completely insane as I attempt to do the mounds of homework that have gone neglected for the past few weeks…

Natália Castelo on 24th of November 2008

I forgot, come to Brazil some day, please. Thank you.

Natália Castelo on 24th of November 2008

I love your work! Sorry, i can’t write more, my english sucks. Well, of curse i can understand your music, but i’m horrible in write in english. Fucking verbs… Oh, I’m from Brazil, anyway. Thanks for existing!

Patty on 24th of November 2008

I love you, Tim! Please, immediately, divorce Sarah and marry me!… Hahahaha! I’m just playin’, playah! ‘

I just wanted to send you and your family my love!



Kirsty Page on 24th of November 2008

Hey Tim

Went to see you in Leicester last night. You were amazing. Spoke to you quickly afterwards about how you didn’t really like their piano! Anyway, I thought the entire thing rocked and I left the show obviously having enjoyed myself but also thinking, “wow, that guy’s really deep”!

Elliott Condron on 23rd of November 2008

hey tim lol my names elliott and i only recently got into cause of ura pperance on the culture show and i must ur show in runcorn was amazing did i record it bcause ive got to show u to my mates but u honestly fucking rock dude

michelle_n on 23rd of November 2008

Just thought you might like to know that you DVD was sold out in HMV today :)

And when I asked if there were any more (just out of interest since I didn’t have one) the guy grinned, chuckled, mumbled something about my lilac shoes (I know, I couldn’t resist), then said thanks for the heads up and went to restock.

You are a popular, popular guy in this peculiar little county, my friend. I suspect all over the rest England, too. It’s a Tim tidal wave sweeping the country! Finally.


charlotte wilkinson on 23rd of November 2008

Hey Tim! you were great in Leicester! Thanks for signing my picture and letting me touch you hair after the gig, you looked a little freaked out!

jon vaughan on 22nd of November 2008

hey i was lookin on the internet and stummbled on your music.I think it is the funniest stuff i have ever heard. do you have any us tours planned any time soon?

Justin on 22nd of November 2008

So once again a tour has been planned that doesn’t include Canada! I mean it’s good that you are going to have performances in the US, people will see you and love you and you will become rich and famous, blah! Come to Canada L.A is a bit too far for me to go.

Rune jacobsen on 21st of November 2008

Why not come to Dk :D

Darren Rossendell on 21st of November 2008

Hi Tim,

Just booked Tickets for your show in Geelong next year and I can’t wait, even brought a new orange suit which I think would be a laugh to wear to the show. LOL Got your DVD So Live and watch it every second day! Just thought I’d drop a line and say hi and your awesome. Keep on rockin’

Darren : )

Leannie on 21st of November 2008



Becky on 21st of November 2008

We would like to see your medium-sized arse in the States for a tour…we promise tons of money and alcohol

Dawn on 20th of November 2008

Hi Tim,
Just saw you in Huddersfield tonight and the show was great. I have seen many comedians but have not laughed as much as I did in your show. You should definitely put your ticket prices up as you are worth every penny! Good luck for the rest of the tour, especially Glasgow as they are a tough crowd! x

Ellie May on 20th of November 2008

OMG! i love you so much tim! your like my idol. I know you will get loads of mail like this but i really do love you so much!. I listen to you everyday! your so funny!! I think you have an amazing talent. Im so glad i watched the secret policemans ball, cause thats where i first saw you. Any hoo I wuv yooohh!!!

Ange on 20th of November 2008

just got my tickets for Wollongong (decided to forego sydney for better seats!!)next year – YAY – so excited. can’t wait to see you. you are a brilliant performer.
Love the music, just keeps me leaughing all day.
Definitely not a soy drinker. YUK!! Bring on the vodka!!

alethia on 20th of November 2008

please come to utah
i beg of you
pretty please

Lucy Amos on 20th of November 2008

Saw “Ready For This?” at the Darlington Art Centre and it was, quite possibly, the funniest thing I have ever seen!

Keep doing what you’re doing! I love that for your hunour to work it requires a certain level of intelligence, there isn’t enough of that variety of comedy around and you do it so well!

Love you!!


Molly on 19th of November 2008


LucyLou (who has nothing productive to say... unlike michelle) on 19th of November 2008

Just wanted to say that instead of sleeping last night, as the intelligent thing to do would be, I decided to stay up and watch ‘so fucking rock’ again. Which meant I fell asleep a little bit in maths but I don’t regret it… and its not like I’ll ever be able to turn it off!!

I’ve showed everyone who would let me drag them to a computer screen, your amazing videos and now everyone is annoyed with me that I didn’t get them tickets to see you in december.

Although my friends aren’t particularly conservative or religious (they found the concept of anal sex and God hilarious) so I have to say well done to michelle!!

