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Tim was interviewed for How Roald Dahl Shaped Pop, a documentary about Roald Dahl’s influence on pop music, narrated by David Tennant, with contributions from Kate Nash and Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics.

It will air at 10pm this evening, 22nd November on Radio 2.

In the meantime here’s Miss Trunchbull *gulp* to tell you about RULES in this wonderful new trailer for Matilda:

Anybody start dancing in their chairs to the last few bars at the end of that? Huh?…oh neither did I… in fact my shoulders and elbows never moved and my head didn’t tilt once…

You can book tickets for the show via the Matilda A Musical website, where you’ll find lots of information, rehearsal blogs, games, videos and much more. This video and more are also available through the RSC’s YouTube channel or the ‘Favourites’ section of Tim’s own YouTube channel.

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soph on 3rd of December 2010

please tour it!! =)

Suzie on 28th of November 2010

I saw Matilda last night, it was brilliant, I loved the naughty childeren song!! So looking foward to seeing you live in December.

Phil on 27th of November 2010

Saw Matilda last night – great lyrics – couldn’t stop laughing throughout the show and all the way home……

Sammy on 24th of November 2010

I had the utter pleasure of seeing the new musical last night. Its an exceptional journey through Dahl’s tale through an incredible collaboration of hilarious music and (in a parody of the style yet far better than Sondheim!) lyrics of Minchin and the theatrical mind of the RSC, not forgetting Darlings’ beautifully physical comedic choreography. The lyrics entwine so wonderfully with the characterisation and with constant wit and skill. Hopefully Mr Minchin the first of many musical collaborations with our wonderful British theatre establishments.

wendy on 23rd of November 2010

I saw Matilda last weekend and can honestly say it’s the best theatre I’ve ever seen, it was brilliant, the singing, dancing, acting and not forgetting the amazing and entertaing music and lyrics!

Michelle on 23rd of November 2010

Truly amazing. I saw this for my birthday with my husband and daughter at the weekend. Fantastic. Go!

Liz on 23rd of November 2010

I get to see this sometime in December, I totally forgot I had tickets till now and now I’m super excited its so soon!

Nicola on 22nd of November 2010

Flew over from Milan to see this on the weekend. Absolutely bloody brilliant. Would probably eat my own leg for a copy of a cast recording…

Kate Lang on 22nd of November 2010

I went to see it at the weekend and would recommend getting there anyway you can! One of the best things I have seen, up there with ‘Wicked’ for me in it’s fabulousness, so clever the way in which they use the stage, and Miss Trunchbull is equal parts terrifying and hysterical! Tim’s music and lyrics are ok as well!!!!!!

Mandy Gasson on 22nd of November 2010

Will the musical be going on tour after Stratford-upon-Avon? I really want to see it, but I am unable to get there :o(


Bryony Jameson on 22nd of November 2010

I reeeeeeeally need to see it :o
I’m all the way up north though.
Tourr? :D

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.