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Yep, it’s as exciting as it seems! Tim will be recording a new CD at his gig on Tuesday at the o2 in London, featuring the 55-piece Heritage Orchestra and a couple of others.

The deluxe double CD is available to pre-order online, as well as being available to buy immediately after the o2 gig itself! Yes, you did read that correctly.

The CD will hopefully also be available to buy on the subsequent UK tour dates as well, if you don’t want to wait for it to be posted. That said though, there will also be a digital download version available, which will also cut out your postage time too!

And for those not in the UK, yes it can be shipped internationally.

While all this is very exciting, if you are going to a forthcoming show, I’d hold off buying this CD until you’ve seen it as, in my experience, the songs are always better seen live!

Update: The o2 live recording was a limited run and has now sold out.

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Alison Denham on 4th of May 2011

took both my daughters (22& 18) and one of their friends – all fervent fans – saw you in Oct 2009 @ Hammersmith Apollo – awed – seriously Tim – we love you.
the Denhams & Sophie xxxxxxxx

Alex on 18th of February 2011

Why can’t I find this anywhere? Dying to get hold of either download or cd but the links go to blank pages and searches just bring up this page :(

Piskeylovestim on 11th of January 2011

I ordered my CD on 19/12 and it still hasn’t arrived. I emailed them last Monday and they said they would send another one…still waiting. I’m getting really annoyed now as I couldn’t go to his concert as my Autistic son can’t be left he doesn’t cope with any one else!!

Michael Yentis on 4th of January 2011

That was prompt, thank you.

Linzy on 3rd of January 2011

To all who are after a tracklist for the CD, there’s one up on the fan site here: http://angry-feet.com/music.php?mode=view&id=6

Michael Yentis on 3rd of January 2011

Is it me, or the CD came without a tracklist? And if so, would somebody be kind to post an accurate one – or at least approve the one that’s on the iTunes database?

Joanne on 23rd of December 2010

Got my cd today!! Woohoooooo Got it on loooopp love it!

Naomi on 22nd of December 2010

Hi Matt

I’d give them a ring -> number is 01189 569183 :)
I phoned yesterday about CD dispatches (pre-ordered mine and it hasn’t even been dispatched, although the lady I spoke to said that all the CDs were being sent yesterday… fingers crossed!)

If that doesn’t help then their FAQ section about downloads is at http://timminchinlive.sandbag.uk.com/Store/AdviceDigital.html


Matt McCarty on 21st of December 2010

I purchased the download and had no initial problems but my internet connection dropped out during the download and now when I click on the link (either through member’s email or from email) I just get an unformatted web page saying “No input file specified”. Emailed sandbag but no response so now just £10 out of pocket and still no Tim! Anyone got any ideas of what else I can do? :-(

Bob on 20th of December 2010

Jonnoe, You’re right, they should have sent the emails BEFORE the links were up and tested so people can complain they were sent an email but the link didn’t work. Idiot.

If you don’t get an email, complain to sandbag.

Jessid, spot on comment!

Download files don’t just appear, you don’t just throw a file somewhere and hope thousands of people can download it. Things have to be tested and assigned. But welcome to the world of instantaneous gratification.

Jackie Cranmer on 19th of December 2010

Went to 02 on 14th Dec. (early Xmas pressie!) . Was fantastic show, what a talented man, although being quite close to stage the orchestra was very loud and therefore we need to see/hear the new stuff again to appreciate all the lines!! I loved the opening – in a cage!!! and the very very clever ‘Cont’ song!

Daniel C on 19th of December 2010

Any idea of when the CDs are being sent? Apparently they send a dispatch e-mail but I have not received one yet. Has anyone else?

Mikey Prince on 19th of December 2010

This is the best thing i have ever seen or heard in a long time. So glad he played grew on me and not perfect. awesome lahhhh.

James on 19th of December 2010

Went too see him at the 02 and have to say it was the best show ive ever seen there. Couldnt stop laughing at the line “2000 year old zombie jew” as well as the brilliant “cont/context, Lullaby” and “sams mum.” The cd is almost as good as he was live but nothing ive seen for a long time could even come close :)

lisa on 19th of December 2010

saw tim at cardiff fucking amazing didnt want it to finish :( im in a cage the best and tim for christmas number 1

anya on 18th of December 2010

will there be a dvd of this show?

