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Tim is appearing once again on Never Mind The Buzzcocks on BBC Two next week; they seem to love him over there. It will air at the following times:

  • Wednesday 11th November, 10pm (England, Scotland, Wales only)
  • Thursday 12th November, 11:20pm (Northern Ireland only)
  • Sunday 15th November, 10:30pm (all regions)

This time, the guest host will be Mark Watson, with the other guests being Shingai Shoniwa, Donal McIntyre and Daniel Merriweather.

And, of course, if you’re scatterbrained and completely forget and miss all of this, you’ll be able to stream it on the BBC iPlayer for a week

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Loz Kearsley on 5th of October 2010

Awesome! Am booking an appointment with my telly. I think I first saw you on Buzzcocks and had to know who you were! Totally Inspiring intellectually, musically and comically. Not to mention hawt as hell. I can’t farkin’ wait :P

Diane price and kelly price on 19th of November 2009

I love tim Minchin the more we see of him the better. He is amazing at what he does, so Intelligant and god dame good looking just the Sexist man walkin the planet and the fact that he an Aussie even better i love the Accsent. He should have his own show not be staring in other peoples. X x x x x x keep it up tim your the best. X x x x x x we love you x x x

Amy Jo Thomson on 15th of November 2009



Liana (13) on 15th of November 2009

hey thats really cool umm dyu happen to have any links or other sites were i can listen to his music he rocks ?! thanks .x.

Busybee6363 on 11th of November 2009

Just watched it. Soooooo funny! :D :D
Ahh, me and my mum were laughing so much :D Wooooo! Sniffing the rappers :D “Oh, I’ll just wear the ones I wear for basketball” x)

Daniel Goodchild on 11th of November 2009

so sad. got to Wood Lane TV centre on time to discover the studio was full. more people turned up than expected (including guests of the celebs) so we missed the filming. Insert unhappy emoticon thing here.

Darren on 10th of November 2009

We forgive the self promotion!

Daniel Goodchild on 10th of November 2009

Saw the show at St Albans in September and just discovered that you’re on Buzzcocks tonight – the day I have tickets to see filming. Happy Days.

Jef Peavy on 10th of November 2009

just wanting to say i hope you come to america soon i would love to see you live you are f*n halareous i cant spell but anyway your awesome keep it up your half my idol you and my brother right up there

Kathryn on 9th of November 2009

I love how Northern Ireland always has rubbish scheduling… I am rather excited about this though worth staying up late(ish) for especially because Tim was completely amazing in Belfast

Busybee6363 on 9th of November 2009

Gah, gah, gah, cannot wait!! Hope you’re not all jetlagged and everything this time! The only down side I can see for Tim getting more fans is that it’ll be really hard to get good tickets for his shows :( and I really want to see him live, but I wasn’t damn old enough for this last tour! :'(

Laurie on 9th of November 2009

Freaking sweet! I’ve only just discovered Tim and Buzzcocks is one of my favourites!
Cant wait!

jennypip on 6th of November 2009

Im am obviously gonna watch. Tim’s on Noels team? Perfect!! *sets to record*
Hoorah! XD

elainepixie on 6th of November 2009

Hope you managed to get through this one without someone trying to give you an impromptu lapdance, Tim! Look forward to it.

julie schofield on 6th of November 2009

He IS on Noel’s team…nice combo! Like spicy wings and barbecue sauce! I love you TIM! Oh and I quite like Noel too!!

Alex on 6th of November 2009

Heeeeeellz yeah!
Tim Minchin and Noel Fielding AND MARK WATSON? My three favorite comedians on my favorite pop quiz show. I’m so excited! Brb, dying~

Nicole on 5th of November 2009

Yes! Tim and Noel Fielding on the same show!!! Hope he’s on Noel’s team! XD XxXxX

Samantha on 5th of November 2009

I love how Tim’s on TV, especially on british tele too. Its all good :) Shall look forward to the 11th :D

Tracey/rm on 5th of November 2009

How nice that tv peeps are learning that Tim can hold his own without a piano. Unless of course he will have piano, in which case I take that comment back ;) I can wait, but I am looking forward to it :) Preparing for even more fans for Tim…

rachelsophie on 5th of November 2009

Looking forward to it! Was definitely one of the best (if not the best) episodes in Buzzcocks history. He added a certain sparkle… xx

Hannah ( Loves Groovin Tim ) on 5th of November 2009

Cant’t wait! Loved you last time :) The whole kylie thing was genuis x :D

Becca Loves Tim Minchin :) on 5th of November 2009

umm isnt it the sunday 15th not 14th cannot wait to watch u!!!!! x x

Sarah (happy White Wine fan) on 5th of November 2009

Already set to record. Mark Watson and Tim Minchin – perfect combination. Yippee!

DIANE on 5th of November 2009

Saw you at Hammersmith Apollo on Oct 25th – absolutely, f***king brilliant!
You are a genius.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.