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Good News for Aussies

by Linzy 6th Feb 2010 | 23 comments

Wow, there hasn’t been any news in a while but that changes right now!

For all you Aussie folk reading this, be sure to tune in to Ten on Monday at 8:30pm.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “but that’s when ‘Good News Week’ is on,” and you’d be right because, along with Jimeoin, Kitty Flanagan and Colin Lane, Tim’s appearing on it so if you’ve ever wanted to see him take part in a comedy panel quiz show that isn’t ‘Spicks and Specks’ then now’s your chance!

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Nick on 23rd of February 2010

Kirstie – try iTunes. I know you can podcast all the shows on the Australian store so maybe you can get it internationally too? good luck

Kirstie on 14th of February 2010

Is there ANYWHERE we can see full episodes of GNW outside of Australia?? I love Tim and I love the show (or, at least, as much of it as YouTube can offer me) so PLEASE is there anywhere I can ACTUALLY watching it???
I feel as if you’re taunting me…

rhettboy on 13th of February 2010

You were really funny Timbo. Colin Lane sucks though!

Sarah on 12th of February 2010

Tim rocked on Good News Week! LOVED IT!!

Linda on 11th of February 2010

it was the best ever Good News Week – thank you Tim for being part of it!! I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle in my chest!!!

lob Linda

not sure on 9th of February 2010

I thought the rest of the panel had trouble keeping up and also that they were a bit hostile towards tim… Jimoein was ok, but Kitty Flannagan was jealous and trying to hog the limelight and failing everytime, and, like yeah – that guy sitting next to tim… what the?! better off on friendly spick and specks….

Elle on 9th of February 2010

tehe 6 legged milking horse! loved that joke all the way through

matt on 9th of February 2010

hey Tim. me and my Fam went to c ur show in perth Dec 15th and it was funny a F***…. continue the good work

Melina on 9th of February 2010

You were great! I really admire and enjoy your “cleverness” and musical abilities.

Lisa on 8th of February 2010

Is it me, or did anybody else notice the uncanny resemblance between Tim & panel regular, Claire Hooper? The whole show I was waiting for a comment or some kind of reference to it… is there something we should know about? Their mannerisms are so similar, & their mouths are nearly identical! Not too mention that both are hilarious…!
Meanwhile, it was a great show – & Tim now has a new fan :)

Nick on 8th of February 2010

That was an AWESOME show. I haven’t laughed so hard since seeing Tim in Sydney :P That other guy he was sitting next to was a bit of a prick though…destroying the furniture and such.

russ on 8th of February 2010

just watching this now…bloody hilarious…..

AOIFE on 7th of February 2010

Anyone know a site where I can watch it in the UK?

rad on 7th of February 2010


Cody on 7th of February 2010

There is someone in my ceiling. What do I do?

Nedd Townsend on 7th of February 2010

I am SOOOO happy that Tim is appering on Good News Week, since it returned it has been missing something, and that something is the Rock and Roll Nerd that is Tim Minchin. i love Good News Week and now it all the more better now that Tim is appearing.
he is an absolute legend.

Patrick on 7th of February 2010

YES!!!! Like many I will be watching. Can’t wait!

Angela on 7th of February 2010

AWESOME! I will be watching … Espesialy because I can’t come to your show during feb here in Adelaide

Kit on 7th of February 2010

I don’t care if it goes ’til 10 on a school night, I’m watching it!!

mik s on 7th of February 2010

Universal television broadcasters would probably cut out the middleman (the googglebox/gogglebox) and then we’d have Tim mainlining into our brains, come to think of it, maybe that happens already, and even so it may not be too bad a thing… ah but just a dream for us in London…

Bryce on 7th of February 2010

@OLANA, I do believe that’s the internet.

Olana on 7th of February 2010

This is why there should be a universal television broadcaster… this way everyone could watch everything shown around the world which would make them become engrossed into everyone’s cultures and thus enhancing our understanding of one another.. all through comedy and things. Maybe it’s just a dream.

james on 7th of February 2010

I sent an email to channel ten saying that they should have you on, they sent me one back saying they where going to consider it and obviously they did! AWESOME

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.