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Hey you swinging Texan cats! Do you fancy heading to a hip happening on 1st July 2011? If so, I know of just the thing for you guys!

On that very day, Tim will be performing in Austin, bringing his shagadelic mix of comedy, music, wild, untamed hair and unfeasibly tight jeans to the Paramount Theatre!

Tickets will be on general sale on Friday, from here, but we’ve got another groovy presale code that will let you buy your tickets now from a limited allocation! If you want to buy them now, this is link you need and the password is “reese”.

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robin on 28th of December 2011

@Ryan- you’ll be really pissed when you learn he was actually in Dallas in October :)

Ryan on 3rd of December 2011

I feel like such a nerd/noob/loser. I only just discovered Tim Minchin about a week ago when I heard “White Wine in the Sun” on NPR on my way home from work one night. Since then, I have seen nearly every single Tim video that exists on YouTube. I fucking love this guy! He is truly one in seven billion. I live in Dallas, and of course I just discover this fucking awesome individual seven months after his once-in-a-blue-moon visit to MY state. And of course, I live in a conservative, piece-of-shit, red-state hell-hole, so he may not be back any time soon. Oh, well. Having to live in this Christian theocracy is a nightmare sometimes, and it’s comforting just to know that someone like Tim Minchin exists. My wife and I have instantly become huge Minchin fans, and the next time he does a show within a few hundred miles of us, we will be there.

Joshua from Australia on 25th of October 2011

Wow! I didn’t know so many Texans were into Tim Minchin. Way to go mate.

Susan in Plano tx. on 5th of July 2011

I went to Austin (fabulous) and if you come to Dallas, I’ll come see you again! But this time you will have to play the song you refused to play in Austin….

Angel on 29th of June 2011

Can you come back to town on October 15th? We’re bringing Dale McGowan back to Austin for his Parenting Beyond Belief Workshop and we’d love to have a double header event!

Gingergiacamo on 25th of May 2011

Holy $*^@ Thanks Tim! We have been waiting a LONG time to have you in Texas! Now will you please stay in the US, and quit that UK stuff?

Dennisse on 21st of May 2011

We got our tickets and will be driving up from Houston for the show! Thanks for coming so close!

Misty Casarez on 20th of May 2011

Got my tickets!!!! I am sooooo excited… I am at a loss for words! I do wish Tim would consider coming to Dallas soon.

Michael on 18th of May 2011

Ignore the Texas hater and come to Dallas as well Tim.

Dennis Keane on 18th of May 2011

As a Tim and The Atheist Experience fan , I find the thought of a Tim co-hosting gig more appetizing than the resurrection and rapture rolled up in warm flat bread with horseradish sauce!

Greg on 18th of May 2011


We also have a fledgling podcast out of San Antonio. We’d love to have a few words with you for “The Skeptic Wire”

(…no, we’re not Skeptic Zone).

Heather on 18th of May 2011

so close, yet so far away. :(

Matt Dillahunty on 18th of May 2011

Henry is correct. If Tim or his rep will be kind enough to contact me, we’d love to have him on the show and/or play host for his visit. I’d not only love to have him on the show(s), I’d be thrilled to make sure that he enjoys Austin’s highlights (Esther’s Follies etc.).

Matt Dillahunty
President, Atheist Community of Austin
[email protected]

Danielle on 17th of May 2011

I booked a trip to Chicago, thinking there was no way we’d be seeing Tim in Texas this year, and now he’s playing right here in my town! Oh, well. Got tix to both now. :)

@ Eric: Austin is a lovely, liberal oasis in the midst of Texas. We’ll take good care of him.

Katie on 17th of May 2011

*ear-splitting fangirl squeal*
I had actually been doing the maths on hitting the Chicago gig, but this would be much closer to me. Oh golly am I excited!

Nathan on 17th of May 2011

Come to Birmingham or Atlanta…

Sherry on 17th of May 2011

I live in Dallas, I flew to LA in Jan to see Tim in Jan. Saw him in NYC couple of weekends ago, and now he’s finally coming to Texas – and yep – just got my tix. I may have a problem. Thanks for making this show a bit cheaper. Can’t wait!

Sam on 17th of May 2011

You going to avoid any evolution material?…

I hope not >:D

Henry on 17th of May 2011

Tim, you should stop by and say hello to the folks at The Atheist Experience while you are in Austin. They do a radio show on and a TV show that a lot of your potential fans tune into.

Jose on 17th of May 2011

WOO! We were planning a trip all the way to Chicago, but now we just have to drive two hours to see a show!

My wife and I are excited and are already looking forward to and bragging about it. Thanks for the opportunity!

Cody Casterline, Austin, TX on 17th of May 2011

Yay! Austin will love you, Tim! Tickets are going fast! My first pick was gone by the time I clicked the “buy” button.

Jason on 17th of May 2011

DALLAS!!!! You have no idea how many people here would love to see your performance.

Jerome on 17th of May 2011

Son of a… I’m going to be in Canada. Then I’ll be back in Texas when he’s in Canada. QQ

Helen(timmyfanz) on 17th of May 2011

Shagadelic? Fuckabulletin…

Robin on 17th of May 2011

omg I hope he doesn’t come to Dallas because I just bought Austin. *FREAKING OUT* (ok, come to Dallas and I’ll just sell Austin)

Judy Claytor on 17th of May 2011


Alex Marin y Kall on 17th of May 2011

I’ll be flying from Mexico city to Boston for your show, I would like to get in touch with your team for an interview for Mexican radio show if possible. Thanks!!!

Eric on 17th of May 2011

Try and get out of Texas alive, Tim.

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