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The Wright Stuff?

by Linzy 23rd Nov 2010 | 25 comments

This one’s mainly for the students and the unemployed of the UK!

Tomorrow, Tim will be appearing on The Wright Stuff on Channel Five (and Channel Five HD [yes, it exists]) at 9:15am. If that’s too early for you, well there’s a repeat on Fiver at 11am if you have a fancy digital telly with Freeview.

He will be joined by the week’s panelists Hardeep Singh Kohli (chef and broadcaster) and Tracy-Ann Oberman (her off of the series two Doctor Who finale).

For those not in the know, The Wright Stuff is a ‘topical debate show’ so, just out of curiosity, aside from the royal wedding, what would you like to see discussed on the show?

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Chrissie on 27th of November 2010

I thought Tim was fab on the show, far more witty than the other guests, and with far more relevent points on the issues discussed.
I was surprised they showed a clip from the DVD, a happy surprise.

Stephanie Vick on 25th of November 2010

Please post online for us Americans!

Laura on 24th of November 2010

Morning penis jokes :P haha

Dani on 24th of November 2010

The cuts to the Arts funding and what that will eventually mean for the country’s cultural status in the fields affected…

Dan on 24th of November 2010

If they won’t let you do his song, then there’s gotta be some comment on the Pope’s recent views on the ‘appropriate’ use of a condom? … Male prostitutes?? … WTF?

Oh, and there’s … http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/female-sex-workers-can-use-condoms-too-says-pope-2142133.html … LOL!! … Well thanks a bunch your eminence!! =D

George C on 23rd of November 2010

I mean religion

:P awful spelling mistake

George C on 23rd of November 2010

the student riots. and religeon Timmy Timmy Tim Tim :)

Col on 23rd of November 2010

No chance they’ll let you do Pope Song I suppose.

Thought not.

Just challenge whatever hipocracy you find. I’m sure they’ll be plenty to choose from.

max on 23rd of November 2010

The student protest turning into a student riot. X

Ruth Burnell on 23rd of November 2010

The mass closures of libraries across the country due to spending cuts. North Yorkshire has 42 libraries and 11 mobiles, they are planning to close 24 libraries and ALL the mobiles. At a time with huge unemployment and many families being cash strapped how does this make sense?

Sadie on 23rd of November 2010

Keeping on topic of the wedding perhaps The Royal Famlie’s ‘One ring to rule them all!’ ? :D

Melanie Wright on 23rd of November 2010

The Anglican synod and the ordination of women bishops and the ridiculousness of a state church in the 21st century!!

Lynda, Exeter on 23rd of November 2010

In the light of the current Paul Chambers Twittertrial business and other media storms surrounding offhand humorous comments and antics e.g. Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross & Russel Brand, I’d love to hear Tim bring up the subject of freedom of speech.

Andrew on 23rd of November 2010

In case you didn’t learn from Jonathan Ross, whispering obscenities on British TV doesn’t make it okay! You might get in trouble for it on a morning show :)

Matilda on 23rd of November 2010

Aw dude anything BUT the Royal Wedding – unless it’s in an ironic way or something. Sooooooo sick of it already. Maybe do a decent song a la the ones you did for Wossy?

Eamonn Hickey on 23rd of November 2010

Ask why people are giving so much of a toss about the royal wedding? Artillery attacks? Financial crisis in Ireland? Elderly deaths due to the cold of winter? But nay, adorning the papers and the television are countless stories about someone who’s famous for existing getting married.

Mr Northice on 23rd of November 2010

Could you ask them why they referred to Paul Chambers’ Twitter Joke Trial as a “bomb hoax”, unlike the rest of the media (the BBC corrected their headline after some prompting from a certain member of the Preiskel team).

patrick on 23rd of November 2010

Sarah R – I found his secret hedge hide….its easy when the hedge is hawthorn.

Debs on 23rd of November 2010

It’d be fab if they’d give you enough time to do Storm in full.
That failing maybe you could do a quick song for fellow panellist Tracey Ann who is most famous for marrying Dirty Den in Eastenders?
Alternatively anything about our new PM or deputy PM is always welcome.
As a last resort something about Matthew’s recent marriage, or his hatred of “Jeremy Vile” on ITV.

Jim on 23rd of November 2010

If god is allegedly “infinite” then how come we exist seeing how the point of our existence in time, say point B would be an infinite amount of time away from the point of god’s existence, ie, point A? Don’t let them say it’s because he is not a part of our physical world as to create us and manipulate the physical world, he would have to be a party to all of it’s laws and physicality.

Should be a good one for 9:15 in the morning.

Anne Graham on 23rd of November 2010

I’d like some Tim Minchin- style piano lessons please x

Benedict on 23rd of November 2010

What a beautiful answer to the quite specific question :)

Ross from Scotland. on 23rd of November 2010

Power companies hiking their prices by ridiculous amounts based on scaremongering about availability of fossil fuels whilst happily spilling millions of tons of it every year and having multiple billions of expendable cash to be able to clear it up and continue business as usual whilst our pensioners freeze.

Monica on 23rd of November 2010

Seems a bit of an odd placement for our Tim but why not I guess? What about Jeremy Kyle show too?

Sarah r on 23rd of November 2010

i’d love to know how you get ur hair like that, looks great :-)

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