Beau on 19th of November 2008

i agree.. do a tour in newcastle… we could get the huge oil tanker back and you could do a special performance on that, then throw oil at us, while singing some ironic song about emotions getting washed up on shore!… hmmm, thats right, im an ideas man!
but im in london for a bit, so ill go see you at either… or will i go see you at both!?!?!

jonathan michael joseph walker bryan on 19th of November 2008

you should do newcastle

CAT on 19th of November 2008

you are the best me and all my mates all love you so much i eally wnnt to meet you my mum loves can you add my msn please we could be good friends!#

jonathan michael joseph walker bryan on 18th of November 2008



Faye Clark on 18th of November 2008

i concur with michelle. it turns out you have a fucking massive teenage market. i bet sony are devastated :D

caz xXx on 18th of November 2008

hey Tim
nothing bout u goin 2 Oz but wanted 2 say saw you the other day at Edmonton and you were awsome just wanted to know if you were coming back after Oz to do another tour of england as since i saw you i’ve managed to get quite a few of my friends liking you too!
C ya!
xXx caz xXx

melissa15678 (Who doesn't post as much as Michelle_N!!) on 18th of November 2008

In regards to Michelle’s most recent post, I just wanted to say that you have real guts showing Tim’s work to Christian’s. I have very strong Christian ‘friends’ who would not approve I feel. But who cares?! They are truly missing out on Tim!! I have shown some work to a friend and he thought you were brilliant!! (He is also called Tim – coincidence?!!) He loved Angry-Feet. So that’s great news too. Let’s keep spreading the love.

Melissa. x

Vicky and Beth on 18th of November 2008

How excited are we?! Just bought 2 tickets to see you in Norwich (or Naaarrridge as it is pronounced around here!)on Monday and front row too – can’t wait to see you in person!

Jack on 18th of November 2008

Tim is a poet. Go far.

catherine squires on 18th of November 2008

YOUR AWSOME! =] =] =] =] =] =] =] XXXXXX

catherine squires on 18th of November 2008


Michelle_N (I have something productive to say, I swear =]) on 17th of November 2008

Well, shove me on a wooden stick and call me a lolly pop.

*************So Fucking Rock.*************

Three words that today, brightened my existence a little.
I can barely think for astonishment.


A fantastic cocktail of jokes, random jokes, slightly shocking (yet hilarious) quips and simple mastery of facial expressions, gestures and comic timing. On top of this, there’s the beautiful and enthralling mastery of one of mankind’s most beautiful instruments and voices to make it, all together, something that goes beyond the bounds of simple minded comedy and into the realms of the Fucking Awesome (or, for those of you who prefer more ‘subtle’ words, the realm of pure and plain brilliance, like the Mona Lisa, or the Sun. Or a banana.)

And it’s you that did that. So, well done. Congratulations. Salutations. Yeah.

You’re not just fucking rock, you’re fucking brilliant mate. You had my ‘upper middle class 11 years of private education’ friends in FITS of laughter (although being christian their faces were a sight!) But after, they all agreed that

‘That guy is fucking AWESOME!’

So there you go, you do appeal to the teenage market. Fabulous news.

*~Kat~* on 17th of November 2008

Hey Tim :D
So excited about the perth shows!
going to all of them with the rest of the angry-feeters :D woot!
unfortunately i can’t go and see the eastern states shows :( which makes me sad and bitter at tertiary education :P
see you when you get here :D :D :D
Kat xox

Liz B on 17th of November 2008

I saw you at Wycombe on the 14th November 2008 and you are THE funniest comedian i have ever seen, good luck! Come back to England soon!

Jenny Lumsden on 16th of November 2008

We just saw your movie Rock n Roll Nerd and loved it! It was so lovely to get to know your lovely wife Sarah who we have heard a lot about in your gigs. She is fantastic – so normal and so cool with everything – just the person to have around when your life is moving in all directions! And you two are so much in love – it was inspirational for me and my husband who also met when we were young(14 in fact!) We have just seen your latest show in Edinburgh and will be telling all our Perth friends to go see you when you come here!

Jodie on 16th of November 2008

Tim! Please put Townsville on that list. Please. I’ll bring you cookies. I’ll bring them right up to the stage and you can eat them during the gig. Then you can be glad you went to Townsville.

Jono Dawson on 16th of November 2008

Hobart, yeah?

Jess on 14th of November 2008

Dear Mr. Tim Minchin

It would be extremely pleasing if you came to Tasmania! I urge you to do so…if you wanna become famous YOU WILL DO SO! This could be the life or death of your famous-ness.

Troy (& Zara) Swindells-Grose on 14th of November 2008

Hi Tim (& Sarah)

Just thought I should let you know from Melbourne that my wife and I went to see “Rock’n’Roll Nerd” (for the
second time) last night – and laughed/cried just as much!! You are a true force of nature and talent deserved
of international success… go forth and do your thing – if anyone doesn’t like it – f*ck ’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zara & I do stand up here (and some musical stuff) but once had a mate come to a gig at the Exford one night
and said of a particularly bourgeoisie audience; “Never try to feed strawberries to pigs” – will still laugh about that and it’s true too!

alice on 13th of November 2008

ur songs r so good, they r so clever too.and ur ginger, woot! ly xx

brett on 13th of November 2008

hey tim could you buy chance possibly maybe put the intrval song in the download section please as it rocks i would be quite grate full

Richard Ballard on 13th of November 2008

Just bought your ‘so f**king rock’ dvd.
Thank you.
Funny as ‘f**k’.

