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Hammersmith Again

by Linzy 10th Sep 2009 | 21 comments

A third night at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 25th October has been announced. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster, online [here], on the phone (08448 44 47 48) and at outlets.

Be there or be tragically unhip!

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Don on 4th of November 2009

Great show at the Apollo, but the message/s may attract disciples, might be a dangerous road! Sorry to see that you were on that chat show, promotions great, but……….

NikNak on 3rd of November 2009

Whilst channel hopping the other night , I came across your show being broadcast on E4 . Amazingly it had only just started and I missed very little . I was instantly captivated , and kept on thinking , ” how on earth have I not heard about you before ? Fucking Hell Why had I not heard of you before , must go to a show , my God where have I been , not to have known about you ! ”

I loved every single minute , and somehow I feel different now to how I was before Sunday 01 November 2009
I only wish I could have been there , it was a very special night , and you’re right you are so fucking Rock !

lorna gardner on 2nd of November 2009


Alison Denham on 31st of October 2009

Saw the show at Hammersmith Apollo on 25th with my 2 hip daughters 16 & 20 – felt quite old and concerned for you Tim that maybe no-one over the age of 30 found you funny, then I saw Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Suggs from Madness so knew you were OK.The demographic was wide.Strange that even though I was never a Pink Floyd fan I found this reassuring. Magnificient,spellbinding, thrilling and my cheeks hurt afterwards ( the ones on my face)from laughing out loud and long. Thank you so much – I needed the endorphins. You are lovely. Long may you run!!! Lots of love and hugs, Alison, Katherine and Hannah Denham. Somerset

Jemjem on 26th of October 2009

YOU’RE AMAZING!!! My only priority this week is to come see one of your shows!!! X

Stella Branch on 23rd of October 2009

Have just had a fab-u-lous evening in your company at Hammersmith. You rocked the shiny legginged look, and I loved every single piano key that you hit. Please keep on doing what you do..

Peter Laws on 18th of October 2009

idiosyncrasy and Tim Minchin together is an oxymoron!!!! Tim my girlfriend saw you on tv and we’re hooked on your euphemistic, moreable odour… talent of your calibre comes along but once in a life time.

lucy on 16th of October 2009

Please come back to aberdeen …please please please please ….pplleeaassseeeee<i took the time to make the word longer so that it appears more like i want it :D


most people just leave aberdeen alone :(

x x x

Lynda on 16th of October 2009

After seeing you live in Bristol I’m coming back for more Minchin Mania on the 25th in London. Can’t wait! Tim… You are a genius and I’m so glad I discovered you! Am I officially now totally hip?!

Lyndsey Evans on 24th of September 2009

Doesn’t matter. Your link works even if Ticketmaster’s link doesn’t. See you on the 25th!

Lyndsey Evans on 24th of September 2009

Hey Tim
Are you still doing Apollo on 25th? I’ve been trying to book tickets but ticketmaster keeps coming up with the 24th. Tried booking on the phone but the ‘computer says no’. Voice machines are so annoying.

Hope the tour’s going well so far. Really looking forward to seeing you live!

Ally Mitchell on 18th of September 2009

We need another date in Aberdeen! Can only watch the recording of your show that was on E4 so many times… well that’s not actually true. Purple shoes!

Katrin on 16th of September 2009

I’ll so be there :-)!

Stewart on 15th of September 2009

How about South Africa? generating a big fan base here?

CYNTHIA on 13th of September 2009

Wish I could be but I am based in Cape cod.
Delighted to have found you at all, you make me laugh the way I love to laugh, too loud and too long. I hope you have fun in your life

Bethan on 12th of September 2009

Add another cardiff date? That would be amazing :D

MM+BH on 12th of September 2009



rm on 10th of September 2009

I hate being afraid of travel. I shall have it under control for your next tour, I promise. I am not sure how I will exactly overcome my fear of traveling, shock therapy perhaps….. Hmm maybe not. x Oh well see you Glasgow (YAY!!) and only Glasgow (BOO).

Charley on 10th of September 2009

I’m going on the 23rd October… Am I tragically unhip still? Or just tragic, or unhip?

Heather on 10th of September 2009

Well call me tragically unhip, but that’s a school night!

Liza on 10th of September 2009

Tragically unhip, me.
Sounds like an awesome 3-night run though. WOO for that!

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