Fiona and John on 18th of December 2010

A great souvenier for the tour. A useful thing to buy from the merchandise counter at the gigs. We really enjoyed the Manchester show. Although the CDs are recorded in London, the material and songs were the same as the Manchester show.

James Murphy on 17th of December 2010

Got mine at Cardiff tour but saving it as my xmas present – can’t wait!!

Andy on 17th of December 2010

Purchased and Downloaded, Easy. Fantastic show, went to the newcastle show and loved every second of it. CONT is amazing. Excellent entertainer. thanks

Maja Toudal on 17th of December 2010

I saw the show in London, and it was beautiful. Definitely getting the cd :)

Joanne on 16th of December 2010

⁠Jessid I am totally with u! A chill pill was well needed ha!

Jessid on 16th of December 2010

Awesome, and worth the “wait”.
Seriously people, they delivered within 48 hours. That’s amazing by any standard. They didn’t say it’d be 2 days, but they didn’t say it’d be straight after the show either. I’ve had to wait longer for less.
To the complainers, take a chill pill you miserable fucks.

jc on 16th of December 2010

yay the download! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jonnoe on 16th of December 2010

And to further show the level of organisation… no e-mail yet…. but the files ARE available for download! Log into the member’s area, select order history, double-click on the order – and there is a link! Downloading now…. happy days! :D

prezzie on 16th of December 2010

Saw tim at the NIA last week ….. sooooo good with an orchestra behind him. Got very excited about being able to get the download and then very panicky when nothing appeared. Just read the comments….question answered. Not happy tho as nothing on website or confirmation about any delay ….. Hurry up, u managed to get cd’s out straight after gig !! :-(

Naomi on 16th of December 2010

I completely agree with the majority of comments – I was at the Brighton show (literally the highlight of my year, amazing) and was gutted to have missed out on being able to buy the CD at the gig. I pre-ordered it straight away on Tuesday and was hoping that it would be dispatched on Wednesday, but I haven’t heard anything. (Linzy: Do you know anything about when the CDs are due to be sent? Emailed the shop queries address and haven’t heard anything back.)

Completely agree with Joanne (16th Dec)- It is a genuine privilege to be able to access the music so quickly, so will try and be patient whilst I wait! So excited for Lullaby and Beauty – which is an incredibly clever song, sheer geniusness award goes to Tim for creating it! :D

Sidney on 16th of December 2010

Agreed with above comments. The idea was amazing but that only makes the disappointment all the greater. Fact is, there is no where on the website that suggests that there is going to be any wait (indeed, as others have posted, the website’s wording suggests quite the opposite), nor is there any mention in the order status or the email.

The obvious answer would’ve been to either put a simple line next to the ‘purchase download’ button saying there will be a couple of days delay, or simply don’t allow people to purchase it until it’s uploaded. Instead, you end up with angry and upset fans and at least one (me) wondering how to get a refund so I can buy the cd instead.

Joanne on 16th of December 2010

I am just excited to be getting it so soon – I wasn’t expecting it to be available to well into next year! So I don’t care if I have to wait a week or so!

Tim is worth the wait! :o)

Jonnie on 16th of December 2010

I second Will’s comments. This was a GREAT and seemingly very innovative idea – was amazed that the CDs were available AT the gig. And yes, if there was any information anywhere on the shop page stating that the download is not yet available – people like me may be less irritated. TBH, was looking forward to listening to the concert again in the car on the way to work the next day.

You are quite right – it’s normally a much longer period before recordings become available – but since the website says last ordering day for delivery in the UK is 21/12 and purchasing the download cuts the shipping delay AND the CD was available at the venue – it was hardly unreasonable for fans to expect immediate download after the event.

If you’d asked nicely, I’d have uploaded the CD to your website from my car at the venue. :) Imagine the irony, the O2 arena has rather limited data connections thru 3G on the O2 network. LOL

Will on 16th of December 2010

I think people’s frustration it having to wait for the download is because we weren’t told that we’d have to wait. As Jonnie pointed out, the CDs were available on the night so it seemed reasonable to expect the download to be available too, especially as this page states that the downloadable version “will also cut out your postage time too!”

