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Some Tim for the Weekend

by Linzy 7th Apr 2011 | 14 comments

People of the UK, we hope you’ve missed hearing Tim’s dulcet tones over the radio, or seeing his big face on your televisual box, as there are some forthcoming events of that variety this very weekend!

It all kicks off tomorrow, when Tim will appear on Ian McMillan’s The Verb on Radio 3 at 9:15pm, alongside Blake Bailey and bits of Galician poetry.

On Saturday, Tim will be on Christian O’Connell’s Jon Holmes’s Radio 5Live show sometime between 9am and 11am, shortly followed by an appearance on Vernon Kay’s Radio One show.

The next day, Tim will be on Something for the Weekend on BBC2, 10am – 11:30am, cooking up a treat alongside Arlene Phillips! If you’ve got anything you’d like to ask him, the show are appealing for questions via email or Twitter

Perfect timing if you were starting to think he’d left you for Australia! Oh, and if you aren’t in the UK, don’t forget you can still listen to BBC Radio with their iPlayer.

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piskeylovesTim x on 10th of April 2011

Just like a kid at christmas I was up at 6am today to see you on BBC2 this morning I sat and cringed when I saw your face when you were mixing the pastry, you reminded me of my sons with Aspergers/Autism certain textures drive them mad and you were clearly suffering but trying not to show it….thats exactly why ‘I wouldnt like you if you werent like you’!!!

Peter on 8th of April 2011

Great gig at Kings Park, Tim – enjoy your well earned fame in the UK….

JB on 8th of April 2011

Still loving it. Clever film.

Tracy Fitzgerald on 8th of April 2011

Im so glad you’re home safe with your family but i now miss you in OZ! Hopefully, one day, you’ll come back and drink some white wine in the sun again……

SammySatine on 8th of April 2011

I’m very happy for you Uk peoples. Sad though that Tim has left OZ. Still I hope I get to hear/ see this stuff.

And that he comes back to Perth soon.



Rob on 8th of April 2011

only for tv shows. BBC 6 music is a great radio station. Listened again many times on the iplayer.

Izzi on 7th of April 2011

Only three weeks :D
Will have to check these out too.

Do you? on 7th of April 2011

I eat emus

Kelly allum on 7th of April 2011

So excited missed Tim sooooooo much very excited to hear his voice and see his face lots more yay verry happy lady xx

Maddie j on 7th of April 2011

Absolutely smashing news. Glad to be seeing the most intriguing, intellectually stimulating and sexy song maestro doing his thing. Only 21 days to the R Albert Hall ! Front Row seats! Tim makes a 40′ something ‘English lady very happy indeed!!

En_croute on 7th of April 2011

Radio is NOT blocked internationally on iplayer, except for live sport

PiskeylovesTim on 7th of April 2011

Welcome home Tim!!
Cant wait for sunday , just the fix I need before the gig in Sheffield in 33 days (not that I’m counting…much).

Linzy on 7th of April 2011

From the whole thing or just the TV content? You should be fine with the radio stuff, as was mentioned. If not, you should be able to go to the individual radio stations’ pages and listen there instead.

Aleksandr Kharkovsky on 7th of April 2011

The BBC blocks users from outside tbe UK from using iPlayer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.