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Tim’s added two futher dates, in May, to his 2011 UK orchestra tour:

10th May 2011, SHEFFIELD Motorpoint Arena
Tickets available online here 9am Friday 14th January

11th May 2011, LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
Tickets on general sale here 10am Friday 14th January

Although, if you take a peek at Tim’s official fansite and forum Angry (Feet) you may learn something to your   advantage…

Tickets are priced at £35, plus booking fee and will also be available from Ticketmaster from 9am tomorrow.

“If you’re going to play big spaces, this is the way to do it; with a 55-piece orchestra and a juggernaut full of showmanship, making this a big show in every sense…a superlative night out.” (Chortle)

“Minchin…the insanely gifted Australian is rounding off the year with an audacious show that sees him accompanied on stage by the 55-piece Heritage Orchestra…Taken all in all, a thing of jaw-dropping wonder.” (Daily Telegraph, London)

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Jane and Beth on 7th of October 2011

Please please come to Barnstaple. You are lovely. The surf nearby is pretty hot too which must tantalize an Australian. Jane
P.S You really inspire me with your music I play the clarinet and play jazz!
And you are so funny! Beth 15

Graham on 21st of September 2011

Man, you just gotta come to Belfast!!

Not Bothered on 12th of August 2011

Tim, you are quite talented. If you come to Cardiff again it would be good. My son and his friend saw you last time time you came. I am 53 and I did not want to cramp their style, anyway I was not bothered because I watched some old episodes of Crossroads on VHS. I was not bothered in the least.

Hertslady on 26th of April 2011

Help!! Is there any chance that you’ll extend your tour with the Heritage or other orchestra? Didn’t know anything about it til read advert in last Sat Guardian! Though you were great on BBC Breakfast TV this morning.

Fiona on 18th of January 2011

Tim, what about us poor east anglian folk who never get any good gigs – come see us pleeeeeeze

CakeyChops on 17th of January 2011

I want a Tim complete with orchestra . . . loved the show

Sophie on 17th of January 2011

Booked my tickets this mornin. Roll on May 10th.
Sooo excited!!!

michelle on 15th of January 2011

Yes we need you to come to Plymouth!!!! Or Bath or cardiff againPLEASE!!!!!

Tony Quinlan on 15th of January 2011

I’d like to think you are coming to liverpool because of my rebuke to you in September. A couplr of free tickets would be nice as well!

Piskeylovestim on 14th of January 2011

Tickets booked at 8.59
I could hardly speak to the sales guy I was shaking with excitement :D

Got great seats but to be honest I would be happy with ANY!!
With it only being half house, anywhere will have great views except for the very front of A,B or C they gave me shocking neck pain last month!!

Jo Smith on 14th of January 2011

Please please please come to Bath Tim. It’s a great city and we have lots of lovely venues for you to play in. Plus we all love you!!

Stix on 13th of January 2011

Come back to London!! Please?

Charlene on 13th of January 2011


Berni Ralph on 13th of January 2011

Hi Tim

Please come to Southampton or Bournemouth!! You’re very talented. Loved your DVD’s and would love to come and see you “live”!

Piskeylovestim on 13th of January 2011

Tim –
As a polite Sheffield lass I shall apologise in advance for our stupid one way system and our city councils pathetic excuse for road maintenance!! You’ve not seen a pot-hole ’till you’ve seen a Sheffield pot-hole they’re like bloody caverns!!

Lou on 13th of January 2011


Ella Griffiths on 13th of January 2011


maxine on 13th of January 2011

Why no extra dates in london!!! :(
Wanna watch the show again!!! X x

Piskeylovestim on 13th of January 2011

Tim I love you
Thank you for making my year and coming to Sheffield
Eeeeeee so excited I will probably burst <3

Lori on 13th of January 2011

Canada please! I’d fly to just about any province to see the show, but Edmonton, or Calgary, or even Vancouver would be SO great!

Sara R on 13th of January 2011

I would be delighted if you ever would perform in Sweden… But there doesn’t seem to be a very big chance of that happening in the near future. So I guess me and my friends will have to make do with youtube and DVD:s.
Love you!

Matthew Stokes on 13th of January 2011

So does this mean the tour is likely to be extended? Coming back to London or back south??

Conleth on 13th of January 2011

Indeed Conor, Brian, Rebecca,Kerry,Shelly,……. Come on Tim, bring the show over to the land of no snakes !!

Monica on 13th of January 2011

Is there a Pre-sale????

lisa moxom on 13th of January 2011

hi tim, we live near bournemouth, pls pls pls pls come and do a show near us ( bournemouth or even southampton). ive brought the cd from the tour and ive lost track of how many times ive listened to it, its fantastic, my fave song from it is cont, it just shows how much of a genius you are. but we would just love to see you live, take care all the best to the family.

Lisa on 13th of January 2011

Lesley – where did you pre-book?!?!??!?! Saw Tim in Manchester – Awesome… so I need another fix! xxx

Shelly on 13th of January 2011

Please come back to Dublin… There is only so many times i can watch the tapes before i need the real deal… Ill take Belfast though.

Kerry on 13th of January 2011

Yes, please come to Belfast. I missed you the last time.

Rebecca on 13th of January 2011

I agree with Conor, Belfast should be a go-go.

Lesley on 13th of January 2011

Saw you in Manchester Tim and the show was so awesome I’ve just pre-booked seats for Liverpool on May 11th. Can’t wait!

Brian on 13th of January 2011

I agree with Conor. You were brilliant with ‘Ready For This’. The Ulster Hall has never been so rocking! Please? If you do, I’ll buy you a drink… no… TWO drinks!

Conor Pendergrast on 13th of January 2011

Hello Tim, would you like to come to Belfast? I think that would be a great idea.


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