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An Oak Tree

by Shell 18th Nov 2009 | 9 comments

Tim will be appearing in the Perth Theatre Company Production of An Oak Tree by Tim Crouch.

The comic play is set in a stage hypnotist’s act and is performed by two actors: the star Luke Hewitt and twenty three guest actors. There are no rehearsals for the guests so Tim won’t know anything of the script until he is performing on his night! Exciting huh? Tim reckons: “it’ll be great whatever night”.

The dates of each guest’s performance are being kept top secret but the curious and speculative amongst you can take a look for further information and the alphabetical (see no clues there) list of featured actors here.

On the QT all I can say is that Tim will be performing on one of the November or December dates…*wink*


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Cat on 10th of December 2009

come to the uk i want to watch and have lots of laughing.

Indra on 9th of December 2009

That is cool to know man! I will be following this.

Tracey/rm on 5th of December 2009

Exactly how big are you Simon?! (sorry, poor joke)

Simon on 5th of December 2009

Come to Wellington! I’ll personally fill the damn theatre.

Kane Saywell on 2nd of December 2009

You are a fucking legend. Simple as that.
Love your interview on the SGU, and your song!

Alex on 30th of November 2009

Unfortunately I will miss this. However I am really quite excited about this coming Saturday. After a year, two countries and three missed shows I will finally get to see Ready for This?

I can’t wait, and I must ask if there is a particular place that you hang out at to meet fans, etc after the show. Foyer? Outside? Local pub? (Of course that last one is probably entirely inappropriate, but I may as well ask if you wanted to have a drink after the show [of course, that would be with me and the seven friends that I’m seeing the show with!])

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the night, the merchandise and I hope I get a chance to meet you after.

See you then!

Katrina on 18th of November 2009

I’ve seen this play! I will show great restraint and not tell you what happens though lol!

JC on 18th of November 2009

Ok, I now want to do this play. sounds like the kind of thing that would bring me out of retirement.

Tracey/rm on 18th of November 2009

Fun but scary, kind of like an arranged marriage to comedy.

Oh well, I hope some of you manage to get tickets for the night Tim is on, whenever that is.

Good luck and all that. x

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.