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Australian Tour Update

by Tim 18th Feb 2009 | 300 comments


People have been asking about merchandise on this tour. I’m going to be selling the brand new recording of “Ready For This? – Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London”. The album contains the songs from the show I’m touring, but was recorded with a big-arsed band. Yippee. It’s pretty weird and very cool, I think. We’re also doing the “MIT NIHCNIM EVIL 9002” t-shirts that have been pretty popular in the UK and a new “Ready For This?” tour t-shirt, which has my big head on the front, looking all broody and thinner than in real life. And – of course – there’ll be new canvas bags, the “So Live” DVD and my old “Dark Side” and “So Rock” live recordings.


So, just a couple of weeks til I start my tour of the frickin world. By which I mean Australia and New Zealand. And by New Zealand, I mean Auckland. And by Australia I mean some bits. The shows are selling pretty fast with some already completely sold out, so I reckon you should book, eh. 

Festival Club, Red Square  – Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 March 9.30pm, Sunday 8 March 7.30pm
Click here for info and tickets. 

Her Majesty’s Theatre – Friday 13th – Saturday 14th March, 8.00pm
here for info and tickets.

Gold Coast
Gold Coast Arts Centre – Sunday 15th March, 5.00pm
here for info and tickets.

The Powerhouse – Wednesday 18th – Sunday 22nd March, 9.30pm
Click here for info and tickets.

Byron Bay
Bangalow A&I Hall – Saturday 28th – March, 8.00pm
Click here for info and tickets 

Illawarra Performing Arts Centre – Thursday 2nd – Friday 3rd April, 8.00pm

here for info and tickets.

The Enmore Theatre – Monday 30th March, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April 8.00pm

here for info and tickets.

Performing Arts Centre – Thursday 9th April, 8.00pm
here for info and tickets.

The Forum Theatre – Tuesday to Sunday, 14th – 26th of April, 7.15pm Tuesday – Saturday, 6.15pm Sundays

Concert Hall – Wednesday 29th –  30th April & Saturday 2nd May, 8.00pm

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Harjinder on 8th of December 2015

Action requires knelwodge, and now I can act!

Megan on 21st of October 2009

Tim, my man, WHAT ABOUT TASSIE?????!!! That ferry more than doubles the cost if we have to schlep over to melbourne to see you….

Hannah on 6th of October 2009

Are you ready for this?
Tim. You are God my friend.
You are fantastic. Im wearing the Tshirt now and I bought heaps of canvas bags and CDs for my mates.
The “Are you ready for this?” show is bloody brilliant and I loved every second of it :)
So did my dad. he wont stop singing the “I love boobs” song (or thats what he calls it).

I’m going to go and show off my autographed program to all my buddies when I get back to Australia.

You RULE!!!

Erin.R on 23rd of July 2009

I wish I was old enough to come see you because I think you are one of the best comedians I Heard since I was Born and i absouloutley love your work. COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA AGAIN IN A FEW YEARS !!!!!!

A nuther frickin' Hobartian on 26th of June 2009

And we shall receive H(T)im with gladness in our hearts (after politely, and ever so deferentially reminding you that we are “The World” too, Mr “World Tour” {grins}). Have a trippin’ tour, Tim… then think about getting your a*se down to Down Under Downunder!! :)

A frickin' Hobartian on 26th of June 2009

Tasmania awaits… one day He will come to us!

Bek on 16th of May 2009

Bugger. Missed you in Melbourne. Good luck with the rest of the year… busy boy.

Sue & Peter on 4th of May 2009

Saw your show in Perth on Saturday night. Loved it…loved it….loved it.

Rachel on 4th of May 2009

When are you next touring Australia, well if and when you do, can you please,please stop off at Adelaide, and visit me!!! And also tell me becuase that will yet again be a kick-arse show!!!

And also I heard your song at our supermarket today, but I don’t remember which song it was, opps!!

xxx Rach

laura on 4th of May 2009

saw you in the great doco on channel 2, such a great hour! we laughed and cried, and felt closer to you and your wife and are very impressed with your ‘rise to fame’. Eh.

Mary MacBeth on 3rd of May 2009

Hey Tim, Saw 1st your show in Perth on Tuesday night. Took my 3 boys (17,14,& 9). Wow what a great show. I laughed & i cried. Your encore song is what having a family is all about. It doesn’t matter if your child is 2 or 17. THANKS SO MUCH

Robyn on 3rd of May 2009

Hi Tim
I missed the ABC telly show last Thursday (30 April). Can i download it from anywhere?
Regards Robyn

olivia on 3rd of May 2009

u r kool!

Samantha on 3rd of May 2009

Heyy, I went to your gig last night and LOVEDD it!! Mum said that she loves your piano skills. I was just wondering when your next gig in Perth will be because mum said i could come.

G. Thorpe on 3rd of May 2009

Just saw the Rock n Roll Nerd story on ABCTV. Excellent doco. Someone had some pretty keen instinct to pick up a camera right at that period of time. Really great stuff. And the real star, your gorgeous wife. What a beautiful person, and what a beautiful baby. Makes it all worth while. Wishing you all the best for your career, wishing you many more beautiful babies- [they give you all the affirmation you’ll ever crave…] Cheers.

Kristy (Daley) on 3rd of May 2009

Outstanding show last night Tim! Congratulations on all your success.

I had planned on bringing my Amadeus program for an autograph, but completely forgot about it… perhaps I will try again in December.

I saw Two Fists, One Heart a month ago and I love the fact that you were a musician named Tom. The way you were introduced to the movie cracked me up… just kind of standing there, staring – I can picture you doing that fairly naturally.

Did you enjoy being part of the movie? Was this something you sought out or were you approached? I only ask because it seemed like an unconventional move for your career and was curious how it came about.

Another thing, I wasn’t 8 the last time I saw you – I would have been closer to 12. I was nervous and just blurted out the first thing that came to my head. See the affect you have on women?

I look forward to seeing your show at the end of the year, hopefully with the chance of taking a photo this time.I will send your love onto dad and I’m sure he’ll reciprocate :)

Take care of Sarah, Violet and yourself and I hope you have a safe trip back home.

Kristy (Daley)

Bob Woods on 2nd of May 2009


Come to Newcastle NSW Please!!!!!

meg on 2nd of May 2009

your so f**king awsome! please come 2 tassie!!!

Simon Ellingsen on 2nd of May 2009

Hi Tim,

Wish you had come to Tasmania on your Australian tour : (. I know I could have gone to Melbourne to see a show but I’d prefer it if you came to me instead – its cheaper.

Brian Dyskin on 2nd of May 2009

Did I just hear excerpts of “Introductory Song” on the Sportsbet ad?

I hope you’re getting royalties for it.

Angela Simon on 2nd of May 2009

Clever, funny, wonderful man. Lots of success wherever you go.

Rob on 1st of May 2009


Living in Darwin (Northern Territory)sometime feels like living in the arse end of Australia. Aussie acts and artiste’s seem to forget we are here.

Elton John came here and sold 10,000 tickets……I think you could use the same piano??

If you can do the UK, how about a gig in Darwin….?

You are so f**king great and always have been. You’d fill Darwin Entertainment Centre. The Darwin Festival would also be a great way to get an audience.

So, how about it? Weather is great here and we love comedy….. Oh and we even have a piano……in tune.

See you here soon??????

Alexander on 1st of May 2009

Hi Tim,

Well, it looks like I’ve missed you again!!

I missed you in London, and then Uni interfered with getting to Sydney in April, and by the time I got my act together to consider flying to Melbourne, the tickets were sold out.

Thus I pose the following question:

When are you back in Australia?

I figure that if I start planning now I will definitely NOT miss out this time. :P

Anyway, I have a copy of Ready for This? waiting for me when I get back to college tomorrow, I’m excited!!



Bec Starr on 1st of May 2009

I just saw the ABC broadcast of your rise to notoriety (Rock’N’Roll Nerd). I’m sorry that you had to leave Australian shores to make yourself known. It saddens me that so many fabulous performers have to leave here to make a living. We look forward to seeing you again when next you visit Brisbane. I must also add that your wife, Sarah, strikes me as a singularly graceful and wonderful person.

Ana on 1st of May 2009

Hi Tim,
We (my husband and i), have been big fans for a while. The first time we saw you as on a Spikes and Speaks. I bought tickets for your concert in Brisbane for my husband for his birthday and i have to saw you blow us both away. You even made fun of the blond girl walking in late because she had to take a call. You have a great presence on stage and you are a great singer. I just show your Rock n’ Roll Nerd and i have to see it was a great insight to you and your family. It was nice to see the Really Tim Minchin not just the Rock Star.

I would like to wish you all the best and hope to see you again live in the future in Brisbane. We might even share a bottle of wine after the show.

Take Care

Luv Ana

Jim Laurie on 1st of May 2009

Hi TIm,

It’s good to see you are appearing on the same bill as your father, Bill Bailey, in London, at the OrangAid gig.

K Godfrey on 1st of May 2009

Hi Tim,

Would love to go and see you, but why don’t you come to CANBERRA??? It ain’t that bad….. Some of us are quite nice!

sonya on 1st of May 2009

Your show last night in Perth was simply brilliant. You are so insane i think you must know the secrets of the Universe. So talented, dazzling and clever. You are like an hallucinogenic without side effects.
Every success to you

linda varady on 1st of May 2009

just watched your doco on the abc , felt like part of the family , cried and laughed. your crazy lyrics had me snorting with laughter, hope all is well with you, your beautiful wife and lovely baby , from a rock and roll nerd nana in port macquarie, with lots of good wishes to you all.

Geoffrey Gilmour on 1st of May 2009

Here I am, just another of the many who would have seen your emergence from obscurity to the none-too-comfortable gaze of fame and maybe fortune doco on Aunty ABC last night (Thursday 30.4.09). Hot tears of delight for you and yours streamed across my face as your story played out.

Shine on brightly, delightly, insightly, transparently alive.


