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The proceeds from the December 2010 sales of ‘White Wine in the Sun’ are going to The National Autistic Society.

Tim is delighted to be supporting this charity again this year, because he feels it is a poorly funded area, with its causes and treatment still not well understood.

This is a captivating song and a beautiful and intelligent exploration of why Christmas can still be meaningful even without religious beliefs. There’s just the right amount of sentiment and some very gentle humour illustrating Tim’s feelings about Christmas and the importance of family and home. It is a heart-warming song and may make you a little bright eyed.

You can download it from iTunes here.

The song can also be viewed on Tim’s YouTube Channel and this week he performed it live on Richard Bacon’s BBC 5 Live show. You can see that video here.

Emotional huh?

EDIT: In answer to some queries we’ve received: The proceeds from ALL legitimate downloads go to the NAS, including Amazon here.

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Ignacio on 3rd of April 2018

Now I am ready to do my breakfast, later than having my breakfast coming over again to read further news.

Sol on 8th of February 2014

Dear Tim
You’re the only person who can make me laugh and cry in the same show. I’m autistic and I spent first 18 years of my life unaware of the diagnosis and the fact my family was too ashamed to treat it. White wine in the sun is one of your most beautiful songs. Thank you for your support and the wonderfulperformances. Please never stop creating.


B. Jenkins (Canada) on 26th of December 2013

I heard this song recently for the first time and while it’s a ‘nice’ song, what struck me more than anything was what was missing from it, that being what Christmas – CHRISTmas – is really about. Yes, drinking wine in the sun is nice. Yes, spending time with family is also nice. The two together are especially nice…any time of the year, but they don’t really have anything to do with Christmas. Christmas is Christ’s birthday, like it, don’t like it, believe, don’t believe. It’s like not believing in gravity; believe or not, the rules still apply to you. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Beth on 20th of December 2012

Huge thank you Tim, every line resonates so completely. Except the sun bit as I’ll be in the UK! Makes me laugh and cry and thank the Dawkins for people like you. x

Andrea Gatley on 9th of December 2012

Thank you, Tim. This has been my favorite Christmas song since I first heard it.

Michael Matthews on 4th of December 2012

As a big Tim Minchin fan and the father of a son with Autism, I find this most inspiring. Thank you Tim. This is one of the most beautiful Christmas Songs that I have heard. It brings a tear to my eye every time I play it. Sums up what Christmas should really be about, being with family.
Have a Merry Christmas. Look forward to the next time you play in Australia. It would be really nice if you could come to North Queensland. :)

Rachel on 3rd of December 2011

I love this song, it’s a christmas must! A great balance of sentimentality and light comedy. I’m definitely downloading this- my little brother of ten has Autism and its great that you are supporting this charity, Tim :) Thank you! Much love <3 xx

LilLaura on 3rd of March 2011

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets teary to this song. Its so beautiful. I have a fair few autistic friends, and so many people just dont get it, and look on with disapproving eyes, too ignorant to understand. Thank you for a beautiful song and donations for a very worthy charity. You sir are amazing and I hope to see you again soon, as i last saw you at Reading! xx

Elizabeth on 23rd of December 2010

Thanks for a beautiful song Tim. Makes me cry every time I play it – but in a good way. Tears of joy, love of family and missing one son ‘9000 miles away’ in Vancouver. Sunglasses have come in handy when this song comes up when I’m walking the dog!

Sandy O'Hare on 23rd of December 2010

Oh I am even happier I downloaded this track now! I love the track anyway but I hadn’t realised the proceeds were going to the Autistic Society! Having an autistic child myself, this charity is very close to my heart and it swells my heart to see Tim supporting them like this!

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[…] Yesterday, I said next time I would also blog about the True Meaning of Christmas. This was a rather ambitious statement and hubris has bitten me in the arse, because I am still working it out.  However, that clever Minchin chap has sung a song about it, and if you buy it for 79p the procedes go to the Natio…. […]

Sarah on 13th of December 2010

Thank you for a beautiful song, and donating the proceeds to such a worthy cause. I have an autistic son and know how much we need to support the NAS to support families.

I see several atheists have commented, so can I also say that I am a Christian and still think it is a great song!

Bob on 7th of December 2010

Does the proceeds from the live version thats for sale on Play and Amazon go to The National Autistic Society as well or only the version on itunes?

