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For those of you interested in the not-so-comic side of my songwriting…

“Drowned” – the ballad I wrote for the film “Two Fists One Heart” – has been released on itunes. This oughta take you straight there.

You can also watch the music video exclusively on this site. Check it out.

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liberty on 21st of August 2009

This is an awsome song Tim.. can i have your permission to do a cover of this song in my band because we love it so much? we will give all the credit to you because you are so wonderfull…

Reece on 13th of August 2009

Hi Tim,
Just wondering where you got your coat from! I love it!!!!!!!
favourite songs at the moment are ‘not perfect’ and ‘you grew on me’!

Sue on 9th of August 2009

How many pseudonyms do you have?? XXXX

Dr Bob on 6th of June 2009

I saw this piece of art on Rage tonight and thought it was great. It did make me want to get up and go climb into bed with my wife and now I am typing this to you with U2 in the background.

It really did surprise me after ‘Canvas Bags’ which i have seen Tim perform live to great applause.

I would like to know where I can get hold of a copy of the Rage play-list tonight. (I would, assuredly, be happy to purchase it)I found myself forgoing watching both the rugby and the cricket as I gleefully sang songs that i have been unexpectedly reacquainted with.

Thank you Tim, I very much appreciate your selection.

Katrin on 22nd of May 2009

Seems you can have a dark side too :-) How about bringing out another cd with your not so funny stuff – this is beautiful :-)

Kathryn on 11th of May 2009

I have been listening to Drowned obsessively since Saturday and I think it’s amazing; I wish the music I wrote sounded as good as this

Jed Dancer on 20th of April 2009

I’ve been hooked ever since i saw “If I Didn’t Have You” on the secret policeman’s ball. I’ve been obsessed with every song, and “Angry” had me in fits of laughs for hours!
Drowned is a truly great song, which does display your unique ability to combine a little humour with deep meaning and emotion. Just like “Not Perfect”, which has some amazing comments on the state of humanity.
I wish i’d heard about your tour dates sooner… I’d have loved to come and see you live.

Steph on 12th of April 2009

Hi Tim,
This song is so emotional! It really is beautiful. This is the kinda of thing all songwriters SHOULD aspire to. I think it’s fantastic that you can write a song like this then one like “10 foot cock and a few hundred virgins”. You’re AMAZING!!!
Steph xx

Katie Huxtable =] on 24th of March 2009

I. Love. This. Song.
as do I love all your songs :D
I am soooo excited to see yo in Aberdeen in october :D
10 foot cock and a few hundred virgins is like actually on repeat on my ipod :D

Abi on 17th of March 2009

I bought this sing , its amazing (:
Can’t wait to see you in Swansea !

Jacquie E. on 17th of March 2009

I love you Tim!
Musical genius!!!

Alexander on 24th of January 2009

I watched the clip and really liked it. It was a cool new version of a previous song, twas awesome. I’ll probably go and see the movie just to hear it again :P

ollie mead on 23rd of January 2009

oh and I hope you autograph my girlfriend

ollie mead on 23rd of January 2009

You make me feel so thrilled about life in general. I appreciate you .

Thanks for the validation

Sam Waugh on 22nd of January 2009

When are you next touring the uk??

james on 22nd of January 2009

you are hilarious. i mean really funny, and intelligent. i like your music. you can sing/perform better than most of today’s truly quality *cough* chart toppers, plus you bring a comic element, which in my opinion puts the icing on the cake. it’s a nice cake by the way, not a supermarket one.

i mean, you can also totally send me lots of free merchandise, im up for that. seriously, do. i know where you live.

btw that wasnt an actual threat, dont get the cops onto me. im too young to be violated by prison lords.

Bec on 22nd of January 2009

That’s a rather lovely love song. Not really a surprise that your black sense of humour hides a slightly bruised sentimental side. I like it. It’s normal.

Patrick on 22nd of January 2009

dude you’re hilarious and a very talented musician. I would like to be a musician but, and my family thinks i’m funny.. somewhat. I don’t, but it’s the only thing in life i like to do as far as work goes. How did you get started with your career?

Olivia Jones on 22nd of January 2009

Hi Tim,

Don’t know if you actually read this, Your Adelaide Fringe show could you PLEASE play “the christmas song”. My we lost out sister just before christmas and she loved this song and loved your music. Here name was Nadia , we are going to the Saturday night show ( the 2nd one ). It would mean a great deal to all of us.

Heather R on 21st of January 2009

Attn: LEN
It appears that for now N.America is just going to kind of get the short end of the stick… I am begrudgingly accepting it because I enjoy Tim so much. But the more of us the merrier, it increases our chances of eventually getting some sort of official American release.

josh on 21st of January 2009

You are awsome
ever considered doing something at epsom playhouse.

