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Heads up!

Tim’ll be swimming [with a float] across the pond very shortly to do lots of gigs for you lovely lot.

As well as his grand piano and apparel befitting a style guru, Tim will be joined onstage by his iconic dance moves, wildly teased hair, gently calmed eyebrows, natural aplomb and his enormousā€¦ sense of occasion.

Irresistible huh?

So, there are still a few tickets available and although you can access all the links via the gigs page, here they are, all listed prettily below for your pleasure and clicking convenience:

Friday 3rd of June 2011
Venue: The Winter Garden TheatreĀ 

Saturday 4th of June 2011
Wilbur Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, and Saturday 18th of June 2011
Venue: Lincoln Hall

Los Angeles
Tuesday 21st and Tuesday 28th of June 2011
Venue: Largo at the Coronet

Thursday 23rd of June 2011
Venue: The Aladdin Theatre

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of June 2011
Venue: Neptune Theatre

Friday 1st of July 2011
Venue: Paramount Theatre

Saturday 2nd of July 2011
Venue: City National Grove of Anaheim

Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of July 2011
Venue: L’Astral

Tip: If you have missed out on tickets to a show it is always worth checking with the venue for returns or last minute ticket releases.

Tim also has a few festival appearances in the US. Details of which can be found here.

Keep an eye on this site for more US gig announcements coming soon.

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Danielle Lucas on 30th of August 2014

I’m with Jen on this one. I love Tim’s music as well and would be there helping her out by laughing over everyone! I can’t even imagine how excited I would be to see Tim Minchin in Texas! It can be lonely in this state for an atheist so I’d be just tickled pink to be in a crowd of Tim fans watching this intellectual. I’ve even considered flying to Toronto for JFL just for his show!

Jennifer Langlinais on 27th of August 2014

OOOOH please please tour in the US and come to Houston, Tx! Ever since one of my friends introduced me to your music and your comedy I have been absolutely in love with you and your style (though not in a creepy stalker way). I have completely memorized the beat poem Storm and even though Texas is probably perceived as the worst place to do atheist jokes, I will be laughing hard enough for the whole audience so it won’t matter! What a gift you are sir! You are so incredibly talented and I truly hope to meet you one day. Please never ever stop doing what you’re doing because people need that kind of laughter in their lives!


zunny matema on 27th of June 2014

Please bring Tim Minchin to the Washington, DC – Baltimore area. I love him & they will too!

Caroline on 6th of June 2014

CALGARY Canada – fellow atheists need you here.

Meka on 22nd of February 2014


Jayeon on 19th of January 2014


Jesse on 1st of September 2013

Northern California!

Rhiannon on 20th of June 2013


patrick mckay on 7th of May 2013

Washington D.C. AND BALTIMORE AREAS. Please………..my wife would love your show and she hasn’t even heard of you yet

Mark on 2nd of May 2013

You need to come to Winnipeg!

bobbi watson on 8th of July 2012

Durham NC. Yippee! Please come to NC!

Bobbi Watson on 8th of July 2012

Tim pretty please come to NC! Not Charlotte that’s so typical. Durham has an outstanding performance art center and more culturally diverse, with a dark side. YIPPEE!

Nick Rep on 30th of June 2012

Tim you need to come to Edmonton… plzzz

Colleen on 18th of April 2012

You need to come to Calgary!

I Feel Permanently Fellate-able : : on 6th of June 2011

[…] Tuesday 7th June, 2011). With Flava Flav. And If I happened to live in Toronto, Montreal, or any of these fine U.S. cities I’d be trading my inflatable love doll collection for tickets to any one of his rapidly […]

Jacinda Grove on 4th of June 2011

Aw Tim, you are absolutely fantastic, and I would just LOVE to come and see one of your brilliant shows… So why is it that you’ve only got ONE show in Canada?!! Yeah, it makes sense to perform in Toronto, but you’re missing out on the entire west coast of Canada by not adding a show in Vancouver! From one ginger to another, you’ve really got to come to Vancouver!
I see you’ll be doing a couple of shows in Seattle, so why not add one here, it’s just over the border? Oh PLEASE do come to Vancouver Tim!!!

Justin Stolle on 3rd of June 2011

Good news for those hoping for San Francisco!
San Francisco, Palace of Fine Arts – 8th July 2011

Calamity on 2nd of June 2011

I only just discovered you a couple of days ago, Tim. I’m smitten with your words and music and free-thinkingness. You will be performing in my very city tomorrow, which is my very birthday, how very convenient, and I will be…. hosting relatives. F*** me.

Nai on 1st of June 2011

I’m so thrilled that a second date was added in Seattle.

Thank you! I would’ve been ill had I missed out on an opportunity to see Tim.

Mo on 1st of June 2011

Yes, one more for the sinful San Francisco here :)

Nicholas on 31st of May 2011

The Ford Center in Oklahoma City is very nice. Come, please?

Kate on 30th of May 2011

Come South PLEASE. New Orleans, Mobile, Biloxi, etc. Really want to go but all the shows are soooo far away. Plus we are nicer in the South.

Jonathan on 29th of May 2011

Adding “vote” for San Francisco Bay Area.

nina on 28th of May 2011

tough schedule, dear mr. minchin. take care of yourself, we want you back safe and sound. have fun over there.