Heidi on 1st of May 2009

what about Hobart?

carolyn & hayden on 1st of May 2009

You are so rock, we love you. Great Doco on ABC last night. Your wife is a classic as well, you were meant to be. Never worry about cash, I got sacked 7 months pregnant (work spinal injury, couldn’t prove it so no comp), got kicked out of company house, husband broke his back working for his mum a couple of years later, insurance (plus everything else) he’d been paying for her and she hadn’t insured him, just his sister who had fraudulantly sued her ex father inlaw for 250,000, then his father died leaving a third of his estate to him, she dissolved the trust and gave it to his sister! Unbelievable but true. You give us a laugh and that means everything, thank you so much.

ed van beem on 1st of May 2009

wot the fuck sold out in perth always supported you ya prick especially when you played at Natalie Angliss’s 40th only 10 years ago and at the mosman park gigs only 8 years ago dont you save seats for your old crew bastard Im going to complain to your dad at least he will listen when he’s walking the dog past my place I even let the dog shit on my front lawn! oh well i’ll just have to buy the fucking cd and that crappy backwards fuking trihs t …… (well done)

Malcolm Robertson on 1st of May 2009

keep up the great work tim. I’m a 46 y.o. man and some of your songs make me cry like a baby – what more can one ask from a musical comedian?
please put me on any mailing list – thanks and take it easy

Rosie on 1st of May 2009

Hi Tim

Watched your documentary last night – fantastic! I’d heard of you but I’m now a resolute fan. Love your sense of fun, love and charm – oh – and your work.
All the best – Rosie

cheryl on 1st of May 2009

HI Tim just letting you know that someone watched the doco on tv lastnight (it was ME) and i thought it was fantastic,great stuff,awesome and a bit sad too..anyhoo don’t wann go on and sound like a wanker so keep up the great work.

what did you call you beautiful baby?

Irene McLeod on 30th of April 2009

Dear Tim,

Last night’s program about you was fantastic – an emotional roller coaster and I feel like I have been allowed to glimpse so many aspects of your life it makes it even easier to understand your music and outlook on life.

I have watched you on the ABC for yonks and love your songs, your honesty, your incredible ability to touch inner parts with your wit, compositions and zany humour – reminiscent of the Bonzos from the sixties – crazy but with the amazing underlying truth that makes listening absolutely amazing.

Keep doing it and I wish I could be there in the UK to watch you perform – yeh and I wish I’d been able to see you in Brisbane too when you were here.
– coming from Edinburgh (light years ago) I was moved to see the festival crowds embrace you – woops I’m raving on.

Good Luck and hope the tour is fab!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Q on 30th of April 2009

Come on – what about Hobart – to bloody cold for you – ya sook????
I refuse to travel to Melbourne , so get your arse over here. Tassie always gets left off the “Australian” tour map. We’re just the map of Tassie, a dot below the mainland.
COME ON OVER – you’ll love it.

gillian bennett on 30th of April 2009

Hi Tim,
been a fan for a little while now, (thx spicks n specks!!), and saw your doco on telly last night. Totally sold now! Hope that Sarah and your baby are well.

Marie on 30th of April 2009

Hey Tim,
Watched your story last night on ABC. Really enjoyed your music. You are
really talented and as a bonus a really grounded person. Wishing you all the best of luck. If you come to Canberra I would certainly come to see your show.

FiL HiKi on 30th of April 2009

Saw the show in Melbourne at Comedy Fest.
Saw the docco on the ABC last night.
I’m a convert – he’s bloody brilliant.
See him live before you die.

Alex McLennan on 30th of April 2009

Congratulations on your success Tim. So well deserved! Saw your Perth show on Wednesday night and it was outstanding. A long way from the Maj and Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Rob & Suzanne D Brown on 30th of April 2009

Nice work with the documentary tonight on abc perth.

incompleteinfinity on 30th of April 2009

I am half-way watching a doco on the ABC… I’ve seen you before on other ABC programs! Tonight as usual… I laugh… I cry… and I smile a lot when I hear you perform your craft! You are unique and brilliant! I wish you all the best in your life and ESPECIALLY with that lovely lady of yours!(coz that is what is THE most important thing in life)…..

Sassy on 30th of April 2009

Hey Tim:
Loved the Melbourne show on Sat: but you know lots of mildy autistic people think you’re funny (and have senses of humour)! Your stage persona is really a little autistic :-)

TrudyS4 on 30th of April 2009

Hey Tim, I saw you in Melb last week and loved it/you so much I managed to get a ticket to the show a couple of nights later. Plus thoroughly enjoyed the R&R Nerd doco tonight. I was sad when I saw that you lost your first baby – my best wishes to you and Sarah and Violet and the next one/s! See you in Melb in 2010 I hope.
PS to Ray – Tim talks about Uncle Jim Minchin in the Enough Rope interview (3 x 7 min) on Youtube.

Fi on 30th of April 2009

This probably sounds really fucking morbid, but my 18 year old son died about a year ago and he was always going on about Tim Minchin. I am not a very groovy 48 year single mum, and I never paid as much attention to Triple J as I do now, but I just saw the doco on tv tonight and wanted to tell you that I am so glad you gave Mitch so much joy. He was quite a different sort of kid and seemed to know a lot about underground music, drama, skateboarding, film and the like. You seem like a wonderful man and I could see lots of alignments in your and Mitchells sense humour.
Look after your beautiful family darling

Peter Hilhorst on 30th of April 2009

Fucking inspiational Doco Tim.
Congrats to all involved, and your lovely family!!!
Pete, Adelaide

Az on 30th of April 2009

I didn’t know you were playing in Melbourne just a few days ago! If I’d known, I’d have totally gone :(
just watched your documentary on ABC, was tres cool and inspiring.
Good luck with the rest of your tour and hope to see you next time you come home!

Wendy Barker on 30th of April 2009

Hi I jumped on a plane and came down from Cairns Queensland to see Tim LIVE in Brisbane. I had wanted to see him live since I saw him on The Sideshow. The show was great and I am glad I got to meet him if only for a little while. I didn’t get to get a picture with him which was a bummer. Since I do love meeting comedians and I have 3 photo ablems full of picture of me with them and I am proud to say that now Tim is part of a love of comedy that started with the Doug Anthony Allstars. Your great Tim and thanks for sharing your comedy with us.

PHILIP MATHEWS on 30th of April 2009

Dearest Tim

Just watchin ya on the ABC doco.my son was right,you are fuckin awesome matey!!!! Keep doin what ya do. Above all else make a difference, as you are.

Ya newest fan Phil Mathews
PS Hope ta see ya live, if I can ever get tickets that is,come to Darwin matey

Anna on 30th of April 2009

My comment sounds weird – in the show – the song where Tim says his wife was a probability and if he wasn’t with her he would be with someone else – and someone said his wife must be devastated to have such an unloving song written about her – but Tim says his wife is a tough girl .. enter wife’s comment about daughter in relation to rude language Tim used in front of said baby daughter… and after having seen doco it all makes sense! Go see the show….

Ray on 30th of April 2009

Tim, are you related to the Minchin family who were innovative musos in Melbourne in the 1960s? Jim and co. They did a lot of church stuff (20th Century Folk Mass etc)

Anyway, we’ve just seen the doco on ABC and it’s brilliant. Thanks for it – and what a great ending with your lovely bub “on the keyboard”.

Ray in Central Vic

perthfan on 30th of April 2009

Fantastic show at the Perth Concert Hall last night (Wednesday) you are the best!! Laughed so much my face was just tired out :)

Shannon on 30th of April 2009

Thank-you so much Tim for sharing a part of yourself. I’ve just finished watching Rhian Skirving’s doco and I was in tears. What you have achieved is incredible and you are a wonderful person, it was clear in the way you looked at your beautiful wife and baby. You are a truly good and talented person, please never change, keep on making people laugh, brighten up this sad world we live in. Keep Smiling and Thank you

Kim on 30th of April 2009

Hey Tim, You’re not coming to Tassie mate! We miss out bigtime. Not rock, not fucking rock at all. Just watched Rhian Skirving’s doco on the ABC. Wish you bigger and better success than you expect :)

Anna on 30th of April 2009

Saw you in Melbourne and managed to “skin” with Tim before the bear song. My husband almost wet his pants you were so funny. Can’t wait to see you again.
Having just seen the doco on ABC I now get why your wife says your daughter might like pussy. Great girl. Enjoy life and come back to Melbourne sometime.

Terese on 30th of April 2009

Ditto above, just saw Rhian Skirving’s doco on the ABC and was amazed. You are truely a talented individual, thanks for sharing it with us all.

Doug on 30th of April 2009


The ABC program on your rise to fame was great tonight and touched the heart especially the last segment with you doting on your child. If you can make it in Edinburgh you can make it anywhere!


a geriatric Surfie living on the ‘Goldie’

Fabrice on 30th of April 2009

Hi Tim, I just saw Rhian Skirving’s documentary on ABC TV (yes i am a bit boring)and how hard you worked to get the recognition. Congratulations mate you are not your average legend: you are The Lengend. Your story is inspiring to all Aussies and everyone who is willing to give it a red hot go. Congratulations to you and your wife (and baby). Cheers Fab

Dot on 30th of April 2009

Shame on us! Until we watched the show on ABC TV tonight, my husband and I had not heard of you. Mind you, we are in our mid 60s does that excuse us?
Absolutely loved the program and we both had smiles on our faces nearly all the way through.
What a clever bloke you are! And you have such a beautiful wife and baby.

Ivka on 30th of April 2009

My husband and I have just watched the great Doco on ABC. You are a very talented and “real” guy and have a beautiful wife and baby. We are from Wollongong and just realised we missed your April show. Will you be back in the Gong some time this year? We will make sure to get tickets!
All the best, Ivka

Petra Taylor-Smith on 30th of April 2009

Hi Tim,
I just watched Rhian Skirving’s doco on ABC 1 and was blown away by your talent. Your life has been an amazing one judging from the show and I love how it was presented with your family side included. Thanks for sharing all of this with those of us who love musical comedy. I just wish I’d known about you when you visited Queensland this year as I’d have enjoyed coming along for sure. I’ll try to come and see you some time when you’re on tour in 2010.