And I agree its great that someone is trying to raise awareness

White Wine in the Sun for Christmas #1 « TRiG's links on 7th of December 2010

[…] Christmas #1 is a big deal in some countries, particularly the UK and Ireland. This would be a worthy recipient of the offer. Purchases (or downloads) from Monday the 13th to Sunday the 19th of December will count. And some of the money is going to the The National Autistic Society. […]

Frustratedfairy on 7th of December 2010

Oh man, this song is so lovely but it makes me cry every time I listen to it! xx

Barbara Freegard-Foster on 6th of December 2010

Tim .
As a family who live an ‘autistic life’ we just want to say thank you for showing your support and interest in our cause. I can’t begin to explain how our lives are affected, but I know I wouldn’t be without the joy my daughter also brings. Thankfully we have organistations such as the NAS to whom we can always turn to. Thank you once again, the lyrics are quite moving.

Barbara Freegard-Foster on 6th of December 2010

Tim, Thank you so much for taking the time and effort in showing support for NAS. We the families who live with Autism 24/7 thank you, and yes I have downloaded and passed the link on my Facebook.
My daughter who has autism, is an avid fan, so thanks for that too.

Carrie Hansen on 6th of December 2010

Thanks Tim. My autistic son likes your bare feet. x

rachel rajska on 6th of December 2010

thankyou tim from the bottom of my heart for donating your profits to such a great cause. I have 3 boys with autism and know there is just no good funding or enough help out there for these children and the families struggling to cope with the stresses autism can bring to a family. Have a merry xmas and a wonderful new year! Xxxx

Elliott on 5th of December 2010

One of only three christmas songs I like.

Its nice to see someone as famouse as yourself supporting a charity that is so underfunded, and one that I donate to every month.

I will be downloading this song, but I confess I wont be doing it untill christmas week. Im hopeing enough people do the same and this song reaches the Christmas charts here in the UK. (it would help raise awareness even more I think)

Out of interest though, is iTunes the only place its available to download?

nic.nic. on 4th of December 2010

how darling! i’ve downloaded it, and facebooked it too :) tim, you are fantabulous.

Rudehamster on 3rd of December 2010

A close friend has spent the last 46yrs with undiagnosed Autistic Spectrum.
I’m having the world’s toughest job to get the diagnosis confirmed: his GP said ‘don’t think you can get away with this autism crap, it’s only children that get that’.

I work in the drug/alcohol & mental health field, but it’s still a hard struggle to get the right treatment. Eight months on since the psychotic episode that led to him losing his job, trying to get a psychiatrist to discuss Autism is hard work as he lives outside my catchment area.

Thank you for releasing this beautiful song. Maybe the Sally Army aren’t impressed, but sod them. I sat sobbing in the front row of the Apollo when you played it and it’s just had the same effect again.
Hugs and best wishes,

Supertec on 3rd of December 2010

I’ll buy it again just for that. Good on yer, Tim.

Nicole on 3rd of December 2010

You are truly one of a kind. Your music is just amazing. There’s not one song I don’t like. Im an Atheist in the States and I know many that would love for you to come here to perform.( the smart and right ones ). White Wine In The Sun is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and has woke me with tears. Thank you for choosing this charity and most of all thank you for this gem and that gem is your talent :)

Tracey/rm on 3rd of December 2010

Thanks Tim. That’s lovely again. I’m glad your supporting one of the descent autism charities. I’d hate to have to hate you if you supported one of the charities I hate.

Autism is fine. The “system” well that’s where the problem is. The support is lacking plus people just want to know how to “cure” it. Part of me wants to know the cause, as it would mean that people would start vaccinating again, but part of me knows that it probably wouldn’t change anything. Knowing the cause could lead to prevention and prevention to me means finding out in the womb, which is not what I want to happen.

My son is amazing and I love him more than I thought it were possible to love anything. I constantly torn between my opinions on autism. And I am still very much in the grey area, learning my opinions. I am not looking to fix or cure him because he is neither ill nor broken. But help him, help him with his speech, help him with his independence, his motor skills. Help him in this fucked up world.

Thank you for supporting a great and respectful charity.

