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GQ Australia Nomination

by Shell 16th Oct 2009 | 13 comments

Tim has been nominated for the award of Comedic Talent of the Year in the 2009 GQ Australia Man of the Year Awards alongside Lawrence Leung, Charlie Pickering, Josh Thomas and Dave Hughes.

The winners will be announced at the Men of the Year Awards night, in Sydney, on the 19th November. If Tim wins he may get giddy enough to buy a new pair of trousers or a hat, oh yeah.

Australians can vote for him here!

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nicole on 19th of November 2009

Ofcourse Hes Gonna Win
Voted For Ya :D

Toogood on 2nd of November 2009

all voted for. see ya in brisvegas in a month :)

Chezza on 23rd of October 2009

Geez Tim, You’re up against Dave Hughes… how can you NOT win!!! You got my vote

Selina Nisbet on 20th of October 2009

Recently a friend of mine passed away losing his fight for cancer. I was absolutely devastated and I was really depressed. My brother mentioned Canvas Bags and said that I should check you out. I found your dvd and I watched.. To be honest you got me through it… I can not repay you for you have done for me, so I am coming to your concert in Brisvegas to say thanks.

So Thank you…

Julie on 19th of October 2009

forgot to say- will be going to Adelaide in December to Visit my friend..she came over to see me for My 50th (I KNOW!!!) and we all went to see you in Wollongong. Now I will be going there and Guess what – We will be seeing you in Adelaide for her birthday… You are our birthday gift to ourselves..how Bizarre… -Us, not you!! lol

Julie on 19th of October 2009

Hey TIM,
Sent my vote in for You @ GQs…. also sent a generic email to all I know with details on the competition…told them to get out their canvas bags & go Vote!!! Those other guys wont hold a candle to you , if its not rigged!
Cheers Tim… Luv the new song, too.

Rachel on 17th of October 2009

If all Aussies didn’t vote at least once it would be a crime against comedy!!! Saw him last week and my cheeks still ache from laughing,think i may have left one of my kidneys in row T!!
Go get e’m Tim!!

Abi on 17th of October 2009

I wish I could be Australian for ten minutes so I could vote for him… Good luck Tim – You deserve it!!! :D

moira on 17th of October 2009

Hey ur gonna win that award, i canny vote either cause im fae scotland aswell. Watched a clip o that Josh boy and he does not come onywhere near u, ur well on top form Mr Tim Minchin :~D

Hopefuly see u back again in Scotland, on tour.
All the best.Xx

Philippa on 17th of October 2009

Go Get Them Tim!!!!

Lucy on 17th of October 2009

GREAT .hope you win but i cany vote as i’m nae Australian,Thought i’d add in lots of Scottish words to further distinguish the fact that i am not australian

rm on 17th of October 2009

Good Luck xx

debbieg on 16th of October 2009

oh yeah indeed! Although it’s not a case of ‘if’ he wins and more a case of ‘when’ he wins!! Aussies get voting NOW!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.