Michelle_N; I never stop posting, do I? on 13th of November 2008

Haha, yes Gerry, blue-marked sheep might go down better than rainbow sheep. Although the smurfs might start getting offended, and you wouldn’t want that.

I agree, sheep would either be fucking pissed off that we keep stealing their insulation; that, or they really wouldn’t give a shit. I mean, they’re sheep. Besides, who rakes through nursery rhymes looking for racist innuendo? Hm. Maybe I don’t want an answer to that, you never know.

I’m excited to go see Tim- my parents are staying on the Island and letting us three siblings loose on London. Don’t worry, my older sister is 22 so it’s not like it’s a couple of 15 yr olds running around in the city. Mind you, my sister is about fifteen mentally (JOKING, I love her really, but still…)

Wow, this has turned into a long post. Maybe I should leave tim’s boards alone, he might start getting angry… And I quite like my feet being attached, thank you very much. ;)


daisy lucas on 13th of November 2008

When are you touring in the UK dude?!?!?!

Gerry on 13th of November 2008

*new lyric

Gerry on 13th of November 2008

perhaps the lyric should be Baa Baa blue-marked sheep, hey Michelle?
Anyway just a last thought on the rainbow thing…Havent the gay community claimed the rainbow as a symbol? so perhaps they wont look to kindly on this knew lyric.
Maybe it should just be baa baa big sheep? Oh what a load of nonsense anyway.
Sheep dont speak anyway, and if they did they probably wouldnt say “yes sir yes sir three bags full”. They’d probably say, “aye i do, and its just about the only thing cushioning me from all the other fucking sheep you have crammed in this stinking f*cking ship!”

Liza (wickedlibrarian) on 13th of November 2008

Kimmy Kimmersen- go see him perform in the UK! That’s what I did. Screw waiting ’till he comes here! GO TO HIM!

It’s totally worth it.

(Hi Tim! *waves*)

clare bear on 12th of November 2008

come to Belfast when you tour the UK!

Michelle_N ...again. on 12th of November 2008

Sorry, just read the post by gill on november the 9th…

I’d just like to add the Isle of Man to that list. I think my soul dies a little with every day I’m there. Here’s an extract from the radio island news report the other day…

‘A blue-marked sheep has gotten loose on the Old Castletown road. If anyone knows the owner’s contact number, please could you inform them to recapture it and remove it immediately.’

What fun my life entails. Never mind, will be visiting London soon- I’ll just try to stay sane until the 22nd.

*deep breaths…*


Kimmy Kimmersen on 12th of November 2008

I will do anything to get you here in DALLAS i have made SO many people your fans that go out and get your shit, we want to see you so bad.
love your work

Melody Carter on 12th of November 2008

Dear Tim,

You are a musical, comedic and satiric genius.

Nothing more to say than Thank You!


Michelle_N ...again. on 11th of November 2008

Yes Gerry, sadly it is all too true.
I got a lecture on rascism after singing it in the hall. *sigh*

Also, you can no longer call a black board a black board, it has to be a chalk board.

I would therefore like to raise the point that maybe, just maybe, I feel offended by the name ‘whiteboard’. However, no one listens to the white fifteen year old girl; oh no, they just give her a pat on the head and a couple of lessons on drugs/alcohol abuse/STIs. (Thinks there may be another song lyric in that…)

Not that whiteboard offends me. That’d be silly. And yes, I am very excited for the 22nd, though how we are supposed to get back to the Isle of Man afterwards is beyond me. Still have to get my mum to book plane tickets. *So much to do, so little time…*


LucyLou on 11th of November 2008

Ba ba rainbow sheep?… *sigh*… they can’t be serious!

I am very very excited about the new DVD and if I had any money whatsoever I would buy it…
*screams with impatience*

Bring on the 22nd!!

Gerry on 11th of November 2008

LOL Michelle is that true?
Reminds me of sesame street changing “I did it all for the cookie!” to “Cookie is a sometimes food” as the cookie monsters token anthem.
Shoulda just had Bert n Ernie join Tim in a rendition of Fat Children and let cookie monster get his gangsta on :oP

Michelle_N, The Crazy One on 11th of November 2008

PS: (because I have only just read all the other comments)

I would just like to say, dearest Timothy, that I do believe there are some potential new songs lurking among these intellectual and somewhat heated comments. They have inspired me, even if they do not inspire you…

*a spoon full of soya helps the rascism go down…*

OKAY!!! Okay, okay, I’ll admit that was extremely tasteless. I’ll stick to my guns that there is something there, though.

I’d also just like to point out, much to my derision, that they have changed ‘Baa baa black sheep’ to ‘Baa baa rainbow sheep’. Now not only is that going way too far with the whole PC issue, but it also completely messes up the rhythm. You can’t just add in extra syllables here, there and everywhere! Just imagine the chaos! *shudders*


Michelle_N, The Crazy One on 11th of November 2008

Hey whoever is bothering to read this,

Just bought the new DVD! Muahaha, can’t wait for the moment it arrives via the British mail service. Also cannot wait for the look on our house mistress’ face when she reads the title.

