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About two months ago, Tim appeared on the UK TV channel Dave, on Robert Llewelyn’s Carpool. There were two minor issues with this:

  1. Not everyone could watch it, whether it was because they lived abroad or simply didn’t have Freeview in the UK.
  2. It was only ten or so minutes long due to their being two guests on the half hour episode (the other being David Baddiel).

The good news is, both of these problems have now been rectified with this – the release of Tim’s interview uncut on Robert Llewelyn’s Carpool podcast!

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see how sexy Tim looks in a pair of three-quarter length trousers or hear an interview that’s a bit different to the rest then you’re going to love this!

The YouTube video is embedded below, but here are links to iTunes and LlewTube, where you can download yourself a copy to watch whenever you want.

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Mark Robinson on 2nd of April 2011

This was a very enjoyable 23:17. Rob and Tim make you feel like your in the back seat.

Jo Dean on 30th of March 2011

I enjoyed that. Thanks Tim. Good to get to know a bit more about you. Nice views of London too!

tracy on 30th of March 2011

what a brilliant interview – a conversation where you learn more about a person than with a hundred questions from a mindless interviewer
there should be more like that

Jen on 11th of March 2011

Thank you for this chat of thoughtful things collapsed and expanded rather like an accordian.

We went to your concert at the Palais in Melbourne and it rocked. When asking you for an autograph a more inappropriate compliment to you would have been a challenge: “You are a gift from G/god!” Was offered. When “Your talent is astounding!” or “That was the best show I’ve seen in 30 years!” Would have irritated you less. Well, that just didn’t convey quite the level of exhuberance we felt.

emma laird on 7th of March 2011

even without make-up tim, you still make me drooool. I LOVE YOU

Candace on 6th of March 2011

You spelled it wrong…. ;)
Great interview though :)

maya on 5th of March 2011

Droooool. I want to have tea with Tim.. :) Can there be a fanart contest in which the prize is to have tea with Tim? XD

Ros Beacham on 5th of March 2011

Tim you have such a sharp mind and wit, great interview, have your DVD but would love to see you live, Tim.

Sarah on 4th of March 2011

Hey Tim! I thought that interview was great, even in an unrehearsed interview you are a masterpiece of a showman. Thoroughly enjoy all you do and I hope you and the family are doing fine.

Kudos to Llewelyn for a great show x

Rachel on 4th of March 2011

Really enjoyed that, would love to see Tim :)

Sarah on 4th of March 2011

This is great and Matilda was incredible! Best birthday present ever!

Judy Lupchansky on 4th of March 2011

That was awesome! Thank you for posting this. I can’t wait for Tim to return to Toronto – I missed him when he was here last summer.

Kela on 4th of March 2011

Oh I would’ve loved to be in the back seat!

Rob Piatt on 4th of March 2011

Cool. I was sad (disappointed,more than sad. Lets get some perspective) that you only got 15 mins, as all the early ones are much longer.

Janis on 4th of March 2011

I’m glad I finally got to see this show. It’s a really fun interview. :)

Sophie Cusworth on 4th of March 2011


Firetruck on 4th of March 2011

Oh, you beautiful man.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.