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I did a tour last year to which as many people came as there were seats available. Now unless there was an extraordinary cosmic coincidence and it just happened that at every venue I visited, the number of seats correlated exactly with the number of people who wanted to see my show, we can infer that in all probability there exist some people who wanted to see my show but were unable to, due to demand for seats exceeding supply of seats.

So. I’m going back on the road y’all. Fuckin yeah. Woot. et cetera.

During September and October, “READY FOR THIS?” will be playing at the following venues in the following order::

Salford Lowry; Derby Assembly Rooms; Warrington Parr Hall; Swansea Grand; Swindon Wyvern; Cheltenham Town Hall; Cardiff St Davids Hall; Southampton Guildhall; Norwich Theatre Royal; Buxton Opera House; Dublin Vicar Street; Brighton Dome; St Albans Alban Arena; Stoke-on-Trent Victoria Hall; York Grand Opera House; Cambridge Corn Exchange; High Wycombe Swan; Birmingham Town Hall; Coventry Warwick Arts Centre; Bradford St Georges Hall; Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall; Bristol Colston Hall; Reading Hexagon; Newcastle City Hall; Perth Perth Concert Hall; Dunfermline Alhambra; Inverness Eden Court; Glasgow Pavilion; Aberdeen Music Hall; Bournemouth Pavilion; Belfast Ulster Hall; Sheffield City Hall; Oxford New Theatre; London Hammersmith Apollo.

Not all these dates are on sale yet, but I thought I’d give you kind persons the heads-up, as I don’t want you finding out some other way, and feeling all dirty and used. Keep an eye out on the gigs page for shows coming on sale.

My Australian tour seems to be selling with heart-warming rapidity. As a result, there have recently been extra shows added in Perth, Sydney, Wollongong and Adelaide and we’ve shifted to a bigger venue in Geelong. (If things continue like this, I’m going to buy myself a pair of trousers in celebration.) Yessirree.

Again, the place to find out about these shows and all the others is the gigs page.

This post is very linky ain’t it. I just like linking. I feel like Abraham Linkin’ would feel sitting in Linkin’ Park.

There are also a few shows happening in Auckland, New Zealand. Tickets for them ones is got by clickin’ here.

And as always, one must plug ones crap: Get a DVD. Buy a song.

Oo, oo, also, (almost forgot) I PROMISE there’ll be Tee Shirts (including a new design) and Canvas Bags on sale on this site by March. Not to mention the little detail of the “Ready For This? Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall” album being available around the same time.

Oh, it’s all so exciting. I hope you are all healthy and amused.


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Scott & Katie in Dartford on 3rd of October 2009

Hi Tim, Came to your Royal T’Wells Gig last night, superb m8, my partner and I had a great evening, got a canvas bag too. :) Be seeing you again real soon.

Rita Deeming on 26th of September 2009

I can`t wait to see you tomorrow in coventry, you bloody rock

Lyn McLoughlin on 22nd of September 2009

Dude! Come back to Ireland, please! You were bloody amazing in Vicar Street, best show I’ve ever been to! And you said you loved me cause I called you hot, haha.

Seriously though, I hope you come back next year, you were incredible and I will definitely be buying tickets if you do.

G E Barr on 22nd of September 2009

Tonight, on SodaHead.com (I go there to check on the American psyche) I was introduced to your act via video. Tim, you cannot imagine how overcome with joy I was. I thought of Molliere, Shakespeare and veggie mite. I’ve never even been to Australia.

I hope you continue in good success. You are a breath of theatrical fresh air.

Robert Knott on 16th of August 2009

hey tim i love all your songs and i cant wait till i see you live at newcastle :) i cant wait till i find out the date aswell

Jenny T on 1st of August 2009

Your NZ linky takes me to a wonderfully uplifting story regarding a man being shot dead by police, but then the joy continues as my eyes dart rightwards (it’s a word) to see that “Miley Cyrus needs Jesus”…what a topsy, turvey land New Zea is!

jessica on 24th of July 2009

i just watch you on tv last night for the first time it was AWSOME me and my brother cant stop watching it lol

Lucy Thomas on 18th of May 2009

does anyone know how old you have to be to go to one of tims gigs??

please can i have and answer ASAP because my mum wants to know lol


Jan Mulcahy on 17th of February 2009

Leonard ate the jaffa cakes
And now we’ve all got scurvy.
His legs are straight and strong
And ours have gone all curvy.

The orangey goodness I’ve been denied
Tim’s comedy can’t replace,
But I’m grateful for the smiles and laughs
Which distract me from the aches!

Leila on 17th of February 2009

Dear Tim,

Hope you’ll consider doing Amsterdam someday.
Even without “unhealthy” spliffs in our heads we’d love to laugh our nipples off.


Craig Mckay on 17th of February 2009

Alryte Tim just to say i think u ar a legend and i love ur gigs, there fine banter. Dark and realistic comedy absolutely fine mate
Anyway im from scotland (dundee) i checked out your tour dates, but no where in scotland, will u ever come up north
i no u probaly wont read this but i jsut felt i’d write anyways
craig xx

Dan on 17th of February 2009

Just seen your DVD and loved it from start to finish!

Heather R on 17th of February 2009

So I’ve decided it would be okay if you played Seattle this year, but only if you did it on the 12th, 13th, or 14th of August as I will be up that way for a friend’s wedding… Please! I’ll bat my eyes endearingly!

–**Heather (in utah)

Richard Green on 16th of February 2009

^^ oops, sorry, you’re coming to the dome! yay!

Richard Green on 16th of February 2009

Why aren’t you coming to Brighton? Ok, I saw you at the Roundhouse in Camden, but you were so f**king rock, I thought I’d go see you again!

