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Just a nice short note to say that Tim will be appearing at this year’s Guardian Hay Festival, which takes place in Hay-On-Wye, Wales.

Tim will be performing on the 31st May, with tickets for his show going on sale to Friends of Hay at midnight tonight and to the general public at midnight on Tuesday. The festival box office number is 01497 822629 and online ticket sales can be found here.

Other confirmed acts and authors include Phillip Pullman, Bill Bryson, Rob Brydon, Laura Marling and Brian May, so why not stay and enjoy more of the festival?

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phoebe on 26th of April 2011

hey i know this is really late but im the girl you hugged at the end thanks!!!!!!

Lawrence on 3rd of June 2010

Just thought I’d leave a comment saying roughly the same thing as everyone else! I thought you were excellant the other night, and would love to see you again!
Rock and Roll nerd is truly brilliant!
Thanks for a great night out!

John on 1st of June 2010

Last night was the eighth time of seeing you for me, and it was as good as ever. My girlfriend, however, was losing her Tim virginity, and she was equally effusive about you. Great to see Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd and Inflatable You get another airing, and loved hearing the Pope song live. Can’t wait to see you again later in the year hopefully.

Lindy on 1st of June 2010

Last night YOU were my partner Andrew’s birthday present. He was thrilled as we both love your work. He said last night was the best live gig he had ever experienced and so was the best birthday pressie, so thanks Tim. Can’t wait for your tour dates to be released and I may even buy my son a ticket as he’s a 6′ 2″ ginge (Who’s experimenting with stand up!) You are fantastic.

Anthony Lewis on 1st of June 2010

Wow,had never heard of you before attending last night at hay festival. i can say as a first timer and totally ignorant of your material how GREAT you were …… cant wait to see you again , thanks for a great night ………….

Kate on 1st of June 2010

I too, had the pleasure of seeing you at Hay last night-along with what seemed like a tribe of fanboys/girls. No harm in that. Loved most of the set. Didn’t walk out at the Pope song although am a lapsed lady catholic with past experience of the cold hands of men in robes. Stayed and laughed instead. Was a bit concerned at the Health and Safety aspects of the coin tossing incidents. The Tossers in the audience who were responsible for some frankly cavalier numismatic hurling could have had your eye out, and no amount of Boots No.7 eyeliner would have deflected the said currency. Good show though. Sort yer hair out. I recommend John Frieda “Frizz -Ease”. Be seeing you on the UK tour.

Toplady on 1st of June 2010

Saw you tonight at Hay, you were brilliant! 1st time seeing you live and it was fantastic, Tim, you rock!!!

Paul on 31st of May 2010

I have just got back from your Gig at the Hay Festival and found it absolutely brilliant, clever and very funny. I can’t wait for the DVD. The Pope song was great and so was the confessions song.

John on 17th of May 2010

I have tickets, yay! How long is the set likely to be? I’m trying to plan transport back/ accommodation afterwards!

Cameron on 25th of April 2010

Tim, just booked tickets! Been waiting for this moment for quite some time, really can’t wait to see you there :)

Maria T on 18th of April 2010

Tim, about time you asked your mate Paul McDermott to get you on Good News Week. If he was smart enough to have you on ‘Sideshow’ where most of Australia fell in love with your incredible brilliance and shining wit – he should be smart enough to have you on GNW. Hope to see u there soon!

Naomi on 17th of April 2010

This is so typical of my life! I’ve been living in Wales for the past 8 months and have to move to Kent in 2 weeks time for a new job just as you decide to brave Wales again!! Will have to go to your next tour to make up for it! :( (Would have done that anyway but it’s a good excuse for my bank account)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.