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The Amazing Storm

by Linzy 1st Oct 2010 | 16 comments

It’s the news that so many of you have been waiting for, especially if you haven’t been following the accompanying production blog, about the forthcoming ‘Storm’ movie. Drumroll please…

The premiere of the animated version of what some see as the skeptics’ anthem will be Saturday 16th October 2010 at the London Hilton Metropole, from 8pm ’til late and recently, tickets have been made available for £22.50 from here. The night will include special guests, chat, music, and, most importantly and obviously, the world premiere of the animated poem ‘Storm’.

Until now, tickets had only been available to people attending The Amazing Meeting (TAM) London, a two day skeptic conference that Tim will also be a part of, as well as Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Alan Moore, Robin Ince and Graham Linehan, amongst others. I could tell you what Tim’s doing, but then I’d have to kill you or face a severe telling off, but suffice to say, it will be brilliant. Tickets for the conference can be bought here.

Do come to at least one of them; it’ll be fun.

And for those wondering, the animation will be heading to a few movie festivals before it gets uploaded to YouTube for the whole world to see. To stay informed of dates, be sure to keep an eye on the production blog.

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Jase on 22nd of November 2010

Dawn, I can’t get onto stormmovie.net either! D:

This makes me sad.

Dawn on 21st of November 2010

Where has the website gone? Are they not bothering to release it at all after all that work and anticipation?!

SarniaSkeptic on 18th of November 2010

What happened to the Storm Movie?
http://www.stormmovie.net has been suspended and not a single update anywhere.

Matt Rogers on 17th of October 2010

I am all for a Perth Screening!

Tori on 9th of October 2010

It’s ok Rohan, Good thing I owed you a present! Looking forward to seeing it:-)

Amanda Blake on 6th of October 2010

Will the animation be available anywhere else to see? Since I live really far away and I doubt I would be able to come to London :(


Sarah on 3rd of October 2010

I agree with Kristy :D Perth screening anyone??

Kristy on 3rd of October 2010

London is so very far from Perth. Is there any chance of a Perth screening?

caroline bedford on 2nd of October 2010

will be there with ‘wings’ on ;0) xx

House on 2nd of October 2010

Awesome to hear, can’t wait to see it, even if I am going to have to wait for the youtube release.

Kayleigh Gibson on 2nd of October 2010

Aw man :( This is why living in Scotland can be annoying!! All the awesome shows are in England!! *sob*

Helen Sumner on 2nd of October 2010

I’d give my right arm to be there. I agree, what a line up..!

linda on 1st of October 2010

come to dublin please tim xx linda

Rachel on 1st of October 2010

Wow! The Amazing Meeting sounds fantastic!!!!! What a line up!

Rohan on 1st of October 2010

Oh no! While I can’t really afford it, I happen to be in London that day anyway… I might have to skimp of Christmas presents this year… :P


Sarah Edwards on 1st of October 2010

Excellent. Storm is a wonderful work. Very saddened that I can’t make it to the premiere of the animation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.