Danielle on 15th of February 2009

hey, just saying i cant wait to see you in salford this year…
counting the days :]

ian peel on 15th of February 2009

hey tim. recently found out about you muckin about on you tube when i was supposed to be working and absolutely loved your material. can’t wait for the shows in warrington and salford. i will defo be coming. music and comedy are my greatest loves in life (after family) and the way you combine the two has me in stitches and awe. hopefully one day i will be able to play piano the way you do and express myself in a serious and lighthearted manner. your my idol. keep up the good work and i shall look forward to seeing you at the shows. i hope one day you publish your work as sheet music so we can all enjoy playing them. the way you play the piano makes it looks so easy and effortless and its inspiring to watch. i wanted to ask you how long have you been playing for and if you could recommend any books, songs to practice artists to watch and listen to or techniques to practice to help me play as fluently as you do. i don’t know hardley anything about the style of music you play but fell in love with your style and would appreciate if you could recommend any of the above. yours new fan ian

Lyndsie on 15th of February 2009

hey Tim, the previous message about the wedding and him looking for a wife…yeah I’ll be that wife, or was gunna be that wife..but since he’s such a cunt, I think i’ll find a new husband…Tim, marry me?

matt on 15th of February 2009

Tim will you perform at my wedding .. not sure when it will be , have to look for dates .. more importantly a wife .

would be great to see you there, i’ll keep you posted.

p.s so live is amazing !!!

Chuck Mattson on 14th of February 2009

Tim…When will your f**king dvd’s be available in US format??? I’ve bought 2 of your dvds (So Live and So Fucking Rock) which I then pay an additional $14.95US to have them re-recorded into NTSC format. Surely there must be a better way to get your US fans to hear you. Everyone I introduce you is blown away when they hear you…but they cannot buy you. ‘Not implying that you are for sale, or anything.

patrick spelman on 14th of February 2009

i missed u last time but this year i will be ready yes tim i am ready for this

Isabel Farquhar on 14th of February 2009

What about the U.S.? Have you thought about coming to Seattle? We could have a nice skeptics convention and a show. It would all be lovely. Actually my husband recently turned me on to you, but I don’t think he expected the addiction I have. I have to listen to Storm almost every night before bed. I also love “If I didn’t have you”. Your words are witty, the music fresh, you are a bit cheeky, but I like that best. Please come to the states sometime. You would love it in the Northwest.

Kelvin England on 13th of February 2009

Hi. I have developed what my fucking quack bastard doctor described as an ”unhealthy obsession” with you and i am looking forward to seeing you rock the fucking hizouse in York in september. I wanted to get your opinion on fellow Australian genius Chris Lilleys work, as i think summer heights high is the best tv show i have watched in a heck of a long time, i have taken it upon myself to introduce yours and Chris’ work to as many people as possible, i am being very selective however as i don’t wish to get you too well recognised so you can still enjoy a quiet poo in an alleyway when the need arises, keep up the amazingly fantastical work, hope to hear from you soon, i’ll keep spreading the word. Kelvin

Angela Stebbings on 13th of February 2009

Hi Tim – Just bought tickets for your York date for my husband and I. He’s got no idea what to expect, and I’m going to enjoy leaving him in the dark until the night! I think you are so unique and alarmingly funny; that I think to set any preconceptions will detract from the experience.

Hope you have a nice rest before your gruelling tour, and have a safe journey from Oz to here.

Take are and looking forward to it lots.

andrea on 13th of February 2009

got my tickets for Salford. will be coming with 15 year old daughter,(who bought the dvd and we watched it together, some of it abit awkward, but now have watched it few times its ok)
you make me smile, after a hard day at work. thanks

cassandra cockerill on 13th of February 2009

Saw the Leicester show yesterday – genius! beautifully brilliant – Am becoming a groupie – must come to see you in October at Appollo!

Have two copies of the dvd – one for me and one to lend out – spreading the word!

Considering becoming a stalker but husband, kids and work might just prevent me!! – Good luck in OZ…

Still laughing – Thanks.

Sara on 13th of February 2009

I’ll give you a rediculously underinflated American Dollar if you will come play for me in the States. Maybe you can bring your bike pump with you we can inflatable ‘it’? Please? I have a piano right here in my living room. It’s out of tune but it wouldn’t matter if you played F(Shitting)# all night. I’m good with that.

James Roberts on 13th of February 2009

Dude…Saw your show at Leicester last night.

Totally fuckin rocked!!!!

You’re AWESOME man! The word “Genius” can’t even describe what you do!

See ya in September and good luck with the tour.

Angela Randle on 13th of February 2009

we have tickets to see you in september at the york show, so f**ckin excited (see what i did there?) cant wait. hope you hang around for photos and wot not, think you’re awesome!!! love your work!!! xxx

Willow on 12th of February 2009

OOOohhhh Sheffield! That’s closer to me. Yay! At this point in time I have watched your DVD that much that my Mum thinks you’re awesome too, so we’re going to try super hard to get to see you at Sheffield. We just need someone to babysit my little brother and someone to bring us home and we’re all set! I will be there, mark my words!
From Willow!

real dave on 12th of February 2009

naked polar bears cooking forks in the bubble wrapped paper desert, while the spectacled flying fishes look astonished

i just learned dark side from one of those highly illegal, deeply unethical chord websites (boo, and indeed, hoo, for you, sir) but you’ll be happy to know, i didn’t warm up properly, and now i’ve pulled the tendons in me wanking hand (boo, and indeed, hoo, for me)

Conor M on 11th of February 2009

I’m coming to see you at newcastle city hall, and i am so excited. sitting at the centre of the 4th row, watching you rock the place =P. cant wait, love your work so much. So fucking rock is such an amazing dvd, and your albums dark side and so rock cant be beaten. see you on october 7th x

JAMES MCBAIN on 11th of February 2009


Leslie on 11th of February 2009

Any chance of a US tour at some point? I’d love to see your show live.

Goran on 11th of February 2009

Thank you, Tim. I love your work. And hope to see you some day, if you visit my small yet fun country. (all the best, fan club croatia)

Jacquie E. on 11th of February 2009

As above:
think you’re awsome etc.

why do we need to put in our e-mail addies?

