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The Amaz!ng Meeting

by Linzy 2nd Oct 2009 | 8 comments

Tim will be appearing at the first ever TAM London event (3rd & 4th Oct). Unfortunately tickets sold out ages ago (11th May, to be precise) but if you’ve been lucky enough to grab a ticket, Tim will be previewing an animated video for his beat-poem about rational thinking, ‘Storm’, and also playing a short set.

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lily on 26th of December 2011

YEEES. TimTAMs. oh how long i’ve been waiting for that pun.

Daryl on 7th of October 2009

I was at TAM, 3 rows back and in awe at the performance! The animation for Storm wasn’t at all what I was expecting and is wonderful. I’m going to be at the Sheffield gig on the 17th and am now looking forward to it even more than before.
Assuming you read the comments, I’d like to ask if you’ve considered actually talking about your skepticism at perhaps the next TAM and taking a Q&A?

Joe on 5th of October 2009

Won’t be long until the official video is put up on Tim’s youtube channel, so it’s alright.

rm on 2nd of October 2009

I am very excited at the thought of the animation video for storm. I shall, however, keep my excitement contained.

Hope everyone going to this has a superb time :)


Bx on 2nd of October 2009

We’ll be at the Colston Hall on Sat 3rd Oct in the evening… we hope you’ll be joining us… it would be sad to sit there watching an empty stage :p

becca on 2nd of October 2009

omg! can someone like record this or summin cos i cant go!! i wanna see the video of storm! omg sounds amazing love xx

Sarah (White Wine fan) on 2nd of October 2009

Still gutted not to be able to go (doubly now I’ve heard about the Storm animation thing) but heartened that so many people want to attend. Enjoy, all you lucky folk…

Gib on 2nd of October 2009

Way too few tickets sold to TAM. Good to know it’s popular though, and next year will be even bigger.

I’m happy that my dual PC action managed to get me some of the tickets which sold out in an hour of congested madness.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.