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First the TV show: Tim will be on The Hour 5pm on STV on Monday 18th April and it looks like you’ll be able to catch up using the STV Player, if you miss it, via the same link.

So now the radio, deep breaths everyone: Tim’s going to be on quite a number of radio shows in the coming weeks (trying not to use that colourful Aussie language the beeb love so much). Here are the ones we know about so far:

18th April
BBC Radio Merseyside – Sean Styles, 10am – 12am
BBC Radio 4 Extra – Comedy Club, 10pm – midnight

20th April
BBC 6Music – Breakfast with Shaun Keaveny, 7am – 10am

21st April
Absolute Radio – Geoff Lloyd, 7pm – 8pm

23rd April
Xfm London – Justin Lee Collins, 2pm – 6pm

24th April
BBC Radio 2 – Weekend Wogan, 11am – 1pm

25th April
BBC Radio London – Robert Elms, 12pm – 3pm

27th April
BBC Radio 5Live – Richard Bacon, 2pm – 4pm

And that isn’t even a definitive list! Tim’s going to be doing lots of radio in Scotland, Liverpool and Sheffield too, talking about the Orchestra shows and what not. You all know you can find details of those gigs here right? Thought so.

Look out for Tim in the papers too. There are interviews running in The Times Playlist and Telegraph Saturday Review tomorrow, for example.

What a busy boy!
Who says video killed the radio star eh?!

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Tracy Fitzgerald on 24th of April 2011

Wow Mr Minchin…. how does it feel to be stalked by soooo many people??…. Yeah i agree with Sammy Satine. We dont have you enough when your over in Australia but …… it’s the aussie way to come here… and RELAX!! Personally ive been a stalker of yours for many years now and ive never heard you on radio!!? Any waaaayy.
Good luck to your family and say hi to your Mum for me!

Cameron Black on 17th of April 2011

Just booked for the Armadillo in Glasgow on 8th May. Very excited to finally be getting the chance to see Tim live and can hardly wait. Fuckin ripper, as I believe they say in the southern colonies.

Lins on 17th of April 2011

I’m going to see Tim tonight in Edinburgh…. can’t wait!!!!!! He should totally come out after it and meet us all, that would make my whole LIFE, never mind make my day!

Paul on 17th of April 2011

So do you think he will be in Liverpool, for the radio Merseyside show, or do you think It will it be from another studio somewhere else.

SammySatine on 16th of April 2011

You guys who live in the Uk are soo lucky.

Tim’s all over your radio and your TV. When he’s here in OZ he’s never all over our radio or our TV. Albeit he has been on both but alas there is never this much Tim in OZ as there seems to be in the Uk. It makes me sad for us but happy for you.




Ann on 15th of April 2011

Heard you on BBC radio 3 a few nights back… accidental n I was thinking this sounds like it shd be Mr M … and it was!! I guess it must have been recorded as u are in the USA on tour…. I’m a recent convert n u know what that means …. Psychotic!! I promise I’m not stalking u:-))

Max on 15th of April 2011

please tell me he’s not going to be on Radio Sheffield and he will be on Hallam FM!!!! even as Tims most commited stalker I dont think I could bear to listen to radio Sheffield.

Rachael on 15th of April 2011

If he’s not i will be so sad!

Lucie on 15th of April 2011

Roisin, I imagine that one will be a pre-recorded show. His live show won’t be done for 10pm :D

Roisin McCartney on 15th of April 2011

Does that mean he will not be meeting fans after the Monday night gig at the Clyde Auditorium on the 18th of April?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.