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I did a tour last year to which as many people came as there were seats available. Now unless there was an extraordinary cosmic coincidence and it just happened that at every venue I visited, the number of seats correlated exactly with the number of people who wanted to see my show, we can infer that in all probability there exist some people who wanted to see my show but were unable to, due to demand for seats exceeding supply of seats.

So. I’m going back on the road y’all. Fuckin yeah. Woot. et cetera.

During September and October, “READY FOR THIS?” will be playing at the following venues in the following order::

Salford Lowry; Derby Assembly Rooms; Warrington Parr Hall; Swansea Grand; Swindon Wyvern; Cheltenham Town Hall; Cardiff St Davids Hall; Southampton Guildhall; Norwich Theatre Royal; Buxton Opera House; Dublin Vicar Street; Brighton Dome; St Albans Alban Arena; Stoke-on-Trent Victoria Hall; York Grand Opera House; Cambridge Corn Exchange; High Wycombe Swan; Birmingham Town Hall; Coventry Warwick Arts Centre; Bradford St Georges Hall; Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall; Bristol Colston Hall; Reading Hexagon; Newcastle City Hall; Perth Perth Concert Hall; Dunfermline Alhambra; Inverness Eden Court; Glasgow Pavilion; Aberdeen Music Hall; Bournemouth Pavilion; Belfast Ulster Hall; Sheffield City Hall; Oxford New Theatre; London Hammersmith Apollo.

Not all these dates are on sale yet, but I thought I’d give you kind persons the heads-up, as I don’t want you finding out some other way, and feeling all dirty and used. Keep an eye out on the gigs page for shows coming on sale.

My Australian tour seems to be selling with heart-warming rapidity. As a result, there have recently been extra shows added in Perth, Sydney, Wollongong and Adelaide and we’ve shifted to a bigger venue in Geelong. (If things continue like this, I’m going to buy myself a pair of trousers in celebration.) Yessirree.

Again, the place to find out about these shows and all the others is the gigs page.

This post is very linky ain’t it. I just like linking. I feel like Abraham Linkin’ would feel sitting in Linkin’ Park.

There are also a few shows happening in Auckland, New Zealand. Tickets for them ones is got by clickin’ here.

And as always, one must plug ones crap: Get a DVD. Buy a song.

Oo, oo, also, (almost forgot) I PROMISE there’ll be Tee Shirts (including a new design) and Canvas Bags on sale on this site by March. Not to mention the little detail of the “Ready For This? Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall” album being available around the same time.

Oh, it’s all so exciting. I hope you are all healthy and amused.


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Scott & Katie in Dartford on 3rd of October 2009

Hi Tim, Came to your Royal T’Wells Gig last night, superb m8, my partner and I had a great evening, got a canvas bag too. :) Be seeing you again real soon.

Rita Deeming on 26th of September 2009

I can`t wait to see you tomorrow in coventry, you bloody rock

Lyn McLoughlin on 22nd of September 2009

Dude! Come back to Ireland, please! You were bloody amazing in Vicar Street, best show I’ve ever been to! And you said you loved me cause I called you hot, haha.

Seriously though, I hope you come back next year, you were incredible and I will definitely be buying tickets if you do.

G E Barr on 22nd of September 2009

Tonight, on SodaHead.com (I go there to check on the American psyche) I was introduced to your act via video. Tim, you cannot imagine how overcome with joy I was. I thought of Molliere, Shakespeare and veggie mite. I’ve never even been to Australia.

I hope you continue in good success. You are a breath of theatrical fresh air.

Robert Knott on 16th of August 2009

hey tim i love all your songs and i cant wait till i see you live at newcastle :) i cant wait till i find out the date aswell

Jenny T on 1st of August 2009

Your NZ linky takes me to a wonderfully uplifting story regarding a man being shot dead by police, but then the joy continues as my eyes dart rightwards (it’s a word) to see that “Miley Cyrus needs Jesus”…what a topsy, turvey land New Zea is!

jessica on 24th of July 2009

i just watch you on tv last night for the first time it was AWSOME me and my brother cant stop watching it lol

Lucy Thomas on 18th of May 2009

does anyone know how old you have to be to go to one of tims gigs??

please can i have and answer ASAP because my mum wants to know lol


Jan Mulcahy on 17th of February 2009

Leonard ate the jaffa cakes
And now we’ve all got scurvy.
His legs are straight and strong
And ours have gone all curvy.

The orangey goodness I’ve been denied
Tim’s comedy can’t replace,
But I’m grateful for the smiles and laughs
Which distract me from the aches!

Leila on 17th of February 2009

Dear Tim,

Hope you’ll consider doing Amsterdam someday.
Even without “unhealthy” spliffs in our heads we’d love to laugh our nipples off.


Craig Mckay on 17th of February 2009

Alryte Tim just to say i think u ar a legend and i love ur gigs, there fine banter. Dark and realistic comedy absolutely fine mate
Anyway im from scotland (dundee) i checked out your tour dates, but no where in scotland, will u ever come up north
i no u probaly wont read this but i jsut felt i’d write anyways
craig xx

Dan on 17th of February 2009

Just seen your DVD and loved it from start to finish!

Heather R on 17th of February 2009

So I’ve decided it would be okay if you played Seattle this year, but only if you did it on the 12th, 13th, or 14th of August as I will be up that way for a friend’s wedding… Please! I’ll bat my eyes endearingly!

–**Heather (in utah)

Richard Green on 16th of February 2009

^^ oops, sorry, you’re coming to the dome! yay!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.