Jacquie E. on 11th of February 2009

I wish I could be as creative as you but all the songs I write end up not being ‘perfect’ and I have to have them destroyed. Which is a real bitch when you’re doing a year 10 music course and need to compose a piece for the whole school to see. anyways…

Wes on 10th of February 2009


You are amazingly funny and talented, thanks for allowing some of your hits to be downloaded on your site. I’ve been pluging you all over the net the past few days :)

Keep up the great work!

Noah on 10th of February 2009

TIM, you are soo cool, im in toronto canada, and love happy little africuns, keep on rockin

Jay Saunders on 9th of February 2009

Mainly I fancy girls. But I kinda fancy you.

woot Uk tour!

Emily on 9th of February 2009

hi i love you!!
i am going to see you at southampton and i am soooooooooooooooo excited!
cant wait!
love you and all your songs
love Emily

Jeremy & Kirsty Meadowcroft on 9th of February 2009

Got your DVD for Xmas & only just watched you for the first time, but we think you are `So F**ckin Ace` ! Your Sooooo lucky !

We want to see you play `Mitsubishi Colt` so have just bought tickets for Bradford in October`09 – How far off is that!

C U there !

max on 8th of February 2009

you make life a bit more bearable
this means alot

if you can see my email ive had it since i was 14 and i havnt had the heart to change it and i dont see why i should granted i had to create a second when i applied for uni, just dont be put off by it.
so yeah. you rock,if you emailed me hello or something id print it out in big and put it on my walls, or maybe put it on a T shirt x

Chris on 8th of February 2009

i just found out about you and im thoroughly impressed by your. your style is original and i love your attitude.
im a fellow musician..and up till now, i was in need of some real inspiration. Matthew Bellamy was the last one to give that to me so you should feel special :)

anyways, i play piano. for a while, ive known it’s what i want to do with my life. no lessons, learning by ear.

im having just a little bit of trouble creating my own music
do you have any advice for a young pianist?

Marc Madden on 8th of February 2009

Geez dude – drop by the states sometime. You might make enough money off of us to augment those Australian trousers with some genuine American, Chinese-made, socks. The Kennedy Center in DC would be good – you can crash here if that trip breaks you a bit… and I will get you drunk on my home-made strawberry wine! : )

As Chaos theory (well, hypothesis actually) breaks everything down into a more stable state, let me just say that you obviously rock! Good luck and may you stay on top of your game for as long as you want to be there!

Crunchy on 8th of February 2009

Though we are a mite bit low on the totem pole of likability right now, please let us know if you swing by the USA. We don’t bite, really. We could use some pants wetting comedy, though many of us probably can’t afford a ticket.

FINNI GOLDEN on 8th of February 2009

Hi Tim!
It’s my birthday today, and I’m in sunny Simonstown (just next to Cape Town) and you were the after dinner entertainment (I came armed with your dvd)… and, obviously (since I have mature and discerning friends here) you went down a storm (a “Storm”… ha ha… although they still have that treat to come, of course) … strange indeed because there was an electrical storm and delicious warm rain this evening (it was very hot today)… but I digress… the general consensus of the evening is that you must come to South Africa… Cape Town will love you… and you will LOVE Cape Town!
So, since the Portsmouth B&B, villa in Greece, Chalet in Val D’Isere, where ever it was in Italy, haven’t sufficed, then how about a house on Boulders Beach with the penguins!
Much love and thanks again for it all! Especially for returning to Southampton… although the Isle of Portsmouth will miss you muchly!!!
finni (& Alex)

Clare(i on 8th of February 2009

hopes ill see u again in september in the ulster hall <3
my mates convinced that in the pic i got taken with you in Belfast at the duke special gig that i look like u love child cus of my hair lolz

Helen Hancock on 7th of February 2009

Hi Tim, I’m definitely going to see you in Inverness, and my Sister is going to see you in Cambridge. We’ve just spent the evening watching you on youtube – great fun! Good luck with the tour. x x x

Jodie The Beast on 7th of February 2009

Hey Tim…Ignore what Mr Sony has to say. “Clever and quirky” most certainly does appeal to the teenage market =)

Woop. x

Ray on 7th of February 2009

I was just inquiring as to weather or not you are going to have an American tour? I really think that your gig would go down well with college students. And as a college student myself it makes it virtually impossible to see you in the UK or Australia.

Tim on 7th of February 2009

Just caught your interview on the Skeptic’s guide. Thanks for what you are doing.

Kim Reed on 6th of February 2009

Uuuhhh…yeah, are you ever going to tour the USA?

Duprey Juliette on 6th of February 2009

Hi Tim,
I saw you in NYC at the brigade theatre and this fall in London BUT I live in Paris, would you please come ????
Don’t think that French people don’t speak English and won’t understand you ! We’re not THAT arrogant. Please, please come! I’ve put your “canvas bag” and your “song for Palestine” on my Facebook and people liked it very much. If you need to get contacts or anything in Paris, Let me know I may can help you even if I assume that you have someone very qualified for this in your “entourage”. Hope to see you one day perform in France ! Good luck. Sincerly, Juliette Duprey

justina campbell on 6th of February 2009

hey, was just watching ‘dark side’ as i managed to miss that one song when i watched your dvd the other day, and i could have sworn at the beginning you said ‘i could de-vedder my brooding potential’ and then at the perfect moment out came ‘jeremy’ absolute genius!!!!!(i had to look up the lyrics just to make sure it was ‘develop’!) are you sure i didn’t make you from a kit?????

Ninja (the ex ginger one) on 6th of February 2009

Yushhhhh mate. Looking forward to October already. The only time I can handle being seen in the Pavillion is for talent of your calibre. YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY! etc…..