Life is good. xx

Gerry on 11th of November 2008

To Anna Waits: Aw shucks! thanks hun :oD

To Joanna: Haha. Its GUYliner …and he wears it because he’s so fucking rock!;oP

Tim’s whole image goes hand in hand with his comedy. That hair, the clothes the grand piano create a certain expectation, which lines like “If you really loved me you’d let me video you while you wee” shatter, and its even more shocking and hilarious. If he was sitting there at a keyboard looking like any normal guy off the street…we might just smile and feel slightly and creeped out. The songs would still be funny, but it might be a bit awkward.

Anyway Tim and everyone else, sorry for the mammoth rants. but before i go:

I recommend you all go see Rock n Roll nerd if you get the chance. If you’re in Western Australia check out Luna Leederville. Its the feature length documentary that captures Tim’s rise to fame from a really personal perspective. I had the pleasure of chatting to the director Rhian after the Q&A session at the WA premiere. Being a young, female, aspiring director from Perth myself, it was great to speak her!

Cant wait to hear/see the new material Tim! march it is. Ciao

Jess on 11th of November 2008

HI ive been to seeeeeeee yooooooooooou! You Were Brilliant in Durham! Having that argument with that TWAT who told you to ….. what did he tell you to do again?
I wasnt at school yesterday and I went to Newcastle Uni and I raced into HMV and asked the woman if your DVD was in and I nearly cried because I didnt have enough money BUT Im getting it for Christmas THANK GOD! (or in your case thank evolution) :D lv J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Stephanie on 11th of November 2008

Cant wait to see you!!

Joanna on 11th of November 2008

why do you where eye liner?

MEL on 11th of November 2008

4 tix to Her Majesty’s in Adelaide SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so stoked! can’t WAIT!!!! interested to know whether it will be the same show i saw in Edinburgh at the Fringe, either way it’ll be awesome though cos ill remember more!!!!! eeeeep!

Ellen Blinco on 10th of November 2008

Oh my god yes! I can’t wait for Tim to come to Sydney!
I didn’t even know who he was the last time he came around. SO GLAD i checked :D

annawaits on 10th of November 2008

Gerry speaks very very well. I kept reading bits I wanted to quote to say I agreed with them but pretty much the whole thing was good stuff.

Darren McCormack on 10th of November 2008

Hey guys down under as most are aware Tim is coming to the end of his U.K tour and heading your way with the Ready For This Tour if you have as much fun as I did you wont be disapointed this is a must watch so and one not to be ignored this is his best ever Thanks Tim from all at Warwick Arts Centre what a great night cant wait till you tour again.

Shane Griffin on 10th of November 2008

Tim Tim Tim!!!! You forgot Darwin!!! please recopnsider your plans and come to the funnist plae in Australia. I’ll have a kinder agg waiting for you!!

cat dawson on 10th of November 2008

yay im gonna see you!

Jake Vargo on 10th of November 2008

My best friend and I listen to you non-stop, and I have a question. Are you going to do a show in Pa or even the U.S. at any time?

Sally on 9th of November 2008

Hi Tim, was at your Swindon gig Friday and laughed so much I was nearly sick!! As I said to you “I flippin love you!” You’re a genius in my book and I’m still gibbering about you to anyone who will listen even more than I did last year if that’s possible!
I’ve told my brother in Leicester he must come and see you, so if a dodgy looking bloke of 6ft 5″ called Simon turns up that’s him!
Love n hugs to add to the one I gave you,
Sally xx

Gill on 9th of November 2008

Canberra. Please. Come. Nowhere needs a good laugh like Canberra. Except maybe Glasgow.

Eilish on 9th of November 2008

Tickets have arrived safe and sound for Melbourne. Front row! Oh, yay! x

FrumiouslyDeanna on 9th of November 2008

svetlana… :)

Margaritas? I want!

Pat & Peggy on 8th of November 2008

You are amazing and i love your smile ;o) G & H

Jess on 7th of November 2008

Hi Tim, saw you at Potsmouth Wedgewood rooms in October and it was the best comedy show i’ve seen.Thanks for a great night,look forward to seeing your show again very soon Cheers Jess

Gerry on 7th of November 2008

Regarding Jamahls and others concern with the use of that word. Firstly Tim, you were entirely articulate and eloquent in your interview with Andrew Denton, having seen that and Rock and Roll Nerd I can see the angst that the whole issue caused you. I understand that while your material may be offensive to some, it is only so to draw attenion to certain fallicies of life and you never aim to be offensive for the sake of being an ignorant c*nt.
I personally can see your choice in using droppin tha n-bomb (humour me? :oP) in that song plain as day. Hand in hand with racism and ignorance, n*ggers and r&b. its funny! its a double barrel joke! but i think its also fairly legitimate for you to have replacerd it, and not solely for the controversy it raised. As you have said Tim, perhaps its not a white persons place to use a word that once defametory has now been reclaimed by black people.

