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Going to or thinking of going to the Green Man Festival this year?

Green Man is held at Glanusk Park, Usk Valley, Powys, Wales and runs from the 19th-21st August 2011 but early arrivals on Thursday 18th August will be able to see Tim performing at a special evening gig to open the festival!

Gates and camp sites open at 10am on Thursday 18th August.

The festival is pretty close to selling out but you can still get tickets from Ticketline. Pricing and other ticket outlets are listed here, where you’ll also be able to access the full line up and festival details.

Go Green, See Red

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Edmund Broadley on 1st of August 2020

I got to meet Tim backstage at this festival. I can’t remember what I said to him, but I must have seemed sufficiently sane or intelligent as Tim invited me to join him for burritos… Up until this moment, there had been a little voice on my shoulder reminding me of how unworthy I was to be his presence, and at the moment I was invited to join him for food it suddenly got very loud and starting shouting “Edmund, this is Tim Minchin! Tim Minchin!!!”, so I politely declined his invitation.

As you can probably deduce from this comment, I am still regretting that decision!

Tracy Faulkner on 27th of August 2011

Just watched the Comedy Prom on BBC2 – it was fantastic. Most entertaining evening I’ve seen for ages. Original, funny, musical and highly entertaining. Here’s to the next one!

Ellen on 17th of August 2011

I was going to go to Green Man tomorrow night especially to see Tim, as I have been waiting for an oppurtunity for so long, but the friend that I’m going with has told me that we’re going Friday instead because he’s playing Friday night aswell. I MUST know if this is true as I don’t want to miss out on this amazing oppurtunity! (I would check the Green Man website but I think it’s down) :)

Ellen on 17th of August 2011

I was going to come tomorrow night especially to see Tim, but the friend that I’m going with told me that he’s playing Friday night too, so we’ll go Friday instead. I need to know if this is true because I don’t want to miss out on this amazing oppurtunity to see Tim!!! (I would check on the Green Man website but I think it’s down) :)

Carys on 25th of July 2011

I’m INCREDIBLY excited…. I got tickets Reading festival on the basis that you and Muse are playing… then I figured you’d both be doing your thing the same time, which posed a huge conundrum. But now I get to see you properly at the Green Man a week before….. YAY!!!! As a Green Man regular, may i advise you to have a taste of the Goan Fish Curries there. Blows my mind and tastebuds every year :)

J on 17th of July 2011

Just got back to the hotel from the show in Minneapolis. Amazing! Definitely worth the 8 hour drive. Loved every moment, especially when my VELP and I shot each other a glance during Lullaby (I spent many nocturnal hours singing  Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da in an attempt to either quiet my wee ones, to drown out their wailing, or at least to keep the lyrics of your song from manifesting in my home).
As we were driving back my VELP said, “He’s such a brilliant man.” Thank you for sharing your genius with us. Thank you as well for unapologetically sharing your worldview. It was exhilarating to be in the room with someone who was able to share those thoughts and feelings. I still don’t talk about any of it with anyone and have only worked things out via an internal dialogue. Tonight it felt like sitting and chatting with a (hilariously funny) old friend over a few beers. It felt great, and for that I am grateful. If you’re ever In the neighbourhood (yes, the Canadian spelling), stop by for a  cold one.

mikey on 15th of July 2011

Went there a few years back. Saw Robert plant. Good food. Absofuckinglutely beautiful location. You’ll go down a storm (see what I did there? Did ya?) there I reckon, although a really high proportion of energy transference types. Would go, but wife allergic to festival bogs :-(

Roz on 15th of July 2011

Jennifer I agree with T – the results will be out in the morning. Go! Take your daughter with you. It will serve as a celebration (hopefully). Or a commiseration!

T Whitford on 15th of July 2011

Jennifer, it’s only AS. GoGoGo! I’m sure she’ll understand… It is Tim, after all!

This news has pretty much made my summer. A perfect late 21st birthday present.

Jennifer Storey on 14th of July 2011

Oh b*m i can’t go it’s my daughters AS results day:(

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