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Following his extremely well received US TV debut on the show back in January, Tim’ll be appearing on Conan on tbs at 11/10c again on Tuesday 7th June, 2011. The other guests are rapper and TV personality Flavor Flav and Australian chef, author and TV personality Curtis Stone.

If you’d like a reminder of his last perfomance of ‘Inflatable You’ on the show, do take a look here.

What are you hoping for/predicting he’ll perform on the show this time?

Edit: Last time the show aired in Australia on GEM a few days later. We have no confirmation that this will happen again but it might be worth looking out for, just in case. If it happens, it’ll likely be Thursday 9th June, 2011 – 11:30pm

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Barrett Urmy on 9th of June 2011

Tim thought you where wicked cool! I live in Enfield, CT and hope to see you in Connecticut some day. I would bring all my friends to come see you! Loved you on conan.

Dr. Steve on 8th of June 2011

He did Prejudice, and the band backed him up, and it was amazing.

Elenor on 8th of June 2011

For us Aussies, I just checked tv guide and they said it will be on Thursday night 11pm on Gem, for those lucky enough to have digital tv :P

Jenny on 8th of June 2011

Robs is right!!!! 100%.

RobS on 6th of June 2011

Ooh… and Tim, put on the Tuxedo, man! You cut a dashing figure in that “Edward Scissorhands” (Tim PianoHammerFingers??) getup.

RobS on 6th of June 2011

Tim..!!! It has GOT to be “Prejudice/Taboo”

1. America understands the term. Between South Park, the fat kid on the internet, and Conan’s use of the term, you’re safe there.
2. Limitations of US TV…You don’t have a whole lot more TV friendly, drop-dead hilarious songs that will make it past the censors, OR the puritanically negative reactions to ANY song that mentions “God” in a less than flattering way. As long as they’re not giving you interviews and setup time, you have to go with an established, hilarious tune.
3. Racism in America. Since it is such a sensitive topic here, I think the power/surprise of the song will have even more impact.

You cannot miss with Taboo!! (Or, write a custom song for Conan, like your love song for Wossy.)

Cristian on 6th of June 2011

Prejudice. I cried for a fortnight after the last time because he didn’t do Prejudice.

Consider: you’re on Conan. Conan is the King of Gingers [citation needed]. Americans know what gingers are, not lastly because of the immensely popular South Park episode that was all about the term. Song is wicked, subtle but accessible, a perfect (re-) introduction to the U.S. market. Not one of my friends didn’t friggin love it when I played it to them for the first time. It would work beautifully.


SammySatine on 6th of June 2011

I don’t really care what he sings on Conan. I’m just soo happy Tim’s going to be on my TV again!



Isabella on 6th of June 2011

I would hazard a guess at rock ‘n roll nerd or canvas bags, as he recently already played ‘if I didn’t have you’. But oh, the opportunity to play Prejudice (Taboo)…

Ira on 6th of June 2011

Well, I do hope TBS have the balls to let him do one of his ungodly songs, but I doubt that will happen on prime-time in the US. I am satisfied with the thought that new listeners will end up looking him up on the ‘tubes and discovering the rest of his stuff.

Good on you, mate! you deserve to make it bug in the US as well :)

Mystra on 6th of June 2011

Apparently it’s Aussie night. Curtis Stone is going to be on, as well. I’ve just DVR’d the episode :)

Emily Anthony on 6th of June 2011

Yay!! Seeing Tim on Conan the last time is how I got hooked—by the second verse of Inflatable You. Seeing him live next month—CAN’T WAIT! 5th row seats!! :-)
He can sing anything and I’ll be happy. But Prejudice would be the most appropriate…

golddustmommy on 5th of June 2011

“Prejudice” would be expected… and of course makes sense. I am guessing, however, that since he did “If I didnt Have You” on Craig, he’ll probably do it again. I’m guessing he cant get away with “The Pope Song” lmao

Beth on 5th of June 2011

Oops. did you mean Tuesday, June, 7? I would like to see him do predjudice. After all Conan calls himself “The Ginger Ninja”.

fabiola on 5th of June 2011

Prejudice is toooo obvious isn’t it…although I’d like to see Conan’s face :))

My neighbour’s ass……..?

Annmarie on 5th of June 2011

I think he’ll do Prejudice this time, unless he’s somehow written a special Conan song in the midst of his incredibly busy schedule.

I’m so excited, I KNEW Conan fell in love with him! After his January appearance, I never saw Conan greet a music guest with such enthusiasm! :D

Christina on 5th of June 2011

It would be really spiffy if he wrote a song for Conan like he did for Wossy.

Lewis on 5th of June 2011

Why did everything for the US iTunes store vanish?? I’m thrilled to see he’ll be on Conan again and even more excited to be seeing Tim in person later this year, but what the hell — I want to buy albums and I can’t!! To Tim’s US managment — WAKE UP!!!

fabiola on 5th of June 2011

Tim, only seeing you puts a persistent grin on my face – I love you, can’t wait to see you in England in August

Darron on 5th of June 2011

No way he could do storm or R&R Nerd just due to the sheer length of each. Prejudice gets my vote!

Laura. on 5th of June 2011

Cant wait for the link :) , whatever song it is it will be fab ;) but i’d say Preudice probz. xxxx

L C B on 5th of June 2011

While I absolutely love Storm, I think it might be too long for a late night TV bit. Would love to see an original song just for Conan. Lot’s of funny possibilities!

Lisa on 5th of June 2011

I think Prejudice is absolutely the best choice. I will probably cry if he performs anything else.

Lloyd on 5th of June 2011

Either Prejudice, or You Grew On Me as I think all his other songs are either to dirty for our pure and righteous American TV sets, or we won’t understand them. I would love to see Good Book. My favorite song, though, is Drowned.

Suzanne on 5th of June 2011

“Prejudice” would be so fitting…

fabiola on 5th of June 2011


Jake on 5th of June 2011

seeing as he did IIDHY on the late late show either a special song for Conan, prejudice or something like RnR Nerd or cont? hard to decide but we will be waiting for the youtube link here in the uk though!!!!!!

Shell on 5th of June 2011

Thanks Kristina and Jenny
I did! Duly edited.
Shell x

Sally on 5th of June 2011

At night I dream of your quirky intelligent face
and wistfully wish for your ginger embrace…..

Or, well, really all I know about Conan is that he is a ginger and he’s really big.

Kristina on 5th of June 2011

I’m sure you meant June 7th ;-) looking forward to it! OMG!!!!

Jenny on 5th of June 2011

Do you mean June 7th? Thanks for the heads up, will be tuning in!

Kyle on 5th of June 2011

Prejudice, as both he and Conan are… g-words.

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