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Tim will be flying across the Atlantic at least four times next year (there and back, twice) as we can confirm two appearances in America. Yes, you read that correctly!

The first appearance is in a matter of weeks, on the 12th January at the Largo in LA. Tickets are on sale now, priced at a mere $20, which is a bit of a bargain if you ask me. The box office details and online booking link can be found on the gigs page.

The second appearance will be in May at The Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Weekend tickets are on sale now and day tickets will go on sale on the 4th Jan. Again, links can be found on the gigs page.

Yes, this is all that’s confirmed and no, we don’t know if or when other dates will be added. By all means though, do “demand” Tim to play in your area on Eventful.com as it’ll help prove that you guys want to see Tim as much as the rest of the world!

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Vince on 13th of January 2011

You’re going to make me drive to north Jersey, dont make me suffer through 3 days of shitty metal and rap in the cultural wasteland known as the Meadowlands.

Which day should I show up?

Tim on 7th of January 2011

What day will Tim Minchin be performing at The Bamboozle Festival? So I was just curious which day he’d be performing.

Kiriel on 4th of January 2011

Great, but when is he going to fly a bit closer to the UK, and come play Geneva?!

hope on 29th of December 2010

Why no San Francisco dates?

Elli on 28th of December 2010

Your presence is urgently required in Canada. Specifically Toronto.

Make it happen, Tim. Make. It. Happen.


Jason on 25th of December 2010

New York, PLEASE! So many more people here have discovered you (*cough* me *cough*) since the last time you performed here. Please come back. I will bring EVERYONE.

HB on 25th of December 2010

I show that the 11th is also available. Has anyone else seen it and know if it is ‘legitimate’?

GabrielTheDerangel on 24th of December 2010

Looks like Seattle is barely in the lead on Eventful.com. I’m going to get at least 10 people to vote for it right now. Tim, Seattle loves you!!!!

Boxing Kangaroo on 24th of December 2010

Come to the Mile High City – Denver!

Brandon D. on 24th of December 2010

I’m skipping classes and flying from Portland to see the LA show, but I’d rather skip the flight and see him in Oregon instead.

cas on 23rd of December 2010

Please come to Vancouver, BC, Canada! I’ll even accept Seattle… :)

Teddifish on 23rd of December 2010

Ashley’s right–you must come to the South! Who needs you more than we do? Clemson, South Carolina. Come quick before we enact a law prohibiting men from wearing mascara!

E Bunney alias wynn jim pomme the artist and author on 22nd of December 2010

time spent scrolling down your many comments : $50
Time spent getting seats at kings park for march 5th tour date : $28.65 with rounding… Obviously without tickly ticket charges inc….
Seeing mr minchin with my bloke of 13 years and 10 yrs married, (to me…..before u ask) who is a massive fan but knows nothing ’bout this till xmas – ha haa! : bloody priceless!!!! Yeay!

ashley on 22nd of December 2010

Come to the south. I probably can’t convince you to come to columbia sc, but atlanta? I’d try to fly to la but you’re sold out!

Lisa69 on 22nd of December 2010

LA is sold out!!! We have friends there that are desperate to see you and have seen all your stuff via our dvd’s to date! Put on another date and satisfy their need for Tim! Do it! Do it! Xx

Sean on 22nd of December 2010

How long has the LA show been scheduled and why are you teasing us like this? It’s already sold out!!!!!!

Kitty on 22nd of December 2010

No one EVER comes to Jersey!! So excited, will be coming and bringing friends!

Joy on 22nd of December 2010

Austin would love to see you!

Kristen on 22nd of December 2010

Got my tickets!! Can’t wait to see Tim in L.A.!! Same theater where I got to see Eddie Izzard perform and his tickets were around $20 too. I’ve been waiting for Tim to come out this way; I even missed him on multiple occasions when I was in the U.K. So can’t wait to finally see him perform live!

Jim Palfreyman on 22nd of December 2010

I so want to see the DVD if Tim performs in the deep south.

“Pentecostal or small bladder” to most of the audience!

But boy do they need him down there!


Mona on 22nd of December 2010

savannah georgia!!!! we have excellent shopping and everyone here is super friendly. southern hospitality was born here, come and enjoy! plus we would pay way more than $20 to see you.

Paula Frantz on 22nd of December 2010

PLEASE, Tim, add a Northern California gig. Or a Pacific Northwest gig. Or another So Cal gig with more notice . . . . I would love to get to see you, but by the time I heard about LA, it was already sold out.

marianna on 22nd of December 2010

Largo (LA) is NOT sold out. At least, not at the time I typed this. Must have been a computer glitch, since TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE :)

Jan Snorrason on 22nd of December 2010

$20 a ticket in LA. Tell the LaLa Landers he’s worth $20,000

Christina Butler on 22nd of December 2010

What day of Bamboozle is Tim playing? I can’t see buying a 3-day pass and spending a weekend in a parking lot with sweaty teenagers if he’s only doing one show.