Mandy Billings on 5th of February 2009

Mr Tim.I can hardly believe my eye’s,you are coming back to Sheffield! I am so giddy.Although I have got tickets for London a mere 5 days later,I need tickets for Sheff’ too. I have just tried to book them but they are not on sale yet.I now feel terribly apprehensive that I won’t get a ticket or a shitty ticket in a shitty seat with a shitty view and a shitty tall person in front of me. You know I will not settle until I get my ticket now. Still giddy. Mandy-lou.xxxx

Steve on 5th of February 2009

Can I wax lyrical about wonderful serendipity at this point? Tim, I had never even heard of you before I saw you on stage at St Georges Market when you were Duke Specials “special guest” and that was an awesome night! Was watching your dvd the other night, thought that I would check out your site to find you were doing a UK tour. So quickly bought tickets to your Cheltenham gig as that is where my partner is from, so “K” will be flying in from Switzerland and I’ll becoming in from Northern Ireland. But just now found that you have decided on a Belfast gig. All I can say is that me and my mates will be there. Hunting for tickets tomorrow………

-chrissie- on 5th of February 2009

your voice makes me melt.


Maus Corderman on 5th of February 2009

You said this was a nice thing to happen… so i am trying to make you smile; in a way.

I live Orlando, FL, USA. I cant really say for sure how large of a fan-base you might have here, but one can wish cant one? Yes one can. So it is my hope that other fans here in Florida might have written to you letting you know you would be loved and adored here in a live venue (But not in an awkward inappropriate way). Also, you can visit theme parks during your visit to make it more pleasant. or perhaps even in a city anywhere within the southern USA. Because I have the ability to travel a small distance. Im sure others do too.

Even if you never come this way… thank you for being you. If I am ever having a bad day i listen to a few of your songs and viola! No more bad day. I think you are an amazing artist.


Jim Patten on 5th of February 2009

Great interview on SGU, keep up the good work!. Jim, New Jersey USA

Brian Johnson on 4th of February 2009

learned about you today on the Skeptics guide—–i am an instant fan hope you come to austin soon

David on 4th of February 2009

Congratulations on your international success! Any plans to return to the USA? I flew all the way from Florida to NYC to see you, and I’d do it over again if given the opportunity. A visit to Florida would simplify matters, but I won’t be greedy.

Laura C on 3rd of February 2009

Hi – do come to The Stables at Milton Keynes x

leigh on 3rd of February 2009

I was just wondering whether there was an address that artwork could be sent to you? I was watching ‘so fucking rock’ yesterday and reminded me of an early joker, in a good way!, so being abit of a batman freak i’ve decided to see what you actually look like in that sort of style. So when it’s done i would really like you to take a look.
cheers bean!

Laura C on 3rd of February 2009

Hi!! I can’t believe there is a reference to ‘2 girls 1 cup’ on here!! Niki love, that is just so very wrong – on many, many levels!!!
On a nicer note, the shoe choice is going well and Scarlet and I built a Tim Minchin snowman!! So all is good!! Oh, and I need to purchase more mascara – again! hugs xxx

Louise on 3rd of February 2009

Hi Tim, I am 12 years old and I am in grade 7 piano. Any tips on exams?

melior on 3rd of February 2009

I hope you decide eventually come to the US for a tour. I ran across a link to your Storm monologue via Orac’s blog, and my sides still hurt from laughing.

Louise Foster on 3rd of February 2009

Buxton! AHH that has made my year.

I now have front row tickets, which is why I am wearing a rather overly dramatic grin on my face.

Hope you are enjoying your tour, and of course reveling in adoration from your fans :)


Curt Nelson on 3rd of February 2009

Tim, just heard you on SGU and enjoyed you very much. I’d like to see you perform, so I’ll be on the lookout for you coming around here (Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA).

Curt Nelson

Niki on 2nd of February 2009

Am slightly concerned that ‘Two fists, one heart’ may get confused with ‘Two girls, one cup’ (since that connection was put in my head, it takes me a while to remember the ‘correct’ name for your movie! Unfortunate?

justina campbell on 2nd of February 2009

i have just watched your ‘so fucking rock live’ dvd and not just my face, but my whole body aches from laughing. it is a good thing i was watching it in my own home and in the presence of a really close friend, as strangers in a public place might have thought i was a fitting epileptic and tried to shove a used lollypop stick into my mouth! i have bought tickets for your gig in southampton on the 12th of september and i would wait with bated breath but i’m fairly certain science would back me up in saying that’s not sustainable for 7 months, and i don’t want to die and waste my ticket! i shall undoubtedly watch the dvd several more times in the interim period, as i am hoping to increase the durability of the muscles in my face so that i am able to laugh to my full potential when the time comes. i have already watched ‘if i didn’t have you’ on multiple, though not yet numerous occasions, and each time i find myself grinning ridiculously at the friends i am about to share you with, in anticipation of both their laughter and my own. your comedy has that rare and enviable quality of improving with each consumption. if someone gave me a ‘make your own comedian’ kit, i think my creation would be a staggeringly close approximation to you. i suspect my eagerly anticipated night in your company will consist of a plethora of new material, but if you feel inclined to throw in some ‘angry (feet)’, for example, on perhaps some sort of whim or a reaction to some subliminal suggestion, or just because i’m asking you to, that would be wonderful.

Paul McHone on 2nd of February 2009

Hello, I just listened to your interview on “The Skeptics Guide to the Universe” and YOU ROCK! Don’t be squeamish about your juxtaposition of classical music with comedy – look at Victor Borge!

Thanks and hope to see you in the US sometime.

Bill on 2nd of February 2009

Hi Tim,

I’ve just finished listening to your interview with Steve and the rogues of the SGU (I simply F**KING LOVE that podcast). I hadn’t heard of you before but I was impressed with your candour and insight and the “idea” of you. Had a quick wander around the internet to see what you were about and, crikey mate!, methinks you’ve gained a new fan.