Lucas on 30th of April 2009

Why didn’t you come to Canberra you bastard :)

Kirsty on 30th of April 2009

Just saw your doco/show on ABC and thought it amazing! You are a one off!!!

Bec Lee on 30th of April 2009

Have just seen Rhian Skirving’s doco on the ABC and my whole family and I were blown away. WELL DONE!!

We are going to buy your C.D

Melanie on 30th of April 2009

Hey you rock Gen X speaking
Okay in English sorry I hang around to many 20 year olds. Have been following your sruff I think you will boom should I twitter you .Yes yes I will.Fair Well Young Tim

Ness on 30th of April 2009

Absolutely brilliant show!

Zac on 30th of April 2009

We (me, Gabrielle, Acacia and Gypsy-Rose) loved the Are You Ready For This show at the Perth Concert hall on Wednesday Night.
it was hilarious espescially your material about the baby as it was so so true and the conversation you and your wife had is one that myself and Gabby have had.

i also loved the beat poem, Storm, very cleverly done.

overall an awesome night and the autograph signing was icing on the metaphoric cake, why don’t more artists do it it is so rare these days.

thanks again and can’t wait to see you next time you tour in perth!!!!!!

One of your many fans who you probably will never remember

Justine on 30th of April 2009

Hey Tim

Saw your show last night at the Pert Concert Hall! Just wanted to say that it was absolutely fantastic!! Our favorite is “Storm”, we liked the “Jesus song” too(haha), and your encore was beautiful! Nice work!
My friend and I were so inspired we rushed out during the interval and did the old impulse-buy-on-a-high thing :D got a couple of t-shirts and the canvas bag too…which we then proceeded to stuff with everything we were carrying including wallets, jumpers, glasses, tomatoes (in case you werent that good) etc :p So today we both happily represent the walking bill-board percentage of your fan base :D
But anyways, I am sure you are finding all this gushing madly exciting so I will leave it there!
Thanks again!!

Rosemary Mckay on 30th of April 2009

Hi Tim, saw you last night in Perth( Wed 29 April 2009 my friend bought tickets for my birthday in Feb – NICE ) and still have your words swimming in my head this morning. What a talent you have just cant praise your show enough, I laughed, cried and raised my hand to mouth in mock shock. I never leave comments or such but just really had to tell you someway that I love your “stuff”, it amazes me the way you articulate your thoughts so well and play piano brilliantly. Keep doing what you do. I will make cookies for you anytime. Rose x

SIMO on 30th of April 2009

OH AND PS ..TIM , will there be an aussie tour dvd coming out at any time hope so ok thats all later

Janelle on 29th of April 2009

Hey Tim,
My hubby and I went to your Perth concert last night.
WOW – you were fantastic!!! (and a little hot too!)
I have not laughed so much in a long time.
Thank you for a great evening.

Mel on 29th of April 2009

Is there ANY way we could get you to come to Canada?

Panayioti Gianoulis on 29th of April 2009

hey tim!

My best friends name is Tim, isnt that wierd? well not really just thinking of what to say. but dude you should so totally come to Townsville in Australia for one of your tours in your later life. you are really wanted here. if you dont, im gonna cry and my friends are gonna cry, and my friends friends are gonna cry and… you get the picture…
anyways, you are really great man, keep up the good work.

Evan Campbell on 29th of April 2009

I have never sent an email to anyone who is famous before and so I tried
really hard to think of something very witty to say ; but I couldn’t.
Your show at the Enmore in Sydney was possibly the best show I have seen in my humble 49 years.

Ron Wheeldon on 28th of April 2009

Hi Tim,

My wife, son and I saw your geat gig at the Melbourne Forum recently (glad no-one was eaten)

We bought one of your DVD’s on that night (signed of course) – “So Live” – and should have bought the other one also (“Ready for This”).

Where can we buy this DVD? I could not see it listed in your on-line shop.

Well done on your whole show and career!

p.s. Just thought it might be interesteing to hear your take on the future generation’s view of our current world e.g. something like a scene from a hypothetical StarTrek 2990, completewith your usual tongue-in-cheek commentary and ‘penetrating’ ideas – complete with jazz piano from the StarTrek lounge.

Simon Jackson on 28th of April 2009

Man, I love your stuff. You have to come to Wellington some time soon.

I’d be happy to whip up a mob to come along!

Matt on 28th of April 2009

Hey Tim,
I was at your last Melbourne show on the 26th, and i have to say, it was the funniest thing i have ever seen. And i was lucky enough to meet you before the show and get my tickets signed, i wasn’t expecting you to be such a nice, down to earth guy.
Anyway, i hope you come back round to Melbourne for a few more gigs before the years out.

Have a good one,

Klaus Vollinger on 27th of April 2009

From Germany 27th April 2009:
In Switzerland this official swiss referendum about the public recognition of alternative medicin is coming in May. The NZZ (Neue Zuricher Zeitung) has dedicated a whole series of top articles to this subject and refered to Tim Minchins “Storm”. It is the first time that I watched/listened to “Storm” and to your other songs/poems I could find on YouTube. Gosh, I´m struckt. This is ingenious stuff. Eventually the next evolutionary step after Monty Python! Please go on and combine best music, your voice and your text/poems to such phantastic true contributions. I am a new fan from today on.
Best regards
Klaus Völlinger

Reyhan on 27th of April 2009

yayay 1 day til i go to your show with my mum. bought her tickets for her birthday which is the 29th of April. ive been looking forward to this for 2 months! now you’re here!!!

cant wait. good luck =D <3<3

Ruth Blackman on 27th of April 2009

Hi, why you choose to come to Bradford, i will never know, but thank you. I can’t wait to see you. Ruth

Caroline on 27th of April 2009

Saw you at Brisbane Comedy Festival in March ~ totally fabulous, so looking forward to UK tour.

deanna on 27th of April 2009

if i may agree with kate (above) i totally distracted the man at customs on the way home from melbourne with that terrible shade of magenta.

NataschafuckingTazzi on 26th of April 2009

come to Denmark! I mean it. COME TO DENMARK

Brett on 26th of April 2009

Greetings Tim,

Just back from your final Melbourne show – great thanks.

If you ever need another rhyme for ginger you could always opt for (nuclear test site) Maralinga. You’d have to soften the last G but it could work. Really.

Continued success to you.


Zin and Andy on 26th of April 2009

Hi Tim
Just came back from Melbourne after watching your show. Brillant as always. Thank you for signing the CD and the flyer for your movie ‘Two Fists, One Heart’, quite lovely to meet you again. It was great to see you selling out the Forum. You really have become a big success.
Love and kisses, zin and Andy

Louise Marshall on 25th of April 2009

Thank you Tim , For putting a smile on my face when my smile is fading and also for written Not Perfect, i knwo some of it has funny Lyrics in it but the parts of it are just brillant and put shivers down my Spine and my partner is planning on getting the part about the body tattooed on his body

Kate Emily on 25th of April 2009

dear tim minchin.
you are a considerable amount lovely.
i love your mad piano thrashing skills!
me and some of my friends came to one of your shows a few days ago in melbourne; we all exploded a fair amount with happiness.
rock on :)

Luke on 25th of April 2009

Please Tim, Please, Please, Please make sure your “Ready For This” DVD is available in Australia. I know it probably will anyway but I couldn’t bear (all puns intended,) it skipping Australian sales for some unknown reason.
Also a friend and I were arguing about something, how much of the opening song ‘Ready For This’ did you actually perform live?

Sincerely, your avid fanatic

Kate on 24th of April 2009

Can I suggest that you put you web address the front of your tshirts somewhere?

I was standing at a tram stop on glenerrie road wearing the tshirt with the pink writing and every driver slowed down and looked at me. After checking to make sure that I had remembered to wear pants and zip them up, I assumed that the drivers were reading the shirt. The phenomenon continued on the tram.

One can only assume that the pink writing was a good choice. Oh and congrats on being an entertainer who provides extremely comfortable and well fitting shirts.

Jacqueline C. on 23rd of April 2009

Dear Mr. Minchim,

I was youtubing ‘Bo Burnham’ and some dude commented saying, Tim Minchim’s way better, so I was like: I’m gonna go check out Tim Minchim…Oh My Gosh. I know you probably know this…because people laugh at you…but you’re hilarious! Whenever I’m in a funk, I listen to 10 foot cock and a few hundred Virgins…and pee my pants. COME TO CHICAGO, USA pleaseeee!!!! We love you over here!!

P.s. I think You’re BEAUTIFUL

Vin on 23rd of April 2009

Tim is amazing

Rach on 22nd of April 2009

Hi Tim, How come you did not tell me {as i am on your mailing list!} That you were going to be having a DOco done, well that is just so rude!! I found
out by my sister!!!! Haha!! Do you enjoy Australia??? HOPE SOO!!!


Teddy T on 22nd of April 2009

You sir, are some kind of wonderful. I just caught wind of your act on the Skeptic’s Guide podcast, and boy did I like the smell. I listened to a few of your songs on Youtube, and now you can count on one more fan willing to preach the word of tim (you’ll get capitalized when you can pull in Jesus-size numbers). Speaking of capitalization and big numbers, you need to get on these here internet things we have in America called Itunes and Facebook. First: so I can let my friends know what’s up, and seem super-cool for being the first guy in my town to “discover” you. And second: so that I can give you some of my money. I mean seriously, I know our economy is in the gutter but you should know more than anyone that we still love to throw our money away on useless shit. Interpret that how you will, the point I’m trying to make is that the only options on your site to buy your albums/DVDs are UK and Australia. So please — before I have to take you…I mean your albums…by force — sell yourself to America!

Derek on 21st of April 2009

Just wondering if you plan on coming to North America(Vancouver BC) in the near future?

