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Good day to you all and hello and I hope you are well. Check this:

Starting in Melbourne in late February 2011, I’ll be grooving around my home country playing big-arsed stupid songs with large groups of the finest classical musicians in the land. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, The WA Symphony Orchestra, The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, The Queensland Pops Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony have all agreed to risk their reputations by playing my songs. Scary.

I’m currently in the process of writing some new stuff especially for this project, and there’ll be plenty of orchestrated versions of my old stuff too.

I am excited and – frankly – honoured to be performing with these folk and I do hope you can come and witness it. It will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Unless you’ve seen my shows before and you’ve seen a performance by an orchestra before, in which case it’ll be quite like a combination of two things you’ve seen before.

I’m also excited because the radio station of my youth (and beyond), Triple J , will be supporting the tour. Which is very nice of them.

Tickets go on sale to the public on August 2nd at 9am!

Dates and details:

Tim Minchin vs the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Friday 25th of Feb
Saturday 26th Feb
The Palais Theatre

Tim Minchin Vs the West Australian Symphony Orchestra
Friday 4th March
Pioneer Women’s Memorial – Kings Park & Botanic Garden

Tim Minchin vs The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Friday 11th March
Adelaide Festival Theatre

Tim Minchin vs the Queensland Pops Orchestra
Friday 18th March
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Tim Minchin vs the Sydney Symphony
Thursday 24th March
Saturday 25th March
Sydney Opera House

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Katie Melbourne on 25th of February 2011

Hells yeah, I’m going to see you tonight!!

Rebecca ann on 29th of December 2010

I’m coming to see you in Sydney. I’m so excited though I could only get a seat like really high and to the side of the stage :( :( I found out about your act too late :( but ill be there all the same. It will be awesome dispite the probably crap visual I’m sure my ears/ brain will be quite satisfied. :) :D see you there Tim :) <3

Ryan Bradbury on 3rd of September 2010

Come to Exeter in the united kingdom :D :D :D

Cheryl Neilsen on 31st of August 2010

Tim, We would love to bring our 7 year old daughter to your show in Brisbane. Is it appropriate please?

Adam on 11th of August 2010

Got my tickets for melb.
Always wanted to see tim live.
Funny, imaginative, and deep music at times.

Michelle on 8th of August 2010

OMG what about Newcastle :( :( :(
Oh Paaahhhllleeeaaaassseeeeeeeeeeeee
Very disappointed. Was an awesome show at the Civic theatre at newy. Bloody hell:(

Desperate Al on 5th of August 2010

will there be a 3rd sydney opera house show? these are nearly sold out.

Grant on 29th of July 2010

Far out brussels sprout! Can’t wait to see the concert.

David Readett on 29th of July 2010

Bugger, email/computer problems have resulted in me losing the mailout and hence not having the password – want to book seats for the Perth Nasty Show – can someone resend me the mailout

Helen Sumner on 28th of July 2010

Got my ticket for WA.. can’t wait !! 8 months is sooo far away. But it will be awesome !!

MadWoofter on 27th of July 2010

Sooo cannot wait for Sydney :)

Paula on 27th of July 2010


Tracey on 26th of July 2010

What about us over the ditch?

Andrew Trigg on 26th of July 2010

signed into ticketek 9am. so bummed could only get tickets in row P.

Elenor on 25th of July 2010

aghhhhhhhhhhhh im so excited…Brissvegas here I come. Hopefully some signings this time round?????? And whats with the $130 price tag on A Premium seats – mind you i will still pay it :)

Adam Armstrong on 25th of July 2010

TIM gotta try and get a Canberra date!!!! Please. For me ur biggest fan. Also will you be signing this time round? I was severely let down with ur last tour went twice no sightings :(

Katharine on 23rd of July 2010

Woo hoo! Two of my favourite performers together – the MSO and Tim. I’ve already been to the MSO and Ben Folds (another fav), so this is fantastic. I am supposed to give birth around the time of the Melbourne date, so things could get interesting…

Mickey on 23rd of July 2010

Sydney Opera House, can’t wait, but , is it Friday the 25th March 2011???????

Amc on 23rd of July 2010

What, no Gold Coast? Is it because you can’t fit an orchestra?

Helen Sumner on 23rd of July 2010

Wahooooo. Can’t wait to see you in Perth… Soooo excited…… Counting down the days !!

Helplessly Hoping Hobartian (a.k.a. Kit) on 23rd of July 2010

Hey Tim,
I’ve got the TSO (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra) on hold on line two for you… they sound pretty peeved that you’ve not been in touch.

Netty on 23rd of July 2010

Jeez Tim, I think you’re taking your Welsh audience for granted. One day we’ll get angry enough at our lack of Minchin sightings to go and find something else to do… in the rain…maybe.

I kid, obviously :) Hope everyone in Oz enjoys it, I’ll be sat on Youtube waiting!

Jess on 23rd of July 2010

Tim – you need to do more dates! Only one date in Perth? How am I meant to see you when all my potential babysitters for the night will be busy wanting to see you themselves?!

Freya on 23rd of July 2010


Jane K on 23rd of July 2010

Yay! Can’t wait!! When you played on The Sideshow with the full band, the songs sounding fucking awesome. They can only be better with a full orchestra~

Michele on 23rd of July 2010

fucking AWESOME! and in case profanity is not allowed, f#^*ing AWESOME!

Janet Hurley on 23rd of July 2010

Um, I’m in Canberra….no date for Canberra….:( :( :(

Julianna Romanyk of Toronto on 23rd of July 2010

I’m sure you people of Oz will relish in the opportunity. I will salvage what I can get off of YouTube as you watch the glory of Tim with a massive orchestra. Enjoy him while I try not to be too envious. I’ll be here sitting in the corner, playing Tim songs on piano, occasionally grinning when I think of meeting the man behind all the magic.

Love you guys (never met a bad Tim fan),
Julianna xx

mesch on 23rd of July 2010

Any shot your fans in america can look forward to a dvd of this amazing show?

David Mc Girr on 23rd of July 2010

Will you be releasing any dvds for all of us fans in Ireland and the UK?

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