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The Big Libel Gig

by Linzy 16th Feb 2010 | 15 comments

On March 14th, Tim will be taking to the stage alongside an eclectic line-up of comedians, scientists and politicians, including Dara O’Briain, Dr Ben Goldacre, Robin Ince and Simon Singh, at a benefit gig for the Coalition for Libel Reform, who are trying to get unfair UK libel laws reformed.

This is what Tim had to say about the matter: “Here is what current English libel laws say: ‘Dear inquisitive, hard-working person with the public interest at heart: If a rich b*****d tells you to shut-up, you’d better shut-the f**k-up or be prepared to go broke’. It needs a tweak, we reckon.”

The show is taking place at the Palace Theatre in London and tickets are priced between £20 and £40.

[Go here] for more information and ticket purchasing links.

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bethany on 18th of March 2010

love you tim and love your songs :)

VANQthe1st on 15th of March 2010

Excellent cause Tim, the time is long overdue to stand up for our rights to call out these elitist, white-collared, thugs, thieves, and prima-donnas and call them for what they are! If they can’t take a joke, they’ve made a poor career choice somewhere along the line…

Tony Judge (Norfolk) on 15th of March 2010

sounds well good, love the way you put it and totally agree. i am well trying to make sure i got money to go always been a fan and of all the others there too. hopefully will see you there love you lots lol. and dont worry i dont eat pigs haha peace out x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x would love to here back just say too tony from tim

Helen on 14th of March 2010

Good on Tim! Does sound pretty accurate! Good luck, unfortunately, being a northerner, its way to far for me to travel :( X X X

Rhiannon on 14th of March 2010

Good luck with the gig tonight, wish I could be there.

lia on 4th of March 2010

My Mum loves you!!! Im searching her faveourite comedians but she said She Loves you best!!!! Its for her mothers day prezzie im buying her tickets!

Ian Bell on 1st of March 2010

Just to say… Well done Tim, excellent cause. I would not of clocked this (I miss so much) if you had not been involved, so many thanks. Have just booked tickets for my son and myself. The wife has agreed to stay at home and look after the dog…

Simon on 27th of February 2010

Saw you in newcastle last night. Was a blast and lots of fun.

Sammy. on 23rd of February 2010

London? Gutted. :(

Tracey/rm on 18th of February 2010

Sad that I won’t be going to this, but really happy the event is taking place.

Szuta on 17th of February 2010

Poland wait for you.

melissa graham on 17th of February 2010

tim you’re so right about the rich man because maybe thats exactly what has happend in real life already hahaha and i think people who don’t know about this and want to shout at a rich man should watch what they are saying. i think people should be gratefull for you for probably saving there arse by saying that quote. well i think the moral of the quote is if people want to shout at a rich man, they need to watch out for it just in case it bounces back right at them otherwise they will lose all their money and end up living on the street like a hobo hahahaha. i sooooo want to come to the show but i’m too young :( ohwell hope you make hem laugh loads which i’m sure you will seeya x

Giles on 17th of February 2010

We’ll be there. Thanks for improving my life Tim :)

Sly and Reggie on 17th of February 2010

Sly and Reggie will be there.
On the street.
Flags,Morris Minor, Middle Class Sound System,dub track ‘change the libel laws’.

Anon Journo on 16th of February 2010

“If a rich b*****d tells you to shut-up, you’d better shut the f**k-up or be prepared to go broke.”

Having sat through several libel conferences, seminars and training days, I can honestly say that this is the best, most accurate description I have ever heard!
Thanks for supporting us Tim, will be at TBLG :)

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