Jamahl I think Tim stated his position and remorse clearly enough. I really dont feel as though the media coverage of the issue on Enough Rope displayed anything other than that. There was explanation without Tim trying to justify the use of the word. I think that in itself is admirable.

But hey what the fuck (no asterix this time!) would i know? Im just some labour voting, film studying, creative, agnostic not atheist or new age, Chai Latte drinking (its the new soy), ethnically ambiguous (thats ethnically NOT ethically) uni student ;oD

But I think your concern was valid Jamahl and kudos for expressing that. I hope it hasnt put you off Tims comedy, and i do hope u realise Tims remorse was genuine.


Gerry on 7th of November 2008

See you in Perth Tim! Just came from Rock and Roll Nerd and am now doubly excited to see your new show :oD

Col H on 7th of November 2008

Yay just got my tickets for April 25th – second row from the front YES!!!!!!
Finally going to see Tim live in concert after watching his brilliant dvd religiously for months:)

beth webster on 7th of November 2008

ok so i am an idiot!

i asked that before i thought it through to look at the gig guide but yay you are playing leeds – i can see the mother in law at the same time – two birds with one stone!

we will be the ones with the pink hair and the blue mohican!!!

beth webster on 7th of November 2008

ou rock! when are you coming to the uk?

Rosie Kemp on 7th of November 2008

I saw you at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008, and thought you were hilairious! I have been looking out for you on TV and all sorts since then. Can’t wait for a UK tour, will definately be buying your DVD!!
You have a real talent, can’t wait to hear a potential musical from you.
Thank you,
Rosie x

Jesse on 7th of November 2008

Come to Tassie!

Megan on 7th of November 2008

Tim, another call for a Hobart show (though seriously, Launceston is so much nicer….and closer!..to me, anyway). At least the weather is more UK-ish, you should come here first to acclimatise!
We love your work so much we actually BUY your DVD for people as birthday presents.(Though if you ever get a ‘birthday card’ from us with $30 in it you’ll know we could’nt find a legitimate disc in time!!!)We are considering starting a new pantheon of deities comprising you and Tripod – it should make for some interesting new songs on religion once you’re the ‘gods’ yourselves!!

carol bull on 6th of November 2008

Coming to states any time soon? Include Seattle, WA, on your list of stops if so. Loved you in Edinburgh!

Al on 6th of November 2008

I ditto the request for a Canberra show! We would love to see you here (I’m sure there are enough of us soy-drinking comedy fans here to fill seats for one show at least!!). Otherwise good luck with the tour and hope to see you next time you tour Oz. :D

Beth on 6th of November 2008

Hm, I don’t see why people can’t understand that the line that Jamal found so offensive was meant to be ironic. It made me laugh the first time I heard it and at no point have I ever been offended by it as it is what it is – a joke that’s meant to make people laugh and feel all happy inside rather than cause people to get all angry and post messages on comedians websites slagging them off; there’s no need for it really.

I saw you last month in Sheffield and thought you were amazing. Please pop back sometime soon.


*Sarah* on 6th of November 2008

Ally: He’s touring in the UK at the moment!

Sue Mawson on 6th of November 2008

Hi Tim,

Saw you last year at the Powerhouse, Brisbane. Really really great show!!!
Looking forward to seeing you there again in March 2009. My daughter saw you in Southampton a few days ago and said you sang that lovely Christmas song ‘white wine in the sun’?? I think it’s called. Is it on your latest DVD? The words are very poignant to me, as I moved over to Australia last year and miss my Mum, Dad and daughter desperately, especially at Christmas time. All the best XX

Athena on 6th of November 2008

Tim, visit Newcastle on your Oz tour… you know you want to!

kelsie on 6th of November 2008

fellow perthite wondering if ‘so fucking rock’ will be avalible on dvd in oz.
also wether or not ‘rock n roll nerd’ is gunna b on put on a dvd (or many) ?

cheers xx me

Natalie on 6th of November 2008

Why aren’t the melbourne tickets for sale already?! it’s past nov 5th :'(

Ally on 6th of November 2008

One thinks you should bring your medium-sized ass to UK to perform. DVD just isnt the same as seein you live!!! x

FrumiouslyDeanna on 6th of November 2008

Roger Anderson, get your ass on a plane and have an adventure! Can’t wait for Melbourne!

There’s nothing like a civilised verbal tussel in a comment section, especially when the combatants are smart.

I gotta say though, that if Tim’s comedy doesn’t at least make you think “what the…” you’re doing it wrong.

KC on 6th of November 2008

It bothers me that people dont understand the irony in your lyric “like ignorance and racism, like *gingers* and RNB” and because of it you have had to leave it out of the song. I think it’s really clever and your intention in creating this line was clear to me from the first time I heard the song. I get sick of having to explain it to people who are too shocked by the word to listen to the line. Are people generally THAT stupid? I guess so… it makes me sad.