Meaghan on 22nd of December 2010

Detroit…definitely Detroit.

Amy on 22nd of December 2010

Portland! Or Seattle! I’ll even go to SF if you’re there! The LA show is a little short notice…

Janis on 22nd of December 2010

I’m so F**CKING bummed. Tickets are already sold out for the LA show! And they just went on sale. *crying*
Dammit all, I may just drive out there anyway to try and meet Tim.

marianna on 22nd of December 2010

Yay! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th!

Mitch Swan on 22nd of December 2010

Listen to Paulo. Portland needs you. My Seattle brothers and sisters feel the same, no doubt.

meagan on 22nd of December 2010

DETROIT! !!!!!!!!!!

Alright fine,end caps.

My husband and I have made white wine in the sun our official holiday song.
Would love to hear u sing it live.

Good luck in cali and jersey, have a great time:)

Jeremy Babcock on 22nd of December 2010


C’mon, Tim! We are willing to pay WAY more than $20 to see you in MINNEAPOLIS!

Bobby on 22nd of December 2010

It says sold out already….is this right?

Molly on 22nd of December 2010


Heather on 22nd of December 2010

utah. please. freak the mormons out, it would be worth it.

Kathy on 22nd of December 2010

Now I’m really upset that I left Jersey in ’95..maybe someone could put you on a Greyhound down south to sunny south Florida..the Pompano Beach Ampitheater is a great place to play…a nice cool spring evening ocean breezes wafting the scent of some type of night blooming flower (I’m a fan not a garden expert) why not give it a good long think…I’ll be waiting…sitting in the parking lot…waiting……..

Emily on 22nd of December 2010

I believe I speak for of your Northern Californian fans when I say:


If you’re on a budget you can totally stay at my place while you’re here ;)

Shelli on 22nd of December 2010

I saw you in NYC, and LOVED your show – and now it’s Seattle’s turn!!!

Heather "Snooze" Hamilton on 22nd of December 2010

OYAY!!! Jersey is only a 12 hour drive, and I gots a baseball bat!

(checks state of car, sighs, waits patiently for Tim to become contagious and generate more US tours)

marin on 22nd of December 2010

Largo – already sold out. More please?

Lisa on 22nd of December 2010

Tim… you’re coming all the way here and you’re only playing in L.A.? Please, oh please come up the coast. L.A., despite it’s own misguided belief to the contrary is NOT the center of the universe, nor the hub of intellectually-inclined humor. I’m not sure those people are capable of fully appreciating your brilliance, as it means they will have to pause for a moment of self-reflection. If you will play in Sacramento, Eugene, Portland and Seattle, I think you will find that we West Coast of the US folk are quite attuned to your amazing insights and you will be showered with adoration and lots of lovely money. I will volunteer to drive you, if transportation is an issue. And no, I am not a stalker. But just a sidenote – that old chenille bathrobe you were wearing when you went out to the kitchen last night wasn’t very flattering. I only caught a glimpse through the hedge and the blinds but…

jptxs on 22nd of December 2010

After such a long vigil it’s very disappointing that youll hit the US east coast only to cast your pearls before the swine of the unwashed metal masses. If you must do Jersey, why not the Wellmont iMontclair or somewhere your typical draw is more likely to come out?

Josh Powers on 22nd of December 2010

Wow, that’s awesome! I agree with Nora, Boston would be a bit easier of a drive. I’m glad you’re coming state-side!

Jenny on 22nd of December 2010

I could take a bus to NJ…but seriously, Tim, didn’t anyone tell you about Jersey? *Shiver* It smells really bad there.
See you in Jersey, with a clothespin on my nose…

Nora Cary on 22nd of December 2010

Awesome! I wish you guys would come closer to Maine, though. I don’t think I’d be able to go anyway, don’t you have to be like at least 18 for some of the stuff he says? Haha.

Brian on 22nd of December 2010

Woo hoo! Finally! 4 tickets purchased!

Ash on 22nd of December 2010


Rachael on 21st of December 2010

What?? No Seattle? $20 is a bargain!

Paulo on 21st of December 2010

I believe you meant Portland OR, not L.A., CA.
Yes, you did.
Come on, pay attention, that’s what you meant.
Wasn’t it?
Are you serious? (ok, scratch this one)
I’d pay $200 and those LA people get you for $20??

OK, make it happen in 2011 if you can. Or 2012. Or I’ll move back to Europe.
Thanks a lot, Tim.
No, I mean it – you the man.

Jason Adams on 21st of December 2010

So happy to hear you coming back state side!

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