The sales website also seems to be missing some pretty basic features, like the ability to stay logged in (even for a page refresh) or change my e-mail address. I think there is a lesson to be learnt here: great idea; poor implementation.

Linzy on 16th of December 2010

To people waiting for the download link, it should be up in the next day or two. The reason for the day is presumably because the people selling it online are different from the ones who recorded it, so CDs and files will have needed to change hands.

Besides, to have the recording mere days after the show is still incredible! Last time Tim did an album, it was recorded in December and not released until the following March. A couple of days is nothing in comparison.

Sidney on 16th of December 2010

Great, still no sign of a download link. Won’t be able to download it for a week now. If there was any suggestion on the website I’d have ordered the cd. P**s poor in my opinion.

Jonnie on 16th of December 2010

Yeah, gettin’ totally p**sed off with the delay now. CDs – real physical CDs – were available minutes after the o2 concert ended. Got home, purchased the download… still nothing! Pretty disappointing – and the only message here is from “Bob” saying the files will become available from the members area. “Bob”… do you know this for a fact – do you work for the website? Or is it just a guess? No contact details for the e-vendor… no support e-mail address. This is poor, damn poor.

Terry on 16th of December 2010

Come on, tell them to get their fingers out! I want to hear it all again. Put the download up so we can get it in our ears!!

Sidney on 16th of December 2010

Just ‘ordered’ the digital download. No word on there about having to wait for it and I’m off on holiday tomorrow. Was kinda hoping to be able to listen to it whilst away. If you can print hundreds of cd’s seconds after the gig how come there’s a delay for the download? Crazy.

Chuckle on 15th of December 2010

A.Ma.Zing gig last night. Thoroughlly enjoyed it. “Cheese” is my new favourite song. “Context” another new favourite. Just when you think he can’t get any cleverererer, he goes and does it again. Utter genius. Brilliant with the orchestra, too.

Lorraine on 15th of December 2010

Saw Tim and his orchestra in Brighton this week. Fantastic – a match made in, well, not heaven actually – somewhere like that, but on Earth.

Sam on 15th of December 2010

Saw you last night. Incredible. Can’t wait for your next gig!

Bob on 15th of December 2010

Those that ordered the digital download will find the link in the members area when it is uploaded (which should be soon…. ish)

I think also you will be sent an email with the link when the file is live, but can’t confirm this for certain.

David Hughes on 15th of December 2010

Brilliant night. Hard to pick a favourite but Lullaby was the one that probably came closest to causing a seizure because we were laughing so much. Looking forward to receiving the CD.

Sandra on 15th of December 2010

Tim, the O2 didn’t do you justice! You were amazing, thank you!

tedmaul on 15th of December 2010

Great stuff. Watched the show at the NIA and cant wait to hear it again.

When are the files being uploaded ? There is no info on my receipt.

Myk Dowling on 15th of December 2010

Which Tuesday?

Donna on 15th of December 2010

Just got home from seeing Tim at the 02. Absolutely brilliant!! I laughed so hard and when he sang “White Wine in the Sun” at the end, there were tears streaming down my face. That’s what makes Tim so incredible – he makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you think…and makes you want cheese!

Andy and Sara on 15th of December 2010

Just saw Tim at the O2. Phenomenal – raised a laugh and a tear. Great orchestra, what a piano player, great songs. (Subtitles on the screen might not be a bad idea as the subtleties of the lyrics can sometimes be drowned out) But overall, brilliant.

Michelina on 15th of December 2010

Ive been to two concerts in two days, Tim you are amazing. I love you, the more that I see you!! Keep Rocking!!! :-)

Stephen metcalfe on 15th of December 2010

Just got back from the o2 ,what an awesome evening ….. Tim you rock

Vikki on 15th of December 2010

hi there webfaries
There doesn’t seem to be an option to add a delivery address that’s different fro the billing one. Or anywhere to write a comment (where I would of put my delivery address) or such like…
I know it’s a new site so just letting you know it’s an issue. I’ve emailed the people at sandbag, but if I need to do otherwise I’d appreciate an email or some such so I can let you know where to send my CD :)
ta muchly

Jon on 14th of December 2010

Just got home from the concert at the o2. Terrific as always! Didn’t want to queue to buy the CD on the way out – crowds were manic as you’d expect so ordered online for download when I got home. No sign of an e-mail or link for the download yet though… :(

Sean on 14th of December 2010

just got back from the gig with CD in hand. Thanks Tim – You were so f***king rock. Loved the new ones and can’t wait to listen to it all again!

