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Ha Ha Ha Toronto!

by Linzy 26th Apr 2011 | 16 comments

Well, while he’s touring America, Tim might as well pop north of the border to do a show in Canada, it seems only polite, especially with the perfect timing of Toronto’s Just For Laughs festival.

Remember last year when he did a double-headline show with Bo Burnham at The Second City? Well he’s moving up in the world and will now be playing at the larger and grander Winter Garden Theatre with his own show, for one night only and that night in question is 3rd June 2011!

Tickets go on sale from Ticketmaster on Friday 29th April at 10am EDT, but of course, we’ve got the password that’ll give you access to the presale that starts today at 10am EDT!

We will, however, make you work a little for the password with a riddle, which is just six little letters all jumbled together – a couple of ‘G’s, an ‘I’ and an ‘E’, an ‘R’ and an ‘N’.

Last time he ventured up Canada way, we asked you to make sure he wasn’t trampled by stray moose and since you did such a great job last time, could you make sure he stays away from them this time too? I’ve heard møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…

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MB on 17th of March 2013

Please do another show in Toronto!!

Karlie on 8th of May 2011

Please do a tour across the country soon! We would all love to see you! Especially in Winnipeg!

Tyra on 5th of May 2011

Please come and tour around Canada, we love you!

Eathan on 5th of May 2011

Flying out from Winnipeg out just for the show!!!!

DidoCarthage on 1st of May 2011

When are you coming to Vancouver???!!?

Hal on 28th of April 2011

Got my tickets! Suggestion, don’t use the online ordering or best available ticket option. Phone them and talk to a real person and ask for sections you want. The live person will also give you the best seat option which is the same as online seats so keep asking for the section. I did and I probably have the BEST seats in the house! They are all the same prices.
Can’t wait!

Richard on 27th of April 2011

I never thought this would happen. I thought my ship had sailed. I thought my chances of seeing Tim were nothing but a fantasy.

June 3rd will mark a very important moment in Canada’s history. We love you dearly Tim!

Judy Lupchansky on 26th of April 2011

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Can’t wait to finally see him live for the first time!

Andrew on 26th of April 2011

Majorly looking forward to this! Got my seats in box A, right beside the stage. :) I’m actually really hoping we get to hear “Not Perfect”. It’s such a beautiful, yet underrated song.

max on 26th of April 2011

Hahah good point, but its probably “Ginger” :P

shannon on 26th of April 2011

thank you thank you thank you thank you – sooooooo happy!!!

Less on 26th of April 2011

*I really HOPE

Less on 26th of April 2011

Got me 4 tickets!

Looking forward to it. I really Tim performs my favourite song: If I Didn’t Have You.

FattassUK on 26th of April 2011

I hope that password is the G-word, and not the N-word. Just sayin’.

Toronto Girl on 26th of April 2011

My friends and I can’t wait!!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.