Adam on 21st of April 2009


Are you going to tour Australia in 2010 because I wanna go back to sydney and try and arrange it around one of your gig’s

Heather S on 21st of April 2009

*Southampton (sorry I obsess over spelling)

Directions – just walk south and a bit to the right of london, stop when you see water. (just in case you got lost.)

Heather S on 21st of April 2009

You are so fucking rock.

Thanks for making me and my mates laugh, hope to see you in southapmton!

Grace on 21st of April 2009

Hi Tim

I am a BIG fan and most disappointed all your Melbourne shows are booked out ;o(( Are you planning to do extra nights here in Melbourne anytime soon? Would love to see your show as I’ve been every year and loved it …

Manu on 20th of April 2009

Come to Germany!!! =)

Di on 20th of April 2009

I went to the show in Sydney, you were filming and I’m hoping it will be a dvd soon that I can purchase
Loved the show, I think my friend and I were the oldest people there we have so live already and we want more
Thanks for a great afternoon

Sam on 20th of April 2009

I would start by saying “Hey Tim” or “Tim you’re awesome, i’m your No.1 fan *holds up oversize #1 glove* wooo..” to feel like i’m talking directly towards you. But for one it’s too much of a cliche here, and there’s only so many number one fans you can ACTUALLY have.
… One.
But to the point. Like many others, i’m sure, i’m looking for some sheet music to a few of your songs. Long searches and no results.. There are a few covers by others spread across the net, but it just doesn’t seem.. right.
Now i’m simply curious – Do you even write sheet music for your songs?
*shrug* Well, your music is great nonetheless, and if covers are what i’m going to have to stick with, then it’s close enough, I guess.
But sheet music in some form would be great, thanks.
You’re brilliant, and keep it going. Whoever said you can’t get by on sheer cleverness was wrong indeed.

Just another fan (Gosh I hate that word)

Bexx on 19th of April 2009

Hey :)
I live in Canberra, and I want to go to a concert but Dad wont let me travel alone becuase im only 15. So if you are touring next year, could you include a Canberra date please?
Ive Lots of TMOCD (Tim Minchin Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)Friends, that would pretty much do anything to go and see you live.

zack acevedo on 19th of April 2009

dear tim,
my name is zack and i think you are amazing. but i think you should plan on doing an american tour sometime soon because that would be awesome.
you are an amazing musician and poet/god :)
but seriously you need to come to america you quite popular here and people look up 2 you

zack acevedo

PS you truly are fucking rock (srry to quote you)

pps your hair is amazing

Bethany Tucker on 18th of April 2009

Hey Tim,

Am writing this whilst listening to you on Skeptic zone. I used to be a really deep Christian and recently I started questioning God’s existence. You helped me to draw to a conclusion. I am now an Atheist that needs help as my family are all religious and my grandfather was a minister. Have you got any advice as to how to tell them, I am friends with lots of people who are Christian around my church I went to. They keep bothering me saying I should get back on the right side and that I’ll go to hell. Can you please give me advice on how to go around this. You’re my only hope. I love your work and it has really helped me discover what I believe to be true and not true.

Would appreciate a reply from you I can understand it could take time due to your busy schedule. Am coming to a gig in Bristol UK on 3rd Oct I am looking forward to it.

Beth xx

Maria Thomas on 18th of April 2009

Hey Tim,
My daughter and I are catching your show in Melbourne on Tuesday the 21st. She is recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor and this is one of the things that she is really looking forward to. She is 19 and a huge fan. Just wanted to say a big thanx for making my girl smile during these challenging times..

Kind regards

Maria Thomas

Gail on 17th of April 2009

Have to say.. i definately think u should take a trip up to Scotland and visit us… come a bit higher than Edinburgh =D !!

Love your stuff.. always makes me laugh!!


Natalie Hamlet on 17th of April 2009

Hey Tim- How’s it going? Erm, just been trying to book tickets to see you at The Royal & Dergate in Northampton (UK) in October, and they didn’t know what I was talking about! So was just wondering if you’re still playing there or what? PLEASE do, as I am a massive fan, as are all my friends at the uni there!

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it, just hope you’re good and the tour’s going well.

P.S. Ever considered playing at Glastonbury Festival in Somerset? It’s really good, pretty relaxed with the added bonus of dancing in mud with cider :D Michael Eavis is the man to talk to! Take care x

Lucy on 16th of April 2009

I’ve been a fan since I saw secret policemans ball and “If I didnt have you”. As a maths nerd and a music fan I thought it was hilarious. Have been playing the Donnie Darko song on repeat and my friends got pissed off with me. Me and my brother love the song F sharp, he’s a big piano player so is a bit of a music nerd and thought it was really funny and clever. Can’t wait till you come to the Swindon Wyvern in September will be awesome.

Jane Heller on 16th of April 2009

Tim we loved ‘Ready for this’

Before I book York in Sept. can you confirm that it will be a NEW show ? [We have seen ‘Ready for this’ twice – loved it but……..]


jill simpkin on 16th of April 2009

loved the melb. show (14/4). my husband (56) is deeply in love with you and all you stand for!! came away raving about the show and kept muttering (or nuttering) all the way home “someone who thinks like me, someone who thinks like me.” on the way out overheard “I’m sure he does believe in God, that is just a rant for the show”. hmmmmmmm. thanks for a great night –

luke on 16th of April 2009

you rock

love all your songs

jason on 15th of April 2009

Hey really really carnt wait 2 cu in the uk got my tickets all ready CUM ON lol

Adam Casement on 15th of April 2009

tim you have so many loyal fans you must be so happy. there is something about your songs that can cheer me upbut never bore me no matter how much i here them. without doubt you are the coolest man on earth. i’m going to watch you at the Reading comady festival in oct. your the only reason i’m going. well i just wanted to say thank you for making me smile so many times. i konw this massage sounds a bit gay but i jjust wanted to tell you what a big part of my life you are. music mean everything to me and you fucking rock!!!!!!!!!!! Adam aka spongebob2020

Claire Young on 15th of April 2009

Tim – Saw your show last night at the Forum, Melbourne. Just fab – loved it, wish you could have gone on longer! Also a little intimidated by your ability to remember 9 minute soliloquies word for word and in time with music…! Well done.

Darcy Ford on 14th of April 2009

Hi Tim,,
My Name’s Darcy and I’m 14. I Just Wanted To Say i Think your amazing and that i used to watch u on sideshow. How Do u come up with such great Material?!

Byee,, Great Work!! X

Ted on 14th of April 2009

Tim you are a bloody legend.
Saw your show in Auckland and absolutely loved it!
Was wondering (and hoping) if you plan on coming back…sooner rather than later!?!?! Wil definitely be attending.
Best of luck to you on your adventures…hope to see you soon!

Dayle on 14th of April 2009

I am VERY annoyed that you appeared to boycott Canberra. Seeing you live, therefore involved a 3hr drive after a day of work, (being very glad I did)then, after sitting thru your show, driving another 3hrs to get home at 1am’ish. Even “Pink” is coming to Canberra, why couldn’t you?

Guillermo on 13th of April 2009

I just wanted to say I found your videos on youtube by accident,and that I CAN’T STOP watching! Your performance is clever and fresh, unlike anything that I have seen or heard. Would love to see you perform live, I’m from Mexico, i doubt you will come here, but if you’re ever around Vegas,NV or Phoenix,AZ I’ll be there!

… How can I get a Canvas Bag(By the way, I’ve watched this version 20 times now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCIwnfQeJvM) and your DVDs? (I’m not in Australia or UK)

Ciara on 13th of April 2009

Ah the wonders of the internet.
Im your newest fan. :-)
Ciara. Pleased to meet you.
Touring Ireland at all?

Charlotte on 12th of April 2009

oh wow you’re coming back to northamptonshire!
me and my friend came to see you live in The Stables milton keynes in november!
you were amazing we had front row seats and tim minchin tshirts,
i can’t wait to see you live again in october :)

The offical nutcase on 12th of April 2009

We are the biggest fan ever, u really r great at singing and composing. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

amr on 11th of April 2009

I discovered some videos of you on youtube and you’re magnificent! you should help out with atheist campaigns by writing a poem on the whole atheists vs. creationists business. Or perhaps thats too cliche? nonetheless, your work (art?) is flawless.

Jessica Chivers on 11th of April 2009

You’re so fucking rock, come back to brisbane, your awesome, it was a great show and awesome to meet you.

Scott on 11th of April 2009

First time I have actually had the chance to see you live; Adelaide Fringe, and to say the least, it was mindless, thought provoking fun. Your such a character.

So I was wondering if there was going to be a DVD of this new “Ready For This” tour/gig?

Keep up the epic work!

T Conger on 11th of April 2009

How bout some USA love? Dont you think we can handle you?

Mark on 10th of April 2009


Sue Lewington on 10th of April 2009

I love you, Tim.xxxx

Kerrie on 10th of April 2009

Great gig in Geelong last night Tim.
You’re a very talented man!
Don’t focus on the empty chair – focus on all the people that filled the theatre (after you sold out the small theatre and had to move to a larger one) and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves – thus the encore!!

krystal on 9th of April 2009

heeeey tim
i went to your show tonight in geelong && i thort u wer fucking FANTASTIC
i had the besssst niteee evahhh XD
you should come back again !!!!
hopeee u enjoyed it as much as i did
muchlovee krystal xx

Susan Rosengaard on 8th of April 2009

Dearest Ginger!
Fear not….I am also a ginger…otherwise I would not DARE use the ‘G’ word.
My finacee and I caught your show at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday April 4th. We LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! We are only kicking our own arses now that we did not hang around to get you to sign our canvas bag and have a jolly chat about http://www.bricktestament.com
Crossing our fingers we can make a flight to Melbourne on Sunday the 26th.
yours eternally,
Susan (and JON!)

