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Friday Night with Wossy

by Linzy 22nd Oct 2009 | 83 comments

Tim will be appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross tomorrow, 23rd October. The other guests include 50 Cent, Joanna Page, Boy George and Jamie Cullum.

The programme will air on BBC One at 10:35pm, with a repeat being broadcast on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12:45am and it will also be on BBC iPlayer for seven days afterwards for those of you in the UK.

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Mondale31 on 29th of January 2010

Isn’t it funny that they put Wossy on the Fwiday? The only day that the ‘Aow’ is pwominently featured in the word. Ow was that intentional? Gweat interview, and gweater pewfowmance fwom you.. Peace… Oh wait.. any gigs planned in the Netherlands? Gweetz..

Paula Loneragan on 17th of January 2010

Only just come across Tim Minchin – but WOW what a great Entertainer. When is the next UK Tour?

Gareth Oakes on 2nd of December 2009

Hey, I’m straight & I think the man is hot! Saw him in the Apollo on 24th Oct…ROW B! The man is hotter in the flesh, lol & a fucking genius.

Courtney on 3rd of November 2009

My first intro to Tim & I’m hooked. Hilarious. Hope you make it to the states soon.

Joanie on 3rd of November 2009

Loved the Jam session with Jamie Cullen.

howlie, on 2nd of November 2009

I’m still singing 5 poofs, it got in my head during my driving lesson today which was problematic

t dunne on 2nd of November 2009

tim is sooo cool, when will he be in ireland again

SIm Tweed on 1st of November 2009

Saw u on Wossy on BBC America (yeah i’m a Brit trapped in the US) [email protected]#@$#g brilliant. Whe you comming over here ? (Wesr Coast please)

Wendy Burt on 1st of November 2009

Myself & my 12 year old daughter saw you for the 1st time on the Jonathan Ross show on BBC America and we instantly fell in love with you and your humor.I am 47 and married for 13 years and we live in a tiny mountain town called Willsboro,New York, next to Lake Champlain.My husband is somewhat of a “mountain man” and doesn’t appreciate english humor at all.Thank God our daughter “gets” it and we enjoyed you immensely.We look forward to anything we can see of your work.Unfortunately we have crappy dial-up computer service so no U-tube for us unless we go to the library.Thanks for the laughs,we are instant and life-long fans!

Cassie on 30th of October 2009

Hey Tim!!! I watched the interview!!!

Trust you to be able to remove the pants of the host of the shw before your interview is over! lol :D

Can’t wait to see your show in Brisbane in December!

Rock on!


Jane on 29th of October 2009

Saw your interview with Jonathan Ross – wouldn’t normally watch him cos he’s crap – but could watch you anytime cos you are so gorgeous. Music was brilliant, as always, particularly bit at the end with Jamie, but Ross was crap and could have done much better interview. Did enjoy close up of your stunning eyes though!
PS Got a lovely moody b&w pic of you on my computer desktop that I gaze at every day – makes work worthwhile!.

Ed on 29th of October 2009

watched it….brill…..you’ve got a new fan!!! Watched STORM on youtube amazing!! :)

Tom Taylor on 28th of October 2009

Reading? was that at the hexagon? I WAS THERE

Eleanor on 28th of October 2009

ahh I have already watched it 3 times. Im so lame.

Danielle on 27th of October 2009

…and it was bloody brilliant. and then after watching it a few more times on youtube for posterity I stumbled across this one and it is the treat of a lifetime http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSFCDhLhuB8&feature=related

thanks tim


Shane on 27th of October 2009

Is there anywhere I could download that song cuz it was unbelieveable.
Also you should definetly do more shows in Ireland I missed your last one

Fi on 27th of October 2009

Tim – absolute GENIUS on Wossy! I saw you 2 weeks ago in Aberdeen and just LOVED you! Actually made me cry laughing. Utter comedy gold!

Liana AGE :13 on 27th of October 2009

OMG u was so cool an i found i hilarious wen u started singin nd playin piano with that other guy .. you pushed him under the piano hahahhaha hilarious. by luv ur music btw.x

KellyAnnLovesTimMinchin on 26th of October 2009

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was AMAZING!
im really really liking Five Poofs & Two Pianos – it still makes me laugh so hard now, and its days later.
Tim Minchin is gorgeous, and gets cuter each time i see him, he came on the screen, and i just thought: ‘God, he’s hot!’
I really do love him and i hope he goes even further, and i hope i can somehow get tickets for his Ready For This tour.
He is rather cute.

Melissa on 26th of October 2009

I sat up all night waiting for this, I couldn’t belive it when he was on last and Boy George was taking forever :O
Five Poofs and Two Pianos is already on my iPod haha, what an amazing song and an amazingly funny interview :D

Digitalgoldfish on 26th of October 2009

Hey Tim

Saw you on Friday night at Hammersmith Apollo. I saw you a year ago at 9 lessons, and you were the star of the show; putting even Dawkins in the shade! Seeing you on Friday in full flow for a full length show was just brilliant. I’ve never seen a comedian get a standing ovation before, but you deserved it. I don’t want to take away from your own achievement, but for me, comparisons with Eddie Izzard are obvious. I’ve seen him 4 or 5 times, and I think you were actually better. There are only bigger things to come! Just promise you’ll continue to come to Skeptics events, even when you are really really famous!