Emily on 1st of February 2009

Heard you on Skeptics Guide to the Universe and I decided to check your stuff out. You are so funny and a blast to listen to. I hope to see you in the U.S some day. My favorite song so far is “If I didn’t have you”. My husband and I met in high school and I laughed my ass off when I heard it. I’ll be buying a CD soon, but I have to save some cash first. Keep up the great work!

Rebecca McMonies on 1st of February 2009

hey tim,

just like to ask if you could come to any venue in scotland at all the closest tour date and venue to my house is warrington which is about 4 hours drive away please or even like newcastle if u have ever heard of tht place!!! People of NORTHERN BRITAIN AND SCOTLAND want to c u but will have to drive further than mary and joseph had to travel on their ass to get to ur show hehe!!!

thanks xxx
(btw getn ur dvd for my b-day cannot wait hehe)

Evelyn Davies on 1st of February 2009

We loved your performance at Coldfall school…brilliant and such fun….if you can squeeze in a visit to our kids in school to do an assembly on your canvas bag song we’d be over the moon and the kids would love it…we’re going for eco school status at the moment so the song fits in really well!

Thanks so much for your time for Fabian….we are so grateful.
Love and best wishes,

(Head teacher)

Kane Shuppert on 1st of February 2009

I just “discovered” you last night whilst listening to the Skeptics Guide. As of this moment, all I know of you is from that interview, and I fell in love during the opening clip where you ask “when, in the entire history of the world…”

Ok, off to YouTube to see an entire piece or two and show them to the wife…

God Bless! Of course, not literally!

dopey on 1st of February 2009

this guy is a legend

Danny "Dr" Grace on 1st of February 2009

It’s all well and good but you can’t bowl a zooter now, can you? Would you mind asking your audiences if anyone can and if so, send them to Sydney. Thinking about it, a mere outswinger will do. Hell, we’d accept just a plain ‘ole swinger with raincoat at this stage. Insert complimentary statement to your talent here with exclamation mark!

Steven on 1st of February 2009

Get a gig in Glasgow, Scotland damn you. Just listened to you on the latest episode of the SGU. Good stuff.

Lloyd on 31st of January 2009

Hey this is Lloyd, a big fan of Tim Minchin. I love stuff like Angry (Feet) and Taboo. I hope I can get hold of the DVD where I live.

Linda on 31st of January 2009

i am rediculously excited for the southampton show. im on row b!. and its only january.
i have to wait 9 months….i dont know how ill cope.

Jade, 15 on 31st of January 2009

please come to the USA! I would love to see one of your shows! my friends and I think you are brilliantly off your rocker :o)

Adam Connolly on 31st of January 2009

Please please visit Scotland, My wife got me “so rock” dvd for christmas and its the best show i have ever seen, so if you ever find the time please play Scotland,Errr Dundee would be a great start.!!!

Shae Thomson on 31st of January 2009

The Forum in Melbourne is 18+ only. Wow so that was the biggest let down of my day. I guess we will just have to wait till you come back, however many years away that will be =[

I don’t normally go on your sites so i didn’t realise you were friends with Martin Martini [one of Australia’s greatest musicians!] but i spotted him at your ‘Friends and Family Gig’ on Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd and you moved up in my fav comedians to equal first with Bill Bailey =]

Also your song at the end of Enough Rope was so beautiful it had me in tears. I hope one day i eventually get to see you live, enjoy your big AUS UK tour.

Devon M. Scott on 31st of January 2009


I’ve worked with a lot of entertainers & musicians & am completely impressed by your musical ability, lyrical skill & incredible comedic timing. I must thank Graham Norton for recently introducing me to your work. I’ll be looking for an opportunity to catch a live show when one comes close enough to Texas.

All the best!

Sara and Alex on 30th of January 2009

OMG! just watched the DVD… if you werent married… omg! wait…. married or not.. we have no issue… loved the DVD… you are amazingly talented. hope to see you in the UK real soon… x

Sam Waugh on 30th of January 2009

I will be there, Is there an age limit on it, Cause my bro wants to go??

The (Ex-Ginger) Ninja on 30th of January 2009

Tim, you have saved the internet for me. I was starting to be convinced that it’s only really used for procrastinating and porn til I remembered that fit, funny, ginger guy off Never Mind the Buzzcocks and went youtubing. Now admittedly, I just procrastinate by watching your videos, as opposed to a funny dog on a swing, but somehow I don’t feel as guilty. I’m living in Spain this year until June and therefore couldn’t make the christmas gigs. To make it up, do you fancy coming any closer to Glasgow on the tour? If need be, I will do the 8 hour coach trip (each way) to London and back, but if you could make it past the border, you can be assured of some very grateful fans…that sounded more pervy than intended. so yeah, GLASGOWGLASGOWGLASGOWGLASGOWGLASGOW! (or we’ll pure hefty chib yer maw pal)

Mark on 30th of January 2009

Cum to NZ I will supply the girls moahahahahaha

Heather R on 30th of January 2009

The song on iTunes is worth owning. :) and you can order Tim’s cds through this here site, shipping rates arent too bad. Personally waiting to order more until the new cd is out to condense my shipping costs…

**insert random admission of devoutness here**


Rani on 30th of January 2009

This is the FAQ question:
You look like Lars Ulrich. Does it annoy you?

Mark on 30th of January 2009

Tim, I heard Storm today and instantly became a devoted fan. How do I buy your music in the US? You’re on neither Amazon nor iTunes (save one song). Must consume genius music!

Amere Mortal on 30th of January 2009

Please, please please, ya gotta help me. I am to be strung up for missing out on tickets to the Adelaide Fringe shows! I know it’s like, hard work and stuff, but couldn’t you add just one more show? Pretty please? I’ll be your friend! I’ll bake you a cake! Hell, I’ll even massage your arms and hands to ease the strain from all that extra digit-al dancing they have to do. Please?