Cameron Kinsey on 20th of January 2009

To Tim I would just like to mention that I think you are absolutly halarious. I have bought your “So Live” DVD and tried desperately to get a ticket to your show in Aberdeen Scotland at The Lemon Tree. I plan to go and see you in London on your “Ready For This” tour but failing that would you be able to inform me as to whether you will be comming back to Scotland any time soon.

Yours Sincerely Cameron Kinsey

Len on 20th of January 2009

Happy New Year, Tim.

Saw you (twice) in NyC last year and am still raving about it. Yowza!

I must admit, however that I’m a bit envious that your DVD is only available in the PAL format. What about those of us on this side of the pond? Are you going to make me buy a universal DVD player? (Because I will, you know.)

Zoe on 20th of January 2009

Dear Tim,

I’m absolutely desperate to inculde the song you did for the Amnesty International secret policeman’s ball, If I Didn’t Have You, on my upcoming witty and sardonic valentine’s day mixtape for my witty and sardonic boyfriend. Please pretty please release it as a download – I’m asking way early so you have plenty of time to take a quick recording before February 14th rolls around…

Also I think you’re completely brilliant etc etc. Keep it up.


kate on 20th of January 2009

hi tim, i met you in darligton and have listened to you since. now i’m sat in english trying to explain to my friends how cool you are. but shhh i’m not on your site during english lesson.

xxx kate

Lauren on 19th of January 2009

Tim –

My cousin in England got me absolutly hooked to your songs. I listen to you on YouTube while I’m at work. When are you going to come to the states?

Sam Wright on 19th of January 2009

hello thaaaar

erm dont know if this goes to Tim Minchin, or someone behind a cute little desk, but anyway…

You mentioned before in one of your songs that you don’t appeal to the teenage market, well im a teenager, i feel quite appealed to :) wow that sounded almost rude

i was just going to say keep doing your thing because its really good, i think your an incredible musician and you have a fantastic vocabulary which is nice apart from where i sometimes have to get out the old dictionary to understand what the fuck your talking about!

But yeah i really don’t have anything that exiting to mention, so i can understand if this is another letter straight for the delete box but hey atleast i tried

I dont see how people dont like your work, my girlfriend thinks your shit, she hates your voice she claims its wierd, dont worry i shouted at her for you so you dont have to bother, your ego shouldnt be scratched at all :)

im 15, im a teenager, and i think you should do a live tour in the UK especially around the south-east, ill be there :)

seeya, Tim/Person who reads these for Tim/Recycle Bin

Sam (a fellah from England)

amanda on 19th of January 2009

Really enjoyed your performance at secret polcemans ba. You are an amazing performer and comedian. Tried to get tickets for concert on 16th but it had sold out.When will you be performing in london again?

Jack Patient on 19th of January 2009

Timmy,me and some mates caught you on youtube a couple of nights ago….. wicked stuff, personal/ confessional, tight lyrics with a really varied delivery. GET THE FUCK BACK TO ENGLAND FOR SOME GIGS! We totally found you at the wrong time man. Anyway, one of my mates said you were just like Russell Brand, but funny.

Kel on 19th of January 2009

A friend of mine is a piano performance major and we have a “just for kicks” silly recital coming, and we were wondering if 10 Foot Cock & A Few Hundred Virgins has sheet music. We’d love to give some of the professors a heart attack, that and its just plain enjoyable.


Kaz on 19th of January 2009

Tim, thanks so much for Hallelujah, it was really very special xx

Charlotte on 19th of January 2009

hey just wondering whats with the dirky skivvy thing in your picture at the top of the page?

luke smith =] on 18th of January 2009

you are so fucking rock. do a tour in england soon!!!! tickets were sold out when i tried goin to the gala in durham

kirsten millar on 18th of January 2009

hey tim im kirsten and im 14 and just want to say ur work is fantastic so is ur music
sorry for that i just want to say i love ur work its amazing possibly the best comedian around at the moment if i didnt have u some one eles would not do haha
i want to also say at the edinburgh festivle u were soooo good plz come back in 2010
bey xox

Barry Price on 18th of January 2009

Hi tim was at your gig at the round house on Fri 16th Jan 09We made it all the way from Inverness in Soctland Has to be said i have a f**cking good time mate thanks and hope to see you soon.

Dav on 18th of January 2009

helloo.. the roundhouse gig on friday was something else. i think im a little wet still because of it (keep that hush eh) especially since im a stright man.
just wondering, the shirt you wore. that white piece with the black pattern on the front, where did you get it from. it was wonderfull

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