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San Fran Fans, Make Plans!

by Linzy 3rd Jun 2011 | 23 comments

Another day and another American tour date (and there are still more to come) and, like yesterday’s, this one was highly requested by you guys!

So, allow me to announce that Tim will be heading over to the Bay Area for a gig in San Francisco! The show will take place at the poshly named Palace of Fine Arts on 8th July 2011 and tickets for this shindig went on sale this very morning from Ticketmaster!

If you like your comedy combined with a mixture of piano playing, intelligence, big hair, bare feet and impossibly tight jeans, then you’d best get your mitts on tickets sharpish, else you’ll feel a fool when it’s all sold out, and no one wants you feeling a fool, especially not the fool…

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mish on 16th of August 2011

i have all the crying. just spent hours watching youtubes, searched tour dates and…. missed you in june?

: sigh :

Jenny on 10th of July 2011

AMAZING SHOW in San Francisco last night! LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Thank you Tim for being so amazingly lovely. XX

Margaret on 10th of July 2011

Tim rocked the audience last night at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, kickin’ encores, standing ovations, the works. That’s SF, home of the Fillmore West, Janice Joplin, the Starship and so many other worthy R&R peeps. .Not bad for a rock ‘n roll nerd, huh?

Jendama on 4th of June 2011

I wish that I had known about this, as I’ve wanted to return to SF for a visit. As it is, m’hubby and me are driving 6+ hours from SE Washington to see you in Portland. Can’t wait–woot!

Tash on 4th of June 2011

Anyone know why I can’t buy tickets on ticket master? Surely not sold out in one day? Their message is so ambiguous and no individual indication of why no ability to buy – can anyone help?? I REALLY want to get tickets for my bro who lives in SF…

mark evans on 4th of June 2011

i flew from san francisco today to boston to see you tomorrow. BRAT!!! lol. well i’ll have to go to both shows.

Smedley on 4th of June 2011

Please, please, PLEASE. …stay in Australia! I promise, when it’s the appropriate time, I’ll come over there. I’m sure that I’ll be able to find you (e.g. at one of your shows there) …but until then, there’s no need for you to budge, so JUST SIT TIGHT… don’t leave your seat, don’t wander the aisles, and DON’T fly hither & thither… and please… whatever you do, step away from the airport and make NO sudden movements. We don’t want you on any no-fly lists, right? But seriously, please stay in Australia. Isn’t it the fourth happiest place on earth right now? Why would you even want to come to California, anyway? There could be a big earthquake, and you’d be swallowed up, man. Think about some risk mitigation strategies in the Outback instead… much safer… nothing but poisonous spiders and various beasties that want to eat you, but that’s what firearms are made for, aren’t they. Funny word, “firearms”… imagine a guy with his arms on fire… but don’t let that be you: just hang in there Down Under and I’ll figure out a way to get there if it means that much to you. Meanwhile, relax. Have a beer, or whatever you Aussies like to snort. And stay home.

Heather on 4th of June 2011

I go back to Afghanistan next week! Why can’t the SF date be this weekend? No fair. Come to Paktika Provence?

Paula Valentine on 4th of June 2011

Just got home from Tim’s Toronto show – Awesome!!!!!

ratpick on 4th of June 2011

I do believe I may have been first to buy tickets since I got front row center.. as Tim would say, “fuck yeah”!

Wobbie on 4th of June 2011

PLEASE .. COME TO MAUI .. WE’RE STUCK OUT HERE .. raising the cost of your SF show to about $830 (w/round trip tickets .. and no hotel)

diego on 3rd of June 2011

come to Brasil. I’m serious.

Jonathan on 3rd of June 2011

$12 convenience fee on a $30 ticket?! And Palace of Fine Arts doesn’t sell advance tix at their physical box office. Suggestions of how to avoid this but not risk show being sold out on the day of show?

Jess on 3rd of June 2011

A little late notice, isn’t it? I took a whole week off of work to fly from my home in San Francisco to see your show in Seattle and now I found out I could have just stayed here? I’ll show you, I just might have to see you in both cities! Take that, Tim Minchin!

Peg on 3rd of June 2011

MAN!! How long I’ve waited for a West Coast Show! But I’ll be in Hawaii.. bummer.. Phoenix, AA in the Fall/Winter is lovely.. Please come visit. I’ll buy you and your entourage a beverage!

Robert on 3rd of June 2011

Come to Poland!

mrsgreentoad on 3rd of June 2011

come to north wales or liverpool please

cheryl O. on 3rd of June 2011

I have been waiting for this news. See you July 8th!

Linnet on 3rd of June 2011

So delighted, I can’t even say! This makes up for all the other various shows I’ve missed out on this year!

valerie on 3rd of June 2011

what about boise, idaho? any plans to visit the great potato state?

auntie louise on 3rd of June 2011

I love SF. But a bit too far from Glasgow. Please come back .

Marc Roche on 3rd of June 2011

Come back to Liverpool!

Justin Stolle on 3rd of June 2011


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.