Sue LATTER on 7th of April 2009

Hello Tim,
I am trying to suss out if you are the beautiful Tim Minchin from perth down town subiaco but you look so young.
we use to hang out in an appartment above a shop in rockeby rd subiaco.
My name is Sue Latter ,do you remember .
Dont you hate silly emails like this I am just curious .
All power to you.
Then you played the guitar

David Hillard on 7th of April 2009


It was a real privilege to see your show at the enmore on Saturday night. Intelligent art. I loved it!

Thank you so much.

aaron on 7th of April 2009

i caught your show in wollongong last thursday and i must say it was the best show i have ever seen, you are fantastic and i cant help but tell everyone i meet, cant wait for your next show.
P.S. i love boobs too, fancy that.

dan on 6th of April 2009

when are you coming to the U.S and the U.S i mean Indiana and by indiana i mean purdue university….

Peter on 6th of April 2009

Loved the show on Saturday night in Sydney. Cried laughing and we are well into our 50’s. We were the 4 older people in the 7th row. Take no prisoners

Dan Griffiths and Tamryn Liddell on 5th of April 2009

Just got home from the Sydney show… frickin loved it! We look forward to seeing you in Hammersmith :P Thanks for a great night!

katie randall on 5th of April 2009

hey tim, i was at the enmore gig last night…awesome! also, u signed my ticket and gave me kisses..so u probably remember me as being the hot one with the boooobs! (i like boobs too, awesome song :)
ANYWAY, just wondering about the recording u did last night for the dvd….is that going to be released this year? if so, can i have a free one? if not, can u just tell me when and where its going to be released?
ps. can’t believe u dropped the c-bomb in front of all those grannys!! funny as! also loved ur guitar solo at the start…wicked.

sheila elliott on 4th of April 2009

Hi there
Have just been to the Wollongong “Are you ready for this”. Loved it. Great show.
Could you please let me know when “Rock and Roll Nerd” will be available to buy.
Sheila Elliott

Jody on 4th of April 2009

Please play Hallelujah tonight 4th April @8pm … please please please

Kirsty on 4th of April 2009

each to their own. ^^^

you’re amazing tim. :]

Mr. America on 3rd of April 2009

When the hell are you coming to America? New York specifically – the rest of the country sucks. Except Hawaii.

Evan on 3rd of April 2009

ever coming back to the states?

emma-jane on 2nd of April 2009

rock n roll nerd makes me cry.
probably not ment to turn people into blubbering idiots
but it does it to me :)
good work,
stay cool x

p.s we have the same hair
you pull it off though :P

Jessica on 2nd of April 2009

I honestly love you and would like to marry you except i know youre happily married and thats just great. so well done on that.

David on 2nd of April 2009

Hey, watched your DvD the other day. I thought it was shit hot! (excellent). Your intelligence is beyond that of many people these days, your a musical genious. I like the messages you put forward in your songs, if only everyone was ready for them!
I’m not religious in the slightest, but you remind me of what Jesus must have been like. Keep spreading the love Tim! Keep fucking rocking!


Jess on 1st of April 2009

Any chance of another Adelaide show? Please? Pretty pretty please?

Robert Solovay on 1st of April 2009

Will your DVD’s play in the US (United States of America)?

Rachel on 1st of April 2009

cool thing on the Melbourne Comedy Festival. WE TAPED IT!!! So if you ever want to see yourself, just drop in !!!! I HOPE YOU DO!! All our family are big surporters!!!! Thanks for the endless funniness of your songs.

Zoe Hollingsworth on 1st of April 2009

Tim Minchin’s work is interesting & very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep going, man!

ness on 31st of March 2009

Tim, I went to your Sydney concert on Monday night. Loved it!! Loved your songs, loved your hunour, loved your playing, loved your hands! Have you put your music onto paper – any offical sheet music around? Especially for ‘Not Perfect’.
A point of interest – for me, probably not for you! – I met my husband when I was 14, started dating at 16, married at 20, kids began popping out at 29, and just celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. Bring it on!
Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us.

Lucy on 31st of March 2009

Im seeing you in Bournemouth! Love your stuff!
See you there. Do a shout out to Lucy and Dom!! Thatd be cool ;)

glenn on 31st of March 2009

Come on mate,

surely you can squeeze Canberra in between Sydney and Geelong!

May I suggest Tilley’s on the 7th of April. I will happily look after all details if you come… please!

Kate on 31st of March 2009

I became a fan when you did your poem ‘Angry (feet)’ on this abc show.
I was laughing and enjoying what you had to say.
I’ve been youtube-ing your stuff and all of it I have a good laugh.
You seem like a good and funny bloke :)
My favorite being ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd’

James Pearson on 31st of March 2009

Went to see your Sydney show last night, brilliant. Are you planning to release this show on DVD also?

Thanks, James

George on 30th of March 2009


I saw a post of your poem “Storm” and I believe that you awesomely kick ass. Can you post that on your blog or something so that I can send links to it to my friends/family/etc.?

If that’s not possible, that’s OK. Thanks for writing it.

Tim on 30th of March 2009

I live about one block from Enmore Theatre, but can’t make it to the only slot that’s not sold out. :(

So I’ll see you on Thursday night in the ‘Gong. Got my ticket in hand. :D

Pete Lane on 30th of March 2009

Hi Tim-I’m a GP in Yorkshire and a big fan. You are a household icon for my 3 kids and me(all grown up) Loved last tour-esp Storm! I get highly irritated cos your lyrics so stick in the brain!!!…maybe I need therapy. I love the medical content of a lot of your stuff. I was given a book to read recently called BAD SCIENCE by Ben Goodacre. Not sure if u have read it. If not you simply MUST read the first few chapters covering homeopathy, hopi candles,”aqua detox” and brain gym. Its so up your street. I dont recommend books much but some classic material there for a song or two!Let me know and I’ll send down a copy with pleasure. Keep onwith the good stuff-thanks Pete

bianca ellershaw on 30th of March 2009

hey tim!!!!!!!

you are an amazing comedian

seeing your show this saturday

XD can’t wait!!!

Laurie Smith on 30th of March 2009

Hi Tim,

I just heard “Storm” on the skeptics website – and I loved it! You have managed to sum up a lot of how I feel about these loonies!

Well done mate. I off to buy some CDs of yours to search for more gems.

SIMO on 30th of March 2009

hey Tim,
How are ya simo here again ,jus wanna say ,SHIT! I missed you spicks and specks (love that show ) last wednesday night i heard you were on the panel not jus playin this time and you sang from an unrelated piece of text would have been funny as but missed it ,so have to buy the series on dvd when its out som concilation i am watchin the melbourne comedy gala tonight your in it so will be a great show too …well ok thats bout it …till next time keep up the great work ……simo (adelaide)

Daria on 30th of March 2009

Hey! I’m a new fan! I’m from the States, I heard about you from a friend in Ireland, who’s just mad for you. Looked you up on youtube. You are so freaking brilliant, I can’t stand it. I’ve a blog on livejournal, and I’ve already posted your Rock and Roll Nerd video, my favorite, so far.

When are you coming to the States? I’m on the East Coast-New York, Philadelphia and DC are driving distance for me.

Now I’m going to search ebay for your vids :D

Lauren Worsley on 30th of March 2009

Hi Tim, I saw your show in Auckland in early March, I hadn’t heard of you before (which is purely a reflection of the insular life I lead!)and took a chance on a Thursday night’s entertainment with my mum visiting from SA, (she loves piano and I love comedy so it was a happy medium!) and I came out completely blown away by your talent and energy and wit – I haven’t been entertained like that in AGES!!! The very next day I also got myself a nice big pile of canvas bags which I leave in my car and I sing your “Take Your Canvas Bags” toanyone who will listen, ha ha. I was also going through a patch of non-inspiration (I am an artist who works in oils) and your show really got the creative juices flowing again. Thanks Tim – you rock.

Cindi (Stick) Rees....I used to be skinny, now I'm more of a log on 29th of March 2009

Coming to see you tomorrow night with my son…..so excited I doubt I will sleep tonight. Haven’t been ‘out’ in years, and have maxed out my credit card for accommodation and airfares, but you’re worth it…

Darlene on 29th of March 2009

Tim–heard about you on the Skeptics podcast, googled utube and get no sleep for watching your videos…when are you coming to the US? West coast? Portland?? Guess I’ll have to buy your dvd’s. Awesome composing, playing–you are a bright spot in my life-thanks so much, dj

Rowena Thomson on 28th of March 2009

Why aren’t you coming to Canberra???? We might be dags but we’re also rock’n’roll nerds…and you are greatly appreciated here…

Deb Caldera on 28th of March 2009

Saw you on Spicks and Specks – haven’t laughed so much for a long time – more concerts in Perth PLEASE!!!!(preferably NOT on a school night) so I can bring the teenagers too

leigh from tas on 27th of March 2009

no bloody tassy!!! come on minchin have a go it only half a aus tour come down please

Brad on 27th of March 2009

What time is the sydney gig on monday night?
Ennmore theatre says 7.15 on their site – ticketek site & my ticket say 8pm…

Alicia on 27th of March 2009

Hey, I saw your show last Sunday at the powerhouse. I just have to say that you are an amazing performer and i enjoyed your show soo much. I didn’t even know about you till about October last year when one of my friends mentioned you, and now you are like my favourite comedian. I love the way you can make even ordinary things seem really funny. Hope you have a good time in australia

Rebecca Parnell on 27th of March 2009

I have left a musical gift on my Facebook page for Violet. I suspect there is room in the world for excellent childrens’ music. I’m sure she has already had a headstart being exposed to yours, but just in case she needs a more age-appropriate sing-song, this one is rather sweet. (Funny, it doesn’t mention cock or pussy even once…)

nicole on 26th of March 2009

When are you coming to Darwin???????? We would love to see you up here sometime. PLEASE……

Chris Butler on 26th of March 2009

OMG, tim, my mum is obsessed with you, can you come over here in melbourne, hurry! PLZ!!1! Also, Where can I get ur new album, If you tell me I will buy seven-hundred and forty-two copies and hand them out to everyone in my school.

p.s. i am watching you thru spicks and specks right now. Oh! it ended.
p.p.s i wuv yu.