Can’t wait to see you in syd, melb & geelong, Tim. Great reply to Jamal, by the way.

Georgie, Em & Caroline: I’M IN!! (for margaritas).

cassiemae on 5th of November 2008

I second horse-han on seconding me. If you can actually do that…


Grace on 5th of November 2008

The Forum Theatre is an overage venue, so what are underage fans supposed to do? Are you going to force me to go to Geelong? That would be mean.

Sarah Claire on 5th of November 2008

What a joy to see you on Denton – I wish he’d interviewed you for the whole show! You were such a refreshing inspiration to listen to…….I’m so glad you decided to follow your heart and be yourself and you inspire me to do the same. I’ve never seen you perform or ever heard any of your songs (just heard about you) but I’ll be coming to your next show in Perth….Sarah.

SavageMonkey on 5th of November 2008

Hullo!! I watchd u on Enough rope and you were funny! I love your song Dark side that you preformed on the side show. Keep up th Asum work!

Sarah G on 5th of November 2008

Hi Tim, this is my first time visiting your site, and it appears if I offend you there is a greater chance of me getting a reply from you, than if I tell you I love your stuff! Unfortunately, none of your work offends me, as a fourth year psych student at a uni full of hippies, amongst interesting others, in north queensland, I’m open to pretty much all opinions. Love your angry poem, you impersonated my bestie, J, so well. I have shared my ‘So Rock’ dvd with her, and we cry tears of laughter together. You really know how to unite people. As a pianist myself, my fav song is “Dark Side”, because I love the piano in it. You are so f**king rock!

Millie on 5th of November 2008

that ‘x’ was not a kiss by the way, it was to symbolise that i am too important to write my name, so i shall replace my (would be) well wishings with a commonly used letter of the alphabet

Millie on 5th of November 2008


i speak for myself when i say

‘Sydney 4th April’…


You could be the next President of the U.S.A the way you’re breaking promises

no hugs for you


Roger Anderson on 5th of November 2008

So! New Zealand not plurry good enough for you eh?

georgie on 5th of November 2008

I’ll come Em! :D

Liza on 5th of November 2008

I will forever respect and appreciate you for the “think about HOW you’re thinking” essence of your music/comedy.

Kudos on doing your bit to make the world understand, one person at a time, Tim.

Dan W on 5th of November 2008

Oh no, the plaintive cries from Sara and I for gigs in Canberra and Hobart got swallowed up by the Jamal saga!

Great response Tim (et otra)

Since Jamal now has a classical education, may i suggest “A fonte immundo caca defluit”

Vamp1r3_em on 5th of November 2008

witchy – I’m with you! We will require margaritas! Who else is coming? :)

Jaxx on 5th of November 2008

Red Witch – do you want to go to a bar, or somewhere more restauranty…ish? Tim, do you want to be dragged along after a gig for drinks on us? Very much understand if you don’t, but the offer stands. :)

Aardvark on 5th of November 2008

Response to Jamal’s post:

Hi Jamal,
You seem to be a person who is passionate about the subject of racism. I think that many of Tim’s fans would be with me in saying that we also take the subject quite seriously. I agree that the subject itself is no laughing matter; however, I do appreciate comedy that highlights such issues. A lot of Tim’s work challenges people to examine why they hold certain beliefs. It promotes discussion and debate which, I believe, leads to more awareness and better understanding. I’m sad that your recent experience of Tim’s work has been a negative one, because I find him to be a kind, thoughtful and insightful person.

Horse - Han on 5th of November 2008

I second what Cassiemae says. Except I haven’t met you yet – but I’m bloody excited about the fact that next year I WILL get to meet you. I have tickets for two different nights. HURRAH!

I do think you’re amazing in that not only you have the strength to cop negative criticism like that and not let it get to you, but because you care enough about people’s understanding of your work to clarify it for them, so while they may still be offended, the will understand the point behind it. In my opinion, that’s what makes the difference between an “offensive” comedian/musician and a damn good one. Kudos to you, Timmy D.

The Red Witch on 4th of November 2008

Here we go again……

Does anyone know where we can get good margaritas after the show in Melbourne?

Kate Holcombe on 4th of November 2008

Ok, crisis over – the Melbourne tickets are available by phone – not internet for some marvelous reason – but I have secured my seats in the very second row for Thurts 16th! So very happy :) yayayayayayay!!

Kate Holcombe on 4th of November 2008

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Pleeeeeaase!! I have followed the link to Ticketek, but they only have tickets for Sydney – I can’t find the Melbourne shows…getting very distressed…need tickets…anyone? Fry? Anyone?

cassiemae on 4th of November 2008

Tim, your ace, you personally are ace, and one of the kindest, friendliest, loveliest people I have ever met.
And whatever anyone says, please don’t ever doubt yourself. I know you have an extremely strong mind. And you probably don’t need this, or want it, but you have our full support, and don’t get yourself at all down :)
About this or anything anyone says. Sometimes constructive criticism is brilliant, but unclarified criticism isn’t.
Hope you are well… and have a brilliant rest of your UK tour, and a brilliant Aus tour :) And congratulations, for everything.