Lee on 30th of January 2009

Come to Perth, SCOTLAND!

Ian on 29th of January 2009

OH TIM! CAN YOU DO LIKE A EMINEM ‘STAN’ STYLE SONG ABOUT ME! You know the one were he has that avid fan who writes him loads with no reply then kills himself! i swear to fuck i’ll cut myself if you dont!
—- azy
/ \ / \ r
¬¦ o o ¦¬ <—– t not c
¦ db ¦ h m
\ o–/ a i
—- ts me

jem on 29th of January 2009

cool man me and the missus are LARGE fans….. not like morbidly obese or anything, infact i look like a rope with a nose!
cant wait till you’re back in landan tawn! Jem + Lucy

Tim Minchin’s Storm from 9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People « Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science on 29th of January 2009

[…] scholar and a gentleman. Anyone who wants to see Tim Minchin perform should consult his Tour Dates and Gigs page to see if there is one scheduled near to […]

Steve on 29th of January 2009

Are you ever coming to the US?

Tim Minchin Is Generous: See His Own Non-Pirate Storm: Updated « Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science on 29th of January 2009

[…] Anyone who wants to see Tim Minchin perform should consult his Tour Dates to see if there is one scheduled near to […]

lewis carr on 29th of January 2009

you’re so cool
me and my friend are in love with you,
you’re really funny,

any hoo,
why arent you coming to newcastle for your tour,
i would love to see you live.

James on 29th of January 2009

How much would it cost me to get you to a party of mine while your in Adelaide for the fringe? Your the funniest cunt i ever heard!

Steven on 29th of January 2009

When will “Storm” be available.

rodger mcclelland on 29th of January 2009

…no gig in scotland…. :(

Linda on 28th of January 2009

i definately agree that the camden roundhouse gig was awsome! i had an amazing night. and in relation to that couple…how very kind of you to stop precedings and sort out their situation. haha.
also stroke of genius in the you tube lament punch line being said first. it definatly brought a new light to it….am i the only one that was thinking that was not a mistake.
i think your to intellegent for that. and your talents amaze me!
i love you tim
keep up the good work and see you in southampton

Mollie on 28th of January 2009

what’s the age limit on the cardiff gig?


Your Supplier of Cheeky Chocolate Chimps on 28th of January 2009

Yippee! Any chance your Hammersmith Apollo show will be picked up by the BBC for their Live From The Apollo series?! That would be rather awesome.
It’s great news that you and your trusty Grand are hitting the road again Tim; we’ll see you in Norwich as Suffolk still seems to be too far East!?

We’re still recovering from Camden – that was such an unrepeatable night – from the guy who’s relationship was ‘complicated’; the fantastic dancing bear; announcing the punchline instead of the song title and then busting your piano stool – priceless!! And that heartfelt rendition of Hallelujah -You deserved the standing ovation that night – I can’t remember ever being so entertained and I’m probably one of your, er, older, well, wiser, fans!!
Trust your stool has been well and truly fixed – Don’t work too hard hon!

Jamin Yeager on 28th of January 2009


Please come to the states! I promise to use all the firearms at my disposal to personally protect you during your stay. Ben (Folds) swings through every year or so, you can ask him for advice! I’m in Oklahoma, which would be risky, but with enough bulletproof glass on the Minchin-mobile, I reckon we could get you from one end of the bible belt clear through to the other.

Just read your latest poem (storm) and can’t wait till you release your DVD.

Kind Regards,


Kelly on 28th of January 2009

I know I’ve already commented on here, but I’m just pleased to say I got my tickets for the Southampton Guildhall today! I’ll be in B row, so look out for me (I’m the one with the brown hair and fringe :D)… oh, and don’t mention sex too much, I’m going with my dad! MAS :P

Faye Clark on 28th of January 2009

Good luck for the tour. I hope you have fun, especially in Cardiff ;)
I’ll be getting some tickets for Cambridge hopefully. Mum isn’t too pleased as we’ve already seen the show twice, but I shall force her! :) She loves it when she’s there but doesn’t like spending money. Maybe I’ll get a job to fund your shows and replacement canvas bags…
Faye xxxxxx

M on 28th of January 2009

Carl Connor in Ireland is passing off one of your songs as his own on his bebo blog. Take him down.

midgetsmidgetsmidgets on 28th of January 2009

will be at wycombe-conveniently you’re playing a few days after i start uni in the same town..i love conspiracy ;)
and undoubtedly hammersmith. got my tickets! waiting for wycombe swan to put me outta my misery.
love you!

Sean Clark on 28th of January 2009

you are a musical god and you should totally do a tour of the US

Jenny on 27th of January 2009

you actually make me die
(in a good way)
unless you actually want me to die
then dieing of laughter would not be the desired outcome for you so would not be the ‘good way’
im pretty much in love with you so its all good.

Andrea on 27th of January 2009

I know you here this all the time, but here it goes. I wish you were doing a tour in the US. I can’t afford the airfare to Aust or the UK. Still waiting patiently!

DVD’s would be good too!

Helena on 26th of January 2009

Grr and sob. WARNING! I feel a rant coming on. Although i adore you tim has scotland fallen off the bloody map. We seem 2 be forgotten not just by you but rock bands as well. Has scotland treated you badly or something. Get it sorted for the sake of the sanity of all involved. Plus dont do the tourist thing and just visit edinburgh. Glasgow loves you. Please come back. X. Rant over anger fading. X. Go on you know you wanna. X.

Amber on 26th of January 2009

This is very good news, especially the “going on the road” bit as some of the venues are within my maximum travelling distance (cool huh?) therefore, i will deffinately be venturing out into the wilderness to see you. Be afraid, be very afraid..and exciting, as i shall undoubtedly bring gifts :D xxxx

Laura C on 26th of January 2009

I have just got front row tickets for Birmingham – and as I was feeling nice, I got them for Chris and Gemma and Hannah and we are all very very happy :-)
I knew today would be a good day!! Big hugs xx

Jess on 26th of January 2009

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh come to newcastle please!!!!!!!!!!!