Sue on 14th of December 2010

Being the most wonderful kind of Mummy , I have packed my boys off to the O2 tonight , tickets in hand …. one of them better come back with the recording of tonights show…

Alex on 14th of December 2010

Can I have a track listing?

chad on 14th of December 2010

Go Tim!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see ya again…. Ding dang, ding dang dong…..

Jenny on 14th of December 2010

I did the same thing. I ordered the digital download, and started freakin’ because I couldn’t find the download on my computer. I wrote an email to them, but then I went back and actually READ about what I was buying….funny how when it comes to Tim, If I hear about something I can buy, I get so excited, I forget how to read. I was like a happy little puppy…except I didn’t pee on the rug.

I’m assuming when it’s ready, we’ll get an email with a link to the download…

Alex on 14th of December 2010

I got excited and ordered and wondered if a link would arrive. It didn’t, then I realised it hasn’t been recorded yet. I’m a fool…….

I go and wait quietly in the corner……

Joanne on 14th of December 2010

I can’t wait to get cd so I can re-live saturday night at newcastle! :o) He was amazing I am very jealous of the people going to see him! I wanna go again!!!! I haven’t stopped talking about Tim since saturday I am driving my friends round the bend! I love Tim!!! Xxx

George Coates on 14th of December 2010

I am going to the gig tonight at the o2, (SO EXCITED) so am wondering: Will the CD be on sale AT the o2 after the gig, or online after the gig.

What ever the answer I am getting this ASAP :D


Style on 14th of December 2010

Hey akk its short notice i jnow but i have two tickets for tim minchins gig tongight at the o2. Unable to go now so even thoguh they cost me 44 pounds each as they are very good seats would be prepared to accept 50 for both. Can meet u a couple of hours before the gig with them if you want them. Email me asap if you want them on [email protected]

JC on 14th of December 2010

just pre-ordered! when will i get it!?

cazz on 13th of December 2010

YIPPEE!!!!!! pre~ordered my copy, cant wait !!!!!

Rexy on 13th of December 2010

So when will the concert be available for download?

Brodie on 13th of December 2010

Can’t wait for the cd. You were awesome in Newcastle. Lullaby is Absolutely genius.x

Christy on 13th of December 2010

Um, anyone try buying the download digital version? Do you have to wait for it? Nothing downloaded. And there seems to be no other contact.

Tracey/rm (who is determined to wait until April and not spoil it for self...eeeek cd.....no, I will have self control....) on 10th of December 2010

Song Tease.

Warwickshire Shithouse on 10th of December 2010

Oh ignore earlier request about RSC – I can’t wait until January! Duly preordered with sufficient amount of excitable squeeling!

Warwickshire Shithouse on 10th of December 2010

I am very excited! It will be amazing (having seen the live gig in Brum on Wednesday – Yippee!)… will it be available to buy at “Conversation with” at RSC in January or should it be bought online? I love my RSC but they can be awkward about what they sell! (Yes it is mine! And everyone’s! It’s the best company in the world!)
Wanted to hug Tim ever since his final final song on Wednesday night – I love love and families too and I really really hope that he’s going home this Christmas, although I worry that he’s not. I left crying but it was brilliant and funny and wonderful. They were good tears.

the mumster on 10th of December 2010

Will Tim be singing any of the Matilda songs? Pleeeeeze!

Siobhan Bellot on 10th of December 2010

I’m seeing it on tuesday and I can’t wait!!! EKKK excitement!!!!!
Looking forward to it Timmy!

Hat on 10th of December 2010

Bleeding Cowboys? Way too used, Tim… try to change to another font

Victoria Crewe-Turrell on 10th of December 2010

Whooo im gonna be there, cant wait its my Christmas prezzie form my mummy!!!

Charlieeeee on 10th of December 2010

Will there be a dvd recorded there too? *hopeful face* I have tickets and am so excited! Definitely buying this CD soon lol =] xx

Andrew on 10th of December 2010

Haha I like the “vs”! Good luck Tim, take those pretentious bastards down!

Matt Whitby on 10th of December 2010

Oooohhhh… intrigue.

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