Jemma Thomas on 25th of October 2009

I must have watched it around 3 times now, I think its hilariously funny. Especially when he pulls down ”wossy’s” trousers. Awesome! A must-see! :)

Kyla on 25th of October 2009

I watched Tim on Wossy’s show and was so impressed I decided to get tickets to the show last night. Definitely worth it. Got to love how you can do this sort of thing in London!

I will be keeping an eye out for the next show, and aim to get tickets much sooner so closer to the action (last row in the venue due to the late notice). I will also be telling all my friends about the show, will gain you a few more Kiwi fans.

Kim on 25th of October 2009

Tim, you were great on “Wossie”! Have only discovered who you are, better late than never!

emma ( pixie ) on 25th of October 2009

OMG !!!!! i watch you last night on WOSSY and you were amazing…. i love you !!! -x-

Anna Reece on 25th of October 2009

You were GREAT!! loved that song, so clever and funny! I hadn’t heard of you before now but am now a fan.

Matt Peet on 24th of October 2009

Absolutely fantastic, this guy is a genious… must catch him on tour.

Margaret Crombie on 24th of October 2009

Never heard of Tim before Mr Woss!! On my god, frigging hilarious, please visit Scotland again!

jOE bAKER on 24th of October 2009

Funny guy ! Great banter between the 2 of them, loks like an iterestin guy !

Lauren on 24th of October 2009

It was awesome, by far the better musician too xx

Lyndsey Evans on 24th of October 2009

Great job on Wossy Tim!! :) I especially loved the duet you did with Jamie Cullum, particularly when you kept swapping places whilst still playing – genius!! We had interchangeable musicians in my jazz band and it was so cool when they swapped instruments mid-solo.

Hope the Apollo gig is going well tonight – cannot wait to see you tomorrow night!!! x

Cy on 24th of October 2009

I saw it! XD
Tim was hilarious~

Not many people can intimidate 50 Cent!!

rachel on 24th of October 2009

Thought you were brillant on the johnathan ross show and you do have nice green eyes, very sexy *wink wink*

Adam on 24th of October 2009

Seen Tim on the buzzcocks a few times and didnt really know who he was, checked out some of his videos and think the guy is brill. A great comic and his songs are great if he tried to make it mainstream im sure he could no problem at all although i hope he sticks with the comedy. He was great on johnathan Ross show too.

Check out Inflatable You

Hannah on 24th of October 2009

Hey Timmy, Please please please can you do another gig in york, or leeds maybe! Im dying to see you :)

Hannah on 24th of October 2009

Loved you yesterday tim! That song was pretty fucking rock :)

Sammie on 24th of October 2009

Will 5 poofs and two pianos be able to download because it was a fab song and a great performance on jonathon ross last night :D it was brilliant !!!

Naomi.R on 24th of October 2009

saw that yesterday was really good i loved ur song 5 poofs and 2 pianos good job lol.

Lucy Bowen on 24th of October 2009

Brilliant! But I don’t need to tell you that do I? :o)

Hannah Gibson on 24th of October 2009

I discovered your talent on this show, I like you your different and I hope to see you live one day.

Richard Hall on 24th of October 2009

saw the show thought tim was fantastic… as always would absolutely love to be able to download a copy of his Jonathan Ross song. 5 poofs and 2 pianos… awesome haha

Curtis on 24th of October 2009

The song which he played was very very funny!It was very on topic when you consider recent events.

Sarah B on 24th of October 2009

Just saw Tim, on Ross, sooooo amazing funny and clever. As a budding musical comedian myself , its great that you’re getting well known as I’ve had other comedians (ok Chortlers) say to me that what I’m doing isn’t proper comedy. You give me confidence to continue developing songs. I love you – in a purely platonic and of course envious way.

Annah on 24th of October 2009

That was a really great show last night :) Good luck with hammersmith :) x

Mark Brockway on 24th of October 2009

Without doubt Tim was possibly the most original and brilliantly funny guest ever to grace the Ross sofa. Great gig Tim.

Keith on 24th of October 2009

Great song on the show, and also the duet with Jamie Cullum too was good, Tim is a musical and comical genius, I want to see him live on tour sometime, maybe next tour you can do a show in Bedford?

Dressed in Black on 24th of October 2009

Someone was really quick in putting 5 Poofs & 2 Pianos up on YouTube for us non UK dwellers.


Rhiannon on 24th of October 2009

Just got back from the Apollo which was amazing, and went straight to iplayer for Wossy, absolutely loved it, only a bit disappointed it was Johnathan with his trousers down, not Tim

Robin Mitchell on 24th of October 2009

Saw you on Wossy tonight , thought you were fantastics – went straight on i tunes and bought the Album, Excellent.

bek65 on 23rd of October 2009

Just watched it, then watched it again. Great to see you on prime-time BBC Tim. What did you think of your fellow guests and Wossy?