Diane Bond on 25th of March 2009

Can’t wait for your UK tour – can you add some dates in Nottingham otherwise I have to get to Derby on a school night? I love your supreme intelligence.

Katherine Gherkin on 25th of March 2009

Five friends of mine got to see you and that makes the fact that I missed your Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay shows quite painful. xD They keep going on about how amazing you are and show off their signed shirts and I just groan *sigh*
One of my friends plans to stalk you though I hear, and should be seeing you in Byron Bay and Melbourne (he’s already seen you at Gold Coast) haha pretty sure he’s obsessed.

I commented you randomly on Myspace once, not that you would read that and you probably won’t read this either. Oh well. All the comments from the other devoted fans on this page gave me motivation to send you one myself.

So here it is, a delightful comment.
You’re quite funny. :D
(what a fantastic compliment huh? haha)

Steph on 25th of March 2009

Hi Tim,
I just saw you on Spicks and Specks, how come YOU didn’t perform one of your songs!?!? That would of been fantastic! Oh well… next time. :)
Steph xx

Rachie on 25th of March 2009

I am that 12 year old you kept awake! Haha, anyway i love your shows and your are insanely clever. i have followed everything you have done since i was eight and you are so cool! go you ginger!

Ray Leon on 25th of March 2009

Hi Tim,

I’m on a musical discovery journey, my favourite band is a UK outfit by the name of SkeeWiff. What kind of music are YOU into?



scott waine on 24th of March 2009

Tim, just been looking through YouTube and came across you (not literally, obviously,that would be rude and disturbing to me). So inspired mate. I was looking for a laugh and ended up really homesick listening to “White wine in the sun”…cheers pal!!!
gonna see if you have any UK tickets left now, cos i just have to see your show….unless you have a couple of free tickets to any scottish show you were gonna throw out for some reason, in which case I could recycle them for you.
Take care, scott.

Stephanie Heysen-Smith on 24th of March 2009

Hi Tim,
Love your work, you are a brillent composser/singer/pianist! I am a HUGE fan, especially since that Adelaide show on the 13th March. Just wanting to know where and how I would be able to buy the Rock n Roll Nerd Doco.
Steph x

Kristy on 24th of March 2009


Any chance of a third concert in Sydney? After the 5th? I get back from hols on the 5th and would love to come…

Scott Jordan on 23rd of March 2009

Hi Tim, Bought the Ready for This CD last week, no letup yet, still listening every couple of hours! So next tour come to Hobart OK, just one show would be good. Yeah I know I could go to Melbourne. Good on you for having a crack at so much crap in the world, I guess your working on one for the banker wankers although I guess Mitsubishi Colt is close. One thing though, could you let up just a bit on homeopathy? Cheers, Scott

Sam Gibbens on 23rd of March 2009

Dear Tim.
I congratulate you on your work, which i have recently become obsessed with. It’s the vocabulary that i love, because i learn a new word around once per song, while some people i show are asking me for a definition on this or that every verse. I’m asking for another New Zealand appearance in 2010. That, would be brilliant if you feel inclined to appear again.
Thanks for demonstrating your genius through the dramatic medium, its awsome!

Tim Scott on 23rd of March 2009

Hi Tim

Can’t wait for your Melbourne shows, have book two of them (just in case I miss anything the first time.)
Also will we be seeing you on Spicks and Specks or Good News Week, got to give us aussie’s something no Never Mind the Buzzcocks here you know!

Lisbeth on 22nd of March 2009

Fresh from your ‘Ready for this?’ at the Powerhouse Brisbane last night (Sun 22.03), my 13-y-o daughter & I were both singing ‘fuck I love boobs’ in the bathroom this morning – don’t feel bad (as if you would take responsibility for that). I swear so it’s ENTIRELY my fault that she does and I DO love boobs, being a gay mum. Abi was singing it because, well, she reckons Tim Minchin is ‘mad’ (in 13-y-o parlance). She was desperate to ask if she could go backstage last night to meet you and, most unlike her, was too shy to do so. I, being most presumptuous, said ‘of course he’d be cool with it’ but, too bad, she missed out. 17-y-o Samuel has not arisen yet but he will no doubt be humming the tune too. It was the best time – the ginge minge sparked up No. 1 son who was blue. Nothing like top class comedy at its best to bond the 21st century family unit. PS: Checked out the sometimes Guardian reviewer. I think calling him a journalist is giving him airs and graces. Poor soul obviously has some issues. Shall continue to patronise him in that caring/sharing, you-know-we-we-stand, fuck-the-prick kind of way.
Thanks T. Best wishes.

PS Tim – If you want to call by Our Lady’s College, Annerley and say hi to Abigail Wilmont before you leave town, you would really impress her friends and make her day, well .. life really :)
I’ll shout the cab fare if you like …
Oh alright … and the latte ..

PPS: She will be using ‘Storm’ about now (9:03am) to reinforce her ongoing theological debate with her Religious Education teacher which greatly helped to crystallise some arguments she was forming in the car en route to the Powerhouse last night.
I thank you, Abi thanks you but Our Lady’s may not be entirely rapt!

Lotty Whalley on 22nd of March 2009

Heyyy xxx
Youu Areee Amazinggg!!!!
Here’s thing thingg …. i am desperate to see you on tour, and the date that i want to is the 18th of october in oxford, but i’ll only be 15, and im soooooooooooo desperate to come and see you, honestly i wass sooo gutted when i saw it was 16+ .. :( lol … is there no way i can come =/ .. Please, i would lovee to come and see you live xxxx
Thanks for listening lol xxxx

Jenny--Jennikins--Jennifer any way u say it its all me on 22nd of March 2009

Hey Tim, cant wait to see you in Reading :) your my fav comedian! You Rock like smartie cookies! lol
much love

Krista Paterson on 22nd of March 2009

TIM! I just got back from your gig at the powerhouse :D I LOVE YOU, You now have a new stalker. Only Kidding. I was the one in the “hippos” t-shirt, twas a three part t-shirt gag. I had a great night, thankyou muchly. I was the “Hippos”, Kara was “In The” and Georgie was the “Piss” We were quite happy with it!

I would like to give you Kudos of your precision in insulting Religion, You do your research I give you that. An incredible show It was. xxx

Don on 22nd of March 2009

I attended the 2.30 show on Saturday just great
Very funny great piano playing Don

Dressed in Black. (AKA I Feel Loved) on 22nd of March 2009

Thank you for everything. Your clever material has clarified some rather wishy-washy thoughts in my head, you’ve made me laugh and got me though some depressing times. You’ve been very patient and attentive with all your fans after shows which further proves that you are not just a tiny, insignificant, ignorant bit of carbon, but quite significant after all. I hope you are enjoying your Brisbane shows as much as we are, and the rest of the tour goes very well and you sell lots of merchandise so you can buy the stuff you need. (Believe me, little girls cost lots of money to raise, especially if they get into dancing as a hobby).


Krista Paterson on 22nd of March 2009

Tim, I’m seeing your show tonight! I can’t believe it, you better pull out your best material! Haha, Love you heaps. Can’t wait til tonight!

Jan on 22nd of March 2009

Hey Tim! I just discovered you…. GENUIS….. when are you coming to Toronto? We live in Sault Ste Marie, but would make the drive to see you.a Your Donnie Darko is great and so is Inflatable You.

mrs amanda johnson on 21st of March 2009

hi, never heard of you till my brother and his girlfriend went to see you in london, and they had a signed poster and i thought you was rather cute, very captain jack sparrow style. i then saw you on never mind the buzzcocks the oher night, and you werent as loud and outspoken as my brother had said, but having looked into your work and music i think you rock! clever, talented and tuneful – well done!

Indie on 21st of March 2009

G’day Tim.
Hope u and your family are well!!
I am a huge fan!! I started watching your shows while I was living in Oz for a year and now Im back in England I still love your material. I love the song Nothing can stop us now and If i didnt have you!! Your funny, not afraid to stand out and your really talented.
Good luck for everything in the future! Cant wait to see you live in the Uk.
Love Indie xx

sarah on 21st of March 2009

im so excited for seeing you in belfast in october.
even though it’s ages away.
hoorah! xx

daniel kall on 21st of March 2009

tim minchin rocks

Michael Dunn on 21st of March 2009

hey hey hey =]
do a show in Newcastle… UK. Not the Australian 1, well, you could do the Australian 1 if u like but make room for a Newcastle, UK date. Happy Days

Liza (wickedlibrarian) on 20th of March 2009

Hey Diane Werner (and anyone else here wanting Tim’s merch who lives in the US) the “order from UK” button works for us – it just means the merch comes from the UK. It gives you the chance to fill in your mailing address and pay for overseas shipping.

OR, you can wait ’till 2010 when Tim tours the US. :D

Howard W Worsley on 20th of March 2009

When are you coming to the New York area?

Fuggo on 20th of March 2009

Sorry Inverness, Scotland let you down, now I HAVE to buy the dvd, nearest HMV 40 miles…………….

Ann-Marie on 20th of March 2009

Damn it I wanted to see is show in Adelaide, I love his “Take your canvas bags to our supermarkets” song it is hell funny. None of my friends know who he is, but I like the fact that he’s not the “inn thing” at the moment because that’s shit when you like a band and then all of a sudden everyone likes them.

elle on 19th of March 2009

when are you going to be on spicks and specks again. that show made me your biggest fan :)

Diane Werner on 19th of March 2009

I studied abroad in Sydney and fell in love with your stuff. Sadly, I didn’t think to buy anything while I was there. So, now I am back in the USA and unable to buy anything! There is nothing on Amazon or Ebay, so I figured I would check your site. Sure enough it is only available for the UK or Australia. Is there somewhere I’m not looking? Is it possible at all to get something to ship to the USA?

