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We announced it over a month ago, but now the time has finally come to tell you that the double-CD album, ‘Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra’, is now available for you to buy (kinda)!

The tracklist looks a little something like this:

Disc one

  1. I’m In A Cage
  2. Rock n Roll Nerd
  3. Cont
  4. If I Didn’t Have You
  5. Thank You GodĀ *
  6. You Grew On Me
  7. The Fence

Disc two

  1. Prejudice
  2. Lullaby
  3. The Pope Song
  4. Cheese
  5. Beauty
  6. Dark Side
  7. Not Perfect
  8. White Wine In The Sun

The album is available worldwide for you to buy on iTunes now for a rather reasonable price and there’s a nice link for you here. And a reminder, also available on iTunes is the studio version of The Fence.

If you’re in the UK, the CD version will be available from this here website from the 15th April and also at Tim’s forthcoming orchestra shows, while Australians are able to buy it from shops, as we mentioned earlier.

If you’re elsewhere, you’re going have to import it from one of the above options, but it rather pretty.

Oh, and we’ll post thisĀ nice medley of clips from Lullaby, Dark Side and You Grew On Me again in case you missed it the last time and want to try before you buy.

*also known as Sam’s Mum

UPDATE (18/05/11): This album is not currently available on iTunes in the US. We’ll update this once it’s available again.

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Sean on 18th of May 2011

Reiterating what Ian said, all of the iTunes “World” links here are to the UK store. From the US store, “Drowned” is Tim Minchin’s only available song (there are also a few podcasts that interview him).

Because of this, there are really no simple and legal purchasing options for people in the U.S. Because of various restrictions from record companies and the like, we can’t buy from the UK iTunes store over here without a UK billing address (though you can do some legally dodgy voodoo with a UK gift card and fake address if you’re that committed). Getting this album here is down to illegal downloads or having a contact overseas.

It’s doubly annoying since “Thank You God” is not on YouTube anymore, and that was hilarious.

Ian on 12th of May 2011

This isn’t available on the US store! Neither is the single version of ‘The Fence’ — you’re losing money! I love you Tim, but your stuff is a pain in the ass to buy for us Americans.

Ian Bell on 16th of April 2011

Downloaded the O2 version from itunes and although it’s great to have, especially as the chat sessions are included, can understand why the decision was made to reissue, as the effects are somewhat out of control in places and backing vocals can disappear. I’d like to get a hard copy this time and though 15th has passed, I’m assuming the cd is still going to be available from this website. If not I’ll download again. Notwithstanding, absolutely nothing else out there touches TM.

Bek on 13th of April 2011

I bought these cds at your Kings Park gig in Perth, have played them constantly in the car and absolutely LOVE them!
…So does my 13 month old son (he kicks his feet and babbles “cheese!”)
What am I going to play whilst driving once he gets too old to be listening to naughty words? :)

Lesley on 12th of April 2011

We saw the show in Melbourne and loved it. I’m now downloading the album from iTunes. Looking forward to more hours of happy listening. Thank you.

Jacqui Shanks on 11th of April 2011

Purchased my CD yesterday. Love it. Keep up the good work! Also I love the animated movie Storm. Well done Tim!!

David Cann on 11th of April 2011

I swear “Thank You God” was written by the devil himself because I can’t get it out of my head or wipe the smile from my face :)

Thank You Tim

Meg on 11th of April 2011

Yey! We came to see it (was amazing!) and I’ve been waiting for it to come out. Is there going to be a DVD of the show? Wondering if I should wait for that?

Kevin on 11th of April 2011

Still incredibly disappointed we don’t get the talkie bits. felt the manchester talks were better than O2 and increased the atmosphere ten-fold. I’ll still buy, but hope maybe for a complete dvd version one day.

nick on 11th of April 2011

amazingness just hope a dvd of the tour will be available soon ???

Dan on 11th of April 2011

I Just downloaded this on Itunes and the “genius” recommended- I Just had Sex (feat. Akon) by The Lonely Island.

Good work Tim

Steve D on 11th of April 2011

I bought the version that was recorded at the O2, complete with the ‘talky bits’ that have been left off of this version.

Hettie on 11th of April 2011


Helen Sumner on 11th of April 2011

Awesome work…. :) I already have it though…. Still, awesome.. xo…

Bethan on 11th of April 2011

I Love You

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.