OneLooseNut on 23rd of October 2009

Just watched it. Thought that your opening song was brilliant. As was your end bit with JC. Look forward to your next tour when your back from Oz.

Ann T on 23rd of October 2009

Brill Tim on Jonathan Ross – a frenzied breath of fresh air to comedy, can’t wait to see you at Hammersmith tomorrow night…PURLEASE do ‘If I didn’t have you……..’

Meg on 23rd of October 2009

Everybody loves you now… except the Daily Mail and Jan Moir, but who needs them. Please put the 5 puffs and 2 pianos as an extra on the new DVD. Pretty please. I actually need it in my life.
Another advantage is that I no longer have to explain who this Tim Minchin person on my bag is. So thanks.

Nicolle. on 23rd of October 2009

Did see you tonight!, was fantastic! :D

colette on 23rd of October 2009

just watched you on jonathan ross thought you was great just trying to buy tickets for your tour now

Gill on 23rd of October 2009

just saw the interview on wossy – twas bloody hilarious, and the song was a little genius. will you please come and do a gig in glasgow? we need you, tim!!!!

moira on 23rd of October 2009

haha that was a good show wit Tim & Jonathan, taking down his trousers lol.

Loved the song, 5 poofs and 2 pianos lol.
cannot wait till i see u again on a tour.

Ads on 23rd of October 2009

I have never seen Tim Minchin before.. but just watched him on ‘Rossy and keen to see more…. VERY funny

Drue on 23rd of October 2009

Sooooo funny, loved the song!.. and well done for picking up on Wossy’s multi-option question style

Marc Bowker on 23rd of October 2009

Absolutely amazing interview and performance on Jonathan Ross tonight!! Nice one Tim.

Sam Macey on 23rd of October 2009

Just Watched Tim on Jonathon Ross, absolutely fantastic, cant wait till we get to go to a gig of yours!!

emily on 23rd of October 2009

just seen you on Friday night and it was very entertaining , u should definitely strip more chat show hosts .

Samuel G on 23rd of October 2009

Just saw you on ross. AWESOME loved your song

carl marsh on 23rd of October 2009

i am a big fan and i reaaly like you when are you next in the uk

I.P.Freely on 23rd of October 2009

Sooo funny!!!! loved him on radio 1 too!!!!! :-P

Emma on 23rd of October 2009

Fab performance on the JR show!

moira on 23rd of October 2009

Ahh, wonder what song he done, hope it was that 1 he sang at the end, bout going home 2 australia with his family and spending christmas in the sun, loved when he sang that song.x

Liza on 23rd of October 2009

And for those of us in the U.S., this will air on BBC America on 30th Oct. Hooray!

Amy on 23rd of October 2009

Can NOT wait for this!!!
I’m telling everyone I know to watch.
Tim on jonny ross!! woooo!!

liss on 23rd of October 2009

ahhhh! tim and jamie?! piano galore!! im indeed very excited.

from the friend of the couple who shared the flourescent top in wycombe. tim will understand ;)

Sarah on 23rd of October 2009

Wicked. :)
What I’d do if it weren’t for Sky+, I just don’t know…

Helen on 23rd of October 2009

Mint. . . .but seriously how does he do it! Im exhausted after my very mundane 9-5!
He never stops!

Gysie on 22nd of October 2009

Just got back from the recording. Tim was awesome and yes he did sing but not going to say what to keep it a surprise. Very humorous interview as well. Looking forward to see what the edit out!

Nick M on 22nd of October 2009

They tape on thursdays, so he can still be live at the apollo on friday night

Luke Palmer on 22nd of October 2009

What song would you preform?? maybe sing canvas bags with 50cent and jamie would love to see the 3 of you doing the actions at the start and with the fan you could have you and jamie either side of the massive ‘fiddy’. :D

please please please!!!

MOLLIE :D on 22nd of October 2009

yayyyy :D

im out :(
i have sky+ ;D


debbieg on 22nd of October 2009

sky plus is SET!!!

rm on 22nd of October 2009

Highly anticipated :)

Paul Bailey on 22nd of October 2009

HELL YEAH! I’ve been waiting for this day :)
Video recorder will be set…

moira on 22nd of October 2009

Yay thats gonna b a whole lot of giggles

Will be watchin for sure, **Gray johnathan Roass show is pre-recorded -weirdo**

:~D my DVD of Tim Minchin so Fu*cking rock came today. gonna watch it 2night or this w.end.X

Deanna on 22nd of October 2009

Good luck for the Wossy gig – would sooo love to see a duet with you and “Fiddy” (or is it “Mister Cent”??) Feel safe in the knowledge your lovely fans will be cheering you on (even though we won’t see it till Friday). Much love n that.

Gray S on 22nd of October 2009

How do you manage to be on Wossy and the Hammersmith Apollo at the same time? weirdo!

Martin on 22nd of October 2009

Great news!

One thing though, will Tim be performing? There are a few artists on the guest list that could be singing instead!

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