Dressed in Black. (AKA I Feel Loved) on 19th of March 2009

What Rebecca said. *nods* Also, Drowned gave me goosebumps.


Rebecca Starr on 19th of March 2009

Totally overcome with being in your presence while you dutifully signed my canvas bag, I completely forgot to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show. My apologies for being such a star struck twit. It was a hoot.

Ronnie on 19th of March 2009


saw you last night on Never mind The Buzzcocks, thought you were amazing.

Am trying to get your dvd and will hopefully be able to see you in the Autumn.

michael (Adelaide) on 19th of March 2009

hey timmy u might not rememba me but just thought id say thanx 4 writing I luv Dick on my forhead the funny thing is dat i left it on 4 skool lol it was a verry… unusual day

Kit on 19th of March 2009

Words can’t say how brilliant you are. You’ve touched a lot of lives. <3

Carlos E. Garcia on 19th of March 2009

Hello, I doubt Tim Minchin actually reads this, but on the off chance that he does I would like to say a few things. I live in Sacramento, CA, and i just recently started watching your videos from youtube. I plan to travel the world, if i can get the money, and i hope i will be able to see you perform. As a new fan, i hope that your tickits are’nt too expensive.

Dressed in Black. (AKA I Feel Loved) on 19th of March 2009

Hi Tim (and Jason above if you come back to this site,) I agree, the Brisbane show was fantastic and I knew in advance I’d want to see all six shows. You could say I was ‘Ready For This’ feeling of one show not being enough. :) (Thank you, I’ll be here all week… Literally).

Linky follows for anyone contemplating a Brisbane ticket. Only tickets for Saturday’s matinee show available. (2.30pm)



Jason on 19th of March 2009

Hey Tim. We saw your show last night in Brisbane. It was that good that I am seriously thinking about coming again. Thank you so much for the signature too, you really made my girlfriend’s day by signing her diary. Keep up the great work….

Red Roberts on 19th of March 2009

I’m sorry…I’m so sorry!!
But I simply just HAVE to tell you that I think you are the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life!!

This is possibly the most loserish thing I have ever done, but I had to do it! lol….ah well ;-)

Joel on 19th of March 2009

Just saw your show in Brisbane last night, Tim, and it was unbelievably awesome! As a physicist, Storm is possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard…

Can’t wait for you to come back!

Robbie Bermudez on 18th of March 2009

You have the “Teenage market” on your side.

Irene on 17th of March 2009

Dear Tim,
Will you ever visit the Netherlands again? I saw your performance at the 2006 Lowlands Festival, and I’ve been hooked ever since. You would most certainly earn my Eternal Gratitude and Stuff, and I will bring all of my friends. Which is many.
Anyway, just to say I dig you,
bye now.

Lauren Moses on 17th of March 2009

Hey Mr Minchin! Just wanted to say how much me and my friends love your music. I was wondering if there’s any chance you’d sing at my 18th birthday party? Keep up the good work :D

kelsey C: on 17th of March 2009

your adelaide show on saturday night, i was the girl in the front row, wearing your MIT NIHCNIM EVIL 9002 t-shirt that you stared ans smiled at.


you’re amazing.

kelsey C: on 17th of March 2009

tim is GREATER than sliced bread.

he is a legend.



Steph on 17th of March 2009

Hi Tim,
I loved your Adelaide show so much I am thinking of going to the one in Melbourne on Tuesday the 14th April… where can i get tickets?
Thanks Steph xx

Peter Waywood on 17th of March 2009

See you sunday night at Sydney, yeeeahah!
Lookin’ forward to an autograph. >_>

Helen on 17th of March 2009

I realise this is a tricky question, but will ask away anyway. I’m about to get tickets for the melb comedy festival in April for my husband and I. I have 14 and 17 yr old girls, who’ve seen you on spicks n specks and think you’re great. But not sure if the show will be suitable for them. I don’t want to sit there too uncomfortable as some live comedy can now be. Am I safe to book tickets for them?. (I realise all kids differ in maturity – could I rate mine mid-range)

Ray Leon on 16th of March 2009

Hi Tim,

First heard you speak on Skeptics Guide interview, which led to watching your show at the Gold Coast Art Center.

You are the complete entertainer, it was such a pleasure to see you perform.

Awesome is an understatement, fucking awesome almost gets there.

Thank You

Brad on 16th of March 2009

Saw Tim last night on the Gold Coast. Great show but what was with the 5pm start? Pre-watershed.

simo on 16th of March 2009

hey tim,
simo here,maybe inspire wasnt the word, in previous comment, influence a bit sort of. .i heard he has a cousin Rory in adelaide .but dunno

Gabrielle on 15th of March 2009

Please please please come to Canada. And by Canada I mean Saskatchewan. Any where…even Alberta what ever.. just come. Please.

Shane on 15th of March 2009

I’m a boobs man too, so thanks for signing mine in Adelaide on Saturday. Also, are you related to Claire Hooper? My mum reckons you look similar and you’re both from Perth. Anyhoo, you rule.

simo on 14th of March 2009

hey how are ya Tim ,
Simo here yep jus seen your show sat march 14 adelaide day after seeing you live mate what a show was great too finnaly meet you in person and see your live show have been waiting months since i got tickets was that keen got days mixed up thought it was fri, got ready went to friends checked tickets and was sat but oh well we made it ,and to think i inspired you to write ginger song what an honour ,your energy and stage presence is amazing ppl on rest off tour are in for great show ,the new songs are great my girlfriend michelle loves you and your music,better go am taking up too much space will keep chattin on here to you ,even if dont reply i know your busy all the best till next time……………………………………

Kay Leahy on 14th of March 2009

Just got home from seeing you for the first time.
Thank you for a great show. :)

Toni T on 14th of March 2009


sunshine on 14th of March 2009

hey man. you have to go to the states, in madera,{although fresno is more likely} california. i freakin love your music. oh, and i was watchin your tony the fish video, i have to tell you, i love it. except that part about ducking after your comment about evolution being right{wich it is}, when you go to the us. i thought we were viewed as being the boring scientists who outcasted religion in the 70s. but its cool.

any ways. you rock!

Emma on 13th of March 2009

Hey Tim, hope you have a great show in brisbane. I was hoping to get tickets for christmas but i must have not been clear enough in my santa letter. So i’ll buy myself the DVD instead. Note to self I’ll know for next time der dunderhead just buy them yourself.

J. Drewett on 12th of March 2009

Hey tim.
Just saw the “Rock and Roll Nerd” doco. Brilliant, man, brilliant.

Good luck with everything, sir.

And keeping hitting them ivories like nobodies business.


Todd Dean on 12th of March 2009

Being here in the U.S., I only recently discovered the pure genius that is Tim Minchin. You must tour here. I love your stuff. Brilliant!

simo on 11th of March 2009

hey tim, counting the hours 2 days till i see ya live finnaly ,hey ya should cheak out som ov the other shows here the fringe festival is at moment ,went to garden of unearthly delights seen som buskers and alot of weird stuff ,i got called on stage to help a uk busker with his act my 15 sec of fame yeah any who seeya friday 13th ,,

Kristy - Rotto sunbather and Warren Daley's daughter on 11th of March 2009

Hey Tim,

I spotted you on Rotto last week :) I was on Longreach, near the steps, reading a book, sunbaking by myself. To be honest I got a little excited… I heard your voice before anything else, and sat up quickly, really shocked that I heard it on little old Rotto! You walked past and I had to look twice.. seriously not believing that it was actually you.

I wanted to introduce myself (Warren Daley’s daughter remember?) but you went for a run and you were with your family. I didn’t want to disturb you on your holiday.

So basically I just wanted to say hello and let you know that it was me :)

Take care, enjoy the tour and see you in April in Perth (front row!).


ps – you are looking really great by the way… you hair is looking really healthy and you can tell you have been working on the body :) But then again, I’ve always thought you were pretty sexy.

Annje Jensen on 11th of March 2009


Hi *waves* I live in the US of A and would love for you to come here and perform. I’d even spend lots of money I don’t have just to see you, heck I’d sell monkeys on the sidewalk just to see you perform. Also is there anyway you could sell some of your DVD’s in USA format? My DVD player doesn’t play PAL format. I think your extremely talented, and my favorite songs are “Dark Side”, “Canvas Bags”, and the beat poem Storm.

Keep up the great performances, and is there any chance of releasing a CD just of your beat poetry? I think it would sell.

Take care and I hope to see more of your work,


Brian on 11th of March 2009

Need dates in the U.S.! I’d specifically prefer Los Angeles, but I’m willing travel a little.

kim on 10th of March 2009

So my tickets are in order, got tea organised for the family, new shoes and even a ‘cool’ haircut, as according to my boss who is stuck in the 70’s right on! Smac and I are quite excited at being in your audience and we’re looking forward to loading up on merch. Thanks for including the GC and Bris on the world tour, Mrs Mac : )

Voinea Antonio on 9th of March 2009

Will you be coming to Europe soon?I mean more in the Eastern side.Like Romania for example.

mike on 8th of March 2009

can under 18s see ur melbourne comedy festival shows?

GALE (Not Storm) on 8th of March 2009

Loved your Auckland show, Tim. I laughed a great deal and unfortunately now have no arse left at all. This is a little inconvenient as I now have nothing to sit on or pooh out of. However, I made the mistake of listening to the National Radio interview; wherein the very perspicacious interviewer informed us that you are acually “a misery” -which was a surprise to me but very good news for my bum,

Lucke Rogers on 8th of March 2009

NO your booked out for the Adelaide show.
damn, When will you becoming back?

Arthwollipot on 7th of March 2009

Ah, and we Canberrans miss out. I see.


Royden Shotter on 7th of March 2009

I just got the last two tickets for Sunday night!! – *stoked*

Royden Shotter on 7th of March 2009

Gods be praised I just realised you are playing tonight!!!

Royden Shotter on 7th of March 2009

I’ve been hearing about you for a while from my Kiwi mate but google hits were not returning anything for Tum Munchun.