Greg on 28th of May 2011

Whaaaaat? Only 1 show in Canada’s largest city? Please come back and soon.

Juli on 27th of May 2011

Damn! I’m going to be in Toronto the week after, I’m going to miss it by a week! So close…

Please come to Halifax Nova Scotia someday!

Christine on 27th of May 2011

Will you ever come to Germany? You must come to Cologne someday, it’s a beautiful city!

Steven on 27th of May 2011

Thank god for Tim Minchin. We need you !!! Thanks for keeping it real.!!!

Lynn on 27th of May 2011

get your ass to new orleans, love :]

Ori on 27th of May 2011

See you guys in Chicago!

Amy D. on 27th of May 2011

I have two awesome seats (seats 7 & 8, Section B) for the Boston show June 4th at the Wilbur Theater. They are on Ebay, only asking what I paid for them, because so very sadly, I can not make it :-(


Annette Minnich on 27th of May 2011

Please, please, please come to Albuquerque! Visit the Land of Enchantment. We need Tim here.

Richard P. on 27th of May 2011

There’s more than two cities in Canada. Come on, bring it west.

amy on 27th of May 2011

Please come south!! I’ll drive the 8 hours to Atlanta if I have to!! (Florida would be more convenient though.)

NoseyNick on 27th of May 2011

Dammit, there’s only crap seats left for Toronto. SO wish I’d spotted this earlier :-(

When will you be back, Tim? :-/

Rebecca on 27th of May 2011

I’ll be at the LA show on the 21st, but have no idea what to wear!

Joyce on 27th of May 2011

You know, if you have a chance, some Northern California (San Fransisco!!!) love would be awesome!

Jane Malick-Nugent on 27th of May 2011

So glad that the fashion issue was mentioned. What DOES one wear to the concert of a huge rock and roll megastar and style guru ??
My other concern… I am in my 50’s (!) and hope that I am not the oldest audience member at the concert. Tim does evoke a profound sense of “Woo-Hoo !” in me and Boston audiences do not tend to hold back so it should be a lot of fun and hopefully devoid of agism or other isms for that matter.
Thank you Tim Minchin for improving my mood by at least 15% on a daily basis!

Deeee on 27th of May 2011

VANCOUVER BC, CANADA needs to see you!!! come to the West Coast Tim, you’ll love it!! :D

Mary on 27th of May 2011

I’m going to Chicago and will wear whatever you want me to.

Alysson on 27th of May 2011

Tim should definatly visit Western Canada! Your fans would be very grateful!!!

Angela on 27th of May 2011

What happened to St. Paul…

Ron Grimes on 27th of May 2011

We’re seeing you in Toronto, but my daughter is majorly nonplussed by your non-appearance in Calgary.

me on 26th of May 2011

Visit us in Northern California (Sacramento, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe or even Reno, NV), pretty please.

Sarah Pomeroy on 26th of May 2011

Looking forwrd to the 1st July ! will make sure I have plenty of eyeliner on ( & a good pair jeans ) ….. will continue to play ” I am so F*****g Rock ” in my head ( it really helps with the work day ) ’till then .

Pat on 26th of May 2011

Sacramento CA??

Jose on 26th of May 2011

I’ll be in Austin for the July 1st show! Can’t wait. Haven’t decided on wardrobe yet.

Erik on 26th of May 2011

Calgary! Edmonton would work too, lol.

F. Andy Seidl on 26th of May 2011

Ann Arbor, please!

Shane Trimmer on 26th of May 2011

San Francisco, Sacramento, or somewhere in between! We need some date in Nor Cal

Jenny on 26th of May 2011

What about SF?!

Cathi on 26th of May 2011

Please come to Atlanta!!!

Beth on 26th of May 2011

Oh poo, thought maybe you would sneak a Kansas City date in there when I wasn’t looking. Just wishful thinking I guess.

tahoe on 26th of May 2011

I’m adding my vote for San Francisco (or Reno, Tahoe, Sacramento). Let’s get that set up :)

Gordy on 26th of May 2011

How about Salt Lake City in the winter? Extremely eclectic city with lots of fans.

Roberto Leibman on 26th of May 2011

I’m partial to Sacramento (because it’s where I live), but I definitely would go to either Reno or San Francisco… please come!

Holly on 26th of May 2011

+1 Lori – Can we Western Canadians get some Tim love?

Ben Riddell on 26th of May 2011

San Francisco! (Tom – I’ll put you up for the night)

Susi on 26th of May 2011

KANSAS, PLEASE!!! Wichita, specifically! You wouldn’t think it, but we DO have a lot of atheists here!!!

Tonya on 26th of May 2011

I cant wait till next month. I’ve never been to Chicago before and me and husband are making the trip just for Tim!

Lori on 26th of May 2011

Western Canada please! Somewhere in Alberta…

Alix on 26th of May 2011

PLEASE come to Cincinnati. Bought tickets to your NY show but had to miss!

Andre on 26th of May 2011

San Francisco!

Jeff on 26th of May 2011

Nothing in San Francisco? How is that possible.

Sarah on 26th of May 2011

Please come to Phoenix

Tom Gardner on 26th of May 2011

What no Boulder CO? Look into Boulder Theater!

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