Emily on 4th of November 2008

Just so you know Tim, the interview didn’t make you look like you where whinging. They included the preceding comment that you made about feeling uncomfortable saying it on the show and your explanation of why you changed the verse. I think Jamal is just another case of someone hearing the ‘n’ word and complete ignoring the context in which it was used.

The interview was great by the way. I just wished they had made it longer and kept in more of your conversation on religion, that was really interesting.

Melissa on 4th of November 2008

I’m not saying anything on this subject other than, well done Tim for your reply to Jamal. I found it to be a very well educated response to the matter. What did make me smile though was how you listed all of the more ‘offensive’ song lyrics and then said…”I could go on and on and fucking on” – which also allowed you to squeeze in another lyric ;-)

Tilly on 4th of November 2008

I think Jamal made a typo and he intended to say ‘UV sensitive’. I think he’s just having a go because you’re ginger.

Tim on 4th of November 2008

ok… go easy on jamal. he got pissed off, which is understandable to an extent. we’ve chatted. i like him. he’s smart.

*Sarah* on 4th of November 2008

The two great debates of our lifetime: the ‘n’ word, and soya milk.

Elton Bear on 4th of November 2008

Well argued Mr. Minchin.

This is directed to Jamal, if you do come back to view the response to your comment; If you are not overly familiar with Tim’s work, you will no doubt think that his use of is the joke in itself. This would be wrong, it is specifically the reaction to words like this that he (and I) find(s) comic value in.
If you are offended by this, fine, but I think the fact that Tim removed it from the song shows that he obviously wasn’t getting the right reaction from its use.

By the way, I don’t like Soya milk. And no silly-song singer will change that. E x

LucyLou on 4th of November 2008

Yeah you go Latin on his ass!! MAS
I love how you can so eloquently completely tear his comment to pieces
It was brilliantly put
Soya milk anyone????

Faye Clark on 4th of November 2008

:) You are a living legend Tim Minchin. Not only are you’re songs witty, hilarious and bloody brilliant, but you can outwit people in conversation too. Everyone else loves you, even if ‘Jamal’ doesn’t.
Faye xx

CassieMae on 4th of November 2008

Ah tim.

Your post actually made me laugh. Quite a difficult thing to do at these tough times…

I think we should create a soya rebellion.. shall we create a facebook group??? And possibly a myspace group, website? Forum?


I love you tim, you fellow soya drinking arty freak.

*Sarah* on 4th of November 2008

“I do however, have an entire new song that deals with this issue of the power of the language of prejudice. I think you’d like it.”


Obviously I don’t like seeing you criticised, Tim, but I do rather enjoy the responses you give.

I also quite enjoyed seeing a whole paragraph of your most “offensive” work :D


Thinwhiteduke11 on 4th of November 2008

Touché Tim, fucking excellent retort, anyone who says your songs are stupid or offensive clearly doesn’t get you. First of all, as you said his arbitrary and facile attack on your beverage preferences and your political leanings instantly got all your devotees’ backs up. And the biggest joke was that he called you new-age, very telling about how much he actually knows about you. He needs to listen to ‘Storm’. However there will always be people who just don’t get it, and even though the supposedly offensive lyric was immediately preceeded by “…like ignorance and racism” it seems irony is just lost on some people. For that reason I guess I understand your decision to remove it but if you ask me it’s a shame because in my opinion the song made your point beautifully.

This reminds me of a story Warren Mitchell once told about ‘Til Death Us Do Part’ in which he played racist, Alf Garnett. Apparently he was in a shop or a pub or something and some bloke approached him and said “Good on you Warren , having a go at all those f**king wogs!” to which he replied, “We’re not, we’re having a go at f**king idiots like you!” So it seems it was ever thus, genius is misunderstood, wit goes over people’s heads, some people just don’t get the joke, and I guess that’s ok…they can’t all be soy latte drinking, university educated arty types like us.

I’m really not half as smug as that sounds, but he got my back up!

Tim on 4th of November 2008

Response to Jamal. (Comment on Nov 3rd)

Hey there Jamal, thanks for your comment.

I haven’t yet seen the Enough Rope interview… it certainly wasn’t my intention to whinge about people not getting the joke. Maybe it was edited in such a way that removed my contrition. The whole reason I dropped the joke was because I didn’t think it was worthy of the offense it may cause and would even agree with you that it was stupid of me to try to get away with it.

However. It is – I’m sure – offensive to SOME people when I use the phrases “cot-death”, “i love jesus, i hate faggots”, “Thalidomide kid”, “boombalata motherfucker”, “jew in the ku klux klan”, “architect of the world trade centre”, “cunt”, “fuck”, “your mouth is for sucking cock”, “evolution is right”, “if your daughter gets raped and refuses to marry the rapist, stone her to death”, “finger up the bum”, “let me video you while you wee”… i could go on and on and fucking on. I assume you haven’t heard a great deal of my material, but I do manage – believe it or not – to say all the above things and still have people happily laughing, whether they be young, old, male, female, black, yellow, white or fucking indigo.