Lou on 26th of January 2009

Hi Tim,
I recently bought ‘So f**cking Rock’ and I think that you are one of the funniest people… possibly in the world! lol.
I am very excited about the Cardiff gig, and I will be buying tickets as soon as I get paid, the only problem is that most of my mates don’t get your humour… need to show more people your dvd in order to find a companion for the gig!
Thanks for making me laugh!
Lou x

Melissa on 26th of January 2009

Thank You!!!!
We really wanted to come see you in london but the tickets were all sold out even though we checked back so many times so we’re going to come see you in Cambridge which is much more handy because that is where we live! Thank you captain obvious. Sorry.
Ahh, this made my crappy day slightly less unappealing.

Katie Talmage on 26th of January 2009


Slip a date into your tour to come to the ‘Beef Capital’ of Australia will you!!!!!

i will personally sell tickets!

Simon Popplewell on 26th of January 2009

Hi im hopefully coming to one of your gigs in the UK just messaging you to say your one of the funniest musicians, actually the funniest musician i have ever heard. I love your song and im going out to buy the So Live DVD as soon as i have the money.

Anyway im going to end this message with a plea


plea over :D

your great now so keep it up

Rae on 25th of January 2009

Hey. It would be cool if you came to Sunderland or Newcastle! I got your So Fucking Rock DVD a couple of weeks ago and it’s amazing. Thanks for being mint.


Lyndsey Evans on 25th of January 2009

Very excited that you’re doing another tour Tim :) Can’t wait! I’ll see you at Norwich and maybe Cambridge. I keep spreading the word on my facebook so I may have several people with me :) yay! Do you have a street team to help with publicity?

By the way, I like linkin’ as well :) Did lots of it when I was writing CD-Roms and stuff for uni.

All the best for the next tour.
Lyndsey x

kevin fitzpatrick on 25th of January 2009

hi Tim tried for seats to your show in january no luck man you should have seen the prices on e-bay for em!! but being tight my girl got some for october for a score and looking forward to that,if you need a good price for a decent tour bus get in touch i drive bands buses and they even got beds in em but you`ll have to bring your own beer the boss aint that generous.have a good tour and bring your angry feet in october mate!!!

olgg on 25th of January 2009

>_< visit Poland please!!!!

Bethan on 25th of January 2009

YAY =)
I’ll be there in cardiff, i keep ringing and harrassing st davids hall for when the tickets will be on sale. They said once you sign on the dotted line..
So don’t you sign from the 29th of january till the 2nd of february. Those 5 days, okay? Or else i’ll have crappy seats. So if they go on sale while im away i’ll be the one in the back of the arena will binolulars =)

Thanks xxx

Rhiannon Louise on 24th of January 2009

WOW! TIM i now love you!….ish
il so be seeing you at the end of the year if it kills me!lol
how exciting! woop! i cant wait! iv heard your even better live! i shall see! (not that im in any place to judge!)

Rhi =D

Deanna on 24th of January 2009

Wow. Someone has had a bit of (well deserved) time on his hands…

Nial on 24th of January 2009

Now, Tim; Don’t forget to take your canvas bag to the supermarket later on tonight. I loved that song, I listened to it on Youtube, I was laughing so hard, great job on that!
And, of course, I’ll be sure to order a ticket for your upcoming live tour.. It should be some fun to watch, eh? Anywho, keep up the amazing work, good sir!

From Nial,
West Yorkshire.

CassieMae on 24th of January 2009

Hey Tim.

Great news on the tour :)

Good luck! And I look forward to seeing you again, and again and maybe eve some more.
You make me broke.
Feel guilty.


emma. on 24th of January 2009

Tim! You have to come to Scotland, seriously. Scottish people love you too!

Kathleen on 24th of January 2009

I lied! That is not all.

I’d just like to second the person saying ‘come to Glasgow again this/next time.’ You know Armadillo-shaped concert halls are right. ;)

Kathleen on 24th of January 2009


That is all.

Will f y on 24th of January 2009

YAY More gigs!!!!
but if they are all 16+ i will be sooo ANGRY
but lets hope there not!!
goo you!!!!!

Rebecca on 24th of January 2009

Awww Tim please come to County Cork. Its The Real Capital of Ireland !! PlEASE COME TO THE OPREA HOUSE IN CORK CITY !!

Jenny / Minchiemamma / lovely Jenny :D on 24th of January 2009

Here we go again… :D

Tickets already purchased, others being coveted greatly while awaiting them going on sale.

See you in the Autumn fella :) xx

Laura C on 24th of January 2009

Laura C is very happily attending your UK tour later this year!! You are, quite frankly – lovely xx I will have to purchase new purple shoes!!

Trish on 23rd of January 2009

When do the tickets go on sale???

Emms on 23rd of January 2009

I’m getting tickets for Warrington as soon as they go on sale. I’m so excited champagne came out my nose :)

Qwerty102 on 23rd of January 2009

woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo! Dublin!!!!! Yay! The subliminal bullying worked! See you (not) soon (enough)!

Martin Bowley on 23rd of January 2009

I’m still bored………………………..
I found this old M&M under my bed the other day.. I almost ate it.

