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Tim will be appearing on 8 Out of 10 Cats this Friday 8th October on Channel 4 (and Channel 4HD for those of you with an unhealthy interest in celebrity pores and follicles) at 10pm.

Jimmy Carr hosts, of course and Tim will be on Jason Manford’s team alongside Jack Osbourne with Holly Walsh and Uri Geller on the opposing team, captained by Sean Lock.

The show will be available shortly after airing on 4oD.

So all you crazy cats who’ve expressed a preference for opinion poll based comedy and Tim, this is the programme for you!

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Simon Stapleton on 30th of January 2012

Just watched a repeat of this (saw it first time around) it still makes me cringe at the nonsense Uri was spouting. Sean’s irritation by the guy was really obvious.

Attacking spoons?

jools on 13th of October 2010

To my eyes it looked like a very uncomfortable situation. I thought you all started out trying to walk the fine line of being civil whilst gently taking the piss. But when UG started talking about being attacked by spoons I got the impression you all backed right off… after all, there’s no humour in mocking a mentally ill person (which is what he looked like right at that moment).

I bet it was a very strange evening. Did the other four of you make some kind of pact never to talk about it?

tantryl on 12th of October 2010

Little disappointed Uri wasn’t smacked down more intelligently, as virtually every comment against him was ad hominem, but hey, it’s a comedy program. Actually smacking him down would have been boring and been cut. So ad hominem will have to do :P

James Bliss on 11th of October 2010

Uri Geller is three stops from Dagenham … Barking. Tim, can you explain the power that stopped you from getting up, walking across the set and simply twating him?

Johan J on 9th of October 2010

It was rather funny watching you trying to hold back, as if faced with yet another Storm all over again, only this time on live TV. On the other hand, I did feel sorry for you, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be in your position, the mindless drivel he was spouting, to be civil to someone like that, would be beyond myself.

Hope you get invited back, but next time, with less crackpots on the show.

Bex on 9th of October 2010


I laughed so hard at that xD

Uri Geller is batshit crazy, the look on your face when he was talking about ghosts being real was priceless

I love you, your music rocks! Hope you visit Belfast again soon ^-^

Jayne on 9th of October 2010

Would not usually watch this, I can’t bear Jimmy Carr, but really enjoyed it. wouldn’t you love to spend an hour inside Uri Geller’s head? (I almost said a weekend, but I don’t think anyone could stand that!) Good show.

catriona waddell on 9th of October 2010

Tim you are my hero. purple shoes fuck? erm you are sexy so attractive I will see you in birmingham 8th cant wait. Catriona from scotland. totally infatable you. love your merch. i bought one of your canvas bags. lol love ya you rock sexy.

Rachel on 8th of October 2010

Just thought I’d let you know how wrong you were about Uri, my spoon flew off my television at high speed then pulled a series of magnificant spins and twirls mid-air before turning on me…

…in the alternative universe where everything is opposite. I thought you were fine form tonight though, I can’t wait to see you in Cardiff this December :D xxx

kathrine on 8th of October 2010

Happy belated birthday :)

Karen on 7th of October 2010

Wow,not missin that 1 ! X

Cazz on 7th of October 2010

Will have my PAWS crossed for u Tim! Lol x

Lee Murray on 6th of October 2010

This will be the best episode ever!

When are you coming back to Aberdeen?

patrick on 6th of October 2010

please can you bend Uri Geller’s head around – through 360 degrees…
8 out of 10 cats would like to see this…

Cristian on 6th of October 2010

Uri. And whatever he’ll have to say will be wrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9w7jHYriFo

Can’t wait to watch this. Rock on, Timmy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.