An actual link has has fixed this and I would say you are at least half responsible for me exceeding my monthly broadband limit (a Youtube thing).

Anyway, I just wanted to say you are the cleverest motherflower I have seen in a long long time and I would be all too keen if you squeezed an NZ spot into your calendar.

Hope you are well.


Holly Connette on 5th of March 2009

Me and my friends are huge Tim Minchin fans!!! We were wondering if Tim Minchin will be making an appearance in the United State any time in the near future?

-Holly Connette

Kalena on 4th of March 2009

I refuse to visit Auckland and you’re not coming to Christchurch so I’m flying to Sydney just to see you on 4 April. Ok there might be some type of conference or something on that I’m going to while I’m there, but I’m really only attending THAT so I can go to your concert. But don’t think I’m buying a broody tshirt. Ok, maybe just one but definitely not a canvas bag.

Roy (Putney) on 3rd of March 2009

You still haven’t popped round for a beer – now you’ve buggered off to Oz!

Reets on 3rd of March 2009

i want a canvas bag. and i will get one. and maybe 2…one for my friend :). you will be recieving a lot of money from me yaaaay.

Amy on 3rd of March 2009

Man, I can’t believe I missed out on a ticket for the Adelaide shows.
I only just landed home today after a long working holiday, to find out the person i’m meant to be goin with thought i was gettin the tickets.
dam lack of communication.

Please put on another show
(everywhere else has more shows anyway, whats with that?)

millie on 2nd of March 2009

i really really love your music, the first time i heard your album i almost split my sides laughing so much.
plus your piano is really incredible!!!

Pleading in Perth on 2nd of March 2009

Can you please, please, puleeeese add a Sunday Perth date to your schedule?? It’s still two months out, and all the tickets are already sold?!?! You are too damn popular!

Jane on 1st of March 2009


i envy your wife.

Megan Johnson on 1st of March 2009

I just discovered your talent today (sorry for taking so long) from searching youtube, out of boredom, for comedy.

I’m an instant fan and admire your wit, charm, sarcasm and satire.

Thank you!

I better see you in Vancouver, BC CANADA very soon!


BiPolar Bear on 27th of February 2009

Come to The US!!!

Anthony on 27th of February 2009

will u ever be coming back to montreal?

Like My Name Matters on 27th of February 2009

Oh and you OUGHT to come to the US. You are morally obligated- I can see the fundamentals jabbering now… and I thought there were crowds at abortion clinics and executions

Isn’t that tempting?

Like My Name Matters on 27th of February 2009

are you involved in any altruistic organizations/ nonprofit/ charities etc.?

Georgia. on 25th of February 2009


Damien on 24th of February 2009

If I wanted to buy a copy of the new tour album, but also lived in a country that was not Australia or New Zealand, would there be a way I could do this from the comfort of my own internet?

Esme Lee on 24th of February 2009

Tim Minchin is the cats pyjamas

daniel matthews on 24th of February 2009


i have made a disign for a new canvas bag for you=]
very simple yet awsome and would like for you to see it=]
it has my ‘awsome’ drawing skills involved and is very artistic…yer lets call it that=]
so yer=]canvas bags for the win!!!

Soul Owl on 23rd of February 2009

Ok, so I just put your hat in the ring to host the Oscars next year.


Kate on 23rd of February 2009

Hey Tim, have you ever considered heading to Newcastle, NSW when you’re in Sydney? We always seem to miss the best comedy acts, including yours! I’m a big fan.. but i’m also a student so staying overnight in sydney isn’t all that feasible…. but you putting on a show in newie is!

Cerah on 23rd of February 2009

Come to Canada!

Lucille on 23rd of February 2009

can’t wait! :D YAY!

b(e2)=th+2 on 22nd of February 2009

This has probably already been said, but I shall say it again. Australia has some COOL place names! Woo! Going to see ya in the UK. Hopefully. Reep it keal. Tray stue.

Lynne on 22nd of February 2009

Will there be pics of the merchandise, to allow us to consider our purchases carefully?

simo on 22nd of February 2009

oh yeah …ps seams your canvas bags message got out they,ve banned plastic bags here in oz ..good work its a start ok anywho see ya later …

simo on 22nd of February 2009

Hey Tim,
how are ya.? Yep not long till ya live in adelaide; i see both shows sold out glad i got my tickets early cant wait to see the show and buy some stuff ..the real thing no boot leg copys so u get the cash not some wannabe computer nerd anywho see ya in the city of churches…hmmmmmm bear suit dunno bout that but may give it a go …simo

Jaxx on 22nd of February 2009

Wow, Melb still hasn’t sold out? Suprised me!

Albert on 22nd of February 2009

Hope you have T-shirts when you do the Enmore Sydney gig that are 4-5XL please

samantha on 22nd of February 2009

hey Tim! this is sammyj74, I contacted you last year to ask when you would tour. We will be at the saturday night powerhouse gig in Brisbane!!!
Can’t wait to see you live!

karen on 22nd of February 2009

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! can’t beleive we can’t get a ticket. Can you please do another show in Adelaide. I am shattered that me and my friends have missed out!! We are devout fans and hold out for your appearances here.

Abi on 22nd of February 2009

Are you coming to Canada anytime soon Tim?

– Ribbon Girl from the Powerhouse in Brisbane, who is now living in Toronto

cailin on 22nd of February 2009

yay! the merch sounds great.
i’ve always wanted a tshirt with your face on it, tim.
even if it looks thinner than it is in real life.
see you in radelaide, ey?

Grime on 22nd of February 2009

Last time I saw Pigs in Brisbane, it was by Roger Waters! Looking forward to it.

Veronica on 22nd of February 2009

Rick and I have tickets for both Brizzie shows. Cannot wait. My two grandaughters (age 9 and 10) love the Canvas Bags song, and when Israel and Palestine are in the news, we all sing about Pigs. Love you. You’re brilliant. Keep it up!!!!!

charlie armour on 22nd of February 2009

Please put on another gig in Adelaide!! Somehow my man servant forgot to get me tickets….

Katelyn on 22nd of February 2009

haha Evil 9002 – love it! Hope they come in a flattering “girly” style though. Glad the canvas bags are back too. I really do take my canvas bags to the supermarket but a new one is always welcome, particularly if it’s a stylish and fashionable Tim Minchin design, or even a not so stylish and unfashionable Tim Minchin design. :) Looking forward to the Forum shows because I have a ticket already. Love your work!!

Sam w on 21st of February 2009

Hey my brother ordered two of your cds the other week, But they ain’t come yet. Do you know why??
And we are coming to the show in york.

Knight who says ni on 21st of February 2009

May I just say with most sincerity : Ni! IF you guys watch monty python, I do not mean that in an offensive way but an affectionate way (if you read this tim agen sorry about the brackets)(ill leave now)

Jan Mulcahy on 21st of February 2009


DiB. AKA I Feel Loved. on 20th of February 2009

No need to worry about me, I booked ages ago. (Not that you were really worried.)

I’ll be seeing you in Brisbane, one of the ‘bits’ of Australia you are gracing with your presence. It would be lovely if you could sign the black canvas bag that was ever so kindly supplied to me last year in exchange for Tim Tams. :)

You will be in good company, the autographs of Frank Woodley, Carl Barron and Howard Jones are already on it. Actually, second thoughts, seeing as they all signed merchanise that wasn’t their own, maybe I should get you to sign my Howard Jones T shirt or my Carl Barron DVD? Not that I won’t be buying your lovely new merchandise to sign, of course I will.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll meet you in amongst the throng of teenagers after the show. I’ll be one of the errrr, older women.


gabe on 20th of February 2009

Tim, please come to Seattle, or anywhere in the US, we’ll travel. flying Americans to Australia would cause too much damage (environmentally and otherwise). pretty please?

Lauren on 19th of February 2009

What’s the line up for the show in england this year??
Just booked tickets to the show in Warrington, and i can’t wait.
It’s going to be amazing!

Lidia Morizzi on 19th of February 2009

Love ya work – intellectual bordering on manic humour with splashes of realism! Wanted to see your show but sold out – late again story of my life 10 ten children not…

Sarah on 19th of February 2009

Eeeep! got quite very excited the other day on the way to work. Not long now!

lovin’ you.

Natalie on 19th of February 2009

I’ll be getting all the mechandise I can afford.

Protium on 19th of February 2009

Can I just say… front row center Thursday Show in Perth with a Godless T-Shirt. Can’t wait. Promise you’ll wave Tim :)

Kelly on 19th of February 2009

Just listened to the cd version of Bears Don’t Dig on Dancing, it sounds amazing! The effects are really good, very Cher-esq!
Once again, well done, and I cant wait to hear the rest of the album! :)

Kate on 18th of February 2009

I need a t-shirt that makes me look broody and thinner than in real life. Fantastic that the tour’s selling so well – those Antipodeans clearly know which side their musical/comedy/empirical world view bread’s buttered.
P.S. I thought the band had perfectly normal-sized arses. But that’s just me.

Hayley on 18th of February 2009

Woohoo, new cd :) Will it be available online? (either iTunes or mail-order). Although I still find it nice to actually hold a shiny, new cd in my hand. Wish I could come to another show, never mind.

Manx-Michelle on 18th of February 2009

My whole wardrobe will soon be Tim-related. Not that I’m complaining. It shall probably be a improvement.

Have fun scooting around in the sn!

Faye Clark on 18th of February 2009

:D How popular are you?!
Looking forward to getting a tshirt :)

Paul Carpenter on 18th of February 2009

Hey Tim,
Any plans totour the U.S.A.?
I would love to see ya
Paul Carpenter

Kelly on 18th of February 2009

The merchandise sounds brill – espesh the new cd, I shall have to get it when I see you!
Sounds like I’m gonna need a lot of money though for all that so I’ll have to start saving – I’ve only got till September! :)

Liza (wickedlibrarian) on 18th of February 2009

Clever man. :)
Looking forward to the new merch!

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