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Terry Stiasny recorded a piece about Matilda, A Musical last week and it is scheduled to go out today, Weds 17 November at 5pm on the PM Programme – Radio 4. There is no mention of it on that BBC site as yet but you’ll be able to listen live via that link, if you wish, or later using iPlayer, once it’s aired, if you miss it or wish to confirm the item was included before tuning in.

EDIT: Our apologies: This item was re-scheduled at the last minute (how very dare they!) and is now due to air on the PM Programme tomorrow Thursday 18th November, at the same time and will therefore be available on iPlayer after that. (I’d say “fingers crossed” but we don’t hold with all that around these parts do we? Anyway it’s damned uncomfortable!)

In addition to that, according to a BBC Press Office release, Tim will be interviewed about Matilda, A Musical by Claudia Winkleman, during The New Radio 2 Arts Show on Friday 19th November at 10pm.

The BBC Press Office says:
“Claudia also speaks to Australian comedian, musician and composer Tim Minchin. Tim has written the music and lyrics to Matilda: A Musical, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s forthcoming production of Roald Dahl’s magical story about a little girl with extraordinary powers; a favourite novel for children across the world since it was first published in 1988.”

There has already been a great response to the show, which began previewing last week, on the 9th November, with many loving it so much that they immediately booked to see it again! Later today the RSC will be adding some vox pops, recorded with audience members as they left the theatre, to the Matilda A Musical website. EDIT: The direct link to these vids is here.

You can book tickets for the show via the Matilda A Musical website, where you’ll find lots of information, rehearsal blogs, games, videos and much more. The videos are also available through the RSC’s YouTube channel or the ‘Favourites’ section of Tim’s own YouTube channel.

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J&P on 22nd of November 2010

Just come back from Stratford after seeing Matilda. Wife’s a primary school teacher and loves to book and I’m a bit fan of Tim, so we knew it would be good. Did not anticipate just how good though!

Tim’s music and lyrics were just excellent – really suited the style of the show. Acting by the children was outstanding and Miss Trunchbull, well, I can’t describe how funny she is! (Paul Kaye was great as well – loved his “interval song”).

Well done Tim and all the kids and cast – and thanks for putting on such a professional show!

PS: As a side note – theatre was just perfect for the show – the RSC and staff were clearly supportive of the show and really helped us to enjoy our experience.

Cathy Chettle on 18th of November 2010

Exciting news, Shell! I very much hope that possibility becomes a definite – they’d be mad not to!

Shell on 17th of November 2010

Hi Sarah
We have asked the RSC about this and they replied:
“the RSC is currently looking into the possibility of producing a soundtrack”
We will, of course, post any developments here, on Tim’s site, as soon as we hear anything definite.

Sarah Edwards on 17th of November 2010

The show was amazing. Will listen out for the radio interviews. Will there be a recording of the soundtrack for Matilda available at some point in the near future?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.