Even by putting up this post autism awareness will grow. Which is really needed. If people would just learn that our children aren’t being truanting bad parented sugar fueled little shits, if people could learn that they don’t have to talk to autistic children and adults like they are thick, if people could stop staring when an adult or child stims, if people wouldn’t offer “helpful advice” like “a smack would do it”, if people would stop saying “it’s just a phase” or “all kids do that”. If people could understand that parents of autistic children have every right to laugh and to complain and to want the best for their children just like parents of children without autism. If people could learn that autism isn’t a disease, that would be nice. My son isn’t dieing and you won’t catch it from him. He’s not ill at all. If people could stop thinking autism meant that the individual was a savant. If adults didn’t have to struggle so much to get a job. Ok I’ll stop now.

Kaye Sedgwick on 3rd of December 2010


This is a wonderful song and a wonderful cause. Thank you.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a fab New year, full with every success.

Mary Wood on 3rd of December 2010

On the charity – Being Asperger’s/HFA (depending whose definition you go by), I visited the NAS site to see what their approach is. Particularly with the bad experience many of us Yanks have had with “Autism Speaks.” NAS however really impressed me. Finally, for once, an organization that describes Asperger’s and Autism as they really are; not as a list of “symptoms,” and with a strong emphasis that not all individuals will share the same traits. Will be buying the song promptly!

On the song – Wonderful. Though I’m still a somewhat angry Atheist who really doesn’t like Xmas, even in the sentimental sense, I do fully appreciate the focus on loved ones over the focus on dead religious leaders, playstations and beer. Being also born a generation late I’ve already seen my dad, brothers, sister, gran(s) and mum pass on. Mostly quite recently. I love the idea of going out into nature on Xmas day, just me the cats and the camper, and toast said loved ones with a little white wine in the sun. Thank you Mr. Minchin for your wit and wisdom!

Tiff on 3rd of December 2010

Thank you Tim, you are so awesome. Our son was diagnosed with autism earlier this year and it tore us apart. Six months into his treatment, and the difference is truly amazing. Also, the song is just purely beautiful.

Robin Rinzler on 3rd of December 2010

I love this song!! It made me cry, but not before I laughed!

shazza on 2nd of December 2010

Thanks Tim. My beautiful little guy was diagnosed ASD a couple of months ago. I know there are so many worthwhile causes out there but Autism is on the rise and research is critical. Look forward to seeing you next in Perth (Australia).
Wishing you and your family a wonderful xmas, drinking white wine in the sun. As I will be.

Gina M., USA on 2nd of December 2010

You are a fantastic genius!!!

Georgie Wishart on 2nd of December 2010

I have a severely autistic brother and people just don’t understand autism! This has made me love you even more than I did before. I’m coming to see you in Edinburgh in April – SO EXCITED! :)

Mat Brooks on 2nd of December 2010

You’ve missed a trick there Tim, by giving this away in December you are massively losing out financially on the most profitable month of the year given the theme of the song, surely you’ll sell the most in December you fool?? Why not give it away in August when no one will be buying Xmas songs??

…. Hang on a minute …


Heather "Snooze" Hamilton on 2nd of December 2010

Tim, once again, you are awesomesauce.


Zeke on 2nd of December 2010

Tim, you’re a star for choosing this charity. As we are just starting to discover, autism is a much bigger problem than once thought. I personally suffer from it myself, although fortunately I have the higher-functioning kind which has allowed me to build social skills and minimise tics so you’d never know unless I told you. Many, many poor folk aren’t as fortunate, and I hope that these are the kinds the funding will help.

Bless you sir.

Jules P on 2nd of December 2010

As another Mother of young boy with ASD I’d like to second Bobbi Elman’s comment. Great one, Tim. Had tickets to see you on 14th and now have to work instead. Gutted! Hope the song sells millions!

Selannia on 2nd of December 2010

My new favorite Christmas song.

Every time I hear it, it makes this atheist cry. It is pure and joyful.

Thank you.

Jim Leighty on 2nd of December 2010

This is great! I am buying it. This just reinforces what a fantastic person you are!

Bobbi Elman on 2nd of December 2010

From a mom of a young boy on the autistic spectrum as well as a major fan… Thank you, Thank you, thank you for supporting the NAS!!!! you are SO right, support for those on the autistc spectrum as well as their families is a seriously poorly funded area and it’s getting worse with all the current cuts…
you seriously Rock for raising awareness and much needed funding…and now I’m off to buy the single!!!

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