Claire on 23rd of January 2009

First time poster. Just to say the little French girl I am bought tickets to finally see you at the end of the year in London. I’ll bring another Frenchie with me^^
Is it October yet?
I’m coming to you since you’re not coming to me… Why is that? French people can speak English, we’re not far AND bonus point, we have good food!
As you can see, English language is not perfect but isn’t a problem, can you come now^^

Willow on 23rd of January 2009

Hiya! Gosh, all those UK dates and not a one of them can I get to! The closest is 46.8 miles away from me, according to GoogleMaps! I don’t drive, my Mum doesn’t drive, how annoying is that? I’d get the train, but I know from experience that they don’t do many trains at night. I can get there, but I can’t get back until the day after. I was aiming for the Derby gig, or the York gig which is a bit further. See, I live in a tiny little town that happens to be nowhere near any city that has any decent venues. You should come to Retford (where I live). Or somewhere sort of close. We have this really awesome place called the Majestic Theatre, you could play there! I’m going to learn to drive this year. Hey, maybe if I learn fast and by some miracle get a car, I could come to see you at Derby. I turn 17 in May, so here’s hoping!
From Willow

Kelly on 23rd of January 2009

Yay, more dates! But I see you’re not coming to Bournemouth :(.. you really should, we dont bite!
Never mind, I’ll be getting tickets for Southampton and a canvas bag when March comes :)
Cant wait!

Sarah on 23rd of January 2009

Hey Tim, woo hoo for more Timlive extravagance! But I would like to echo the sentiments of a few people above – Please come to Scotland again. I sent you an email about The Alahambra in Dunfermline (check out the linky-link above) – it really is a lovely theatre, all old and stuff. And Jimmy Carr is coming but we’d much rather have you! I’m coming to Hammersmith anyway but a show near home would be lovely. Yours in pleadingness x

Linz on 23rd of January 2009

cant believe your not coming to scotland (ABERDEEN) this time…BOO BOO! im going to go crawl somewhere dark and be depressed for a while :(

Lynne on 23rd of January 2009

Hurrah! I have my tickets for London and can’t wait to see you live, however, I am a little concerned that you appear to be working extremely hard. So, take it easy between gigs and look after your little family. XX

Sophie on 23rd of January 2009

Wow lucky comment number 13 . . . so i have a request. Just a wee cheeky one, but a request nonetheless (ooh it rhymes!) And that is that you come to Scotland!!! PLEASE!!! We’re paying for a mighty big chunk of yer olympics y’know – it’s the least you could do. And specifically, if you could come to glasgow, I mean, our main concert hall is shaped like an armidillo! Imagine that! Please please please – otherwise i’ll totally stop hitting the refresh button when I’m looking at your vids on Youtube

annawaits on 23rd of January 2009

I notice the links to merch aren’t joke links…. Hee. I’m gonna go buy myself a gong. (And thanks for the update, of course :D) xx

Andrea on 23rd of January 2009

Please no-one reading these comments think I was being dismissive of those who will be buying more tickets – I thought if I declared publicly that I am not going it will stop me from giving into temptation to buy tickets when they go on sale. I am weak.

I’ll go now.

Andrea on 23rd of January 2009

Oh yes – thanks for the news update (long overdue)

I shan’t be buying tickets myself since I’ve seen Ready For This? twice (which I realise isn’t many times compared to some) and if we’re in the midst of a recession I ought to exercise temperance so that I can fund other new experiences. Still, it is cool that other people who missed out will now get a chance to see you live. I am looking forward to the CD coming out and will break open my piggy bank for that.

Andrea on 23rd of January 2009

Due to the comment above I had to go and have a look at the ‘Linkin Park’ link and coincidentally it is somewhere I have walked past – in a tiny, obscure, rather Women’s Institutey village (where my inlaws live!) The caravan park rather lowers the tone of the place….

OK – completely random, but you started it.

DiB (Sue) on 23rd of January 2009

Haha! Not the Linkin Park I was expecting, sneaky linky-links.

Well, let’s see, shows, T shirts, bags and a CD, all in March? It’s a good job I have a job to pay for all this stuff so I can buy it, and from the profit made you can buy stuff too. Who says Australia is in a recession?


Paul on 23rd of January 2009

very excited and healthy and amused Tim … just thought I’d look because I got an email from the people at Ticketmasters last night announcing your show (the cheek!) in Sept in York – tickets on sale this morning, so I got some, in case it’s true!
Can’t wait,

Thinwhiteduke11 on 23rd of January 2009

Also, dunno if you noticed, but if you follow the link from your very linky page to the Abraham Lincoln page, you’ll see a link to a page on the ‘Copperheads’. Co-incidence? I think not!

Thinwhiteduke11 on 23rd of January 2009

So glad you’re coming to Dubin, but please add a Belfast date also. Thanks for the helpful little link to the graphs explaining supply and demand, though in direct contrast to your wonderful song ‘If I Didn’t Have You’, the reason for there being no seats left at your gigs is not about the maths and all about the love!

Kate on 23rd of January 2009

Was resigned to waiting months for more UK tour dates, so this is splendid – I shall look forward to one of more of these very much indeed. Although given the linkyness of this post, I can’t believe you’re not playing Lincoln while you’re at it ;-)

Melissa15678 on 23rd of January 2009

I am going to get to a show, I am. I am! Tim you are wonderful and deserve a big gold shiny star! Woo!


Manx-Michelle on 23rd of January 2009

You fucking brilliant man.

I shall check my free times with location with dates and shall make a plan.

Pretty damn awesome, this.

Georgie on 23rd of January 2009

Hey Tim! Long time no email/comment/contact. Missed me? :P I have been busy. Well, not really, but I’m on holidays so time seems to go too fast to get anything done! I am healthy. And this blog amused me! It is very random indeed… :P In a strange mood when you wrote this were you?

I am pleased to tell you that I have contributed quite significantly to the fast selling-ness of tickets for your Aussie tour… Will be coming to many-a-show in “Woolen-Gong”, Sydney, Geelong, Melbourne and Perth and very much looking forward to all of them! And all the travel in between with several of my lovely angry-feeter friends :D I won’t be stuck down in Tassie for much longer!

Hopefully you’ll even see me at some of your UK dates in September!

Georgie xx

Liza (wickedlibrarian) on 23rd of January 2009

Oh, joyous day! *gets busy planning next UK adventure*
Thanks for giving us all even more to look forward to!
~♥ muchly!!

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