One of my main interests is examining what causes offense and in creating contexts within which we can laugh at them. Regarding the line in question: some of my friends thought the “n-word” should stay in, some thought it should go. I have black friends who thought I should leave it (although admittedly they were also comedians who believe you should push the boundaries of taste)! I removed it because I decided most black people wouldn’t find it funny, and I don’t want to be the sort of comedian that divides audiences because of their race. I want to divide audiences in other ways! There are some jokes that offend people which I leave in, because I’m not in the habit of creating comedy that caters only for people who have knee-jerk reactions. It’s nothing to do with who has had a uni education, it’s to do with thoughtfulness.

By the way Jamal, you’ve done pretty well in your description of me. I don’t know if I’m particularly “sensitive”, and i’m certainly not “new-age” (a great deal of my material is rather critical of vague, new-age thinking), but I do like soy milk in coffee (it just makes it nuttier which I like – do you have a particular issue with milk-types?), I am university educated (for which I’m very grateful – is it bad? should I have not taken the opportunity to go to uni? – although the vast majority of my learning I have done since then through reading books and stuff), I have voted Labour (although I’m not a massively political being, I was appalled by the Liberal party’s fear-mongering over immigration, unimpressed by their work-place relations legislation, unhappy with their support of the arts, not particularly enamored of their lofty attitude to the plight of Aboriginal Australians and very much against their support of the invasion of Iraq), and I do like to think I’m quite creative and arty (should I not be?).

At the risk of going all latin on your ass, “ad hominem” attacks are a form of argument where rather than dealing with the issue, you attack the character of the person you disagree with. The second half of your message was cool, even if I feel the need to defend and explain myself. The first half was fucking nonsense which merely put you offside with me and pretty much everyone else who reads this page. Something I learn more and more in defending my contentious material is that there’s no point trying to argue your case if you immediately put the “enemy” offside.

You also damaged your cred by claiming that I think I can use the “n-word” whenever I want… which is so clearly not the case. The whole reason the discussion is even happening is that I DON’T think it can be used whenever one wants… in fact, it turns out i don’t think it can be used EVEN after asserting that racism goes hand in hand with ignorance.

I do however, have an entire new song that deals with this issue of the power of the language of prejudice. I think you’d like it.

With respect (honestly),

Brenda on 4th of November 2008

Loved the Denton Interview! The Christmas song was just amazing – as a family we have had many wines in the sun. Also a parent of young children, this song brought a tear to the eye. Congrats, can’t wait til the tour next year – look forward to the Perth show/s.

stev-o on 4th of November 2008

cya in april in melb

Rhiannon on 4th of November 2008

Hey Tim :)

So glad I get to see you in sydney when you get here next year! I cant wait!

simo on 4th of November 2008

Tim. hey how are ya thanx for cummin bak 2 oz ,bout f**kin time will see u in adelaide next year cant wait am gettin tickets asap,there wont b any big black guys ere 2 hassle ya so can leave in the n word ..jus kiddin song wont b the same though ,,anyway seeya when ya get ere………

ps …dont worry bout jamal mir comments the only time he,s ever heard the song or ov u was denton ,if u where black it would be ok ,but because your white its a crime..freedom ov speech… anywho pps u f**kin rock

Dan W on 4th of November 2008

Hi Tim, I think you have a small sized arse, and i mean that in the nicest possible way.

Speaking of the diminutive, please add tiny ol’ Hobart town to your 2009 perigrinations. We would love to see you, and we deserve it more than those Geelong residents. Maybe you could even whip up a ditty for our deserving Paul Lennon and his forest-thwacking buddies?

Cheers, D.

Sara on 4th of November 2008

Hey Tim, why arent you conveying your butt to Canberra? Everyone knows that Canberra is not only the Capital of Australia, but it is also the Capital of massively big fun. It is very middle class, full of public servants, polticans, prostitutes with a seedy undercurrent of organised perversity (i.e a yearly flower festival). Why do you forsake us!??

Jamal Mir on 3rd of November 2008

Hey Tim, you might be a sensitive, new-age, soy latte drinking, university educated, Labour voting, creative arty type, but if you think that makes it ok for you to use the “n” word whenever you want, you’re an idiot. It wasn’t good enough for you to remove the word from your song and then whinge on a TV talk show about how less intelligent people didn’t understand your intention behind it. You should have admitted that even within the context of the song it was stupid, offensive and, most of all, not funny.

*Sarah* on 3rd of November 2008

I like the new front page of your site that goes hand-in-hand with the news in this blog. Very swish and cool. Not that I didn’t enjoy seeing your body give way to lots of colours and pictures, but change is always exciting!

I shall get my northern-hemisphere self on to tracking down your dvd asap!


Linzy on 3rd of November 2008

You fail. According to Ticketek your Sunday shows at Melbourne start at 6:15pm instead of the 7:15pm start of your other performances there. I thought I ought to point that out to you.

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